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Van Nuys News Newspaper Archives Jan 29 1959, Page 9

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Van Nuys News, The (Newspaper) - January 29, 1959, Van Nuys, CaliforniaMarcella Leonetti have you listened to pm radio Marty our Post teen office Helper asked the question but did t wait for an answer. I just bought an am pm radio a few Days ago and the difference Between am and pm programming is really amazing. You Don t really realize it until you listen to pm for awhile but am record shows Are nearly All top heavy with Commer after listening to pm for the first couple of Days after i got the radio i switched Back to one of the popular disc jockey shows on am and could t stand it. There were one or two commercials after every in fact whenever they play two records in a Row without a commercial it s so unusual they cull Atten Tion to the fact. Maybe its the Only Way they can stay in but it certainly looks As if the stations Are cutting their own throats. Ill still use the am radio for special programs and news broadcasts and things like that but for music i m sticking with b thursday Jar. 29 1959 Guys Calif Are activities of youth too strictly recording contract won by Valley Trio the Khy Thra rockets talented Young Valley musical Trio have recently signed a recording con tract with Faro records. Receiving their Start at the Georgia Massey professional school Mary Lee Guri 12, shed Munger 12, 4r w Ana maker 1appearing and for the Cathy can the Gal in the Ivory Tower not Long ago sings first anniversary and with love on her newest Roulette release top Side is a bal lad with a Cha Cha beat in the background. It sort of grows on you after the first couple of listens. With love is a slow Ballad with Good backing. I got a Mercury release 71403x backed with looks like it could be a big nov Elty hit for the Mark in. The record has Good lyrics a Clever arrangement and an ending that should draw a chuckle from you. A too gah is a smooth Rocker. The Rock Fellers offer a real Rock in Orange Peel and newest release for valor ff-2004 Orange is one that s hard to sit through even once while ours is very nondescript. Two Nice voices and a simple backing Are the main ingredients in the Liberty single dear hearts and gentle people and Young marriage f-55170 by Jack and Jill. The duo get a Nice blend in their two ballads. The swinging saxophones of Billy Vaughn take on a Cha Cha beat on Tico Tico a steel guitar sound in Roldie Blue Hawaii on Dot both Are Worth to. Another new vocal group the four pals recording on Roulette does t show too much with their first release Long Black Stock Ings and yours to pos sess latter a Ballad is Best of two. Out of sight recently the Gaylord have a new entry in the race for the hit lists with again and How about me Mercury i top Side is revival of Vic Damone s 1949 Mil seller. Both ballads Are showcase for boys Nice voices. B 4 t Bing Crosby has t sounded better in a Long time. Rosemary Clooney is at her Best. Billy May and his orchestra Are in rare form. Put them All to g e t h e r and they spell fancy meeting you new Ria Victor album the Crosby Clooney combination is great on the 13 numbers including the title song slow boat to i can t get Hin Isle of and say Sisi and Danny have been singing together past three years. With in unusual blend of Hie Trio localizes on tunes ranging from Rock n Roll to spirituals. Their speciality is rhythm is our business which is requested at practically All their performances. The group has made Many Public both professional and non professional they have been hooked twice at the Moulin Rouge. Their first appearance was with Dave Barry Singer comedian and then their most recent show stopper with Sammy Davis or. Offer contract Davis liked their act so Well that he wanted to. Sign them to a contract. Only their Ages prevented their signing. The. Rhythm rockets also have appeared in several Benefit shows throughout the Southern California area. They were the featured vocal group in the Beverly Washburn review at the children s orthopaedic hos Pital As Well As performing for the City of Hope and the elks. The Young Trio is really starting to pick up steam As they succeeded in defeating 21 finalists on the rocket to stardom television series to secure a recording contract with Faro records. Grades Good recently winning the Dee Parker Talent show the group was awarded a luncheon Date at Warner Brothers. Sheri and Mary Lee at tend san Fernando Junior High school while their singing partner Danny is a student at Sutter Junior High school. Each member of the Trio is a Good student and can boast of above aver age grades. Strong