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Saturday june 10, 1820. Hard has become extremely fashionable of late to attribute the prevailing difficulties and distresses of the people entirely to Banks and Hanking and some few Well meaning yet Short lighted people have been deceived by the endless clamor. Now the fact is and any person upon reflection will immediately perceive it that these complaints against banking in general arc both false and vicious. They originate with foreign agents with the enemies of our manufactures with those who disco. Rae Domestic Industry and promote foreign Competition with those whose whole business is to spread cobwebs on our looms and extinguish the tires of our Era s against Hanks come from such people and Are repeated principally by their fools or knaves by the Dutes or too a of their villainous and destructive purposes. They Are invented in the dark closet of St. James they Arp the effect of that accursed system conceived by Walpole nourished by the younger i and brought to full maturity and action by cast ref Zoh and his band of consummate scoundrels in England and America. It is the business of the or ind Noliti cons and agents among us to hide the truth from our View or to drown its voice by the turbulence of their incessant and the misconduct of some few and he misfortunes of others of the Banks in the it. Sites have furnished them a object upon which they Harp with Little effect and therefore surprising Pertina acuity and while., on one part the Noie proceeds from predetermined unprincipled hostility on another there arc a Avans found disappointed speculators and stupid projectors of shallow schemes of Fortune who after beg ring in to serv Lely for accommodations at the Banks Arn ready to join in the yell against them and by age hoisting of his Indian blood he raised the War whoop against or. Adams administration and advocated with tier Zeal the election of or. Jefff son. He succeeded the country Mas saved Quot he said but scarce was the venerable Patriot and philosopher seated in the presidential i air when or. Randolph chopped like the gust of Winter and stigmatised the Man to whom he had always professed to look up with Awe and admiration. Such has he Ever been to the present hour consistent in nothing but his inconsistency uniform in nothing but contradiction. Madison Ami m Unroe names dear to their Donn try have alternately been the subject of his Praise and imprecations. A Friend of no Man esteemed by no Man slovenly both in principles and person he moves about a political hedgehog for no society but a i own species and As the Are few and always avoided he is forever left to the i loneliness of his own discordant mind appears to he flt for none of the Momoa purposes of existence. He seems because Bis mothers Coxe bad been filled by a Witch he should dread an old woman if he lived to be a million and that while a child he had seen the Devil in the shape of a Black cat and could not now in to bed without a servant and u Cau die. As Well might he say that because a negro told him he had seen a horse without a head he should he afraid of » somali the Days of his life or declare that he was an in Erna to a Navy because in his youth he was near dying by a rope and would always vote against the manufacture of powder because general Kinson once scared him with his pistols the facts Are the same the inference Are As natural and Correct and this is or. John Randolph these Are the tales he Tell to the gaping simpletons that surround him on these he has founded his principles As a legislator these Are the sources of his sentiments and opinions a Ell Are you worthy of a sat in u ingress John Randolph of kit it Anoke is your capacity to make Laws for an intelligent people men like you add theatre. This , 10, will be presented Cumberland s celebrated comedy called the jew or a school for christians. To conclude with an adn musical farce called the rival soldiers or sprigs of Laurel. For characters see Dills to to neither statesman orator citizen Lustre to this enlightened age your sex Orsu Dier. His speeches generally Are but the peevish idling of a wrinkled gossip. Voiding the Fri lies of some luckless Beauty and Blessing the Good Fortune which has never Given her the Opportunity of doing likewise. H e is trusted by nobody a Jib in politics he Coquet with every party and pledges his services Only to be conspicuous in deception. At times be is the flaming Patriot mouthing at Cesar till he shakes the Senate in an instant or will change his livery and be the conquerors Coachman always and mighty presumptuous and dogmatic Al can yet w eave the Light Gossa men of fraud but never can he Frame the impregnable plan which is matured by the Iron mind of meditation. Fretful an Ltd variable peevish and impertinent without so Stein or reflection catching at every tiling which can elude him and holding on noting which May be stationary he is the sport of fusion and the Din in r Titu in to falsehood and blend a worker it of judgment it Casic Capri Tny nerf id Quot with despair. C.,a,w» vengeful and unforgiving xon but if has and banking be the