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Walla Walla Union Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 31, 2015, Walla Walla, Washington A4 Walla Walla Inion bulletin monday August 31, 2015viewpoints Send letters to the editor to our opinion it s fair time in the we Valley for 149th time the Walla Walla fair amp Frontier Days kicks off wednesday with the Vince Gill concert. Its going to be another great year. Although its hard to believe fall is on the horizon a As temperatures have been hovering at or above 90 degrees a it will be Clear this week. The Walla Walla fair amp Frontier Days kicks off for the 149th time. The fair has traditionally been the biggest Community festival of the year although this year looks to be an exception As 20,000 or More folks flocked to town recently for the three Day gentlemen of the Road Stopover featuring theft of fighters and Mumford amp sons. Still that festival Wasny tas Valley Centric As the fair. This is the time of year to stroll the Midway talking to friends and neighbors. And its also a time to take in some Good music Rodeo and the always popular demolition Derby. Interim fair manager Daryl Hopson a former pair Board member and fair Board president has been hard at work putting this years program together. Hopson has a passion for the pair As he has shown in his Many years of Volunteer service. This years fair is sure to be another great event. The fair opens wednesday with the traditional concert featuring country music Star Vince Gill. Ticket sales were brisk and its expected to be a top notch show. Several concerts will take place on the Pepsi stage at no extra charge beyond Gate admission. The Southern Rock band Molly Hatchet Best known for the hit a a flirting with disaster a will be playing saturday night from 9 till la. On thursday the always sold out demolition Derby takes place at the Fairgrounds Arena. Friday saturday and sunday nights feature professional Rodeo. The event a billed As the greatest night Rodeo on Earth a features some of the Best cowboys and cowgirls in the world As Well As some talented locals who Are on the National and regional Rodeo circuits. The Walla Walla fair amp Frontier Days is the oldest fair in the state of Washington starting even before Washington was granted statehood in 1889. This is the fair s 149th edition although the seeds for the fair were planted in 1862, three years earlier. Tradition runs very deep. And that is what makes the fair amp Frontier Days so great year after year. The fair provides the Opportunity to come together As a Community and celebrate the summer that sending the coming of fall and the school year ahead. Us Aims to publish a Lotus it is our intent to publish every local letter we receive that conforms to our guidelines of your letter cannot be published you will be contacted if you provided an email or Telephone number in Walla Walla Union bulletin Brian Hunt publish Rick Doyle editor Rick esk1l editorial a Edita Edi Kristt on the a posts psf up a on he u Bulum i editorial Hoard the Board it composed of Brian Hurt pics Doyle and Rick f Stai i Etton from readers and byline columns represent the opinions of the amt and do not m it for refract the posit of the editorial Board our readers opinions another recession will be coming when it comes to inflation you should consider All the aspects of inflation asset prices wages and Chi. You want Stock prices inflating because of solid economic growth. You want housing prices rising because of family formation and full time Job growth. You want wages rising due to a competitive labor Market. You want the Chi to be stable. All of these aspects of inflation Are important but when it comes to fed policy you need to look at the Chi in conjunction with wages. The fed knows there a no Way the . Can pay Back All the Money it has borrowed. However the fed believes we can inflate our Way out. Meaning if we increase the Chi 2 percent to 3 percent yearly Over a Long period of time our debt in Dollar terms would shrink. With an equal Rise of 2 percent to 3 percent in wages we would be Able to maintain our Standard of living. The problem with this Way of thinking is indisputable if you look Back to the Early 1970s. The Dollar according to the bus inflation calculator has lost 84 percent of its purchasing Power since 1970 and the National debt has gone up 4,700 percent $371 billion to $18 trillion. Since 2000, prices have continued to climb but wages have been stagnant at Best. The Only thing trying to inflate our Way out has accomplished is to get us deeper into debt with no decent increase in wages which has reduced the Overall Standard of living. This is Why you May feel worse off than your parents generation and a primary reason Why 65 percent of americans feel the country is heading in the wrong direction. You can also deduce Why the fed is terrified of Price deflation if prices of assets fall then All that debt we owe would be even More expensive and virtually impossible to pay Back. The fed will continue to try to inflate its Way out of All the debt. But just like for the past 45 years it wont work. Recessions occur about every six years and its been just Over seven years since the last recession began. At some Point there will be another recession. Disastrously there wont be much the fed can do. Interest rates will already be close to Zero. And the Only thing six years of quantitative easing accomplished was to fleetingly Jack up asset prices. Richard Strozinsky Walla Walla . Dionne or. Washington Post the Iran nuclear agreement j and the Case for realism ii i a Frank Bee i Ben Chaum Otth Board Sharon i Riu Sac Remar tra Laurar foreign policy debates rarely get away from being reflections of Domestic political conflicts but they Are also usually based on unstated assumptions and unacknowledged theories. That a True of the struggle Over the Iran nuclear agreement even if raw politics is playing an exceptionally Large role. There Are Many indications that Republican Sens. Jeff Flake and Susan Collins might in other circumstances be willing to Back the Accord. But they have to calculate the very High costs of breaking with their colleagues on an Issue that has become a test of party loyalty. There is also the unfortunate Way in which israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has chosen to Frame Congress vote As a pro or anti Israel proposition. Many staunch supporters of Israel May have specific criticisms of the inspection regime but they also believe that the restraints on Iran a nuclear program Are real. Sen. Ben Cardin d-md., for example has said that american negotiators a got an awful lot particularly on the nuclear and the a nuclear front a after All is the main Point. But the pressures on Cardin who is still undecided and several other democrats to vote no anyway Are enormous. A yes vote from Cardin the ranking Democrat on the foreign relations committee would be a True profiles in courage moment a and have a real influence on his wavering colleagues. President Obama and his allies Are right to say that the dangers of having the agreement blocked by Congress Are much higher than the risks of trying to make it work. The notion that the United states could go Back and renegotiate for something even tougher is laughable because this is not simply a .