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Walla Walla Union Bulletin Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 1

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Walla Walla Union Bulletin (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Walla Walla, Washington Good evening District Golf a i goes after a state berth during 36 holes of big nine District Golf action Friday. 11dancea tradition of concerts that began in the 70s continues at a acc. 21 Power play earthquake whale shot Ilaila Tilaila Uaiwa bulletin 118th year _ thursday May 15, 1986 25 cents Hopes fade of finding missing alive climbers classmates nervously await word Timberline Lodge Ore. Apr rescuers using dogs resumed a search today for six teen agers and two adult climbers on Snow covered mount Hood but h<q>e8 were fading that the missing would be found alive. The bodies of three other teen agers were found wednesday. Two six Man ground teams with two dogs each left Timberline Lodge be fms Dawn. F Mit Idmilao Gnand teams joined the Effort a Cut 8 a.m., bringing the total number of searchers i uie Mountain to 30. The teams planned to use Metal detectors and Snow probes in an attempt to locate any climbers Imirie in the Snow. The search was focused at the 10,000-foot level of the Mountain where Micier and rougher terrain forced it cities to c Hicen trate it i a smaller area said Cla it Durnas county sheriffs Deputy Russ Wiliams. The first Grote of Sandiers found a Bamboo a Chustain climbing Marker with a Flag at the 10,480oot level of the Mountain. Another Marker was disco oed 100 feet Down the slope. Searchers said the markers were left by the Leader do the Groin As it climbed the a Chustain Mcday. The Leader and a 17-year-old Sti Lent walked Down the Mountain Early tuesday to seek help. Searchers found three teen age members of the missing party wednesday morning. Although they showed no signs of life they were airlifted to a p Hetland he Pital where attempts were made to revive them by slowly increasing their body temperature. The two girls could not be revived. The boys heartbeat was restored for a few hours but he was declared dead wednesday evening. The three were identified As Eric Sandvik Erin of Leary and Alison Litzenberger. All were 15 years old and were from Portland. They were found about 7,500 feet up the Mountain which is 50 Niue East of Portland. Two of them had fall Over a Cliff and the other was above the Cliff said David Mcclure of the Volunteer Portland Mountain Besom. The three with body ten erature8 i 43 Drees were airlifted to Emanuel mortal where a medical team of 40 worked in a a last ditch Effort to revive them said spokes a Nan i in Callister. The two adults who remained with the group Are the Rev. Thomas Goman 42, a math and Zelidon steadier described As an expert Ber and Mari i Horwell 39, Dean do Stu tents. The a teen agers All fran put it land Are Pat Mcginness 15 Tasha Amy 15 Brint i claim 15 Ai Susan Mcclave 17. Low Wlad and Only a few High Clouds Over the Mountain it added Good con Dit hi8 for the search Early today a sheriffs a nity said. Ten mixtures on the Mountain were in the 20s. The dead teen agers and the missing teen age climbers were All students at the Oregon a Irisco it Al a drool. The two missing Adulte were faculty members at the school. The Rev. Roy Coulter Dean it of the Cathedral it a St. J rain at the school said family members were la dog for the worst. A a it a one of those situations when in every hour that passes there is less hot a for survival a Coulto said. Molly Schula 17, and guide rain Summers 30, Edio hiked from the Peak Early tuesday said the Groin had climbed to within 14 feet of the Summit who a Oil storm struck with winds gusting to 60 mph limiting visibility to less than 2 feet. Authorities estimated the wind chill tuesday Drom de the temperature to at amt 50 degrees below Zero. Members of different search and Rescue teams readied their gear to climb mount Hood again wednesday afternoon. Portland a the mood was nervous and he Mil at Oihi a by Opal school As students Waim for wend of Tow Fate of six classmates and two teachers stranded on a Iowa mount Hood. The teen agers gathered wednesday in Smau groups after school spokeswoman Mariann Koop briefed reporters at 4 p.m., talking about their Fri oids and about the Man who led them in the Mountain. Father Tom Glt Han. Joel Schalit a senior who said he a be i on five climbs to the Summit of mount Hood described Goman one of those missing As a an expert a real Schalit said Goman thoroughly