Van Wert Times Bulletin in Van-Wert, Ohio
22 May 1939

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Van Wert Times Bulletin in Van-Wert, Ohio
22 May 1939

Read an issue on 22 May 1939 in Van-Wert, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Van Wert Times Bulletin.

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Van Wert Times Bulletin (Newspaper) - May 22, 1939, Van Wert, OhioPage Pouf the daily times bulletin Van Wert Ohio monday May 22,1939 she a ones Billet in a daily newspaper consolidating the Van Wert daily bulletin the twice a week bulletin established 1846. And the Van Wert times. Wayne Vav. Galvin. Publisher Ford g. and manager entered in the Pust office at Van Wert Ohio As second class mail matter. Published every afternoon except sunday at 115 South Market Street. Wert Ohio by the Van Wert publishing company. National advertising representative a j. Devine amp associates inc. New York Chrysler bldg. Chicago �?307 n. Michigan ave. Detroit�?817 new Center bldg Atlanta a 206 Palmer bldg. Pittsburgh a 438 Oliver bldg. Syracuse state Tower bldg. Member of the United press association subscription terms by Carrier in Van Wert 15 cents per week by mail in Van Wert county and trading territory per year $3.00 six months $1.75 three months $1.00 payable in Advance. Outside Van Wert county per year $4.00 beyond 1st and 2nd postal zones $5.00. Two telephones business 2644�?editorial 2645 Van Wert s year plan the times bulletin s program for Van Wert j. Adequate repair or resurfacing of main Street. T. Repair or replacement of the South Washington Street Bridge Over town Creek. S. Proper traffic Law enforcement particularly on speeding and parking regulations. 4. More Peony planting both Public and private. 5. Adoption of a zoning ordinance. 6. Adoption of a comprehensive unified traffic code. 7. Improvement in waterworks system to provide a dependable Supply in All seasons. Washington at a glance by Charles p Stewart diplomatic Washington is gambling heavy Odds that War will not break out in Europe while the King and Queen of England Are on this Side of the Atlantic and especially while they Are in this country. Not that the King has any governmental authority at Home. He Hasni to nearly As much of it there As the president of the United states has in this Republic. Nevertheless As per British precedent it would be perfectly scandalous for Britain to engage in International hostilities with its nominal Boss away from his native soil. It might be passable while he a in Canada but not during his stay on this Side of the Border. The conclusion is that their majesties trip certainly would have been cancelled if the London government Hadnot been confident of stalling off trouble at least until its Sovereign and his Consort Are Back again in Buckingham Palace or at Windsor or some such Royal residence. In effect they re regarded As virtual peace hostages so Long As they stay Here. How popular Are they Uncle same a officialdom is a Good bit worried As to the popularity of the reception the visiting royalties receive Here. Scarcely needful to say be safeguarded from Cranks As no two National guests Ever were before. In this respect be a decided nuisance. up set All the Normal life of the capital. Traffic will be shot entirely to pieces. Toll without War a local business will be completely dior we talk glibly these Days about building Gani Zed. The citizenry will consider Mem up great air fleets. We talk in terms of an infernal bother. But what does the in thousands of ships As though there was text ailment committee care for Ordinary White Fri written roil and released by fat Central press association rebid Marie Blizard i done to know Why they put the Mirror there. I have to stick my head All the Way out to look at myself. Diet and health fish swallowing Brand new mania nothing to it but to push the Button and wait for the ships to come off the production line. What this Means in human terms we do not think. But it Means that air armament is taking its toll steadily and re folks John Doe wont be Able to get to his office. Crossing Pennsylvania Avenue will be like crossing the polish corridor. There la be terrific crowds along both sides of the Street. The authorities want a reasonable Lent Lessly in picked Young men. No exact amount of applause from these a Grega figures Are known but it is believed that tons. They re not afraid of Many Boos Germany kills about three pilots every two but they re slightly apprehensive of Days England and France at least one i Clammy indifference. Every