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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - November 21, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina BY L. G. LIGON mw the new st< Honest Clothify? We knot one Ii u ml WHI TI lev are ami sold -t a H'lpoj niter l>1 tori sire one . lass of CU.tl.hiK-* ■“»>    * the dollar, at "huh «**    ' Ut for comfort, service ami stjle, hack if von want it. Won. Ihi. ■knee it is irapossil.le fm tm “ * tan we are now prepareil tootU r. Tv. u “Ye* aah." Haiti Cutie Ba*to». . ’e(j fu’ (tat cong'gallon two yeatut, Eti I e*ab got tm ae mein tai ba wa. “o Ten doTiahs. sat.. Not a tea. mo'."    _ „ it “That was miserably poor pay, don’t know,” rejoined l'utle L^ “ ‘etching hi* h«*d reflectively. forMifc1* beaL me Preucb* for Bl    1    * of ob ttoB    raised to i* tventha aa there ti In the TipOILEDTHEmlum THC CADETS HAD A LAUGH AT THE OFFICERS' EXPENSE. week •roils |ty pn» r than barrel*, arable com- our m*w McCreary & C°.» «.w . miliar. Taal. wa.»—w*^* •■sd «Be ator r DlMt*vtnr. There are many tradition I flee of eecapa^y Bt the Imj at • vmMg* »pd mm I down from    v I the moat I latins ■ after the civil war the ion the aiert for I ainuaeuieut. decUtol ■ like to have II cooingly ■ coUectloB A LITTLE ROMANCE. the preel- Betas aw Adve»«»r« la Which Com! a** • MIII»o*«»rc F*««re. [Copyright. BMO. by C B. -Ah, count, U it >’oU •' 8Hld tb _ tire aa he arose and extended I see you well? *lu ^grande A Strong Fortification. Fortify the body against disease by Tuns Liver PAK an absolute cure for sick headache, dyspepsia, sour stomach, malam> constipation, jaundice, biliaps-' ness and all kindred Roubles. ( “The Fly-Wheel of Life ~ Tutt; Your Liver Pills are si \IK td SOI iii    , SI XTE OF SOI TH CAROLINA.- ‘ 4 i«s t v t»i Aik kn. In j*1* ( ‘,‘l*1 MAlh    *    *■    •*“    I    ’mwMRt.    Bf    n 0U,.„U11 l-leaii.-A^i ‘^Vrld pi*,mitt, v» ■'• * - ‘r:‘"uT-.t.; ti*. IOU Atilt .l,i^V‘ l*tl    1    "    V    ’ *    , It wheel oflife. I shall ever notice. I feel of life. .Col. Us furnishers, %    71G    BROADWAY. §?UUUUHU 4U44UU1 Hailers. augusta, ga] im Have foul Pi Order itore. W Wisi-n tfc ]S\:\ luMually | p r es kl e nlH -rC;!A Lay tiling I “ * W cit J^VhHwhS pee hojf^Ull* *B^B H I (ae. for Major Hmm ■ I [NI |HT under th* «b£bi I time. and CaptBfilM I Ina me into a I ting P*d- and aa [■■■ I *e ash't 'ad UM jail I don’t count VIK KS < oust*.- In tile Court of I mum »'* i teas*. ‘    n.^.u    I l o. I’luinOtV. vs. Nanty r®gj Defendant*    ii    W IU virtue of sn order o*    His    it.    W I udire It < . VV a 11 s, da led    November 1st it**' I 'vi,, “,1‘r ,,,r    1° dihe.l inditer on the «r.t Moodsjr in l>(MV„il>t‘r. next, in from of Hic J ’ Kila., will....    a    !'«»■- sabs, the following described rest ' "vit’ti.At ioi i"*"".1 "f .OIIUC. * A..— --- a..ll tem* gA‘^|;    t«.•»- ,r the accident that •    <•>%«*»,    ■" •    -    <    r„.tu,r-    Bom.;",;1    v.:, ‘ :“im. > V .lull aw >H, ........ lull'll by land-,’..! Im..- Terms of *aie, 1 4 . ..oim.pa and revenue stamp: • pay for papers ain * ^ jnlU»A S, M a-ler, AiKeii < nun* y -Nov. 7, IWO. iliPKM"* M. C. MASTER’S SALE. to my bnay| and my m all of the Siste k*"{ I Collections a specialty- _ hit it*’* ^‘ka°down#the persimmon and i Ta ta’ Boy will show Cr«Jc.“«c.rytn the next Cg. tar TO. -.ut -r llspatch. G-%. CROFT & SON. Attoriie)i at Ltw. AIK7-N. s I C. BU i \\ i i  ........  -...... ut „.a r^Sf^  ............  