-iranian Deal. It also involves allies who strongly Back what son the table. Suggesting that the old sanctions on Iran could be restored is absurd for the same reason our partners would bridle if the United states disowned what it has agreed to already. The administrations Core Challenge to its critics is a what is the alternative a it is not a rhetorical question. The counts at the moment suggest that Obama will win by getting at least enough votes to sustain a veto of legislation to scuttle the pact. He has a shot carding a decision could be key of getting 41 senators to prevent a vote on an an Ideal measure altogether. But once this episode is past us the president his congressional opponents and the regiment of presidential candidates owe the country a bigger discussion on How they see the United states role in the world. Obama in particular could profit from finally explaining what the elusive a Obama doctrine is and responding at least indirectly to criticisms of the sort that came his Way Friday from Republican hopefuls Scott Walker and Marco Rubio. There Are Many in a among them who see Obama primarily As a foreign policy realist. Especially after our adventures in Iraq realism looks a whole lot better than it once did. I say this As someone who still thinks that the . Needs to stand up for democratic values and human rights but also sees military overreach As a grave danger to our interests and Long term strength. The principal defense of Obama a stewardship rests on the idea that despite some miscues his realism about what military Power can and can to achieve has recalibrate americans approach moving it in the right direction. A useful place to Start this discussion is a the realist persuasion a Richard k. Betts article in the 30th anniversary Issue of the National interest realism a Premier intellectual outpost. Betts a Columbia University scholar argues that realists a focus More on results than on motives and Are More attuned to How often Good motives can produce tragic while idealistic liberals and conservatives alike Are often eager to a support the righteous and fight the villainous a realists insist that the actual choices we face Are a often Between greater and lesser a at the risk of Over generalizing a he writes a one can say that idealists worry most about courage realists about constraints idealists focus on the benefits of resisting evil with Force realists on the on the whole a realists recommend humility rather than for those of us whose Heads Are increasingly realist but whose hearts Are still idealist realism seems cold and morally inadequate. Yet the realists moral Trump card is to ask whether squandering lives treasure and Power on impractical undertakings has anything to do with morality. Critics of realism confront the same question that opponents of the Iran Deal face a what is the alternative a baseball needs to reduce the risk of fan injured Edmonds _ special to the Chicago Tribune using a recent game Between the Chicago cubs and the Atlanta braves at Wrigley Field a female fan sitting just beyond the first base Side camera Well was struck by a line drive foul Ball hit by cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber. Cubs manager Joe Madden responding to a question about additional protective screening remarked that fans need to a pay attention every time the Ball is pitched. The advice is solid but it does not go far enough. In Detroit a fan sitting behind the tigers dugout was struck by a foul Ball hit by Anthony Gose. Gosens reaction to hearing the Ball hit the fan was a ooh he noted that a she was talking at first and then she went out. The knot on that lady a head was bigger than a baseball. If that hit her flush on the face she might have Gose continued a pitchers can to react fast enough on the Mound. How a a fan going to react. They can to. They physically Detroit Pitcher Justin Verlander and third baseman Nick cat Llanos both called for baseball to improve stadium safety. Gose has a Point that Madden did not address. Yankees Pitcher Bryan Mitchell was struck in the face by a line drive hit directly Back to him on the Mound. Mitchell was placed on the seven Day concussion disabled list and suffered a Small nasal fracture. If a major league Pitcher cannot protect himself Why should we expect fans to do so these three incidents Are similar to ones earlier this season in Pittsburgh Boston Philadelphia and Milwaukee. Oakland athletics fan Gail Payne filed a class action complaint in july in a California Federal court against the office of the commissioner of baseball and Rob Manfred commissioner of major league baseball. One of her requests was to Force mob to provide netting from foul pole to foul pole. Her complaint and exhibits provide a detailed discussion of years of fan injuries during mob games. After Tonya Carpenter was injured in Boston Manfred said that mob would look into safety issues. These stories and any viewing of videos posted on the internet should convince him and owners that Many of these serious injuries Are avoidable. His Lead could also prompt minor league owners to take similar Steps to improve safety. Frankly the solutions Are apparent and the need for further study has passed. Baseball should voluntarily step Forward and remedy the situation. Areas right behind the dugouts plus the first few rows of seating farther Down each foul line Are particularly vulnerable to line drives. Netting or other protective material should be added. Even attentive fans Are at risk. For the majority of the past Century the Law was settled. The a baseball rules mandated that owners of baseball stadiums need Only screen the area near Home plate and provide seating there for All who requested it. In the past decade however courts have looked More carefully at these doctrines. Idaho Indiana and new Mexico rejected the Blanket bar. In 1992, after Illinois courts allowed lawsuits to proceed the legislature passed the sports facility liability act to protect stadium owners. Arizona Colorado and new Jersey passed similar legislation. The Illinois statute applies to sundays incident in Chicago. Courts grappling with comparative negligence and comparative fault began to reconsider the absolute bar at the foundation of the Assumption of risk doctrine. Electronic tickets often fail to carry the warning plus the next time you go to a major league stadium see How employees respond to your request to be seated in the screened area because you Are concerned Over safety. Those seats Are often among the most expensive and controlled by season ticket holders. The newest technology provides netting material that does not distract from viewing. Although a few fans will find it More difficult to obtain autographs or catch balls tossed their Way by players Between half innings the prevention of injuries would better balance the relationship Between owners and patrons of the game. Notre Dame Law school professor de Edmonds specializes in antitrust and labor issues involving baseball. He is co authoring a Book on major league baseball and the Law including fan safety and injuries at ballparks

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