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Victoria Daily British Colonist Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1870, Page 1

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Victoria Daily British Colonist (Newspaper) - January 16, 1870, Victoria, British Columbia it inthe daily British c0l0nis1 Puli st Tuii vol. 23. A Coria v. I., British Columbia sunday morning january 16, 1870. No. 29. The British colonist published daily by David w. Higgins. A terms one tear in Advance .j12 00 six Mouths do. 0 00 Throe Mouths do. 3 00 one week. 0 20 weekly British colonist published wednesday morning. Terms s one year. A a a a six month a.-.-. A three months. A one week. 0 al payable invariably in Advance. Office colonist and troops Iid Kumlue Bank of British Colu Zudla. , 8, i. , v. I a Pluto a Westminster Barnard s express.-.v�?o10 d c do Lytton to Vanwinkle to Kleh Loid to Barkerville to Camoro town a a a Clinton Rosov a logo. Olympia w. T or David Townsend Huil Sou 6 Monet,.now York j ii Clements Lane Loudon o .80 Cornhill London a feb. P. Fisher. San Francisco the Snow. Ohl Tho Snow the Beautiful a coir filling the sky Noil Earth below Over the housetops Over Tho Street Over the Heads of Tho people you meet dancing flirting Mimi mfg along. Beautiful Snow it can do no wrong flying to kiss a fair lady s chock clinging to lips in a frolics no Freak beautify Snow from Tho heaven above pure As an Angel Guilo As love of i Tho Snow the Beautiful Snow h w Tho 11 ikes gather nud laugh As they go whirling out in the maddening fun it plays in its Gleo with a very one chasing laughing. Hurrying by it lights on the face and sparkles the Eye Ana the d is with a bark and a bound soap Tho crystals that Eddy around the town is All to and its Hoard in a glow to Wol Coine Tho coining of Beautiful Snow How the wild crowd goes swaying along hailing each other with humor and song How to Gay a Lodge Liko meteors Livah by Bright for lao moment Thuu lost to the Eye ring lug swinging dashing they go Over Tho crust of Tho Beautiful Snow 8now so Puro when it Falls from the sky to trampled in mud by Tho crowd passing by to to trampled and track t by Tho Tulious mils of fest till it blends with the filth to Tho horrible Street. Ice i was pure As Tho Snow but i fell loll Liko the Snow a ikes from heaven to hell fell to to trampled As Allih in the Street. Fell to Boer fled to be spit on and boat pleading cursing dreading to Dlo Felling my soul to whoever would buy dealing in shame Lor a morsel of Breed hating Tho living and fearing Tho dead. Merciful god have i Uleu so Low and yet i was ouch like Tho Beau Ellul Snow. Once i was fair As the Beautiful Snow with an Eyo like is crystals a Hoart Liko its glow on col was loved for my innocent Grace flattered Aud sought for Trio charms of my face father Mother states All god and myself i Havo Loi by my fall Tho Meriest wretch that goes shivering by will make a wide a weep lest i wander too nigh for All that is on or above me i know there a nothing that Spuro As Trio Beautiful Snow. How strange it should to that this Beautiful Snow should Lull on a sinner with nowhere to go How strange it should be when the night co nes again if Tho show and Tho Ico struck my desperate Braiu fainting freezing dying aloud. Too wicked for prayer too Woik Lor a mom to be heard in the streets of Tho crazy town Gono mud in the Joy of Tho Snow comm Down to be so and die in my Leirl ble woe a Tytle a bed and a shroud of Tho Beautiful show. The latest seus Alion. The marriage of the brother in Law of the portuguese minister to a coloured Belle of Washington Cit Washington dec. 7tli correspondence of the Nowy Oik l Herald after Many postponements and some obstacles that would Hugo up pulled most people Iho Long promised nuptials of mods Paul Gerard brother in Law to a the portuguese minister and miss Maria Banroku i Tinloy daughter of a coloured citizen of Washington took place this evening at Tho residence of Tho Ito. Or. White pastor st. Matthews Homan Catholic Church Corner of fifteenth and ii streets. The postponements and obstacles were principally Tho following Tho gentleman desired to to married by a Cut Holio priest and Tho lady by a presbyterian minister of l Ltd own color. Tho gentleman wished Tho ceremony at an oar Lior Day hut Tho lady objected declaring that she could not to ready sooner. Last sunday both those Difili Culitis were arranged the lady gracefully