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Uniontown Evening News Newspaper Archives Jul 31 1893, Page 5

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Evening News, The (Newspaper) - July 31, 1893, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Ijar ties of Talmage sets Forth the Dan Gers threatening the of we but m millions of child july Ivhon is now on Bis vacation Tow Hue chos ii for a topic childrens the Icet judge my if them Hast opened thy month unto the do to me to that which proceeded out of thy j to thab was a Early turned out from a Home where he ought to have ton cared to consorted with rough men and went Forth to earn a living As Best to in those times it was considered right for a Man to go out on Independent military exp Jephthah was a Good Man according to the Light of his dark but through a Wam Leriou and a predatory life he became and the Grace of god Chat macs a mans but never reverses his natural tempera the wild the israelite wanted the ammonites driven out of their so they sent a delegation to asking him to become Cotoni Nailer in chief of All the he might Hare you drove me out when you had no use for and now you Are in Troub you want me but he did not say he takes command of the hands messengers to the ammonites to toll them to vacate Tho and getting no favourable response marshals his troops for before going to the War makes a very Eorma vow that if the lord will give him the Victory then of j his return Home whatsoever first comes out of his door by he will Oiler in Sacri fice As a Bornt the Battle it was no skirmishing on the Edge of no unum Borg of Bat teries two Miles Bat the hurling of men on the Point of and Spears until the ground could no More drink the blood and Tho horses roared to leap Over Tho Pilo of books of Tho in old times opposing forces would fight until their Wen and then each one i throttle his Man until they Buth Tacui to grip to the until Tho Plain mass of corpses Wlinich the Trace of manhood 1 been clashed wins the Tavve cities Lay Cut pin 1 it Hio sound Tho Vic tory All i rough Tho mountains of let the trumpeters will up Tho survivor homeward to your wives and homeward with your glittering homeward to have Tho of admiring build Triu swing out All Over open All your to receive Tom captured through spread the banquet pili3 up to fill High tie tie nation is the invaders Are and the National Honor is t tii Hettie a v Huzzah for Tjie conqueror cited on prancing amid a claiming but he Rye is not on the excited popu remembering that he Hud made a solemn vow a timing from victorious first came out of Tho doorway of his that should to sacrifice As a Burnt lie has his anxious look upon the i Vron Der what spotless what Brace of will to thrown upon the fires of Tho Burnt horrors Pale Ness of death blanches his de Spair his his Hill Only rushes out the doorway to throw tue Resh in her fathers arms and Shower upon him More kisses than there were wounds of his breast or dents on his All the triumphal splendor holding Back his child from his heaving breast and posting Tho locks Back Fiou the fair brow and looking in to the eyes of with choked utterance he says god i Lay Stark on the bloody my my Only Joy of my life of my thou Art the Sacri Filep the whole matter was explained to this was no whining hollow he arc de girl into whose eyes the father All the glory of sword and shield vanished in the of the valor of that there May have been a tremor of the up As a Rose Leaf trembles in the sough of the South there May have been Tho starting of a tear like a Raindrop Hook from the anther of a water but with a self sacrifice that Man May r not Tench and Only woman heart can Compass she surrenders herself to fire and to she cries Outin Tho words of my my if Thon Host opened thy Mouth unto the do unto to whatsoever hath proceeded from thy the Maidens she bows to the and the blood which so often at the fathers voice had Nahed to the Crimson Cheek smokes in the free of Tho Burnt no can Tell us her there is no need that we know her the garlands that Mispah twisted for the had gone into the but All Ages Are twisting this girls it is Woll that her name came not to for no one can Wear they May take the name of Deborah or Abigail or but no one in All the Ages can have the title of this daughter of of course this offering was not pleas ing to the lord but before you hurl a Cir denunciations at Jephthah remember that in Olden when vows were men thought they must execute perform they were wicked or there were two wrong t hings about Jephthah he ought never to have made having made it were better broken than but do not take on or Clentious ours and i could not have Donelise if today you were standing on the Banks of the gauges and you Hjul been bom in you might have been throwing your children to Tho it is not be cause to Are naturally any but in Canso wifi have More Thospol Light of i Mako practical us of this Yuo Stion Plumi 1 Tell you that the St Tori Teof Jev Tekl daughter Una of the physical Man Tel and spiritual Sac into of a Himin i this there his ill bring ing in lunar upon to lifer children 11 Lassof which will As Cartal ulv rain Una Usu in Butir wicked atm while i the fell Bolo without Era Tjon to Sybi out Uwin the to a but m i i of in Siw Tut to Hii first 1 that much Tutt the Drizi that of the of education m our of of sum Cli Ildren Tau tto to of i or Bourn a Day in j Murt Tho three government Ana in preparation for the Cert the father will be tempt cd to too Groat the Mother will