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Evening News, The (Newspaper) - June 29, 1893, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Best Home the evening largest volume june single copies two m political Field situation in Fayette and Ireene the Effort to oust Herrington a dark horse Whf May win the Deputy collect Tor Sholpa Waynesburg editors plea for Harmony democratic kickers and the Are up in arms against collector they declare that he is prostituting his office in the interest of Inghram in the judicial and that i they will Appeal to the Powers at Wash they Are looking for a said a for Deputy who will fight and i understand that Harrington is to be the i last night the old guard j and Lindsey endorsed him and went to Pil Teburg this the shameful treatment Smith received reflects Dia t credit on the Revenue he sent Smith and old him be would appoint and afterwards gave him the cold f Smith Drew out of the contest and now Harrington is in the i May be turned though Kearns for Biro and maid he would make him the the Waynesburg messenger wants to cultivate a spirit of Concession and com i Promise by driving meat Rerat out of the judicial contest take notice of thin let it become the personal business and objector every True Democrat in Greene and Fayette to cultivate a spirit of Concession and Compromise Between and among the democracy of the two and we will have no More lie publican judges the each county is one Law and they Mav both be democrats veh when Tho democratic judicial con Ferriss come together let them earnestly and honestly seek the readiest and Moat equitable Way of bringing this and there can be no question of the let peace and Harmony prevail Between the democracy of the two counties and Republican triumphs will be at an end in the a determined Effort is being made to oust collector Harrity is after the and if he succeeds in ousting him the normals will be strictly in appointments will be Mado for Fayette Nettl after the meet democratic county committee there will be no Neutral Cray will be put Forward by the normals for John Carr will be the opposing Candi i Date and will represent the old the normals think they can win with hands the old guard is just As confident of judge ing Mirams prohibition ideas bring lifts thrust from the Jef Leranian demo crat the democratic idea that it were bet Ter to Grant an Ordinary number of licensed than to have disorderly Speake Asies scattered All Over the it is said that there Ore six unlicensed vendors within 300 Yards of the Waynes Borg court this is a disgrace to the county and people of this in a hint to assure the liquor men that if Mestrezat is elected judge he will Grant hotel License in Greene aka Imraan Dinkey and Sherman grim of Greene county have decided to Bury the and Harmony in the Republican ranks the messenger is considerably worked up Over the and togs for the time when the Inghram and ook factions of Greene and the nor mate and old guard of will kiss and make come Gen the of Liberty says it is re ported that Fuller and hop Are preparing to enter the contest Lor the Republican nomination for Congress in the 21th District next they Are both and either of make a Strong Genius of Liberty says the Waynes Burg Independent confesses that it a Traduce and misrepresents that rough on the Herrington is the dark horse Lor Deputy he is not making much but May be on the Home a dangerous a coloured Domestic attempts to Poison a june Spe Lizzie attempted to Poison the family and farm hands of Albert Paris Green was found in a Kettle and in the the farm hands become excited and wanted to Lynch she was rescued Vitu difficulty and locked declining Coke the Coke business is still in a depressed last week the shipments fell off 503 the total shipments for the week were against cars for the week the output was Dis As follows to Pittsburg and to Points to nearly 600 11 Oejia were blown out last licensed to township township Kim Ila Alice Clark township Nannie township Harry Lizzie Tho Best Home weekly and the Best furnished a whole Vermir for Only Uniontown Tho now York weekly order through Tiik in and about of local interest tartly is building a handsome two Story residence pm Shady facing on Center several Uuk town citizens Are attend ing the lot ule at Morgavi Torii Butters is also commit loner Powell and Patterson arc in Perry township inspecting the new Iron Bridge Over Washington Henry Means and Brown were pulled in for being drunk and the former is serving 48 hours and the latter paid proprietor George Titlow of the went end hotel he engaged 10 waiters for the fourth of dinner will be served at and supper at 6 the Mcclure Coke company have 18 double boosts under roof and they will