cause 0p the Gawera distress the banker Are ample and precepts add acuteness to our Genius an Ltd polish to our refinement when you Crow the ghosts of superstition vanish when you grasp your walking stick the magic of hell is vanquished t to rust of Ages is scoured Ott and reason triumphs in the Halo of your mental illumination and so general is the mighty influence of your mind that the Low Well As High must be sublimated and should your discerning constituents again elect von their interests Mav be As m / Well supported and the Honor of the a Lisbon Tiou maintained by staying at Home it Claret and yourself and debuting the curdled brains of some clod ated negro Driver he de Slussar late of Glasgow respectfully inform the citizens of Vincennes and its Vicinity that he a commenced the baking and confectionary business at the new Brick House opposite the steam Mill where he has on hand Choice liquors f i of All kinds. Cognize Spanish american Madeira Titi e and phlegmatic be is every thing by fits and nothing Long. In Ith no Rule hot to be blamed the misfortune is theirs a add him. But a of All Mips the fault is with the borrowers. The a is Anerth 1 in up Natilio while he is Dis fault is with him demands Accomma sob of m principle. Dation who obtains ii who spreads to Weir ,c11s f a Mau it has made to much paper far and wilp to answer his present noise in Congress whose Genius purposes and who disappointed or do \ a on whose Praise is Litte mining is at last unable or unwilling to rss in venom and who a satire is dead i 2 23 i a to repay it while perhaps that very paper which he on the instant circulated in a Hundred different channels i in a few Days collected and returned in a flood 03pon the Bank which i obliged promptly to redeem it while their debtor is pro in upon its patience or laughing at its cred Ity. Tins i one great cause of the Deal cation of tiie Banks and it behoves Many fail finders to look to it for we know of Many who Are in the constant habit of cursing these institutions while their creditors would be glad to receive the meanest paper from their hands 11 1 who rail against this and that a in of currency while a Dollar of and kind would be a blessed stranger in their packets. But honks and honking Are not the cause of the troubles of the present Day. Than by Poison who Cau pull Down the noblest Castle while or cannot erect a cottage and whose impertinent solubility upon every subject of debate in men of honorable minds awakes All the ridicule of visibility and often More than the visibility of ridicule. The following anecdote of him is now Given with eclat in Many a seus Lei a newspaper. From a d a paper. of or. Randolph. Hii gentleman carries his prejudices against Pauer Money to a great length fastidious was he while Here that it was with great difficulty he could be suited in change some time insisting a specie even Lor fifty cents. It is Aid by himself that his mortal for it Pap Ltd Minev arose from the follow the sudden pacification of Europe palsied whimsical circumstance when a the p ought ail stagnated the blood of o a country a id it left a deadly ene Riv Fig Foini in Possession of the Means of destroying what might have sustained these states in that Greit reverse of Desti no Domestic Industry. British Mau were poured into our so sports t less than cos. Congress refused its redeem-1 fur Lue cd but a. His Mother gave him a Quantity of Continental Money and sail John my d air. He a is a Hundred dollars for you Quot elate with Joy at his unexpected Good Fortune he went to the shop to our Ginger bread hut found to his great he could nut Exchange it All ing hand and our infant factories vere r fined. W i it British Nalick had so Lon this said or. R taught me a lc-1 Sou about paper Money that 1 shall never forget if i live to be a million. Metropolitan. Attempted sometimes by was. Now Al per Ted by the surer influence of Gold and thus while the products of the Carth were a verified in foreign markets of wre have no doubt 01 the fact of or perishing in storehouses at Home while the loom was motionless and the Anvil is ent engined became our workshop her rulers and capitalist became on designing and inveterate creditors a it it i a Neri it is her miserable infatuated the above it is completely in character with John Randolph it contain All his pedantry of Alec tuition and affectation of pedantry it exhibits the strength of his mind and is exactly suited to the intellects of his admirers and Washington. May 11. After the message from the president of the United states to Congress on the subject of our relation with Spain there can he but Little doubt but that matter will be suffered by Congress to est where it now does in tie expectation that the Cortes will do Lviv fat u3t in relation to us by causing Thol to Civ a ratified and the Faith of the Span is.1 nation to be Redee Ineil from the reproach w ich has been cast upon it by the refusal 0t to rat the treaty. An attempt Sas Mafle. Osterday to Shlain an express a. A opinion of the House of repro eni in its in favor of a different course previous question being then called a .14 the Call being sustained