yielding to Tho gentleman a wishes in both particulars and it was agreed that they should bowed. Dedon this evening. This having been Sott Lod Mons. Gerard wont to Tho Ito. Or. White to Otily him that to would Liko to have Tho ceremony performed by that Ierg Jamau at st. Matthow al Church. Or. White made the usual inquiries and discovering that Tho lady was not a baptized Christian informed Mons. Gerard that a dispensation would have Tabo obtained from Tho archbishop before Tho ceremony would to validly a per Torino. Mons Gerard in the propriety of sending for a Tiapon Bation hut Doo Lared privately to some of Hia friends that should Tho required Lionso not to granted to would Havo t Tho marriage performed by Ono of Tho District judges. Happily Tho dispensation arrived Horo ibis morning and Isio marriage was therefore Doc Dud to Corno of at Hall Aht 8 Liia evening. An Effort was Mako to keep the matter a Groat secret nobody was to know of it but a few friends Tho Herald correspondent and a member of Ilio French legation but somebody let Tho cat out of the bag and Long before Nightfall a Largo proportion of Tho coloured was in Tho highest state of expectation and excitement. Tho newspaper men Loo were in a ferment contriving All sorts of plus to got a Peep at the remarkable nuptials. About 8 o clock this evening a Largo crowd was gathered about Tho brides residence waiting Lor Tho appearance of Tho nuptial train and discussing freely Tho Peculiar features of Tho in ending Ceto Mony. About a Quot. White s House on ii Stroot there was a still larger gathering Trio Hilo walk was blocked up and the stoop was crammed. Cusido Tho Hall was in Possession of sovino fifty coloured people Aud Tho Parlours were graced by a number of dark Belles neatly dressed and attend d by their Cavaliers. Not More than Throo or four Whito people were among Tho spectators in or. Whites House among thus few were sex mayor Bairet or. A Bur Shappard or. Ii j Liam Seth or. E Brooks Don Piatt or Borcau and your correspondent. At about 20 minutes to 9 of clock Tho Bride Aud bridegroom with the accompanying cortege arrived at Tho House Aud Thero was an immediate flutter. Evo Tabody Drew near Tho Hall door to witness the grand entree. Tho Bride appeared leaning upon her Atli res Arm next Camo Monsieur Paul Gerard Tho bridegroom Louding the Mother in Luw. Tuoro were no bridesmaids or groomsmen but several coloured ladies and gentlemen accompanied the nuptial party and onto red or. Whites Parlours filling them completely miss Wormley was arrayed in a Beautiful White Satin dress trimmed with White Inco wore on hot head a Wreath of White Flowers from which Hung a costly lace veil also Whito. Irhe curried in Lior baud a Beautiful bouquet Laigo dark 6wimming ayes Jet Black hair Deligato peachy complexion a full plump Ligure and statue rather above that of audios in gooral Mako up a very rough description of Tho Bride. Sho is quite pleasing altogether in appearance although not what properly could to called Beautiful. Her Whito Robes Wei hardly calculated to set off to advantage her Peculiar Sty to of features. Too bridegroom can by by icily described As a dark Litlo Frenchman in fact Darker than the Bride a very Young and with most of the French characteristics in App Arauco at d manners he was dressed in u Plain Black suit White Nee Kolc and gloves. After a delay of five Miu uts or. White Camo into the Parlour accompanied by Kiev. Or Markin and or. O Haro Sexton of Tho Church. He paid bib respects to Tho couple and a Lien performed Tho ceremony which United them Lor life. After Tho ceremony the Indus party repaired to the residence of Tho Bride on fourteenth str cot where they received All their friends in hospitable Stylo. Nore Khah 200,000 persons or. Joseph walkers v vinegar bitters manufactured from Tho native Ilois and roots of California eth Trio Farcut �51ood purifier. For inflammatory and chronic rheumatism and gout by Spivia or indigestion bilious remit tent and intermittent fevers diseases of the blood liver kidneys and rudder a lieu bitters Havo been most Succoth bul. Such discuss Are caused by. Vitiated blood. Holch is generally produced by derangement of Trio digestive organs. Clo Anso Tho vitiated blood who Novor you find its impurities bursting through Tho a Kin in la Imp los eruptions or Soros j cleans it when you find it obstructed and and sluggish in Tho veins cleans it when it is foul and