be finished about the Middle of next George Hileman of Kenneth writes enclosed find Al for one years subscription to the weekly which i believe is the Best county a number of Uniontown people went to to attend the annual con test Between the Philoma Thenn and Clion Lan societies at the Normal school last night the Thompson Glass works will close Down on saturday for the regular six weeks vacation and extensive improvements will be made during the shut Badler of passed through town yesterday on his he made the run from Union town to Brownsville in one hour and two the teak in the Cool Spring Reservoir was repaired yesterday and it is now in Good it was drained out and those who were at work on it will be paid Charles waa lodged jail by Constable charged with malicious Paine Tore Down the Fence and destroyed the vegetables in a neighbors the southwestern Pennsylvania mining Institute will not meet next the Day preceding being the 4th of the next regular meeting will be held the first wednesday in the finishing touches Are now being put on the new court the sheriffs office will be ready for occupancy the space Between the pavement and the building will be sodded As soon As ground is Council he ordered the police to break up the habit of loafing on Street Corners and to arrest All persons heard swearing on the the officers Are deter mined to enforce the order and this is a timely the steel Mill is Idle today on account of a Scarcity of a Supply arrived this morning and work will be resumed the scale expires to Morrow and unless the new one is signed the works will close the Chilly weather last night in this locality waa mainly due to the fact that the windows of the cold storage factory j were left at least this ii the explain nation ventured by William one of the employee of the i people you May Bankers plead to car Lisle for a Cabinet officer talks on Tho prevalent financial troubles no certainty that the Sherman Law will be repealed the Radi Cal Silver men not yet Descour Charles fee of Connelsville is in town banker of Scott was Here Squire Samuel Smith of Brownsville was in town tip hotel Man of is in town today on Benjamin Goldsmith of Connelsville was a Uniontown visitor Deyarmon and miss Emma Jones of Dawson were visitors Lee Smith will go to Chautauqua this week to pursue a summer course of Caman a student of the Pennsylvania state is Home for a Conrad Achtziger of Scottdale and Thomas Bambrey of Everson were in town John a Well known citizen near was in town this morning and subscribed for the Fuller and Mcclelland of Uniontown registered at the Pennsylvania worlds fair building strange stopped a while in town he waa on his Way Home to Fairchance from the where he had been on an extended business Robert Hogsett and son Fuller left for this morning to look after their Large Coal hog sett has Large in the Iron Are and Iron industries of West Virginia and Clark of came Over on his bicycle from Morgan he Rode from Washington to 55 in six hours and a it took him four hours to come from a leading citizen of was in town yesterday on he reports that important improvements Are to be undertaken in the which will include Brick pave ments and Harry Oldland of one of the Best rep lican workers in the was in town on business he is contracting and building and reports Busi Ness considering the depression brought about by the Lack of Faith in the democratic Boyle and Robert hop returned from this whore they had been at tending a meeting of the Board directors of Allegheny George Mains of new York was elected Percsi Hopwood waa elected a director and trustee and member of Tho boned Boyle was elected a trus toe and Mumfor of Tun Board of Juno Carlisles mail is loaded with letters from Bankers in All of the country begging him to do something to relieve Tho financial die Trees of the a Cabinet speaking of financial said that the coun try had been brought to its present financial condition by the very men who were now clamouring for an extra they had reached the end of their rope and could do longer and they want the government to come to their Relief to that they May again enter upon an Era of there do in his he that the repeal of the Sherman Law would bring about much needed whether temporary or permanent time atone could still there was no certainty even now that con Grose would repeal the Sherman the House was More favourable to its re peal than the he intimated that if the president were convinced that Congress would immediately re peal the Sherman Law that body might be convened in extra session before sep but he the leaven is the talk of the Radical Silver men since they have got Over the first Shock of the news from India u rather most of them declare that they