three Days Italy perhaps As Many merely incident to flying routine. Does it seem silly to think of this when a War has just closed in Spain and that took a million dead and while the thousands Are still being mown Down daily in China a Ysassi Etyc is another headache. The Tony Bunch is literally crazy to get in on the receptions and things. Invitations to Mem Are More valuable than United states senator ship. The British embassy a Vicinity will be a War zone. Washington has entertained Royalty be perhaps. But in a program of air Arma fore but never Royalty of this pairs Cal ment expansion that is one element that Cher. Must be counted in the regular toll of pilots who must die in the course of everyday practice flying even without any War at All. In the United states such accidents Are still rare enough to bring out great headlines whenever they happen. But we too As we expand our air Force must pay in blood As Well As in dollars for the arms race. Doctor says a Good laugh prolongs ones life. That depends entirely at whom you re doing the laughing. People Arentt interested in politics according to an editorial. And they Are interested still less in politicians. Its suspected that the recent broadcast by the Duke of Windsor sex King and former Prince of Wales has sucked some of the life out of the Welcome expected for his younger brother and sister in Law. The former Prince has been Here a time or two before and was greatly liked. My guess would be that the windsors dropping in for a week end would create More of a splash than their Britannic majesties. They get such an official blow out but ill bet they a get a lot of Public clamor. Probably that a Why the British government was so cold toward the Dukes radio broadcast. It did no to enjoy having the Duke swiping so much of the Kings Thunder particularly at this juncture. By Logan Clendening m. D. A goldfish Derby a a Clark University a undergraduate of that Liberal institution of learning eats 89 live a Harvard University lags a its representative eats Only 24.�?� a Dangle worm diet a a Sophomore at Oregon state col lege swallowed 139 live Angle Worms he downed two handfuls of fat Well washed writhing Garden variety Worms in two gulps and collected a $5.00 a new yorker eats Magazine covers a i suppose by the time this article reaches the eyes of my readers the goldfish eating craze will have become a thing of the past. But at the moment everyone is asking your bewildered correspondent just what it or. Clendening will answer questions of general interest Only and then Only through his column. The human Side of the news copyright 1839. King features Syndicate inc by Edwin c. Hill with women barging in everywhere into bars professions offices colleges sports Congress the presidents Cabinet and even m. I. Stock Exchange has been the last hold out the stubbornly held Citadel of organized specialized and exclusive masculinity the Alamo of this Little beleaguered band. Operators pages clerks runners stenographers have been men. But at last Here a the Tel typing on the clacking ticker just As ominous As that roomful Flash on the Wall of Belshazzar a Palace. The curb Exchange has installed a comely receptionist miss Ruth Virginia Maclin of Tennessee and has arranged for the cordial reception of visitors in a roped off enclosure. Her minions Are specially trained Page boys who serve As escorts for the visitors. Miss Maclin is a sort of official hostess making everybody feel at Home when they drop in to watch the traders scalping eights even if this is a rather desultory business in these Days of Low sales volume. The women have thrust a tiny topless shoe into the narrow crack of a big Bronze door Long closed against them. What next the incident is not unrelated to other recent developments in the Stock exchanges. The fact is that these practitioners of a bloodless and statistical Art Are mellowing quite noticeably. Within the last few weeks we have noted the Start of the first Large scale Good will advertising by Stock Exchange firms seeking to enlighten the Public on what the Exchange is How it works and How it performs a necessary and useful advice in our complicated Economy. Back in the Days of Quot sock less Jerry Simpson of Kansas everybody West of the alleghenies was convinced that All Stock brokers had horns and put in a full working shift every Day robbing the Farmer and Workingman. In the flush Days of the twenties the latter were eager to learn How Hie Greish brokers worked the trick and began to a a fade Wall Street making quite a few