your tooling will Tell you who. Loep Tho blood healthy and ail will to Well. A Cenyth r. H. Mcdonald amp co. Importing wholesale Cornor Pino and sans Uno streets san Francisco Icie yid amp a medical. F s. Bushel a pianoforte tuner amp regulator Johnson it it but. Or t Morara Hebbon it on a books Loro government u. 0. ,no2#-om Ayers Sarsaparilla roil tui ii Mooij. Trio reputation this excellent Medicine enjoys is derived from its cures Many of which Are truly marvellous. Inveterate cases of so Romulous disease where Tho system seemed saturated with corruption have been purified and cured by it. So Romulous affections and disorders which were of a ravaged by the so Romulous contamination until Lioy were painfully afflicting have been radically cured in such great numbers in almost every Sec Tim of the country to Hutchc Public scarcely need to be informed of its Virtues or uses. So Romulous Poison is one of the most destructive enemies of our race. Olten this unseen and unfelt tenant of the organism undermines the Constitution and invites the attack of in feeling or fatal diseases without exciting n suspicion of its presence. Again in seems to Breed infection throughout Trio body and then on some favourable occasion rapidly develop into one or other of its hideous forms either on the surface or among the vitals. In the latter tubercles May he suddenly deposited in the lungs or heart or tutors formed in Hie liver or it shows its presence by eruptions 0n Trio skin or foul Tiller Lions on some part of die body Lac no the occasional use of a bottle of this Sarsaparilla is advisable even Whan 11� Active symptoms of disease appear. Persons afflicted with tie following complaints generally Lind immediate Relief and at length cure by a lie use of tills saris a a Jitl-1.1 is. Anthony s Eire a loss or Erysipelas totter Salt al Hen scald head tiny warm sore eyes sore ears and other eruptions or visible forms of so Romulous disease. Also in Tiro More concealed forms is dyspepsia dropsy heart disease tits epilepsy eau Matyia and Ilia various ulcer us affections of Tho muscular Ami nervous systems. Syph his or venereal and 3tereurial diseases Are cured by it though a longtime is required for subduing those obstinate maladies by any Medicine. Rut Long continued use of this Medicine will euro the complaint. or Whites uterine ulcerations and la Eniale diseases Are commonly soon relieved and ultimately cured by its purifying and invigorating effect. Minute direct Lions for each Case Are found in our almanac sup. Plied Gratis and out when caused by accumulations of extraneous mailers in Trio blood yield quickly to it As also Javarr complaints Torpi Dity Jonyce Stinn a inflammation of Ilic if i a and jaundice when arising As they olten do from the ranking poisons in Tho blood. Tills is a Grent re Morer for and vigor of Tho system. Those who Are and j Asti Ess despondent sleepless and troubled with nervous a Preher nylons or be tors or any of the affections symptomatic of weakness will find immediate Relief Ami convincing evidence of its restorative Power upon trial. Prepa bed by or. J. C. Ati it a co., Lowell mass., practical and analytical chemists. Sold Hyall druggists everywhere. Ayers cathartic pills for All Tho purposes of Modic Iuo. Lows a = i a. Perhaps no on eel Cine is so universally required by everybody As a cathartic nor was Ever any before so universally adopted into use in every country and among All classes As this mild but efficient purgative Pill. The obvious reason is that it is a More reliable and far More effectual remedy than any other. Those who have tried it know that it cured them those who have not know that it cures their neighbors Aud friends and All know that what it does once it does always a that it never Falls through any fault or its we Havo thousands upon lion Sands of certificates of their remarkable cures of Tho following complaints but such cures Aro known in every neighbourhood and we need not publish them. Adapted to All Ages and conditions in All climates containing neither Calomel or any deleterious drug Titov Mav be taken with safety by anybody. To Weir sugar coating preserves them Ever fresh and makes them pleasant to take while being purely vegetable no harm can arise from their use in any Quantity. They operate by their powerful influence on Trio internal viscera to purify Tho blood and stimulate it into healthy action a remove the obstructions of Tho