by a majority of the House the motion was overruled. There appear indeed no probability that Congress will under present circumstance no urgency demanding it authorise the president to cause to be occupied an v part of the territory in the Possession of amp pain. W Asj Kington May 16. The first session of the sixteenth Congress was terminated about 4 Oclock yesterday afternoon by the adjournment of the two houses Situ die. The session closed in perfect Harmony. Tie president attended at the Capitol to receive and sign the Bills and the Heads of departments w Ere also there during great part of the Day. No session of Congress that has passed under our observation has been marked by More deliberation and coolness in its closing scene marshal Grouchy is about to return to Femec. New York the new Vevay Iii or cordial of All kinds Persica it whiskey Pui ter also Simp do. Acid Oil Peppermint Candy of All kinds Shrub raisins Nutmeg cinnamon Spanish Segara american do. Playing cards. N. England cheese oysters. All of which will be sold Low fur i. Ash Only. Act he has erected for the amuse a went of those who favor him with their , a bait and ten pin Alley. Vincennes june 9. 100 dollars Reward a Reward of one him to 13 dollars will be Given by the i m crier for the recovery of a letter posited in the Post office in this town a the 14th Day of july last directed to messes. Ai Al amp Moulton men wants new Ork containing four Hundred dollars in notes a Igloo each on the Bank of the United states. Said letter not a. Ing been received inner yuck. J Ames Jacob for the late Jinn of Jacobs a Rof. May Sib of Public sule. At the House of George Codd half a mile South of a hire River on monday Lith june the subscriber will sell the following property Biz 3 Copper still5 and distilling apparatus Complete Waggon Ami team 8 or 10 Milch cows beef cattle 40 head stuck cattle 150 head Slock hogs and a number of article Tuo tedious to enumerate. Terms one fourth Ufalie Purchase Money in hand the balance in four months the purchaser giving Bond Security. Ü. Pc Wing. May 31. 8 of Kilgour i Aylor 6c a ebb have on consignment Cotta boxes Young Hyson Tea i 6 Chest do do. 6 bags Coffee. 8oal leather i air trunks musical instruments. Vinee Iines of a i 7 it o he has eng aged a passage from re for Havre. Ship of the line new Tork notice. The co partnership heretofore East ing under the firm of was sons and Savre ws3 Iii led on the first int. By Mutual consent. All persons indebted to that firm will to have their accounts settled with Jun. And Geo. A. Wasson tit Deli be or of Roin who Are authorised to Settle the business of the concern. James Wasson Geo. A. Wasson James Sayre. Carlisle 2d june 1820. 9-tf the business will be continued in Carlisle a my Merom by the undersigned Tho have this Day received a fresh Supply of dry goods crockery groceries Iron and ladies and \ steel gentle menus shoes. Which they will sell Low for Cash. They have also for Sale building in new York will it i said be 130 Bis. Good whiskey launched the latter end of the Mouth. Debtors and beg Gared dependants. Aid str do a great display of old ii honed so Long As our import so vastly exceed . Our Export so Long will our country be dil he never Bear that this same Rott put or distressed and distracted. When 1 Den Tel , which he says fixed his the balance of Amdo is so greatly against principle for Ever was the Only mean a Dion that nation xviii be abject and d effecting the aim Neon revolution Are the real Cau did he never red must he be told that set s of the hardness of the times arid this very paper was the s ovation of his the clamor against the Banks i for the country need he be told that but for most part base and prostituted slander this emission he could not now snarl to assist our foreign enemies and d Mes awl sneer in an Assembly of freemen and tic treason. R Man a a f-10 first principles look at the state of the National Finan 1 a rept Bill ? that but or this Ces is the loan of three millions the work he could not now squeak out his spleen of the Banks was the rejection of the m an american Capitol or even show new Taitl fill caused by the Banks Bis Sallow face in any Laud of Liberty in tvo the a at importers the deep debt Les he joined his Kindred Savages in some ors to England the deadly enemies to howling wilderness that but for this their country is Prosperity effected tii i a his native Riser would now be embittered censures and they will still succeed and by the ters 11 i countrymen and he ruin will still be the consequence until a 1 Nim St .1, i , li.,e a Roo using Thoro re Reform takes place until inv r Camel before a foreign master or flinch icons have wit and manhood enough to ing like a growling Bear under the buy coast Eoin abroad tor foreign luxuries nets it a in uis Atlantic tyrant ? but setting k she is Copperud and painted. To Zydok june 1. We arc gratified to announce to the citizen of Indiana that the Hon. William Hendricks. Will serve in the Congress of United tates. If elected at the annual election in August next. O candidates for office. For representatives in the general Assembly. Thomas 11. Blake. George