L Ii anti ait or a   , r. tmn"    ^    ^    TURNER. I J lf) Broad Stitct.    Review I; I Ile view flemw mention The Journal aud Review* nett** mention 0 he Journal ami He. ie ^   - mi»a<irvt    . MIMIWmWly*11 ^ wit! generally mrmonnt *T*5^^*®cle I,, tile la-arch alter »roth.-Emmon». Whaovcr Is mi n.. In his 5»»"' runs a grist risk of tHH'oialug »,"eTU' i, vu. ri.KT years. Me, *W‘S9 leads to VII ta „v With faisl rJractlon.-l'herhu- \ KRETT. It. IL I*' .LLL, Jc. Iie7.. GARRETT & RUSSELL, I Successors to Garrett & Latimer, Cotton Factors, Corner Reynolds and 7th Sts., augusta, ga. ,.1    uMfd    I'hamherlain’-    <    »0"‘- i f irs mu. I'im rh....* Koma.lv mu • ;*|ai it t>. lie a irreal medic iii* ,    »> M K s 1‘hipps, of INueau, • r • >1 r..^> «"■»»’    rt    |    (.j| n ii ut .Mired me o » *    ^ '['his remedy .nuke ii a favorite t severe ea-es maK» severe ca^e.    Hall everywhere, For sale by IL • ,,AH • Iu*ra I ,|i advanee made oil Lotion *•» Htore B. CARR & BRO" .......iii.-    \    I    FUS    IN WI,..,, you f""i "«« ‘V^Trfl’tam- .....  nm    '    **‘d,riN^:. I Wvr T. Ms. sleViyH 'll- — IMPORTERS ANI* DKA LF.    A/IAO ^IIRES, LIQUORS, CIGARS ARD TOBACCOS, Special attention given to Jug ami Shippm* tnule. 10IK& HO Cintre St. -and -    222    Campbell    St. JMP*3rTjetX"    A-<3rA-- t- “W*-*    ' (nM« meaUua rh* Jaarasl ...J lt*vifw_.. et. TW Jonrn*! nod [SHRED FREE! _ a r til HHT ION ANSttHtbl* v.s August. Flower still ha-i    *. Ait, of any medicine iii the U*i#ed w orld Your moi her- and civilly*    ’never    llu»ught«»f    o>»«1 FT jjraiidmothers never    f.    or m. say I J ws.u .aru. all.! N mn. ITO*Ira!Inn «>r Heart «i'« ^9 ,    u»evl    Migust Flower to dean ‘.I    \ tem aud -ton fernieiitution out tile ay-I* m *    J . te the action :"riS:Tr^mrn:a: organic adion *d I    5    ant, m Lr ....... y.»““aii-B-o^k    ...... Hic matter with you, lur.. *1. IMatt a l o. ►olii •,„  ......... a ....... I urn: Kirs, -..ak Uh- i„n in war...    " down as id O’*, Iv pare it without torn or or I hi lilt, then possible draw injr blood and appl) i" I .rliiiti'- Fain balm twice daily ; I dia rn I- r la* n -. i »    mi    Bale* »s rn.,bing vlg.Tnusly lur •** "•»“,„|er each appl** 1    *    day*4,    to    pro- s him Id he won. for a b w day , v e.i»  .....-    •«- augusta, ga anti rheum*!ISH*- •    yr    lU„ equaled For sale h> IL IL Hail. Your Feel Aehe awd ««r» I Easy lien 'aw-ming’^K All,a's (Boa all nato r .ii rokiii aud given reel »nd i?i*    »'-MAImmi it*fitinio- ors have mrr    jr'11™ ‘ it.-..re. white,aa w»lk. rr, rn — **»• c0*1 Wl1 table wa* »oob I aouroe of great cadets. A keg of kept on up, end im the celling, giv- BPH^beery appearance. a MfBDers of the club uged to gath-« tt^m*“ho«r. of ti, day n.ni Dight, when their presence w»s not ie » -wher, hr *»ete dafWo. aud ■It around smoking, drinking mid tiling .Tories white two of them Phiyed The''an I borities soon I... aim aware that there wa. a billiard table some-The.,, in .he barracks, fur they conte hear the balls clicking lobefin r. I,Ty could no. and It. Th,, rad, .scow United lo enjoy the privileges of billiard .lull for more than « >• *'■ Finally one night Boon after ut night as two officers were ret unlink from a convivial evening at the »«* they saw two cadets, clad In then un deT'h.thing and dreaslDB gowns emerge from the north sallyport and dlsapp. ar down tin. step- to tlj,'Sr«. way in front of the barracks lu!*,a|lt j Ty the thought Of the billiard table ,lashed through the ..linda of the too officers, aud they started quietly the cadet*. On reaching th.