stomach bowels liver and other organs of Tho body restoring their irregular action to health and by correcting wherever they exist such Derango meats As Aro Quot the first origin of disease. Minute directions Aro Given in the wrapper on the Box for the following complaints which these jills rapidly cure a for or Impi Motlon Lent icim tics. and leu of appetite they a should lie taken moderately to stimulate Tho stomach and restore its healthy Tono and action. For complaint Anil its various Ipp. Toins Ocillous , Hick , Taui Iilah a or Grren al Doire ill Iowa Colic and Ili Liou. Fever they should he Judi Doris la taken for each Case to Correct Tho diseased action or remove the obstructions which cause it. For Oyt a it nth by or diarrhoea but 0110 mild dose is generally required. For out travel paint anti of of Trio heart Puin in till Lilc Cioll and , they should be continuously taken As required to change the diseased action at Ilic system. Willi such change those complaints disappear. For dropsy and drops Cal swelling a they should be taken in Largo and frequent doses to produce the effect of a drastic purge. For suppression a Large dose should be taken As it produces the desired effect by sympathy. As a dinner Pill Lako Ono or two pills to promote digestion and relieve the stomach. An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and bowels into healthy action restores Trio appetite and invigorates the system. Lenco it is often advantageous whore no serious Dorn gement exists. One who feels tolerably Well olten finds tha Teadoso of these la has makes him feel decidedly better from their cleansing did renovating effect 011 the Migea Tivo apparatus. A Dpi. ,1. C. Ayelt pc co., practical , Dowell. Mass. U. S. A. Royal agricultural society of England. Leicester meeting 1808. Unprecedented Success the following prizes were rewarded to j. Amp f. Howard Britannia Iron works Bedford the first prize for Tho Best wheel plough for general purposes. Tho first Arlzo for Tho Dost Wool plough for Light land Trio first prize for the Best swing plough Lor Louera purposes. Tho firs prize for Trio beat swing plough for Light land the first prize for Tho Best subsoil plough. Tho fir prize for Tho Best harrows for Homo Power. Tho firs Only prize for Iho Best steam outly Atung for farms of Moderato size. Tho first and Only Arlzo for Tho Dost 6-Tinod steam cultivator. Trio first an Only Arlzo for Tho boat steam Dilarro Tho first and Only prize for Trio Best steam Windlass. Tho Silver medal for their patents Foty Bollor. J amp f. Howard thus Rico Lvov ten first prizes one second prize and a Silver medal Garry lug Oil almost Ivory prize for which Thov coins Tod mud Thea Tor real Tho most a Over Aud prolonged Oyer known. 003 groceries and provisions. Pickles sauces jams amp a. Amp pm i free from adulteration. Manufactured by a Fosse amp Blackwell purvey Olts Totzk Queen Soho Square x.03ntx>0ni Crosse amp Black Well s Well known manufactures no obtainable from Ivory respectable provision dealer in Tho world. Purchasers should see that they arc supplied with c. A Genuino Good and that Interior articles to nol substituted for Thorn. To Lasuro thorough whole soreness their pickles Aro nil prepared in pure malt vinegar boiled in Oak Vais Lay Means of Platinum steam coils and Aru precisely similar in Quality to those supplied by Tuom Tor Uso at Pikr majesty s table. 0 k c. Aro Aganth for Lea ii 1>1 ruins celebrated Worcestershire Sal be and Are Matulac Turcic of Ivory description of oilmen a sports or Ihu Ling hell Quality. Myll 1 a Lea amp Perrins celebrated a orc Ester Shire sauce declared by connoisseurs to be the Only Good sauce. Caution .41� a in st fim Iii. Tho Success of this most delicious and unrivalled condiment having caused certain dealers to apply Tho name of a a Worcestershire sauce n to their own incr ii compounds Tho Public Ian Ruby informed that Tho ouly Way to Succuro the genuine a a to ask for Lea amp Perrins Sac a and to see that their unmet Aro upon Tho wrapper labels stopper and bottle. Some of Tho Oroian markets having icon supplied with a a Purlous Worcestershire Sauco up it a the wrapper and labels of which the names of leu a Perrins have been forged l. And p. Give notice that they have furnished their correspondents with Power of attorney to take instant proceedings against manufacturers Aud vendors of such or an Othor imitations by which their right May be infringed. Aik for