straight passes before the anally rolled Snake eyes. There was a measure of enlightenment in that and As Wall Street goes human it does no to have to Buck anything like the hostility of those pre War Days. Furthermore the Board of governors has done a lot of renovating on its own account entirely apart from the prodding of messes. Pujo Pecora Douglas it a1, and nobody turns in a riot Call when a Stock Exchange House starts explaining Why and How it helps to keep the wheels of Industry turning and pay checks moving. A Edwin Markham has a poem in which it is related that somebody or other was dealing misery to his crowd. This outsider had a drawn a circles which excluded the poet. The poem concludes a but love and i had to win we Drew a Circle and took him As Jim Watson of Indiana once said a if you can to beat Mem join and so with the harried brokers regardless of the fact that their partner May be Money rather than love their wider inclusiveness is revealed in Many ways. Just a Little while ago you had to go through a1 sorts of Abracadabra everything Short of vaccination and an allergy test to get into the Stock Exchange with a pass from a member and his personal escort to the Balcony. That Sall done away with now. John w. Featherstone the what cheer Iowa hardware dealer can step up to the window and he passed in without any fuss whatsoever and Only the most casual identification. The Exchange invites All and sundry to note that it has nothing up its sleeve. Our worlds fair makes a grand occasion for declaring everybody in. Many brokers display signs inviting fair visitors to Home around ask questions and see All the sights. It would appear that worlds fairs Are useful in mixing up the citizenry in this Way. Probably few of the bitterest haters of Wall Street Back in Bryan a Day never saw either Wall Street or a broker. And again it wont do Wall Street any a i m to talk to just run of the Mill people from the Sticks. The process of enlightenment doubtless w works both ways. The note on miss Maclin of Tennessee acting hostess at the curb Exchange is a follow up on a Story we had the other Day about charming Southern girls being a smash hit in Public Contact jobs Here. What could be More appropriate than the warmly inclusive Southern a you ally and a we ally in our National make up and less of the a me and Means. Well i acknowledge i am bewildered but out of the welter of questions i venture the following answers. Will do no harm in the first place i think we can dismiss the Chance that these experiences will do the protagonists any harm. Goldfish Are nutritious enough and will probably be digested in Toto. That they have a Good Many Worms and eaten raw these Worms will infect the eaters intestines is undoubtedly True but that also can be taken care of. The same goes for Earth Worms. Magazine covers seem to me a particularly non nutritious diet Man ate his food raw Long before he ate it cooked. He probably discovered the advantages of cooked food accidentally vide Charles lambs dissertation on roast pig. But what about the state of mind that brings such a situation about of course individual instances of strange desires in food on special occasions Are familiar. Expectant mothers Are supposed to like to eat dirt or other outre articles though i must say i never saw one that did no to want to stick to roast beef and ice Cream. But these As i say Are individual idiosyncrasies Practised under unusual stress. What about everybody going at it Well smallpox is not the Only thing that is contagious. Hysteria is contagious too. There was the dancing mania of the Middle Ages. In the Spring in some Little italian Village there might be heard far off in the Hills a faint wild Pagan music. Men and women would come to the doors and begin to Sway to the rhythm. And soon a tattered Little band of musicians one playing on the flute one on the pipes and one on the viol would appear sounding the notes of the Tarantella the pipes of pan. And the people of the Village would come out into the streets and begin to Sway and then to tread a reckless measure whirling on and on they knew not where. It would go on for Days and nights until finally they would fall exhausted in the Fields to awake Days later and return soberly to their tasks. And the musicians would pass to another town and the sound of their pipes would waft from of Ai. Well the dancing mania has passed and the goldfish mania has passed but the mania for the persecution of minorities has not passed. It May seem a Long jump from goldfish eating to going