be tempted to too great her tenderness will overcome her voice is a Little to for her hand seems better Fil to pull out a Thorn and soothe 11 children wanting any thing from Tho Mother cry for they Hope to dissolve her will with but the Mother must not must not coax must not beg for Tho child when Tho hour comes for Tho assertion of parental supremacy and the subjugation of a Childs there comes in Tho his tory of every child an Hoar when it is tested whether the parents shall Rule or the child shall that is the crucial if the child triumphs in that then he will some Day make you it is a Hornblow i have witnessed Mother come to old shivering with terror in Tho presence of a son who cursed her Gray hairs and mocked her wrinkled face and begrudge her the crust she munched with her toothless Gums How sharper Tuliau h serpents tooth it it to have a thankless child i control tour on Tho other too great Rig or must be it is a sad thing when Domestic government becomes cold military trappers on the Prairie fight fire with but you can not successfully fight your Childs bad temper with your own bad we must not be too minute in our inspect we cannot expect our children to be we must not see every since we have two or three faults of our to ought not to to too rough when we discover that our Chil Dren have As if tradition be when to were children we were not All Little and our parents were not fearful lest they could not raise us because of our premature Yon cannot scold or Pound your Chil Dren into nobility of the Bloom of a Childs heart can never be in under a cold above avoid fretting and scolding in the House better than 10 years of fretting at your children is one old fashioned application of the Slipper that minister of the gospel of whom we read in the newspapers that he whipped his child to death because he would not aay his prayers will never come to can Tho arithmetic cannot calculate How in ii thousands of children have been ruined forever either through too great rigor or too great the heavens and the Earth Are filled with Tho groan of Tho in this important mutter seek divine 0 o some one asked the Mother of lord chief Justice mans Beld if Ehe was not proud to have three such eminent sons and All of Thorn so she it is nothing to be proud but something for which to be very there arc Many who Are Sacri icing their children to a of spirit of world some one a Mother whose children had turned out very Well what was the secret by which she prepared for usefulness and for the Chris Tian and she said this was the when in the morning i washed my i prayed that they might be washed in the Fountain of a Saviours a bin i put on their 1 proved that they might be arrayed in Tho Robe of a Saviours when i gave them i prayed that they might be fed with manna from when i started them on the Road to i prayed Liat their path might be As the shining brighter and brighter to the perfect when i put them to i prayed that they might be enfolded in Tho Saviours you that was very old Fash it was quite old but do you suppose that a child under such nurture As that Ever turned out bad too much in our tiny most boys Start out with no idea higher than the All encompassing they Start in an age boasts it can scratch the lords prayer a 10 cent Aud the ten commandments on a 10 cent children Are taught to reduce morals and time and it seems to be their chief attainment that 10 cents Malm a and 10 dimes make a to get Money is Only equated by the other How to keep Tell be who what Chaucer there is for those who Start out in life Witti sea perverted sentiments the Money Market resounds again and again with the downfall of such if i had a drop of blood on the tip of a i would Tell by what awful tragedy Many of the youth of this coun try Ore further of and tens of sends of the daughters of America it sacrificed to they arc Enugu t to Bohi sympathy wit ii Oil the ties of they Are inducted info All tvo hol Hovness of is Cali Cal Honable they ure to by Lyvo that history h Tutt 00 cent Ries of love Are with that Milit have rivalled u flair no Nightingale in univ Emily or mril i the fitters House Jirku filial fitly lifts u Boa my a to their eternity i at Viii in the during the civil tin1 in the me How much will have for Buff Shine and fresh nit and the obtaining of that exuberance what is near uttry for the duties of coming Lif no one can feel More thankful than do for the advancement of Comtoi tie printing of Bouk appropriate for the multiplier Tion of philosophical the it Ublish ment of Normal provide for our children teachers of Lar Gest arc themes on which Ever philanthropist ought to to congrats but this herding of great i Multi tubes of children in ill ventilated school rooms and poorly equipped Halls of instruction is making Many of the places of knowledge in this country huge Holo politics in Many of the cities gets into educational and while the two political parties Are scrabbling for honors Jephthah daughter it in to much so Slutt there Are Many schools in the country today which Are preparing tens of thousands of invalid men and women for the to that in Many places by the time the Childs education is finished the child is finished in Many in Many cities of the there Are Large appropriations for everything else and cheerful approx but As soon us the appropriation is to be made for the educational or moral interest of the City we Are struck through with an Economy that is Well nigh the death of spake the Kucate in connection with this i mention what i might Call the