* base.iu ut doorway of Hie alv.h division the two on,l.us em,u,a1, and the other,*, arri lug a moment later, saw them .Unit over a pile of coal and enter an op, ii do>,r. through which came sounds of laughter and eonversutlon met t • clicking of halls, while .he air vias la d. n with fragrant tobacco The officer, paused for a u.oimu.t aud held a whispered consuUmlie Finally deciding that they would ll the other officers of tlclr discovery and have all of them come down the to lowing night and enjoy the    » r'“'!    ,hl’    tTt'dU all tlie officera went home. Next any at the l—l "ere Informed of the d every, sud It was ananke, that raid aboiiUl ix-cur at midnight. All UjtHbt have KOUL- Will.    ttR o.tlc,> might have hnd lhcir bulc fu^ had it not been that there wen tb cadet* the previous night ‘U*u« two. The third had forgotten bu pipe aud had gone hack for It. " [ ® otiier two went on and were drover „ by the ort!ccm. The third, ceiling alone a moment inter, saw the °mcJ?r8 and quietly followed them «*»"'*« all their movements and listening their whispered conversation. When they withdrew, he went n told the members of the club all be had heard aud seen The cvoUu. m ^ realised that It was all up with ti club, but they determined to !>«'•“ laugh at the expense of the ortki . Accordingly all arraagements wer^ made before the club Adjourned that 11 The next night the Cheer* met a* a rranged and crept tteal lilly dow u * areaway, and Into the Wi*tb dlvUlou. Bear*Hg| no sound of kiicklug i • lo^ l3c-ami rtepttealiud concluded Jim kits but never-^cum^1 ^ng tlH> over IBB papering More Serious. What ever became of that pa of jour* you were telling me hc’H got a complaint that’s giving me a great deal of de. It—Indeed? B bftl's " * m-^Sokum It’**    « complaint about Dr. Silk II »    Philadelphia the amount or my *»“»• Fresa.    _ Will practice sourt* of 11»i^ lion given to colleen hi nil id »h* •w^ircial atlee* OIH. T. ll MOUG AN. Attorney at I.aw. AI Iv K N, S. «' Will practice In nit '«•*" ' ‘‘ " ” thi. State. From pl altcnDou g.-o Collection*. He Wa* OHL Joking*. They sat on the ru«tlc seat. Hi. he her baud. “This reminds me of pl. J mg poker,” he gigged soft y. “In what way?” she bepille. til    M lit* was uiuj ••Holding a big hand. IU ■ I il(,r Put I he neighbors will tell you That the lakes those delightful moon I,kid rambles with another fellow. San Francisco Examiner. (I. I. TOOLE. Attorney and Counselor at Lu*. ( KoFT'S HI A *' K * a i k f: n , . .t <t ti ti In*' cd StVt'c-’t'uuVl*.'*1! uve-tikaU'oyi Terms* i r(. , J j —« » I 111 ( \ Id >1-1 N A . Si Airs "r    .    _tn    the    I    ourtt < ,,( n iv 04 Alta*, rn i    » of Lo in WI oil Idea- i.eor ■.. . - SnrnlH-rger,    FlalntitT    vm    Nargar ,-t IL Nuroberger. Defendant. bv virtue of a deeretai yrdc‘^“nJ 1' hcitix sale*d*y ill *»'^n»“» v.s.r«b- .vuXat'ilt^Hlld in the I olinly “I \iken. andLute of asouth Uaroiuia, ctniiaining rU|e tmud* .-I a*    of h>.» and bo*mLicd North by a I .enrue IL bitrdei F.a-t, >outh and west toy land'- .....  L sud lim ilig > ach -hap. -    a will  ...... fill', splicer by a PUI made t,v lames FL r os land, dated rchrtiaiy 17ti, I ‘.HSI, being I lie same is' ,1 conv eyed to the -on! Margaret ii Nun,her-„ r bv NV. M. Jordan. Ma.