pared the Groom of sophomores for their ascent with the help of older students like himself. Gomany so base campy program is designed to teach extents self Reliance along with the need f w Coop a Tion and respect for the wilderness. Sopho Nhes at the private Eugi is pc a in Portland a affluent West rules Are required to make the climb or perform 40 hours of Community service. The school also hires professional mountaineers to Lead the annual Cumb Wahidi is conducted in May after the heavy Sfung weather Breaks bid be he the frat of summer avalanches. Schalit said the school uses the climb to a balance our classroom education with outdoor education. The Kasecamp in am is a real tight knit Molly 8cmula it Gram that teaches us about Luik Inga Community the students Are in spared for Hily a Day try scoop sad. A but they Are equipped to handle minor John Whitson a Souphom he said he was part of a group that turned Back silk holy aft the Cumb a an monday. He said the climb was fairly easy and started out in High spirits. Stu Kunts at the school whip it ered among themselves As the announcement about the two girls first came Over the radio. One Groin said they wished they Kim who they were but they we a afraid to find out. State corps takes out the trash by Rick Eskil of the Umon Unatin the Washington conservation a cups was Down in the dump wednesday a and its members were knee de in garbage. But Deq Ite the trashy circumstance the corps members did no to think the Job was Rubush. The corps was helping the state de Par Moit of Ecol determine the recycling hats of washing i state. Nine c Hiser Vati i corps Wori cers from Kane Are touring seven dump Sites around the state and sifting through trash in an Effort to see what washingtonians throw away. The Crew was in Walla Walla wednesday through tra at the City land a no one in the country has d Hie anything quite As extensive As we have a said Charles r. Scott a. The matrix management group Elinich has been contracted by the state to oversee the project. A we want to see How Well Pele in the state Are recycling. See if this any need tot m he the Crew has g Xie throw dumps in Anacortes Ephrata Yakima and Walla Walla. In to next few wed the Crew will sift through rubbish in Vancouver Seattle and a Okane. Another tour the same dumps will be made next fall to provide Mother san Ling of the states garbage habits. Several tons of trash straight from the dump truck is set aside for the Crew to dig through. Then about 1,000 pounds of garbage is separated finn the Large pile Ami the Crew digs in. The half ton of trash separated out is taken Bunn various places of the Large to give a Good sampling of that areas trash. The Crew goes through several piles of trash at each of its stops. Afto the Saoe hem is ready Crew members in Hanl hats salutary face masks and gloves and begin water spinach radiation tested the Washington conservation corps Craw out of Spokane sifts through Walla Walla s garbage wednesday at the City Landfill. The Craw us photo Byju of hot a was helping the state of apartment of ecology Ina die determine the ree state by sifting through Ynclino habits of Washington rough trash. S Hting the garbage into nine different categories. The nine groups a Glass Metal paper plastic food Yard and Gaite waste Wood waste textiles and inert materials a Are then weighed. Scott said that inf mation is used to det mine what percentage of the trash could have been recycled. A report on the recycling habits of Washington residents is expected to be released next year. The Crew went through three 1,000-Pound loads i trash in Walla Walla wednesday. But a breakdown of the areas recycling habits were not available. Sorting garbage a is no tone of the pm est projects we do a said Kiik inc Xmas the Crew supervisor. A the fact that we went out of town. Helped motivate the nose hates it a he said a but i thought it was going to be massively terrible. Everybody a into by Debbie Cafazzo of thunk on Bumm state health vials have begun toting Walla Walla water Ami sch in m eff hot to detect radiation from the april 26 chernobyl nuclear Plant Accident. Walla Walla pubic works director Dume Neisins said the City beam Coue tii water Sables for state Vici is wed Day. The water will be collected from the City a twin reservoirs three times a week tor the remainder of the month Scroggins said. Samples will be sent to the state lab in Seattle. The reserved finn which the samples Are being take Are located East of Walla walk. Jim Hudson with the state environmental health pro am said he