cramming system of the common schools and Many of the facade of delicate brain Corn polled to tasks that might Appal a mature children going Down to school with strap of Boole half As High As the fact in some of the cities parents do not allow their children to graduate for Tho simple Rea they we cannot afford to Al Low our childrens health to be destroyed in order that they May gather the honors of an tens of thousands of children educated into so connected with Many such literary there ought o be asylums for the it is and crowd and cram and stuff Jam until the Childs intellect is be and the memory is Aud Tho heal this r Are Chil Dren turned out from the schools who once were full of to tuning and laughter and had Cheeks Crimson with health who Are now turned out in the afternoon Pale old before their it is one of Tho Saddest sights on an old mannish boy or an old Romanish girl girls 10 years of age studying algebra 3oys 12 years of racking their brains Over trigonometry 1 children unacquainted with their Mother ton no crying Over French and German is sons All the vivacity of their nature beaten out of them by the heavy Beetle of a Creek lexicon and you doctor them or and you give them a Little mod Cine for Aud you wonder what is lie matter with i will Tell you what is to matter with them they finishing their in my Parish in Philadelphia a child to pushed at school that she was thrown into a and in her dying All night she was trying o recite the multiplication in my boyhood i remember that in on class at school there was one lad who new More than All of us put f we were fast in our he extricated when we stood up for he spelling he was almost always head of the visitors came to his fathers and he was almost always brought in As a at 18 ears of ago he was an he lived years an idiot and died an not mowing his right hand from his or Day from the parents and the each Era made him an the Al Flats of you May flatter your Pride by forcing your children to know Inore than any ther but Yon Are Maming a sacrifice of that child if by the additions 0 its intelligence you Are making a sub action from its the child will go away from such maltreatment with 10 exuberance to fight the Battle of such children May get along very Well while you take care of but when Rou Are old or alas for them through the wrong system of education which Tivey have no Swarth Force of character to take care of be careful Howcott the Childs head ache or its heart i Hoar a great Deal about Black mens rights and chinamen rights and in and women would 3kd that ski nobody would Rise to plead for childrens right the carthaginians used to sacrifice their children by put ing them into the anus of an idol which Trust Forth it the child was put nto the arms of the find no sooner touched than it dropped into the but it was Tho Art of the Moth ers to keep the children smiling and Tho moment they there May be a fascination and a Hilary by about the St Lesof education of Binh 1 am but it at the moment of Ood there Wero Only one j Eph Bedik sub to by there Are Ninny parents who arc sacrificing their Clr Wren with wrong systems of great or too there Are children in families they Como to Tho the High chair in which Tho infant hits is to and the rattle is Tho and the other children make up the parliament where father mid Mother have no vote such children Como up to bothered no Chance in this world child that Baa never Learned to 1feuoli people the both ration of the Church of god and the Post of thu children that do not learn to obey human authority Are unwilling to Loam to obey Divino children will not respect iia Ronta Whoso authority they do not who Aro Thomao you it men that swagger through Thi with their thumbs in their talking about their fat car a Tho of the Tho Tho old or their Mother As the i old woman they no thou i j in Novar Lennea to re i Spect heard in on the limn of Scro a drop to Gjeto thr1 vows of l the snit nine were the wounded the Bride Lio carpet frying to i Krooni on stanch the the by be v Faro her de and thy minister Wilt thou Befi Yumul unto her dying lips Ehe i Uil in two hours slip had that the Slaughter and thu Rifice of Tho but at i for sin in for it is net a it is a Ali Kincid to Somo Ono 13 Only waiting until his int lick Dies so to get then u Little they i ironed in t to i 11 list then gou1 Bavin do Power to earn u Livoti Hood the sink into some Corner of a two sided Man a queer Jie Lii Lis in is keeping you in the Lark but you can i right Ali rough now in business it is policy to in two everything in Limni Liws should Lerir no Ai Mouree a int Shoukal Milo that cannot lie fulfilled to Hie very it is fior Liis fashion that of business is we Are not owls the Light dont Hurt us crave 1 crave honest criticism i submit Quality and Price for critical comparison with those of any compete the result Soudil not lie a Rains my prices Bear the childrens Kusec pants boys pants mens pants Strong mens strictly All Wool childrens suits boys Vest and Long pants mens Good Quality mens Alpine hats boys Alpine pats mens summer coat and Vest mens Outing cloth Shirls boys Outing cloth so girls boys Outing cloth waists is Tiuli specialities we Otler now mid not 25 off or 50 per or i would have to put it on a fore i could take it 18 main husband an idler aim u ii wife a a slave and spare your denunciations from Jeph Hahs head and expend them All on this wholesale modern martyrdom i lift up my voice today against the of i look out of my window on n Sabbath and i see a group