Lea amp Perrins Sanee and Soo name wrapper Label bottle and stopper. Whole Sloand Lor Export by the proprietors Worces Ter Crosse u Bia Kwoll London amp of. A. And by grocers and Wilmou univ Emilly. A kits for Victoria Javion Green amp Rhodes jal6 by la w fbait1 on Tho 27th june 1806, Mote Wallah a Printer was convicted at Tho supremo court Calcutta of counterfeiting the of messes Grosse amp Blackwell. London and we sentenced by or Justice Hoar to two years rigorous imprisonment and on the Soth of the same Manili for hell inc 8pbjriouw attic Ijes bearing labels in imitation of messes Crosse amp Black wkly a Staik Bachoo was sentenced by the suburb. Ban magistrate Utso Aldah to two years rigorous imprisonment Selling spurious oilmen a stores under Crosse amp Blackwells name will to liable to Tho same punishment and will to vigorously j ro8l�ou-Ted. Purchasers Aro recommended to examine All goods carefully Boford taking deliver yol them. Tho genuine manufactures of messes Crosse a Blackwell May be had from every respectable dealer on Vancouver Island. Myl9 Law dysentery cholera Eveh ague coughs colds amp a. Or or. Collie is r o w Iye it mex army midst nil Ohio Hod one 18 Tilk original and Only genuine. Caution vice Chancellor sir w p Wood stated that or Browne was undoubtedly Trio inventor of Chilo Rodyne that Tho Story of Tho do Roudaut Freeman being Tho inventor was deliberately untrue Winch to regretted had been sworn to. Eminent Hospital l Liy lilians of London stated Eliut d j Collis Bruno was the discoverer of Chio Rodyne that they prof Cilibe it largely and mean no other limn or Browne so ice tajiks july 12, a Tho Public therefore no caution 1 against using any Othor than or j Collis brow in a lilo Rodja us remedial uses and action. This invaluable remedy produced Quint Row Nal ing sleep relieves pain calms the nervous system to sores Tho deranged a unctions and a la insula of Liou Liby action of Trio secretions of the body without creating any of those unpleasant results Atmo Linig it House a opium. Old and Young May take it at All hours and times Hen requisite. Thousands of Pel sons testily to its marvellous Good fleets and wonderful cures while medical men extol tin Virtues most extensively i aug it i great quantities in Tho following diseases a diseases in which it is found eminently Ubo Ipp a Jolora by Autery Durre Coa Culig coughs asthma cramp rheumatism ecu Bulgia. Whooping cough hysteria a no extra 18 from med Cal opinions Tho Kight lion Eurl Russell to the Collego of Phr Simus and j t Davenport that he had received information to Tho effect that the Only i Mody of any service in cholera was lancet dec 81, 18�o4. From a. Montgomery into inspector of ii of petals Bombay Chio Rodyne in u Moat valuable Rem Ltd in neuralgia asthma and dysentery. To it i fairly owe my Reato Rution to health alter eighteen Mouths a crore sur Toring and when other medicines had or Lowe medical missionary in Lud a to polls dec. I8c6j that in nearly every Caso of cholera in which i r j Collia Browne a Chio Rodyne was administered Tho patient to covered. Extract from medical times jan 10,1860�?chlorodyno is prescribed by scores of orthodox medical practitioners. Of course it would not thus to singularly popular did it not Supply a want and fid u place. Extract from the general Board of to ally London an to its Cal Lacy in strongly Uro to convinced of Tho Immons Valuo of this remedy that to cannot too forcibly Urgo Tho necessity or adopting it in All Casen. H Waro Ozap Grioua and dangerous compounds sold u Cmor Omas from which Iraq out latal resulta have lol Lowed. Too leading article journal aug 1,1800, which states that or j Collis Browne was Tho inventor of Chloro Dyno that it is always right to use his preparation when Chloro Dyno is ordered. Caution Nono Genuino without Tho words 1 or j Coll is How not on the government stamp. Over whelming medical testimony accompanies each Bottlo. Sole manufacturer .1 t Davenport 33 great Russell Street Bloom husky London. Sold in bottles la. Lud., 2b. Ud., 1�. Fid., and 11s. Doll carpets. To Pesky 11 Ltd Shelih Lii tils. Minature Hearth Ruga. For Tialdo by i no at amp co. J.18 wharf Ali cot. Wants amp a. A Over Ness. Wait Tkv a a situation by a Young lady ii governess either us dully or to reside with the family where Bho would be Corbit Force Ono of the a Riuo. Address a a colonist a at this of lace. pm Coa g min Cus w anted Huva a it Uli a he tisk