Rock n Roll fans the rhythm rockets feel certain that this Type of music is Here to stay. Music with a b e a to whether it be Rock n Roll or some form of it will stay contract signed by David Nelson David Nelson elder brother of Ricky and son of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson was recently signed by pro Ducer Irwin Allen for a Fea tured role in Saratoga productions the big circus for Allied artists. He will be the teammate of Gilbert Roland and Adele Mara in a feb ing act. The film will be produced in cinemascope and technicolor. At e w i e w teens Are links in the Chain reaction of the future. Teens Are stepping right into tomorrow. Around because the kids can identify themselves with it. This Type of music belongs to they said. Mary Lee and Sheri Are avid fans of Elvis Presley Ricky Nelson and Frankie Avalon while Danny has no preferences he likes sing ers who can like Clark All three Are faithful viewers of Dick Clark s american bandstand show and it is their dream to appear on his show. The Trio has already received National recognition in seventeen and photoplay magazines. From their rapid Rise in show business the rhythm rockets seem destined to be a Long lived Success. Rhythm their climb up the ladder of show business Success at an Early age Are the members of the rhythm rockets Valley singing group. Girls Are Mary Lee gurl left and Sheri Munger both 12, and boy is Danny Wanamaker 14. Numbers grow women entering Law the Law for centuries a profession for men has in the past few decades opened its doors to women. The Legal profession is a highly competitive one where it is not easy to gain a foothold but a Jere Suc Cess is highly rewarded. Guidance from the Legal profession is sought by the nation and its people on Complex questions relating to labor management relations taxation the develop ment of natural resources International relations and Many other aspects of National life. Women consider increasing numbers of women students give Seri Ous consideration to the Legal profession in planning for a career. To qualify for admission to the bar prospective women lawyers must com slate dance saturday for dimes drive it May not seem like win Ter but the Snowflake hop will be held saturday night and Valley teenagers Are invited to attend minus earmuffs. The dance which will be from . To Midnight saturday in Las Virgene school Las Virgene Road in Calabasas. Is for the Bene fit of the 1959 March of dimes. Donations of is apiece will go to the current dimes Campaign. Popular disc jockey red Blanchard subject of teen talk feature Early this month will spin the re cords for dancing during the night. Special guests at the dance will be television per former Lydia Reed who portrays the teenage girl on the show the real my and Dick Popolar Young Dot recording Star. Highlight of the evening will be crowning of the dance s King and Queen teenagers who sold the most tickets to the affair. Three girls also will be named As princesses. Free refreshments will be served during the evening. Door prizes donated by local merchants will be awarded. Dress for the affair has been labelled Semi formal meaning Dressy dresses for the girls and jackets and ties for the boys. Tickets May be obtained by calling mrs. Charles Gretz at Diamond 7-4768. Some 350 teenagers Are expected to attend. William b Al och is chairman of the affair. Ken Neth Koury is in charge of supervision. Plete three years of College and three years of a full time Law school As Well As a state bar examination. A High Scholastic record at an outstanding Law school is a valuable asset to a woman lawyer. Women who write articles for professional journals and participate in Public affairs find that such activities help them become known to their colleagues and potential clients. The majority of women lawyers Are located in metropolitan areas of or More population and a Large proportion Are concentrated in a few states. Almost one fifth Are in new York followed by Large numbers in California the District of Columbia Illi Nois and Ohio. Small cities for establishing i n d e pendent practices women Law graduates might Well investigate the opportunities in Small cities and suburban areas especially those where a growing de Mand for Legal services is found to exist and where there Are fewer lawyers. To women who seek Sala ried Legal employment excellent academic records from Law schools recognized As having High standards Are especially important. Many women lawyers find government employ ment attractive and various Federal agencies re ported an acute shortage of Young qualified lawyers. Reaction Good opportunities for Advance ment also May be More numerous in