r. Sullivan Robert Sturgus. Joseph Warner. James Wasson John sheriff. John Decker Valentine j. Bradley Samuel Parr j men Abb John Scott. For county commissioner John Ocker Lurke Joseph Mulure id to is and turn their attention to their Quot a Siung aside the ungrateful Ini a pres we a stung Negl Eluted at Quity of his store it simplicity and Folly i ludicrous and on item Tible. It would let a surprising did it come from any other j Man than Lam that because when a i boy was deceived in the value of paper he will not now accept a note on the hot b Oik in tiie Unidene and mus Teaze i Washerwoman and vex the servant of and St Loii s Mui Home. % until such a change p Ace ail the scheme of our to pcs lieu will be visionary. m Ltd unite Copper with Ell ver to effect a new con a but it Surh a i ture Cornos from his hands. A Reditt a on the abuses of the Bank Here wire will Cerui uly be much brass in Tho High boarding House because his Mother composition 1 a a Civ Ltd him some forty year ago 1 besides should an orator and a statesman John r jul Dohlof a he a he plumes himself have a brain so 1 Imseis is a strange animal unlike shallow a mind 0 Onen to pre Judice and ing in heaven or on Earth. He a hut to conviction ? m Ith a much sense we might be take Pride in asserting that mrs. Baber í respect 1 i informs the ladies of Vincennes and its Vicinity that she l u9 opened a milliners. Next diet or above g. If. Johnston son water Street and bus on Hind a general assortment of bonnets cups Turbine Collar ettes capes band boxes amp cd. Of the latest Wil Aleo make Izidie dresses alter and Whiten Straw and leghorn bonnets. 9-tf Stylos h _ _ Hiiva thing in heaven or on Earth a toted on the St be of politics at car Vincennes. June 9. Blank deeds ear Sale at Thi office. James Wasson Geo. A. Was n. Carlisle a june. Of All it persons indebted to Wil do % co. Or him Elf Are Reque Sketl to Call and Settle their accounts Between this and the 15th of ulv next at least to give their note ail those who neglect this notice will find their accounts in the hands of Esquire Graetch for collection. Wilt Ouy Lauw $ co. May 6, 1820. 9-3w taken up by Daniel Reavis in Gibson county Pataca township two beasts of the Fol using description to wit one sorrel Mare appraised to 21 Dollar with a Small Long i>1i on with an old patched Collar and single Huckle one Small Saddle spot on the near Side with a Small sore on her Hack and some Small White spots in her forehead. 6 or seven a cars old about 13 hands High no brands perceivable. The other is a sorrel fill supposed to he two years old with a Blaze in or face and a considerable scar on the lower Point of her near shoulder mall of her a a appraised to 13 Dollar by us this 17fh Day 0 May 1820.wm. Peerson Yum. R. Cockrum and John Miller. I do certify that the above i a tru copy from my Estravo Book this 20th of Mav 1820. Jas. Devin j. P. May 29. 9-3wpd bunk of \ Vincennes state Bank of Indiana. Of junf., 1820. A dividend has this Day been declared by the directors at the rate of 8 percent per annul for the last months on the amount of Stock paid in. The same will be paid at the Bank at and time after this Date to the stockholders or their Legal representative. By Arder of the Board. Be. , sat r. Hides and skins Kil Srot a Taylor amp will pay in Cash or merchandise for any Quantity of w hides calf sheep and Deer , of a Good qualify deliverable at their store near the s i Kam Mill. Vincennes. Jan. 28, 1s20, 49-tf bees Wax. Kilgour Taylor $ Skub it Fujii to Purchase a Quantity of beeswax. For which Thev will Pav a reasonable Prie 1? Cash or merchandise. Reduced pric a. January 22. 4 j of Nolice. Tiie co partner heretofore ing under the firm of Jacobs and Leroy w As dissolved on the 12fh int Tai to. By Mutual persons indebted to them by note or Book account will please to Call immediately and adjust the same with or. Richard m. I Auson at the store formerly occupied but acc it a and Jeroy who is duly authorised to Settle the concerns of said firm. A Mes j at Ops Alexis Lrroy. April 29, 1820. 3-tf ♦ ♦ clocks and # m ♦ fall description will be p carefully repaired and warranted. Amp £ % l n. Whittlesey m \ h Ater Street. ♦ Vincennes Jan. 27. 42-tf » Mew goods. John Mcgiffin respectfully inform the citizens of Vincennes and his custom that he has rim Al to to store l4o.»n lately occupied by j. R. Mcc la. Opposite the Vincennes hotel where he has jut received and open in a Lar a assortment to merchandise comp Isis a general Assort Mir. Dry goods Oroc Erie. Hardware amp Queen it War. Alto a Large assortment of castings \1 of which he offi a Low fur Cash Vii wholesale \ retail. All the in Leutu to the late i if of Harlow d Trimble and John me is if Jiny a. Are requested to cd a nettle Timeir accounts on or before it e 1st of Septen her a longer indulgence Cann to Given alter that Date. Lucy 21. 1 » conveyancing. The but Riiser will execute All kinds of convey toeing at the shortest notice and on reasonable terms Ltd application at hit room on second air yet oppo i t col. Lastelle tavern. Ii. Tillin Hua /. Vince Onea a
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