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Uniontown Evening News Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1893, Page 2

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Evening News, The (Newspaper) - June 29, 1893, Uniontown, Pennsylvania The evening Thi Liws publishing co Miller to and to for the daily the weekly news published every terms Dollar strictly in advertising rates Mode known on readers reached Al prow than by other paper in Oun by bks Bartlett Congress May be called to Gether before the presidents Cleveland will Fay no Kurtzw at to office i Tull us Fotiu Uund plan to on Manor of Gulou in ill be by the us enter Dat the As mail Jim 1893 Republican county Edmund he Piet of Tor Boister and Kooi Idyk William b1nns of Jefte Sou for Bukon pouter for Henry Smith of Eor Robert Powell of North Union James Wiggins of South Union township for of Nicholson township of North Union township for director of the Isaac Hall of Henry Clay the negro in the negro has inn in Amer Ira years and eve Idolly is Here vet Little while of do Parl him to Africa and keeping Liviu there is revived and strongly favored by those Lookin for a solution of the negro he senator infill is of the latest to advocate this Thomas one of the r t intelligent coloured men in the urges with u Good of Rea son that the periodical revival of Thi african emigration sch Dino works a vast Deal of it arms swindlers with an argument to fatten upon the gullibility of the negroes of the whose minds ure inflamed by the fabulous pictures of impossible things they Ore to find in of those who Liao goal to Africa jew have remained who Hud Means sufficient to return t the United if they Eanno thrive and develop a Noble Rau Hoo they cannot do it anywhere the Fortune Points out that the be race today is vastly Superior to what it was in Abraham lincolns Day Al creates a larger volume of wealth and reserves to itself a larger share tile schools Are turn Long out thousands of men and women who give tone am character to the the typical negro preacher Lias disappeared old time uncles1 and aunties Are dying educated coloured men and worn i Aro doing Noble work As mis doctors and editors illiteracy and poverty remain to pre vent rapid but the Whit centuries of experience in governing and have not be Biad scaled these ills among themselves How can they expect the with their limited to of Bette than they the Bullion value of a Silver Dolloris now 66 cents or nevertheless on of them will pay for the Best weekly news paper published anywhere in this Region for a whole take your Dollar to the news office and Exchange it for twice in Oklahoma figures among the riches wheat producing districts this Thi is better than raising formerly the chief Industry of that the Only important office bestowed upon u in the past Feu Days is in appointment As governor to col Comfort Juno is i much speculation among Public men i Washington regarding what effect the financial situation will have in of Ter mining the time at which an extra session of Congress will to the prevalent opinion is hut the Inisi Lenl vill adhere to his original purpose and lot Call Congress together until hit Early part of Trio which is being brought to boar he administration in favor of a so Situu t the earliest period Umeki Sut tug having and the president has announced thai t May be better to assemble the two to houses before senator who with repro Sonta Washington and of wont to the White House today to urge appointments of some of their constituents to offices in the and in Roplo a their urgent request that the a Wint Mouts be made As soon As he president declared the present financial condition of the country of fal greater importance than the appoint sent of the be is a grave and he does not to pay any further attention to lolling the offices until he has deter mined what should to done by the government to relieve the country from the existing in this connection toe president said he did not kudu whether or not it would to necessary Convene Congress before september some of his advisers think september Early but he proposes to be guided in the matter by the actual Leeds of the the president and Secretary Carlisk Are giving their attention almost exclusively to the question of the and t is not unlikely that As a final Settle mint of the