Are More than Ever determined Tomain Tain the White Metal As a Money while admitting that the Demon Tiza Tion in India is a hard blow at Bidet Wallsm at the Parent they speak of it As a conspiracy and insist that it is More than Ever that this country should Tai Toby they claim to be firmer than Ever in their position and say they intend to fight with All their might to prevent any deeper degradation of the More conservative regard this As whistling against the the Best judgement is that Many of those men who Are known a Moder ate Silver Whoso Votee for Silver in Congress Lave Given to Silver the strength which it has against the repeal of the Sherman will to induced to look upon the ques Tion differently under existing Condi and that while the radicals will fight us hard a Ever against the repeal they will lose Many of their followers in the House and some of them in the those men who Are not Actu ally wedded to but vote for free coinage because their constituents think there should be More Money in circular it is find in the political situation an excuse and a reason for voting the Sherman Law off Tho stat Ute perhaps even without any sort of a substitute As a meanwhile the Market Price of Silver is sinking to a very Low Farmers to june state lecturer of the Farmers has issued an Appeal to Mem Bers of that organization to contribute Aid to the striking Coal minors of the Cherokee to says anything will be provisions or the strikers Bare been Idle so he that Many of them Are in destitute and As they Are making a fight for a principle that is generally endorsed by Tho Industrial it ought to be Tho duty of every Farmer to Iron 51lncs shut june wit hip Iron employing 400 will follow the Clevelan Cliffs closing Clown july of other suspensions Are expected italian murderer june italian Peitro was hanged june Hundred Mer arc out on strike at the Iron Mills in this june aged g8 a prominent Iron of this Diford at weather june Western Pennsylvania and Ohio increasing cloudiness and showers in the after noon or evening warmer Oast in neighbouring fun ploy and miss Lena Burlap a of Scottdale were married at Emma Byrnes of Greensburg fell dead at her Home yesterday of heart the entire police Force of Beaver was suspended by the Council tuesday pending the investigation of charges against a Glass bottle works company has been organized in with a capital Stock of the officers Are presi Murtell vice in a gals explosion in Green Ridge col Liery at Stirmel Dominic end Orlay was Chester Kusner fatally injured and several severely Tho people of or Fiddock Are circulating a petition asking Tho Council of that Bor Ough to erect a drinking Fountain near the town Dunbar township those who will have charge of the schools next school directors of Dunbar township met it the school House at new Haven yesterday fur the purpose of electing a corps of teat hers for the different schools in that colonel George Sisley and George were there were 160 applicants and 47 to be selected from that following Are the names of the and the school they will preside Over for the term of eight commencing the first monday of Adelaide Anna Eagan Adelaide Minnie Homeland Robert Martin Jaco miss Moss Cross Clark Leib Bruce Leonard Florence Watson Furnace Martha Williams Furnace Keffer Leroy Fairchild Morrison Hickory Carrie Snyder Hill Isaac Smith Cannon Heath French Juniata Cross Laud Leisenring Emma Boyd Leisenring Hattie Berger Leisenring u Brooks William cover Monarch miss Wood Monarch Thomas mor Reu Mamie Burna Morrell Lida Loughman Annie Rossell Sandy Blanche Sturgis Sandy hol Humbert John Anderson Trotter Lou ache Trotter John Workman Wheeler Mamie Marshall Wheeler Shepherd Maud Robinson West Leisen Rizig Thomas Vanderbilt Belle Snyder mias Arnom Allen Moss Lite my Benej Lou Berger Joe Odom to Dunn Cottom John Mclanghlin Robert for literary Fayette county students prominent in the California june the 20th annual contest Between the Normal school societies last evening Follo won essay and recitation oration and de the exercises were of a High order of the first Point contested for was in min Margaret Edmondson of Mckeesport represented Philo and read the women of miss Ella Holloway of Mckee contested for Olio by Reading the Swan the Espy was contested for by Mabel Singer of California for Flo and Margery Mokee of Flatwood for Sab Jet of the essay is Beauty Nota Washington give the oration for entitled the exiles of David mite hell of California gifts of the beggars of the sea for the Angel and the shepherds1 was recited by mias Elsie Wood of Woods for and the hippodrome by Ethel l Lute of Fayette for the that we should have an educational qualification for the right of was debated on the affirmative