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Uniontown Evening News Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1893, Page 4

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Evening News, The (Newspaper) - June 29, 1893, Uniontown, Pennsylvania In no Tom by we of which my i Odom birth Buntt 1 us Attl Bon Washington Bufett id so fran Olmo born few Cotom my Hilliii r of into to to oozed tie mistress of under written of cmdr for Tat Evision in the Valley of the Ben Tim overshadowed by a Grove of Forest once the Home of the for centuries it had sheltered that ancient and honorable but the time had come when the last of their descendants was to be a Home Len from the mansion of her fore sir Richard Mclvin had died at an advanced leaving but one fair daughter of under his debts had so accumulated and funds greatly that All efforts to retain the old place were of no Avail at length the estate was sold and Wood Bourne passed into new Lone Melvin was no longer to consider herself mistress of that venerable place she most say Farewell to the Home that had sheltered her ancestors for Gunen with deepest borrow she bade Adieu to Woodbourne and the few remain ing domestics of her fathers after some she resolved to devote herself to the care of the distressed and in a Short she was a nurse in the Hospital of a Large the Rick were attracted greatly to her by her noiselessly she moved about moistening each feverish and rendering every service a kind heart could among the was a Young Gordon who More than delighted in hearing her read to him and listening to the stories of Woodbourne and her Happy one while thus she was surprised by the receipt of a handed to her by an startled at the strange she immediately broke the Seal and read Lidon june my Deau Nike come i am Maegaret in her excitement the letter dropped from her hands and fell to the mma5tgaret repeated to her and my aunt who can she be i never heard of Wai artent for a then turn ing to who had All the while been watching Laid i to leave at once this letter is from an calling me immediately Toher death you Are improving will have entirely recovered replied but 1 shall be so sorry to see you go you have been so kind to that i shall miss you perhaps it is All for the said but you will never be forgotten and i shall always be your Linden Villa How Beautiful it look Sand the tall which cast their huge branches Over it with its spacious Veran Das and Broad winding its Flower gardens and Dove Cote Margaret eldest sister of sir Richard and a Maiden lady affluent resided at Linden surrounded by the most faithful of for some she had been and now she hover in Between life and patiently awaiting the arrival of her Lone in a few tone reached Linden Villa and was immediately conducted to the apartment of her dying relatives at the sight of her Pale Lone burst into Margaret knew that her recovery was in a few she informed Lone of her intimating to that she was to be future mistress of Linden together with All her remaining she lived Only a few after her Lone assumed the household duties of Linden adorning it with every possible at it waa the month of the whole atmosphere was Laden with the perfume of the tall elms extended their Long branches almost to the while Sweet Clover blossoms grew in Rich profusion on the Lone Melvin had been walking through the grounds of Linden Villa admiring its Beautiful at the same she was deeply absorbed in just two years had elapsed since her arrival at the she thinking of childhood its pleasant associations and of the Many Days that had passed since she had taken he Farewell of that her face wore an expression of in tense the Sun was just and the red Moon had already risen High in the heavens when remembering that she was some distance from the began to retrace her As she the sound of horses Hoofe attracted her and she perceived in the Dis the form of a Young Man an he Drew Lone beheld the figure of a handsome gentleman mounted on a Black his dress immediately in tray cd that he was a while his Carriage and features were full of Noble when he place where Lone he immediately recognized the face of the Young miss lie hastily exclaimed remounting and extending hut hand to my old replied Young lady equally pleased at seeing How did you Ever find Linden Villat it strange that we should thus meet said the Young look lug intently but Providence is a Moat faithful h certainly returned and dear you must Tell Ino what the hos june More today we put on Sale a lot of Blue and Black Cheviot suits for men at former Price Are positively the Best thing you can Wear Lor a Good business or dress you can Havi sack or All same see display of them