difficulty the matter will be referred at once to to be congratulated by Herr most is enough to make a la abiding citizen go out and commit literally Sig Niue old but old brass would tit Thell i Nois governor perhaps there is some other Allegheny county team that imagines it can Plaj heart the news and keep try ruths ice ma27 1m the circulation of the news that of Jiny other paper in the Gold a coining Back from eur am we May be Happy knew ddn Thill you i wanted to get off it third n woman on a Mich Igan car a she jumped in and looked Daffara flt the thought you said he fintain Fuyou had us by Siuess to think anything of the sort but you attend to your John or ill report you she got off the cur went her one of Tho pass Cunkurs soothingly said j am she wild so am replied the Why didst you Shes my arid Ive liked with her Iofik enough to know that Abe never Nuy Talog Pote Sekino peachy Lur i 11 Jim tin1 which will Bear and Iii party cd cd Loirre or us Arctic has left fur new she will a Sumii and will 1111 Start 01 with a it a towns mid uuldwin1 of the wont on Board Falcon in morning and tended Iii ii of two whaleboat which Tim Iii tie Island by tit of Toimi la Uncle gun Crail i a Conley ii Cluis de by 1iary for Usu in tie Arctic whal bouts Giro relics of Tiu list flout fint his thu und ii unruly nil of the exp Loris will Lioard the a Eccl it now York new York i guns will be Takon on Board Liberal of Between that City and and Boston pigeons to be released on Tho Way to Tuii of Tho Birds will to Akon to Greenland and i cd next sum nor in Tho journey Over the Ico in com nunicatiti4 with it wat Joli Ovid that two fifteen year old Lade my i towed Thum Elvos on Board Tho in order to accompany the Orpi Tho police searched Tho Steamer without finding any Trace of Tho sup posed Uncle Sam the Capitol will be thoroughly re Vatell before co afrem june Capitol is undergoing a thorough renovation preparatory to the expo Tud extra Sion of women and lab ukr Are Busy cleaning and repainting mid trying to make everything the Aall of the House of looks like a great repair tie carpets have Coon Takou up and the chairs Aro piled in the Teal of Tho Hall on both the Democrat re am Republican sides a of rail Haboon Sot further Back and a new plat form has been thus Makini room for Twenty four new twelve on each so soon As the work i completed the carpets will but Dow and Tho desks and chairs will Planco in their proper every Coin Mittee room will have a new wait Atti fitted with Tho latest sanitary improve and from each a pm Inlet escape pipe leads to Tho roof to carry of the foul the preacher having Hern from lie thu june expat for of Tho James town United Piear Terian wha has been twice ousted from his Congro has entered suit a Aust tin Church to recover Back salary he secured judgment and the Sherii levied on the Church Thor was to have been a Strawberry and in Cream festival in the Church but the key is now in Tho band of Tho and the members locked there has lean u Light go ing on in the Church for the Wallace tried to retain i pastorate against Tho wishes of a larg portion of his App a de to the Synod and the general Assem but was Bateu by those who opposed weeding out the june com missioner has submitted t Secretary a list of persons to b dropped from the pension Bochaus they Aro not entitled to pensions among the persons to be dropped a several men who upon investigation a found to have Beun while number of widows will be deprived o their pensions because they remarried a number Are dropped for not having served ninety Days As the Law requires others dropped because the disability Tor which they Are drawing pensions i Tho result of their own the Munch Blair held for june the of three confide Cemen who us Ncneil of Youngs out of of the Lako fron has Burn held to the criminal t in Bonds of 8500 by Justice Brad to last co we peppers optimistic soon strength 111 tils Juno Tor of was hero he said Tho repeal of thu Fisci limn Law will destroy both inc old pm tip and a new political party will form with Peoples party As its make receiving recruit the Arger which he Piil arc now closing heir careers what is i be Tho foundation of Tho new was its fundamental principle will Boc Ommon Rich Tao what will the Indian Silver movement Lave it will hasten on the Donio Iio Tiza Tion of then will come