by Bernard Sloan of Wilna for and on the negative by Norman of Confluence for a Boss blood a Smithfield boy avenges an As Saul Railroad notes j june a 1 year old was by a Foreman in employ of a Stratton a few Days it with Little receiving tue encouragement in his desire to bring his assailant to Justice he took the matter in his own met the Boas and engaged into a Handt hand in the Melee the Foreman was Cut across the Temple and an artery it is thought he would Hare bled to death had not a physician been Public sym Pathy is with the Drake a Stratton construction train arrived Here sunday they will push the track laying More rapidly the freight traffic on the to this Point has More than doubled since the opening of the Road George Field and Walls of fair Chance Are victims of Hoke Smiths in famous White Rock White Rock june Sisley has been enjoying a visit from some friends from the ladies id society have come to the Rescue on the attorneys fees for the trans Fer of the Church property by adding enough to what has already been raised to make and the balance of the is covered by subscriptions that can be de Pended a great Many people got sugar from the wreck on the and Many More might have been beef lated by what waa but the Wanton wickedness in or Dering hundreds of dollars Worth of sugar burned when it could be gotten and cleansed and made into vinegar or even fed to animals seems the Parsons Garden has some interest ing not enlarging Are peas for cooking Early in the month and new potatoes for dinner Jane it can show Early Corn in full Tassel and grape leaves As Large As a dinner big Bills the commissioners paid a number of big Bills among which were the following butter on salary a com missioner for is Way balance in full for work on Fayette Street and repairs on crows Bridge Over George Pennsylvania Reform school boarding insane at it Tieburg architectural Iron works for Arch for the Bridge Over Washington run in Perry for the 2th of Juk the Best in Cream at per aim fire work and flags at reduced rates at Kutha main Connelsville furnishes a Long names of ambitious Council holds a special meeting and decides to have a sewer Laid on North Pittsburg Street other events and happenings in the the Yough june Connelsville can furnish More applicants for positions under this Good old fashioned democratic administration than any other town in the they Are As numerous As flies around a molasses barrel on a hot summer Frank Robert Fin Mike Martin Joe Crossland and George Snyder All want to be storekeepers or Emmet Stillwagon wants to step into is Deputy collector Johns while commissioner Rutter is quietly looking the Fiield Over for a fat George Pat Harrigan and Berry Hiu All want to handle the mail at this Post office for the next four Pat Harrigan was the first on the ground with his petition and secured Many he made it Lively for a but his Boom has died out and there has been nothing heard of him the last to announce As a candidate for claims to have the ear of congressman Sipe and thinks he is a sure but after the Lucky Onea have been made known what a time there will be con Gressman Sipe will have a difficult task to determine who the deserving Onea and it is feared by Many the share of Pap will be slim for at a special meeting of Council held last night a petition was signed by nearly ail the property owners on North Pittsburg asking that a Public sewer be Laid Between Sheridan Street and Mountz on motion of Harri Gan the petition was granted and the Street committee ordered to have a2iach sewer pipe Laid Between the streets on motion of Marietta the laying of a sewer on grave Street was Laid Over until the next regular the motion of a Barge that All bids that Council had received for the laying of on Pittsburg Street be refused was carried and the Street committee was ordered to receive bids for the laying of a 12inch sewer on North Pittsburg Street until wednesday july at which Timmeth contract for laying the would be let chief fire marshal William and asked if Conn cil could pay the fire companies for services for the past he said it would be an accommodation to the As they needed their As All such business must come up at a regular session of Council it was thought the boys would have to but councilman Marietta thought the firemen should be so he made a motion that the rules be suspended and that a order be drawn on the treasurer for to pay the this was carried and Council adjourned to meet wednesday july Eutz had two victims before Frank Simmons was arrested by officer Jones charged with using profane language on the he was and costs which he Robert Mcmahon of Wheeler was afr esed at for con duct he was assessed 1 and costs and the election of Gans