in our Corner buy Here and you will get the John Lynch just two years ago this Gordon was silent for a then he Egan miss it is exactly two years since we after you i improved rapidly and in a few i was permitted to return to my shortly my father my of a delicate sur Vived him Only a few and after her i was loft entirely alone in the having no friends on whom to throw myself for for some i retained my position in the count ing but at the insurrection broke i Immy lately offered my service for my i am now on by Way to meet the whom we Hope to capture before pare miss for i must be if we be i shall probably return in a new mounting his Steed and waving an affectionate Farewell to he galloped and was soon lost among the that night Lone slept but for almost continually was the form of the Young Warrior before and for the first time he realized How much she cored for Gor i flon for the next month his army was completely having retired for a Gordon resolved to a full his Iro Misc of again visiting upon arriving at a Small town near Lin Den he immediately hastened to that Lone was somewhat yet greatly at seeing him sole remained several Days in spending the greater part of his time at he one Gordon was sitting on the with when a messenger Rode saying colonel Archer you must leave at thu insurgents have recommenced Hostil and the country in in a Moat Hope less condition lose no time1 was the generals insist on him join ing us said it but i shall be obliged to leave perhaps i shall be gone but a Short time i May be among the first to fall in defense of my before i i have but one question to Promise to have you forgotten your last words when we parted at the i Well remember said continued can you not be More Tome than a Friendt will you not consent to become my wife i must say Farewell dear but Only for a Short for if i i shall re urn to you at my first Canil replied Lone with an air of you Are truly a in Ove no less than in yet i can never x your Linden Villa is so Beautiful and i have grown to we it so dearly that could never be induced to leave Yon love and yet Linden Villa has become so dear to you thai not even Gordon could persuade you to leave this hallowed t need not Linden Villa will shelter us until Lone smiled and Gordon understood the port of that More than half a Century has it Lone and Gordon still Livo surrounded by their children and Hile Linden Villa remains As Beautiful i it appeared that Day on which Jane became its Xaviers a summary collector of bounded without president has summarily removed from office collector of customs at port this unusual action of Iho president was taken on the receipt of a Tell non from special agents of the Treasury department who have Boon aged for Home time investigating the fraudulent practices prevailing in up sound and Portland the Telegram stated that they had information of Tho intended Landing at Portland of a Largo number of chinese some weeks Aio Lotan was re but his successor had not yet and Lolan was still in charge of fhe on his summary Romova his Deputy was placed in charge and will continue to act until the new his Bond is now of Tho Way to on june in disregard of of instructions from Tho Treasury landed from the Steamer Danube about 250 claiming to be but who were described in an official report to the department a scaly and uncouth appearing lot of the chinese coolies now expected Are on Board Tho Steamer Hay Tien in route to and it is believed by the Treasury department that if collector Lotan had been left in Olyce he would have landed the chinese from Tho a Lantien Republic without regard to As was done in Tho Case of the theres no such suits Baums the City Watt tobit weve again put the shoulder to the Jutt a Lew weeks and the Sale for Light coloured Lui Umer suits will be to a make Hay while the Inin our that is disposing of every Light coloured suit on our As stated the Cool weather of april and May his brought us to sacrifice 500 mens went on Sale today and they arc going each and every one which sold at Are now la thrown seventy five have you seen them have you tried some of them on Arent they beauties cannot be duplicated by any other Clothier for less than 50 per cent More yet he Price is Only come and see these big wont last Long at this those and childrens suits which we Are closing out at if your boys need t or Max the King Hatter and an explosion in a nuut Camiel mine kills Throe mount june explosion of Gas occurred in the Green Kiddo operated by the Union Coal Dominick underlay was Phostira Kensei fatally and Joseph Anthony i Mitis Joe Cash ignore Alli Nosky and an unknown Polander seriously Tho last named is frightfully scorched and it in