-icf, by ‘b e Led I'c. c, her Si Ii.    rccmd- , ,, i„ the pruner nth; v <«. Book K, p*k J< AUO ii obi* Alf th-undivided in and lo GM    three S :Sr laud,,, Wtu’,,1 Hamhutx.' ii of Aiken.andl^ate ufhouWU- |iY**virtuv*of an order ut Hi- tl"iu’r-r 'owo-end.tLiicd February -nth, [Hori win utter for -alc to the li.gb-esi inditer, on I fie Ur*l M.mday “»    ‘ celli lier. next, ill from of tin* « ■* *rt House, ai A * ken, > (    ,    J ',**    *. Ky«S [tours for public, sales the folk • mg de- rind leal estate. »o WH All thai piece. ^•‘ ‘•r-    ;ir [•“•f iV,liti,.l,iu xTkin I ouniy, in the “it Male lit .via* “    ti:,, ty1*- twyer^ oi^^L^LLJu and Mel im ret k.lie in g I he xv*vX”™*£ t„l f,, rn * t irene r>»wyet - «*Utt* ‘VlT.'r,n-?iaaiV. hall cash balance “« „ .r,-Hi •„ uav ji'*r- "",i tush. I* u re baser to P-w, {"r PftIM reveille siam|s.^ JoUl>AN ii iV,n-r. Vikeii * nu ut J*, N m >    '    • MASTER’# SALE. • :    I    ’    - In the I ourt I). >. Header* <,, Sedgier, et. VIK < »F * I 1,1 I til si*    OI    A IRKS ut I «MU IM nu    Flea*. son. Flat itll ti, ^ s, al-, lie, nd.iiti- fiji*^Honor, IU > tet ii ii ,,r * r '    •    , , j. , Waits.dated November bt, L - V s iii ..Her .nr -at.-1>. . I-- of    - der. OH the torsi . 0^1 >. ^rl |iou>t, ‘TMw-n’-' ‘..... '»»**    leg*!    hour- I ii.,ales.,In- I,lib,wing .tea.,rib 'idiat' lra. T 'al laud in A ike, i,    i ’himdinu, mmtaiuing 1 ""111 i    '    i_.i)    acre,    more    or    leas, thirty and    ....    is. a    kumvn -rnf    .. '■ vV i m lo e. • Soiiei tor v W I I Ii. 2ti ( irtoid v owns#. Notary public It    SUHM.    I Wright I w ish to submit this articTo , OO the - I.ail.! ITves of Our Million. alK.l,h„- I .out want it; d‘»n 'Tm. I don t you write about something “^'■Uvfwhtel I can't imagine I a bigger snail than a millionaire a bfe.j MpPhlladelphia l’rees. Vil«lee to Weary W lllle. -I sec yer mo vin out. boss rem.uk ed v very dlaivputable ooklng '\\«ta WUIle who had stopped to wa i operation. “Is thy anything you IU*»y>H”lsnap^d the crusty a uh ur bate Ite. tossing a bundle into the v*    .. bath’.” Catholic »taudar#iaiMl lime*. SAW V KR & OWKHS A It or ne y s at Law. , reft r.lis-g, Aiken, M ‘I* Will practice in all tl.M’onrt. 'N. DU. Ii. IL TEAu . AIRE na, hounded No Mary bchillcfr' South by prui1 aud Wrt‘ ‘ Se c* UH near oaf DLN HST Office nil Highland Atte. dleton and Lauren* HtB* lilt. II. J. BAY, dentist. Hour NS ( nu Hee •* J«*ke. Watts Don’t tell me an Luglishman has im scn.-e of humor or can t see u Jtd,s I. la now up to JOU to prove It Waits Well, I have told an acquaintance of mine the times, and he likes it belter extry time. -I Bdl a na india iv *ss. DENTIST, < ’hat lichi Hluck I Mime Hours, ll lo^p All Looked For I*- Mr, Lurker-Excuse me. Miss Snap per, but I have long nought this oppo *U\U>h~Snai'per Never mind the pre a im blo Mr. Lurker. Run along In aud a k pa. lie's be. » expecting this would 'J for the last two years-fcx change. All TSM***her >»»". “YU of us fellows lu the graduating class,*' said the new fledged ^medico, “have decided t«> grow a bfard. -That should he easy, replle<I the if you all work togcth-hair* hi L’ach to COO sarcastic man, el-. How many tribute ;

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Aiken, South Carolina, United States
November 21, 1900
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History of Aiken Journal And Review

Aiken Journal And Review is a newspaper based in Aiken, South Carolina. Newspaper Archives are an incredible resource when tracing your family tree to uncover treasures from the past about your ancestors. The Aiken Journal And Review historical newspaper collection has been preserved… (Show More)