to War but it is not a Long jump in the human mind. And War hysteria is More contagious than any other kind a and slightly More dangerous. Questions and answers mrs. B. Cd is there any Way of making Acido Hulus milk at Home a answer cultures of Acido Hulus can be purchased at the drug store and added to unfermented milk. Editor s note or. Clendenin has seven pamphlets which can be obtained by readers. Each pamphlet Sells for to cents. For any one pamphlet desired Send to cents in Coin and a self addressed envelope stamped with a three cent stamp to or. Logan Clendening in care of this Parer. The pamphlets Are Quot three weeks reducing diet a indigestion and constipation. Quot reducing and gaining Quot Quot infant feeding Quot a instructions for the treatment of diabetes Quot feminine Hygiene and Quot the care of the hair and today of the past 5 years ago Harry Hoke of Charleston w. Va., has started Street decorations for the Peony festival. Sheriff f. Roy Shaffer was in Toledo today where he was a witness before the Federal grand jury. Or. And mrs. H. W Meyerding of Rochester minn., Are guests of or. And mrs. Karl Todd of East main Street. Don High alumni association. Or. And mrs. E. I. Antrim and mrs. J. L. Reed and daughter Ellen have returned from Florida where they spent the Winter Mont is. To years ago postmaster o. A Priddy and t. E. Jones superintendent of mails Are making the annual inspection of Rural route one out of the local Post office. William Wertz Royee Baxter and t. C. Wooden were in Mendon last night to attend the 32nd annual dinner of the men 25 years ago or. F. P. Kreider has resigned As president of the City Board of education. A a Ralph Dull of Ohio City scored 22 Points to win second honors in the annual track and Field meet for Northwest Ohio High school athletes held yesterday. A j. D. Lare of Tully township transacted business at the local Post office yesterday. Merchandise you May want is usually advertised on the classified Page. Scott a scrapbook by r. J. Scott he. Younkes it person lilt to in Quot who a who in America Quot is Shirlev Temple actress of Hollywood California now in her eleven year c born april 23 ,19291 a War minerals in Nevada Reno a or the United states Ever becomes involved in War Nevada is confident it will become famous. Virtually every one of fhe a strategic minerals a necessary for the conduct of War Are to be found within the stat May 25 y National men s1 Straw in Day ii i Bese Dek its is ply y heir. Trade on sidewalk extract no a victims tooth Willeke squats on to amp a Street chg Tow egg use it a is i flip pm. World rifts to memes chapter thirty Nini a year later Eleanor was bored with discussing servants and dressmakers with mrs. Mordecai she was bored with the inanities of social life. In its higher ranks she had found the trappings the foreign cars the Correct butlers the out of season foods the steam yachts and stables pleasing but the pursuits were no More engaging to her than the Bridge parties and Parent teachers meetings Back in the great neck Days. She had Learned to dance she had to learn again to keep up with the Rumba and even adults were doing the big apples and ride and Pilot a surf Board. She managed her social pursuits without inferring with the tremendous output of her work. But More and More she was finding her greatest pleasure in perusing Garden books in going to bed Early with a Book of history in her hands. Her Home her children and her work ran their courses on greased wheels. She had no problems. Perhaps a problem was what she needed. Her life was in a rut and she was bored. That was Why that Spring Day she was unhappy and discontented and surprised by herself that she had gone to Grace Mordecai a party. That was the Day that she met Dennis Pryor. She had marked his head Labelling it a Liontine a As he flashed past her car in his roadster. She had sought that kingly head out in the crowded drawing room and Grace had told her at once that she should know him. A this is Dennis Pryor Eleanor. Dennis this is Eleanor Parrish the Eleanor Parrish our famous novelist Grace had left them then and Dennis had taken her somewhere to get her a drink. Shed watched his Broad shoulders moving easily through the crowded rooms. Shed read his profession in his bronzed Cheeks in his Clear Blue eyes in the slight touch of Gray at his rugged temples. He was a mining Engineer. He was a Man Given to judging distances and people. He was the first Man she had met who had demanded things of her. Demanded them at once. He had demanded to know