the reduction of the Price of at Tor that will follow financial crashes Over the it Means u general out of this will much strength i the Peoples party Tho Silvat question has Boru giving us much Aid nil the movement is on the crease and especially in Tho but it will have a multitude of additions to its ranks later goal Al not Killure Juno William the insane religious enthusiast in imitation of Abrah Uii sacrificed his child and who escaped the Gallows on account of has been sent to the insane Asylum to was Dis charged last yesterday of insanity again lie Felt that it was unsafe to allow his family to stay in Tho House with him and he turned them out and Loukot the in Tho afternoon to was visited by if Council and persuaded to return to tin after his incarceration he by Camo a raving maniac and to by put in a padded Eoll to keep him fron himself to the Opu Tod to to Worth was rial yesterday before judge charged with Highway robbery and to is the son of the late Uklin Tho wlm died caving an estate Worth Lien Icett a ticket thu prosecuting witness Aud he Amienee that lit was held up Aud robbed by Clark on the dts of tur Over a Yeai and a half the Case has been buried in he criminal the the assault As narrated by Huus were str Aboualy to was on his a Lomo about in the ovo Ning and win Las aug the Alloy just cast of cottage 3rovo when a Ian sprang n front of him and to was Seimel and iced fast by the blows were rained on him by three and stunned by Tho Marks Lould make but a poor the highwaymen having despoiled Marks of a couple of a watch and some the value of All joing estimated at Between and next Day Marks diamonds were offered to a the lat took Tho name of Tho Man who had to it was Henry a few Days later Clarks father and was while beside the grave that Clark was seen for the first Timo by his alleged Tho latter pro fessed to recognize him some 300 men were but Marks declared he could not Boas the fathers body was being in cred into the Earth the son was accused of the the identification satisfied the the explanation Clark makes is that a Man came into Fath ers office and wanted to sell the Dia and who was a Lovci of sent his son to the Pawn brokers with Tho stones to find Oul their As for the Alibi a whole wedding party will testify thut Clark was at a marriage ceremony two Milell away at the time of the the Kansas june Lewelling is in receipt of a Largo num Ber of letters requesting him to Call an extra session of the legislature to afford Relief to the drouth stricken reports from Twenty seven extreme Western counties received at the governors office Aro to Tho effect that the crops Are a Complete failure and farm Era will be without either for bread or in some of those counties there is nol a Green thing Tho grass being As Brown As in Zalfa London june the morning news papers give favourable notices of the opening of Augustine Dalys theatre but do not waste much Praise on the the Telegraph who dramatic Clement wrote the opening address delivered by mis Ada says Amarica by i and in land Shook hands Over the footlights not the slightest jarring marred the entire Harmony of the among the audience were Council general Waldorf am lord sir Arthur sir Henry sir Henry Henry James and Thos Hardy the the German important papers demand the abolition of the duty on Oats and As the Only alter a live possible to Forstall further Troubl in the ranks of Tho agricultural Claeson which have suffered greatly by the the Kaiser has give orders exert great leniency in the cases of peas ants who Endeavor to obtain food of their starving cattle in Tho Royal Forest in Many parts of the Empire leaves ant Young twigs of Trees Are used for fodder Noble june grand Duk of Mecklenberg Strelitz and his if celebrated their Golden wedding Yoster they had refused All presents o festivities in their enjoining the donors to devote Tho intended gifts t charitable the poor of the country Are therefore reaping i Ric Bill june German gov eminent is still negotiating with Russi for the new commercial treaty proposed there was no truth in the report tha negotiations bad fallen in the sheriffs june Pollack j dealers in millinery goods at 126 Market has confessed judgment i in Tho Superior court amounting to about executions were issued and placed in Tho hands of the the nine grass state in june of the