of a Leif Ujj Queen Charlotte Coal Vining company limited Orin of Trou net Alley and bread streets Victoria dec. 2d, 1869. De29 3t wanted ill Nehk pub. One Aviso can Ltd in Miti do general housework for two persons. A apply it this Ufi Ink. A wanted. a his in v a in to to 1 00it and a a splat at go Neial housework for a Fatu Ity con kiting Only of a Gorneman bin Wile and infant. Excellent wages paid. Apply at this Oil co. Ju7 pm Pau Kisk wanted. Iii a capital. Of Fuoti �100 to 5500, in u Good paying in sic amps. Address j pm a a j a at the colonist Olieo. Education. W Angela College. Lisp eco Aii using a no 8> a y school al Willin to opened of m nday the x7lli january isl Ujdur the a or mus 8kuki0ht Green j�7 lady principal pro urn. 8�15uol notice. Aaa n Ani e Petith tau a hc1iooi. For Young Luitich will b. Reopened on u i y nex a 1g Ali january uni Tho attend co of All Ilio la upion in particularly requested on thu Tony. A old Violle Tate slut of. Rel Hui Sci idol will i be reopened of 1uu118day, a old january. F 11 gltlllilhli., principal ja5 pm t Nicholson Vico principal. Notice. Min Wilson us tonne a school will reopen on monday the 17tli lust. Church Hank i. Ja8 Ira the grand promoters of health. Holloway spills. The grand secret of a training happiness is to secure a ipod health without which life is stripped of a its Pica 8ure8, Tho urst irregularity of any function should to checked Aud set Rig it by appropriate done spa these Lino purify ing fills which strengthen the system by thoroughly cleansing thu blood Ron Ull impurities. T Hoy Palunco disordered action remove Theca self Dis turban Foaud restore its Normal and natural Power to every Organ without inconvenience Puiu or a Yother Dawb tick. Derango Hont of the bowels liver and stomach complaints. Luis Medline is so Well known m every part of the world and Tho cures i located by its use Are so wonder to As to Auto Nash every one. I Job pre Eminence As a remedy for billions and liver complaints and Dor augments of thu stomach Aud bowels a no longer a matter of dispute or doubt. In the so diseases the Ben Ilcia elects of hollow Tyr a invaluable fills arose Poreau outland extensive that the Wyolu system is renovated Tho organs of doges lion and f Ull Aud easy assimilation protected to tent both physical Aud mor Leuer a Are increased blood to the Hoad. by some irregularity a Doniach Aud bowels which if not quickly attend o c frequently terminates Tatally. A few doses of therein Mous pills Over fail to give tone to the stomach Regula Ity to the soc Otious Aud purity to Tho fluids. Vei Tica air Fuchs of sight and Othor indications of approaching apoplexy Are on irely dissipated by a course of Thirud Mirable Medicino the females Best Friend for Peculiar to the i Anu a every contingency perilous to the life of women youth Ful or aged married or Siglo this mild but speedy remedy is recommended with Friendly o trn Ostness. It will All functional derangement to which they Arou bisect. Scr Fula Aud Ull skin Dis Oasis. For All skin discus Lio weve inveterate thib cedi cites Are a Sovereign remedy while the pills aet upon Tho blood which they up Ify Tho ointment pusses through Tho pores of Tho s in ail cleanses every a True Ture us water Satu Atea lies ilor As Salt penetrates meat. Thu whole is thus rendered healthy regular and vigorous coughs colds and asthma. No Medicine will euro colds of Long duration or such an Are settled upon the Chest 80 quickly As these famous pills. Evou in cases where Tho that stage of asthma has appeared these pills May to rolled on As a certain and never tailing remedy particularly if the ointment be Woll rubbed into Tho cheat and Throat right and morning. Audi Gostion Billious headache. These complaint 8 May sometimes be considered trifling out it should be borne in mind that by inattention and neglect they olten end most seriously. Give curl tuo Gubi Tou deranged stomach take Holloway spills tub his celebrated Lonte ent Over tie pit of the stomach and you will shortly perceive u change for the bettor in your , appetite Strong the and Energy. The Impero Vomort though it May Bogra dual Willbo thorough j Andl listing. Holloway spills Are the Best remedy known a he world for the following diseases a no soom Planta Bow t complaints Colic court ii Atlon female irregularities out headache indigestion Tho inflammation co Usu a Tiou debility dysentery Erysipelas i jaundice liver complaint scr Fula King evil s ire the Stone and gravel secondary a Yin Tom tic Dou Conreux Tumour ulcers venereal Afton tons worm somali k weakness for hate or Cau a to. A sold at the establish Mont of pro Bekhor Holloway 244 stand near Tempio bar London and by All respectable Duggin Thiim dealers u Medici i if Zed world at the following prices �?1�. ,2�. Of. 4h.6 i in. 22a.,Aud 33s. Each of eating a Roll ill i Klug kure. Liuvao in in Ham. A ha-b�?T�iv�5.