intimate things about her. He had asked her almost Point Blank a How much Are you married a the very method of his asking had intrigued her although she told herself it had annoyed her. Later that night she was to remember How 3he had answered him saying a very much. In be a sixteen year old daughter and a ten year old a you still Haven to answered my question a he had said quietly. A a Haven to i a she answered Lingerin Gly knowing he had no right to ask such a question knowing she evade him by pretending to a you must have been very Young a he said. It was not a question. A i was Only Nineteen Quot she told him knowing that with the word Only she had implied that she had been too Young perhaps to know her own mind. Someone had come Between them then and they had not talked together again. Head said a i shall see you she had smiled meaning Lessly. Grace Mordecai came out with her when her car arrived. Quot How did you like him a a him a Eleanor a voice was elaborately puzzled. A a done to be silly Eleanor. You know i mean Dennis a ooh or. Pryor. He a. He a frightfully attractive Isnit he a Grace nodded. Quot the Strong silent Quot Strong a Eleanor corrected a not a surely this Isnit a complaint he seemed to be paying you Quot it is no compliment to an author to discover someone who Hasni to even heard of Quot Why Eleanor you let that prejudice you. Dennis has been off in the wilds of South America building a the biggest dams that were Ever built i expect a she said to her hostess. Graces face fell into lines of great disappointment. Quot of dear i thought i was presenting a Man that you would find really interesting and now it seems that you done to like Eleanor kissed her lightly being quite careful not to disturb her own lipstick. A it was a Lovely party Grace. Done to trouble your head about people i done Tuke. In a not important Grace s hand detained her. A maybe you do like him. I was Reading somewhere the other Day that 5 Strong types meet and clash it is often a sign of a very powerful Eleanor laughed lightly. Quot you be been Reading the wrong kind of books. I really must go Grace. I be promised Phil that i would be Home to dinner. There Are some people coming Quot look Here. Eleanor we be a Quot Date for Friday a week for dinner at your House will you keep til party Small i want to talk to Phil and if you have some devastating Man for me ill forget All about the business i want Phil to advise me Quot i will. There a just be the three of us a she promised. A you know Dennis is staying Here he was a Cousin of Eleanor got in her car. A Friday week a she said As they drove away. They passed Dennis Pryor s car in the drive. Eleanor Felt a recurrence of her surge of annoyance. He had had no business talking to her As he had As if she were a school girl who had published one Story and was All puffed up about it her annoyance grew and was directed at herself. She had had no business acting like a silly schoolgirl anxious to impress him. He was a Man but he was a spoiled one like a Little boy hero of a school. If she saw him again but of course she would not see him again unless it waa to give herself a Chance to be herself rather than the person she had been. If he was to see her in her own Home with her husband and her children and with people who really knew who she was. Grace had said she did no to want any others around that Dennis was staying at her House. Yes Eleanor owed it to Phillip As Well As to herself to do what she was going to do. She rang up Grace a few Days later saying Quot Darling i m terribly sorry but in be Learned that the Maltby Are coming to dinner on Friday night shall i ask a Man for you a shed waited a trifle breathlessly for graces reply. A would you mind awfully if i brought Dennis a Quot Dennis a Eleanor replied her voice up. A yes. Dennis Pryor iou remember him. He a my guest and i thought Quot a anyone you like dear a Eleanor said. A a in la expect you two at to be continued tadpole gulped fails Woodland a Bradley j. Peanuts Stephens jr., Junior College student went All other higher institutions of learning one better by choosing tadpoles. He swallowed 25 and a doctors formula helps liver bile flow freely right Way to relieve constipation and feel a tip top in morning if liver bile does no to flow freely every Day into your intestines constipation with its headaches and that a half alive feeling often result. So step up that liver bile and see How much better you should feel just try or. Edwards Olive tablets used so successfully for years by or. F. M. Edwards for his patients with constipation and sluggish bile. Olive tablets being purely vegetable Are harmless. They not Only stimulate bile flow to help digest fatty foods but also help elimination. Get a Box today 15. 