currency has Boon notified that second National Bank of has closed its doors to Bank examiner Escott has been placed in ice Cream made by new process at wlm take your lady to ruths ice Cream the shot proved Juno murder a resulted in the Case of War the Young coloured woman what was shot at Turtle Creek tuesday night june by August the vie Tiro was taken to the West Ponn hos Pital monday where she lingerie in great agony till when so Knoland made his escape Afton the shooting and the police Aro now making every Effort to capture h formerly lived in Sharpsburg Aud late in the twelfth he a 30 years o Wayland has not been living with her husband but had Utec a a Domestic with a family in Turtle eloped with a june my All and a Little have eloped from this they hired a Rig at Hall and As yet no Trace of the couple or turnout can be telegrams to neighbouring towns have Boon roughs Rii Otos Are always up to a High Standard Standard of at his new Gal Lery on main be 24d 0w 2 you Oun always he pleased at have your photos taken be see Ali Flynn enlarged portraits in Ami pastel at to tires new int Hrry ill West main july24dhiw2 your lady to Kluhs Lee Erwim Tim Best Way to lot the people know in Vvhs it Yon Linen to soil or Exchange is to trying nearly every known remedy for Catarrh and Catarrh Ana finding no i was in deed by a Friend to get a bottle of May ers magnetic Catarrh what in my Surprise to receive instant Relief am inv after using nearly one bottle i in enl irely rid of the Platter for Sale by All druggists no of adds and Neap Hul scribe for Tiik a Venino Tho All Oil a Chicago Man accused of Lino to of of on la Jar blvd at Kex Feo tory at funeral he is by hit Ami Rouneil of his robbery Hoit a Iuka an Man off in Ilia in Lwade a Lotfe will be put told to the Lection of the 8ute in Fate will enable the re a Dwter to handle without a Lek of decay from and will him to inspect the before per this la the Lay in a Stock for fourth of july hese will be sold at the lowest pow Ible for come Flat the cold Torace department of the ice factory will be open Lor inspection next Veek and the Public Are cordially invited o come and investigate our next will be Cantaloupe and and water melons la Carload lots and fruits fall kind in Louis u o school Boaro of upper Tyi Uio Wiik Lii will on july to act Suvil schools Fth will be ice Lam y William the term will be eight Mouths Atul will rules per the principal for thy kits ii Wool will be paid a salary of Stio per Judd of William Secretary of James of better known us private Dalzell will at a a Aero a of Nung Wiggins at Chalk near this is the finest farm near Fayette Springs Dower Noble summer resort and Stock fun Iso Leared 60acres Timber close to easily Worth Price asked Tor Furni Good Rchard co acres in grass 40 in Meadow Lite into Ali and rolling a Grent bargain for Only reason for Selling is owner lives fur i must and will be sold lib in a Call mme lately at the office or Salk at a bargain and on Nativ the residence of the late Modi Sette on Church Street Maui dry Jid Bash hot and cold Auko cutuly Ira cellars under entire Large barn also the Ilo Disetti building on main for Uirt Lite Tarti Fulani Call on or address 6 North Beckon or to pit wanted and similar nut exceeding Iree cents for three Ion notices at proportionate sporting notice to for for first class shoe Stork doing a Good business but one other shoe store in the town Good reasons for in quire at a bib May 6tf for Sale space in this three lines three times 1 a customer and Many business Opportunity by not it pays to advertise in in this three hues three times 2n the evening new lab no Superior As an advertising medium in Fay Ette space in the news is valuable to the though casting wanted business men to test the merits of this column As an advert Fiina put in a Little and and you will be Prisel to find How Many yep la will read wanted customers by every Mer those who Auver Tishi the news get Urante everybody to know that Kough has his gallery to Modi Ette main 1 Way on of Job Oom to located on Broad y Over Mcclain enquire Lohn May 34tf yesterdays base Ball of the base the National league base Ball wednes Day resulted As follows at 2000300 6 7 few 000200003 9 and Buligao Dwyer Anc at 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 07 13 s 4 tin to Bison and Kittridge Haddock