-� Dkl por Tuut roman Fly in Czbos us inulin int . certain mildly Lur to living Tho irritation of Uro 11k0ncu.al turf of. Kina i Sivos coi a i Moi Ark Ailt it the faculty to Stimolo a or of Wlima May he �0011.�?sold in Fox of and tins by bating chemist 79 st. Paul a churchyard London f. C. Dusl 20twr k i Gimis amp Saunders successors to p. Manetta importers and dealers in groceries provisions wines la Jors amp a. Lonstad tiny in ii anon the be stand j choicest h h Tiwu of Henrly groceries. All goods delivered by express Waggon Freo of charge highest Price paid Tor farm produce. To vory a Porior Bordeaux Claret wine by gallon or Cape , a i se29 3m hotels saloons amp a. A Meri can Exchange hotel sansome Street sait Fea Incisco Tonding from Sacramento str cot to Halleck Street a Viivi he i in Ueno it Vatu and newly furnished make it the Moat quiet economical and com Forillo family idiot al in tub Tutto. Be fog centrally located it offers every pm due an out for by Bincsik men and Tho Public generally. Xijiu tables will Coua lastly to supplied with every luxury the Market a Fords. Iho american coach with red Light will bunt lie ivling Vaund depot to convey Pae Sunceri to the hotel free. ,o1 i Timothy Sargent proprietor Bailey a hotel. Langley Street Victoria v. I. 3st. C Bailey e�,3s0l�o Ite Sulliv tim1vkn to him j 1? and the Public in general Lor past favors id to inform them that he in a till to be found at his old stand the rookery Atte Tiou is paid to Tho Comfort of his patrons. Trio eco ten of Chni rfcs Arena follows t a toned 11ml per week. S5 to Suso in i �ie�?z., .p�?or.v.v. 50 Ara hed to flip hotel 1� a bar where Tho Best of info till thirs and cigars will to found a a a fire proof Safe in the House. Ju8 pm b boarding House port Street bet. Douglas amp Broad m us. A. Mason conducts the above establishment formerly occupied by n c. Bailor Ami Hopes for a cout Muneo of the patronage to i incr Liv bestowed on her predecessor icon rect , per week. 87 00 a it our i per week. Q Sqq Board pfc judging per Bay. I an single i Lelh. 37 Ivory attention Given to the it Ronfort of boarders. Ans pm st. Licholas hotel government a Street Victoria v. 1$ this Stabli Ament is now open for the reception of Gueits and la Reno Ramondos to Tho travel Long Public so b first class hotel. The rooms h ave All been refurnished and but nation 1� paid to cleanliness and Good order apartments will to lot by Tho Day week month it a great reduction from former Travo lord Aro requested to inspect the Hote it Birt a eel in accommodation elsewhere. J. Fried 11o20 pm proprietor. Landsberger amp cons j White wine sansome Hock riesling Zin Fridd red wine. Lit no dozen cases. Eoli Sale by Hui boat a co., agents Surju Ripish Columbia awarded to i. Landsberger amp co. By the state agricultural society exit i i Tion isor. medal for Tho Best sparkling wine. First Premium for Iho Best Iiah Wink 2 year old. A a a a a a a a a a a a Quot 1 year old. A a a a Quot a a Quot sparkling do 1 year old. Quot a a a a a a a exhibit of winks special diploma in Iho lest White wine 2 Yra old. Xiii Iii Tion Isis. Gold the for the _ Riihl us Ioma for Iho Wiidik win 2 year old do do to 3 year old from the san Joaquin Val agricultural fair first Premium fur the Best Wiidik wine 2yoirs old do do do 3 do do do Hest red Wink 2 do from the mechanics Institute 1868. Silver medal Forsi a kind Muscatel first 1 re mum for tie dust cilia ill Agne do do do White wine 65r. Do do do red Wink 65r. Gru a tf1tbrre Usu in importers and wholesale dealers to Fink English French and american liquors champagnes cognacs clarets and whiskies Stone building oppo fluto the a of Loyal Harf Street Victoria Vancouver la Laud. Agents for Napoleons Cabinet and douche Cham Pague Hostetter a bitters Bokert a bitters sans Ovain a California wines and bitters Bancroft cider a Large Stock of bonded wines brandies ale and Porter always on hand. A Bear Tho Condo Raul effects of fall kind

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