As principal of the schools meets with the approval of every Captain fee returned Home this morning from where she has been visiting for the past she was accompanied by her son Thomas who will spend a few Days Here among friends and Thomas formerly pastor of the Church but now of is visiting his James Greenland of the South medical examiner of the was a business visitor Here William cover and James Sheppard were among the Lucky applicants for teachers at the meeting of the Dunbar township directors Clover was elected to take charge of Liston school and Sheppard to look after the wants of the Little folks at both Are Well qualified As and the friends of both will be glad to learn of their Good Deputy sheriff Crawford is Here today on Legal Madison who has been visit ing in returned Home this Barnes left this morning for to visit she will be gone four the Pittsburg papers chronicle the arrest of John a Well known dancing teacher of on a charge of seduction and betrayal of miss Gertrude Frank of this he denies his but was held for a both Are Young Well known and popu Mcclure of Dawson is Here on business Corbett and daughter of ate visiting the ticket Joseph Bryner this morning sued Alex Ennis for the Case was heard before Squire Campbell and a Compromise was Bryner paid Alex in Advance to do some work and Alex failed to do to now agrees to do the ignorance of the merits of he Witts Little Early risers is a these Down at beautifying the Railroad Good bait june Cje Jaud of Al Feeheny is the guest of Mary lieu Rieli of Wood Vale work and Hepler have gone to Deer Park to spend a part of the heated James Liston and miss Martin have taken the marriage vows upon themselves and Are now William gear of arrived today and will remain Over the glorious fourth with Dunbar James Spier of Chicago left to Day for Home after spending a few Days with her Ellsworth of this agent Hershberger has succeeded at a late hour in inducing the to beautify the station the Good work commenced this miss Mary Hershberger of after spending a couple of weeks with her brother of returned Home Hardy and his father inlaw caught a Fine lot of fish there was an exciting game of Ball be tween the Dunbar and Wheeler clubs on the grounds of the former with the following result 2300000 0000000 Battery for Home Groff and Mitch Ell Tor Quinn and the Busy an organization of Little girls in the Are enjoying a picnic today at although resting is still in a critical stable and an exciting fire on Morgantown Street last at last night flames were seen is suing from Louis souths stable on Morgantown an alarm was sent in from Box 32 and both fire companies immediately the flames were discovered by souths son he hastened to the stable and attempted to liberate the two big Bay horses used in souths Dray the halters were taken off but the horses refused to move and the boy exerted every Effort to get them out of the stable until the heat grew so intense he was forced to by this time the flames were rolling from the top of the the Large Quantity of Bay was consumed and the roof and rafters were falling As the fire progressed the horses fell upon their rolled Over and died in Terri ble the Large number of spectators who stood by Coald do nothing for the suffering creatures and the intense heat caused the bodies to swell and in places to the flames were quickly put under control after the arrival of the Hose Compa Nies and with the exception of a shed no other building was damaged by the the loss of his horses will fall very heavily upon he is a drayman and depended entirely upon his team for a a few Days ago South was offered 6qq for his horses and Wagon but refused to sell South has been sick for some time and the unfortunate occurrence greatly unnerved the fire is thought to have been of incendiary origin and the police Are endeavouring to discover the guilty their third the Tarentum players worsted in the final the Home club captured the third game from the Tarentum team yesterday after the visitors played having but four at Bat they were weak and could not hit Wilhelm with any degree of Whaley of the Home club knocked the Ball Over the Fence for a Home the general playing of both was following is the score rho a so so e 115011 0 1 1 i 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 010 011 0 1 1 0 0 310 001 Little pills regal Otto the cure Luvaul dyspepsia bad constipation and kid Iii ton our s Mcclure total k b to a so so e us 2 005000 032011 120000 01j 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 i 0 i 0072000 002001 4 26130 4 4 Uniontown tar Eutura two base Home double Mcclure and Beall Buttermore and Whaley time of Mccollough and Pritts still at apparently nobody cares to molest the notorious