Stem and at St 0060080 0h h 12 1 Leason and Piti Mcnabb an at 0100022 210 12 2050200 012 to and Merrill am at s 4066102 20 0 and at Cleveland s 19 i till 4 Young and Zinmer Espoo and the league l j 18 2h is j sew to la i 26 19 27 Ai i 31 tie june recited first for and 1 stoic Ohill san fuss lose la a aeon the venial for futurity us Bill ii Figaro uial third for 9 fur Lustre Ham Mie fourth Tor futurity Connors Oporto fifth for futurity Braint Chattanooga old Dominion sixth 9 furlongs on the equity Madrid 36 june races Here yesterday resulted As follows Firat 4ji Bello won fidget propriety second for 4m Bolle Mary 50k third Karl Daisy Rian second darkness fourth 1 Virgie Infin Olietta fifth 5 Claris come Homo sixth Climax Madden Ada Blue tune june races yesterday resulted As follows first Telephone Middle Stone second Bird Kobin Lwood third 7h furlongs hours first Emblem Lucky Clover fourth 5 artillery uncertainty Unicorn 4 Little Bravo Romeo sixth 44 Lodge Judzio Mitchell Comrade i it of new june won bout race Columbia Harvard yak10m 23s Columbia 10m47s Harvard urn to and Morrow i jul44tp Borough be it on joined and enacted by the Burgess am town Council of the Borough of and i is hereby ordained and enacted by authority o the that two thirds of the owner of property representing not less than two third in number of feet of the properties fronting a abutting on that portion of court Street in the second Ward of the Borough of Union wit begin Nung where the said court Street intersects was main Street and extending North Ward to the North Side of Peter at the Borough in said have presented their petition to praying that Bald Between said be paved with Brick and curbed with As provided by act of Assembly of 23d q 1889 be it Otto aim stud enacted that said Street Between mid Points shall be paved with Brick and curbed with Stone according to the plans and spec inca Lions to be fair Nashed by the Borough engineers and that two thirds of the Cost and expense of Thi same shall be collected from the owners of Thi rom estate fronting or abutting on said be tween said by an equal to estimated by the Borough of the Ninn Berof feet bounding or abutting thereon Ajas prodded by said act of by order of the Burgess and town Council of the Borough of Uniontown this 24th Day of a Jesse president of attest Cooper a Vax clerks Julot Iota the 100 parrots to be delivery july 1 Are nearly All there Are just a few left and if you want one order at orders booked now to be delivered immediately upon Senc orders in Early before they Are Allen for further particulars apply to 55 Gale tin Avenue Union or address Boi All that experience and skin can do to produce a perfect has been employee Dan making dewitts Early risers the result is a specific for pick headache bilious Ness and kid rite Nour ruths soda water is Flavoured with pure fruit Delicio to get at the facts regarding hoods the peo ple who Uke this or read the testimonials often published in this they will certainly convince you that hoods Sarsaparilla possesses unequalled and that hoods hoods pills cure constipation by Restor ing the peristaltic action of the alimentary they arc the Best family Sweet worm powder is a Safe mid certain 25 for Bale by All All kinds of Hook and Job printing done at a Safe and sure cure for Catarrh and Hay fever is Mayers magnetic Catarrh a three months treatment for and absolutely it is used by vapor n end if the Only Medicine thai reaches the affected parts and sure to for Sale by All druggists and daddies and drug Daw Are you a sufferer from Catarrh Hay if you go to your or if you cant get it where you Send to get a bottle of Mayers magnetic Catarrh cure which we will entirely guarantee to cure any Case of Hay other Wise your Money will be for one one bottle to last for three months and one bottle to it has never tailed and will cure give it a no no for Sale by All druggists and Gaddis Dun bar and Neffs the Mayers drug Uniontown wholesale june corrected daily by a Kiefer and King Pur per 00 per butter16c per 7 and Bacon per Colin per fixurw.oo@fl.50pcr per per Maple Pur per and cac Turk Oytt Sishc per Pur of we do not care to blow our Horn too we have Xen with you for 20 As to our manner of Tret invent it thousands of old customers we Are still at old and expect to continue handling the Brown Simpson