government service especially for lawyers who remain in pub Lic service Long enough to acquire the experience needed for responsible Legal posts. Women lawyers often state that in their own practices they Seldom encounter Wax facts any Strong reaction against women As lawyers. They stress that while some of this reaction exists it is lessening. An outstanding woman practitioner believes that clients Are More Likely to be sceptical of someone new than Are to be prejudiced against women lawyers. Most women lawyers feel that they have a distinct advantage Over men lawyers. Since their number is relatively Small they Are noticed and remembered. Once established in the profession a Well qualified competent woman lawyer can anticipate professional Success. Furthermore the individual successes of outstand ing women lawyers serve to open career doors in Legal Fields that have been particularly closed to women lawyers As a group. Despite the fact that Law is a Long established profession women Are relatively new in the Field. They rep resent a Small but growing proportion of lawyers in the country. Success shown they have demonstrated their abilities and have achieved Success in practically every Field of Law. A pioneering spirit in addition to special ability interest and thorough preparation is still needed in Many areas of Legal work. The ambition and determination of women lawyers have begun to pave the Way to greater opportunities for women la by e r s of the future. Though the Field is highly competitive the number of women in Legal work is Likely to continue to grow As their competence gains wide recognition. 5 for capable women Law yers who Are challenged by the demands of the profession the rewards Are Well Worth while. With today s thousands of boy and girl scout troops school clubs Little league teams his groups and Many other organizations some experts have advanced the opinion that the activities of today s youth Are too organized and that adults direct All the boys and girls activities. With this in mind teen talk this week asked the question do Yon think activities Lor today s youth Are too answers Jack Goetz 20, Urcla i do not feel that the activities for today s teenagers Are too organized because these activities Are directed toward a Good purpose. The Young people in these organizations should do a lot of the organizing them selves so that the groups big contest seeks new teen Singer a National recording con test which May spin an unknown teenage Singer to Faine will be launched soon by Warner Bros in connection with the release of the hanging Star ring Gary Cooper Maria Schell and Karl Maiden. A trip to Hollywood and an audition with Warner Bros. Records Are the prizes. The contest open to teen agers in the United states and Canada will be sponsored in Many cities by local radio stations and newspapers. To enter the contest sing ers must submit their tape or disc recording of the title song the hanging to the sponsoring news paper or radio station. Local judges will select their City s Winner. The song is by Mack David and Jerry Livingston. Winning local recordings will be sent by the sponsor ing stations or newspapers to James Conkling presi Dent of Warner Bros. Re cords in Hollywood. Conkling and a committee of judges headed by Gary Coper will select the win Ning recording. The grand Winner will be flown to Hollywood on an Allex Pense paid trip visit War Ner Bros studio and receive an audition by Warner Bros. Records. Warner Bros. Up albums will be presented to run ners up. Elvis gone but is hot forgotten although he s been in the army most of the year Elvis Presley has t been forgotten by the nation s disc jockeys or his fans. His King Creole Platter was voted the favorite extended play record of the year in a National poll of the Platter spinners. Hal Wallis King Creole for Paramount was Presley s last picture before he entered the service. Presley s first picture Fol lowing his discharge will be Aiso for Wallis. 1. Stagger Lee 2. She Gay top ten singles 3. Sixteen candles 4. Charlie Brown 5. Petite Fleur 6. Lonely teardrops 7. My heart will not be dominated by a Grea Many older persons. These various groups Are Good for the Young people in that they provide relaxation and enjoyment and Benefit the teenagers As Fine thing Elmer Cole 17, Reseda High school i think that the supervision and organization of the various teen age groups is a Fine thing. It helps the kids Channel their energies and provides meaningful activities for them. Organization and direction is important in the life of a teenager and it is beneficial in building Good us Walters is Reseda High school there is not too much organization in the activities