thought cannot he encountered a body of and while putting up the safety Lam Wiek ignited the Sulphur fourteen men were in the most of whom saved themselves by jumping into the underlay was hurled into their midst a distance of 75 he waa horribly Cut and a rescuing party was and amidst great danger from another threatened explosion the injured and dead were brought to the sur several men in addition to those Nanod were slightly seven of the who Are All italians and were sent to the miners Hospital at Fountain we could not improve the Quality if Aid double dewitts with Hazel Salve is the Best Salve that experience can or that Money can kid Ritenour be in the buy furnishings at reduced it the Best perfect 31 West Mai in Cream Al ruths by the quart or in quantities of fio ju286t Hoath do ills Little Karly Kiewra euro Valarious disorders and Roku at Tho stomach and which prevents Hoad Achu and Rienour Fugent ice or com by the nine or w Gal Lois at w a broken kicked june window Skaj a Shearman employed in the Mill of Porter on Tho South Hail his neck Brokan he at work at Tho and was struck on Tho head by a heavy bar of Iron Wlinich was being run through the Rolls near he fell to Tho and when his fellow workmen reached his Side to was Wink Osaka waa about 37 years of married and re sided on the South at the coroners inquest on the at 11 a verdict of accidental death was Ren yellow Jack on the Georgia june Gen eral Wroan has Boon notified of the death from yellow fever of of the bark Anita lying in the Satilla the bark has been sent to the United states quarantine blackboard off the coast of and a surgeon has been or dered to the Satilla River at it is not known How Many persons aboard the but Tho Only Otho person of Tho Crew who is reported to be Eick is the and it is not certain that to is afflicted with the ice Cream by Tho single or 50 Gal Lons at May 27d Ului if you can afford to be annoyed by sick headache and dont use de Witts Little Early risers for these Little pills will cure kid Ritenour Patent v 38 main Pittsburg Street pen Price Ever mad a re july goods store panh3 in a 10day Price such chances can not always be had for the for the first time in the dry history erf a store which keeps Standard comm Lisett cheapest straight Fence costs less than 2j cents per the Only Fence that is no and there Are 900 other More than 150 farm ers have bought farm rights and Are Mak ing hundreds of Bueb men As John Dawson Par Joseph George Hobbs and others equally prominent Are have Fence to make dont inv any Patent Fence until j you see As i will allow no infringe mint or imitations of my Sample in rear of Mcclelland it will pay you to Call and see it when in or no j dress me at Ulm i will cell at your place and show Sample the Fence j i theres no roundabout reason for it a one must la made in several the Moat Biu Inett like Way is to Lui Iid Over the goods to you Sella tight your people will open your eyes at the extraordinary values for the next ten Days in dry dress ladies apes and White not necessary to repeat the reputable our record for the beet of every that 1 caution none of you not even Tho most can afford to Loose such opportunities of saving As these ten Days Send do not fail to come the Tref Days panic t t s i Rubin 10 West Mhd risen Rajm 31 West main special Cut in prices ladies Eton and Blazer Blazer suits in Navy and Black at value Blazer and Eton Black and at value and Blazer and Eton Havy and Black at value to and Eton age 8 to at ladies shirt we have a very full Stock of ladies waists in silk and Wash just opened some Beautiful Rosenbaum leaders and promoters of Low prices 34 West main a we were tempted by some astonishing chances to bargain their seems to be an uneasiness in the mercantile and Cash offers will do have tried our 50 cent it places you in direct Contact witly try and we fell under the influence of some remarkable values this Well tempt you with legitimate rip in underwear lowering of tuck in discount on wraps Cut in push in Wash a warm wave incident r Cool Levinson Why did we laugh 2d Why do we laugh 3d and Why will we laugh because we saved Money by buying our last suit and shoes at Levinson because we will do our buying today at Levinson because Levinson sold us three suits and three pairs hat at exactly the Price we paid for two outfits last so we can and will i laugh the whole year around by buying our shoes and furnishing goods at 7 Pittsburg 49 or niacin new goods and new styles every no matter How others will offer you Levinson will and can make you laugh because their goods Are Levinson Globe clothing House opera shoe 49 main
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