and several firs class organs together Witk the new household and Standard sewing we keep All kinds 01 musical merchandise and sewing machine anything not in Stock will be procured without additional thanking a generous Public for past favors we solicit a continuance of the All goods sold on easy payments and guaranteed As repro come and see us before you 29 dunns stores other stores might do As Well Lor you but they curtains and As usual we Are showing the largest and most com plete lines in the Pointe and Nottingham lace form 50 cents per pair for three to per new effects in China Cotton Madras and Tamboure new Cotton and Linen new silk novelties in stamped table and stand new Chenille Portieles and special 500 Yards printed India drapery 32 inches wide at 50 regular Price per next week our great lace curtain when we will place on Sale 500 pairs lace curtains at prices that will move them Pennsylvania Southwest the shortest route to All East and four trains arc run daily Between Uniontown and making com connections at Green Burr with Mala lines Lor the and at pm Teaburg Muoio station for the West and All trains run on Eastern Standard of and alter will arrive and depart from As follows Fairchance 642 08 1 so boo v 36 3tf 519 Redstone 701 it Al v 6 1ft 3s 10 03 313 it 7 m 10 j7 3 36 0 17 8 44 ii 12 4 a 7 it Pitsburg w 19 so 8 10 a train leaves Fairchance at 7 45 arriving at Uniontown at 8 01 Pitta bunt 895 i a 426 6 so y so 5 33 a 18 8 is m 10 56 3 41 Al 45 a Cileone Junction 833 11 jul 4 it 7 in 38 11 32 4 1u 7 As Fairchance h 11 48 4 35 7 in a train leaves Uniontown at 6 10 for Fairchance and arrives there at 6 26 v the idl Joseph Worth vice join Joseph Lep Osite received payable on de Maud without on Ireland and accommodations to patrons consistent with Safe Mono Mahela on and after Indmon this Road will arrive and depart u follows 2 a jul Onowu 856 835 430 Redstone 3 38 4 33 West w 488 i 38 ii 08 4 w 647 094 459 605 6 4v i 628 i 31 708 Petty Surg l to e to g up Monongahela 6 9 05 is 16 0 in o 63 9331243 646 711 9 s3 1 u 701 went 7 23 10 02 114 710 Redstone 8 23 i 68 Uniontown his s 01 8m 435 train leaving Redstone Junction at 4 28 4 on the Monongahela division Waito for 4 is train on Southwest coming for information concerning of Call on or address the following agent Albert Fairchance Uniontown Samuel Dun Bruj David Connellsville or Trie Baltimore and Ohio Pitts bub on and after May on thin Road will depart from and arrive at Tho depot in Uniontown a North Piu Borg 706am Leo ant 8gsau Plua burs pleasant 6 30 pm South Uniontown Unton town Lui uni Yoy ii 4 Isen Uniontown trains leave for Smithfield at Tail arrive from Smithfield at Siss general Pittsburg Lake Erie Cleveland and Pittsburg Scort line consult your interests As to this Une or Iff be Boston and All Canadian Eastern and new Essaid Points Short line to of Hattei thousand islands and other fish lne anal summer naming Atu Gudni take the Lake Erie to Dakota Washer directors Joseph Worth oos Kph Joseph Eli is Orlu Charles f James r James guard against it is Well to be prepared when Summe comes to guard against diarrhoea and All summer mayors magnetic drops for cholera and diarrhoea have no equal As a Quick and Safe a Dottle should be kept in every our Agento will Supply for Sale by and Dis a and Noffs Drue Dawson 6 to advertisers Are requested to hand in their copy for locals and displayed ads a Early As to insure an insertion the same Day copy should be in office by 9 t Kutulis soda water is Flavoured with cure Rel by Ilaoa is pruno Hong and he proc pcs quite As Woll some ministers who Liao never oven been suspected of the latest improved the newest Type and most stylish Stock for Job work at the news you druggist for Mayers Little White pills for sick drug gifts say that Mayers magnetic remedies live no equal m this try them and take no take Mayers magnetic drops for diarrhoea Ond All summer for Sale by nil of adds it Dun and Notts Nebraska fast time no delay further information Call on any ticket agent on this Road or write to p o p t a u genl Baily is now opdnin0 his Spring Stock of silverware and and asks All to Call and in Spect the latest styles in his line of no trouble to show All articles engraved free of Fine watch repairing a 6 West main
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