expects results of the walk walk water testing to be Avail Kyle Friday. He said those its will be Telef Smied to Day of fickle. A we done to expect to find Mything a Hudson said a amt now is us time to Start looking to see if there a any Hitoon said he is us Ertain whether samples detected in coming Periu jul show increased or decreased Radi Ati i Levels. A we done to know where the Peak of a detion i be. It May have Al read he said. Hudson that health Vidal Are exercising caution by instituting the testing programs but said they do not believe the detected a detion Levels should be cause pm Quot Arm. The regions highest concentrations of radioactivity Man to in Sci Emoryl nuclear Plant a cadent have been recorded in drinking water in it Okane and port Townsend wash., says the Goven Kwh a office. A Rainwater Sample taken Man sky and tuesday in up Dupuie had 6.060 i we Cjon t expect to find anything but now is the time to Start looking to see if there s any change health program co curies of iodine-131 per liter said Dick Milne a Rivington gov. Booth Gardner a Deputy press Secretary. A Sanule collected Over the weekend in port Townsend had a 5,300 level. The previous High Marks in the Region we a Friday Reading of 5,250 Pic curies in pc tend and 2,400 in Seattle i saturday. The Oregon health division advised Portland area residents to avoid drinking Rainwater but acting exec Uve assistant Judy Hoaglund said Tipiere should be no danger for in merely walking in the rain. Hoaglu said the High a detion Levels have been detected in Meriem Oregon and added that no Tilting is being c a inducted in Uma Tilk Bounty. The nearest ores i testing has been conducted in la Grande where a detion Levels in air and drinking water samples have been within acceptable health standards Hoaglund said. Spinach picked in the walk walk area was tried by scientists at Batelle Latch Ahles acc netling to state a detion health is Cist Steve Matthews. He said he did not have results for those tests but the Assoc ted press rep ted that walk walk s Ach Rii owed 0.071 Pic curies per Gram of radioactivity. A Pic Curie is a trillionth of a Curie Ami is the base unit of measuring radioactivity. Fifty Pic curies per Gram is the threshold of concern the a report added. Sunny fair and Cool tonight lows in the upper 30s to mid-40s. Light winds. Seepage. Where to find arts 21-22 markets t classified 1s-1f Northwest # comics 24 obituaries 3 crossword if Oregon 3 dear Abby 24 Sporte 11-14 editorials 4 to 23council approves to pact Spanish Channel added by Michael Lancaster of it Union bul min the walk walk City Council on wednes by a improved a cake television Fram Divise that offers something for nearly everyone a even viewers who done Teki ish. The Council Brough More than a year of negotiations to an end when it Dimanin qualy accepted file 15-year pact with Mccaw communications which is baying the walk walk cake system from group w Cable to. Mccaw plans to rebuild the current system and Proskie 23 thai mid for $14.96,19 from file current a Audige of 11 i Annas for $10.50 of _. O cited to carry the Spanish International be for other Council action see Page 2. 2�iour Spanish language of a Hant Wii the of Munish International net Fred by Grom w. If file Sak of the system chitin us As primed the rebuild would begin in about a month and the new Channel would be broadcast by september or october said Tom Steele Aas Latant City manager. The fran Chiae approved Ity to Diange from eludes one program Diange proposal. Mccaw the Council in the original official Walt Schaar told the Council that the Cable company met with representatives of the local hispano con Unity and de during a Council meeting in april members of the Vall cultural awareness committee carried picket signs and told the cake officials that the significant population in Waua walk deserves Spanish Guage programming. The Spanish International network will re i Ace an electronic program guide that of claw originally had pm red to carry. In add won to the Spanias King Page Channel Mccawl a Basic package will incl k a mtg. F a webs from Atlanta. A lifetime a self improvement network. A Usa network. A Capri attn Broa casting network. A discovery Channel a non Fichti i network. A &8pan. A cake news new it. A headline news. A Nickelodeon. A a local Access Channel. Mccaw also plans to offer an additional pay to Channel is Nona for $9.95 per month. The Disney Sui Noel will Cost .95 per Chith and Hob and Showtime will Cost $12.70 per month

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