june of Bill Pritts neighbors says the notorious outlaw is still at Home and that no Effort has been made to remove he says that he was at Pritts House and had a Long talk with a doctor from Indian Fayette dressed Pritts his Arm is badly broken and is discoloured j from the tips of his fingers to Hia j the doctor fears that it will be necessary j to amputate the same Man says that it will sur j him if Pritts emulates the example j of his old general who i came to Somerset and surrendered rather i than be captured by officers of the Well known in Joseph the Well known Iron manufacturer of who died at the Palmer in Chicago was Edu i Cattel it Brownsville Academy Anil at Mon slurp where he Shiino i in a and was Well known in t this t Celebration in William Baums seventy five joyous guests take part in an evening of Unal Loyed festivity and the Beautiful residence of and Max Baum handsomely Fine one of the most Brilliant social events in Uniontown for a Long time was the party Given at the Home of and Max Baum on Pennsylvania Avenue last night in the Honor of the 21st anniversary of their son Williams Over 100 invitations were issued and about 75 guests were present to join in thu Well wishes and participate in the exercises As the Progress of the evening unfolded a Large arc electric Lilit was placed in front of harms lighting up the landscape and giving to the surround Ings the glow of the beauteous the Interior decorations were very Beauty Large Cut evergreens and Palms decorated the reception and the staircase was Hung with Cut Flowers shipped from Baltimore for the Large streamers of coloured Hung with White and floated from the Ball room across the room and in the Brilliant Glare of the electric Light a beauteous scene was Floral decorations of All kinds were Hung Here and there or clustered about the spacious giving fragrance and Beauty to the it was 9 Oclock when the guests began to they were met by messes Lyons and the and escorted to the when All had assembled and after the preliminaries of the a March to the Ball room was be gun and dancing was continued at inter Vals until 11 Oclock when supper was an the organist struck up a the guests arose and passing under the decorations forming an Arch Over door leading to the dining reached the Large dining room and seated them selves around Ibe the the menu was very elaborate being brought from Baltimore evening be wines and champagnes of Alt kinds formed a at the head table sat Simon Toast the and a Ful Bow of he assigned the responses were interesting and Epstein responded to the Toast Twenty one be wished the parents of Wil Liam Baum much and turning to the 21 candles burning on the mantel piece he compared each year of bands life with one of the congratulated the parents and by Happy Allu ions to life and Light made the Best speech of Che Many other excellent speeches were and at the conclusion of the feast ing the guests repaired to the parlor and reception topics of All binds found themes for Dis Story tellers were in de Mand As the Climax of a thrilling tale was reached the peals of laughter rang out from All parts of the dancing was then begun the clock struck the hour of before the guests de they left with and Baum their Hearty thanks and Good wishes for the son who has just reached his a some of the Minoog those who were present from a distance were Jacob and Ben miss Lena Connellsville Jacob Baltimore Harry Philadelphia Fred new York Enoch an Myra new about 50 guests from Union town were present including the relatives and friends of and the presents were very handsome and a Beautiful Diamond ring was presented to thir teen associates of William Bauin presented him with a mounted Diamond stud purchased in new the Young men who contributed this present were Oboda Frank Harry Jesse William Frank Nathan mat div Vens and Albert the presents were silk Nathan Diamond Rubin Silverman watch Rosenbaum of Union town Diamond and Hirsch Diamond Rosenbaum Cumberland Diamond Scarf Adler Baltimore Opal and Dia mond Philadelphia two silk night and Epstein Pearl opera misses Vearl Anna Belle Mollie div Annie May Lucy Clegg and Mollie other presents were Ive sins Silver toilet Silver Satchel three match Fountain Gold anniversary Silver link cuff two silk of hat half dozen silk Silver locket and two Silver travelling Silver shaving two Silver soap is one to the memory of All and the of ail his friends is that Many years o Are still i store for the Yount whose Advent Alliv citizen mul Voi r was marked by Tho joyous comb nation his 2tst a pleasant Kwing a Sivan to a bar of her friends at her on Etc Street lot ship it nerved and the win mtg Deligi fully i by Ell
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