of today s teenagers. The plan of teen activities is a Good one and is helpful to Young people. These clubs Are designed to direct in proper channels the energies of the Young people. Control activities i have been a member of Many of the various groups of activities and i have Learned a great Deal from Susan Wolf 14, Van Guys Junior High school. The group organizations for teenagers Are a Good Way for controlling the activities of teens. Various groups As the boy scouts Little league and explorers teach teens How to get along with each other and help to form and Mold Good useful Bill Bergquist is Occidental College. Generally speaking some groups Are too Well organized and others Are not. Nevertheless the plan of organized group activities for Young people is a Good idea and important for both the individual and the Community. In most instances these clubs and groups should be run by the youngsters themselves and not solely in Ler the direction of older Terry Walker 19, Pierce Junior College i contend that the activities of today s teenagers Are too Well organized and it is my Opin Ion that the younger generation will suffer from it the Days of sandlot baseball Are gone and if a Young person wants to play Ball he must join an organized team which is coached by a great Many older persons. More Freedom teenagers should have More Freedom and be Able to spend their free time in other than supervised activities. From childhood we Are sent to the cub scouts the boy scouts the Little leagues and the explorer groups there is Little time left for Freedom of express Cathy Macon 14. Reseda High school the activities for teens today Are not too Well organized and they Are very beneficial for All those persons involved. These group activities give the teens a sense of be longing and enables them to make Many daddy uck is real Cool Man in 48 of our states it May be but in our newest state it s daddy Charles j. Duey a graduate of Fuller theological Seminary now teaching at covenant High school Unalakleet Alaska has found that his 4-year-old daughter has adopted the Eskimo language with the guttural uck on the end of her words. So at Home he s known As letters to the editor editor s note Follen ving is a letter sent to a feb disc jockey b. Mitchell Reed by Lois Bube Heini Reseda High school senior. Teen talk agrees with the letter Content and is glad to be Able to reprint this letter dear or. Reed color Channel of usually plays my favorite kind of music in fact it does All the time. It beats an accompaniment right now to the keys that i m pounding. If you consider the Ballad of Barbara Graham to be entertain i Don t know. In my opinion this is the lowest Type of song to expose your listening Public to. It All but glorifies a Mur Deress and a dead woman. Justice is a blindfolded statue Are you adults going to Don a Blindfold too and present such trash to us teenagers who no doubt comprise the bulk of your audience i attend Reseda High school and am a senior but in my Book this particular song is no Tom in Stead it holds up a woman who the courts and Justice suppose have declared guilty of a very serious act. What Are we Young people to do when such an act and such a woman is even immortalized in a song kids trying to and wanting to be adults and trying too hard in this mixed up atomic world cause the police much concern As juvenile we see it in the movies read it in the papers but do we now have to hear it in a song possibly glorification will make it More attractive the thing to do for notoriety. As far As i m concerned keep the Ballad of bar Bara Graham exclusive Lyon your station. I Hope no other Ever gives it air time. Sincerely Lois Bubenheim two versions of Petite Fleur have made the top 10 Crosby s disc taking the number five spot and Chris Barber s in the eighth. Also Ray Anthony s single of the Peter Gunn theme has a spot in addition to Henry Man Cini s album taking first in his department. Lloyd Price the diamonds the crests the coasters Bob Crosby Jackie Wilson Anka 8. Petite Fleur Chris Barber 9. Peter Gonn Anthony 10. Hawaiian wedding Williams top five albums 1. Peter Gunnn Mancini 2. Come dance with me Sinatra 3 sounds of the great bands volume 2.glen Gray 4. Inside Shelley Berman Shelley Herman 5. From the hungry i Kingston Trio International aspect of Junior red Cross program is theme of poster displayed at Junior red Cross Tea honouring school principals and faculty advisors in Valley red Cress Headquarters. Julie Stuart of Van Guys left and Colleen o Hearn of North Hollywood discuss poster with Marion Avakian woodworking instructor at san Fernando High school. newspaper

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