30, 60. A drugstores. World record seemed imminent when one of them stuck in his Throat. Then and there the stunt failed. Woman believed to be 118 Klerk Dorp South Africa a a woman who is believed to have been born in 1820 is living in Klerk Dorp. She is mrs. Annie Murphy. Until recently she showed no particular signs of her great age but now she often sleeps for 36 hours. A Stripl Ife will outlast Many other furnaces $2 a week Wui Bay a Williamson trial Ife a the Williamson Heater company i like my trial Ife Furnace very much. It is easy to Start easy to fire and i always have even temperature in All rooms. It is Good looking a will outlast Many others. Never want to be without a Williamson signed Albert a. Rose Oak Harbor Ohio free Furnace inspection. Did you bum too much Coal did you have too much illness a were your Coal Bius too High this past Winter we make free inspection locate troubles do repair work. Modest Pricer Phons 3226 Brandeberry a w ill Damaon 913 e. Main Van Wert Ohio Williamson trial Ifer furnaces cleaned $3.50 /v<w-l0ans for less at household finance rates Cut to is below the lawful maximum�?$9.46 monthly now repays a too loan in full in 12 months before you borrow anywhere study the loan table below. It shows the advantageous terms you can get at household finance where rates have been drastically reduced. These rates Are now j/3 below the Ohio lawful Maximorr and the lowest we have Ever offered. Sava is or More at the lawful maximum a $20 loan for four months for instance costs $2.56. At household you pay $ i ooh a saving of $1.56. A $50 loan repaid in 4 equal monthly instalments at the lawful maximum costs $4.8 5. At household you pay $2.33 less a a saving of almost one half or take a loan of $ too repaid in 12 equal monthly instalments. The Cost at the lawful maximum is $20.55. At household you save $7.03�?More than one third. You can apply for a household finance loan without going to the office. If you can make Small monthly payments you can borrow from $20 to $500 promptly and simply. You May repay your loan in instalments that fit your budget. The table below shows Sample Loans and payment schedules. Note the convenient terms on household Loans. Compare households new Low rates with charges elsewhere. If you need Money Send the Coupon now for full information without obligation. Read this guarantee we guarantee the total amount figured by using this table to be the full amount you will pay where payments Are made on schedule. You will pay less if you pay ahead of schedule. To know the total you pay on any loan select the amount you need in the table. Read to the right picking the monthly payment you wish to make. Then multiply this payment by the number of months Given at the top of that column. Cut this table out use for Quick comparison before you get a loan amount of monthly payments including All charges for the following periods amount 6 to. 8 to. To to. 12 to. 16 to. 20 to. 25 to. Of loan $ 20 $ 3.57 $ 2.73 $ 2.23 50 8.93 6.83 5.57 too 17.85 13.65 11.13 $ 9.46 $ 7.37 $ 6.12 150 26.78 20.48 16.70 14.18 11.05 9.17 200 35.71 27-30 22.27 18.91 14.73 12.23 250 44.63 34.13 27.83 23.64 18.41 15.29 300 53.56 40.95 33.40 28.37 ,22.10 18.35 400 71.06 54.29 44. In 37.53 29.17 24.17 $20.19 500 88.34 67.39 54.83 46.46 36.01 29.75 24.76 president a this table is based on prompt repayment. Tardiness will increase the Cost in the final payment. Larger payment can be made at any time or payments can be made in Advance of the Date they Ere Doc in order to reduce the Costa. Loan can also be repaid in 2, 4, 14 and is monthly payments 14 and 18 months on Loans shove $50 Only. Payment Are calculated at household is new Rod or and rates of 2% pet month of Loans up to 9300 Tad Vic of i % per month on balance above $300 up to $300. These rates Are ii lest than the lawful maximum. Household finance corporation Quot doctor of family finances Lima 12th floor Lima Trust building n. W. Corner Public Square St West Market r. 0. Doyal manager phone main 4066 locally managed offices in principal cities hear big a a. Guest Ai Quot it can be dome Quot wednesday it it Eum subs household finance corporation please give me without oblation information about the household finance plan. Name. Address. City. Amount i a wish to borrow up

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