of in who cares for them who prays for them who utters to kind word the Street when the City missionary passing along he Park in new York saw a ragged lad and heard him he said to him my Stop swearing you ought to o to the House of god you ought be you ought to be a Chris the lad looked in Hia face and it is easy for you to Well clothed As you Are and Well but we chaps Saint got no Chance who lifts item to the altar for baptism who Joes Forth to snatch them up from crime and death and woe who today will go Forth and bring them into schools an3 churches Heap them great piles of rags and wretchedness and put underneath them the fires of Sacri stir up Tho put on More fag and while we sit in the churches Frith folded arms and indifferent crime and disease and death will go on with he agonizing during the Early French revolution at Bourges there was a company of boys who used to train every Day As Young Aud they carried a and they and on the Flag this inscription trem tremble we Are growing mightily suggestive this generation is passing and a mightier generation is coming will they be the foes of the foes of sin and ii he foes of or will they be the Flea of god they Are coming up i congratulate All parents who Are do big their Best to keep their children away from the altar of your prayers Are going to be your 3hildren May wander away from but they will come Back a voice comes from the throne today encouraging i will be a god to and to thy seed after and though when you Lay your head in death there May be some wanderer of the family far away from and you May be 20 years in heaven before salvation shall come to Bis he will be brought into the and before the throne of god you will rejoice that you were pome at although so Long postponed his come at last cheer for the i congratulate All those who Are toil ing for the outcast and the your work will soon be hut the in fluence you Are setting m motion will never Long after you have been garnered for the skies your your teachings and your Christian influence will go on and help to people heaven with Bright which would you rather scene would you rather mingle in in the Lasic great Able to i added House to House and land to land and manufactory to manufactory 1 owned half the City whatever my eyes saw i i wanted i or on that Day to have Christ look you full in the face and i was and be fed me 1 was and be clothed me i was sick and in and be visited me inasmuch Asye did it to the least of my be did it to me Geo Ige attorney at office Yoder Law Corner 5th and Whylie Paoli John Morrow attorneys at 29 main Union attorney at offices in Shipley main Street six doors below former Union 515093 your favorite Home newspaper Ilie leading Republican journal of the United Stales one year for Only the Umo town mews gives All the news of county and As much in Tionel news no Iris other paper of its your Home would be incomplete without the new York weekly Tribune is u National family and gives All the general news of the United states and the it gives the events of foreign in a its agricultural departments has no Superior in the its Market reports Are recognized authority in All parts of the it has separate departments for the Fantilly Circle and our Young its Home and society columns command tie admiration of wives and its general Politi Cal editorials and discussions Are Brilliant Aud a special contract enables us to ofter this splendid journal and the news for one year weekly Price per year the Uniontown total we furnish both papers one year for subscriptions May begin at any address All orders to Boyd attorneys at offices in Boyd Johnsons Law build 515093 attorney at office in Dawson Law near court main prompt attention to collections and All Legal 515093 geor3k tto Tell attorneys at office in Howells Law next door to court attorney at ship Ley 17 East main criminal and orphans1 court j practice a helped to secure 126 i ice ice machine ice in Carload Lou at the i lowest living also cold storage by machinery for Worth of ii ukr and country produce our cold storage department will be i completed sometime id when we i will be in the Market to buy All classes us perishable Fods for which i will j ii the highest Market hates i n cry Seal ice and cold storage Louis ap27 2m Union lows fire alarm attorney at i t i l office on main two doors i a i i h i s Vav a n i i i i West of court 1o Vav relm 1 1 u attorney at i office in Johnson Boyds Law build main take salary or comra1sioi steady work prompt Iupe Nur Esta misled most Complete in i 5 a thwart Avenue and main baht twin Avenue and Talmit Mort Tintown add Bjerkley main Street and Vernon Heeson Avenue Anc Mala arrival Anil departure of irom from Brownsville irom new York and Dun bar and Council s ii s3 irom new York and rom Brownsville from Fairchance from Connell Swillo Ami new from ill Tabu to Pittsburg and s to Brownsville and to new Haven and ii w to East and wet to Brownsville and 7 3t to 1 close thirty 30 minutes before the schedule time of departure of attorney at the write Ellwanger office in Boyd Johnsons Law build second 12k n55f worlds fair Coupon Robert attorney at office in new Semans main or 4s7 Van Hooper Van at Vij tourneys at office 25 East main Morrow Law 71 attorney at East main Union 7ly a Quick and sure Mem april this is to certify that i have used Mayers magnetic drops found great from i have been on the Road for four weeks and have been con stantly suffering from diarrhoea have consulted about eight different physicians in different parts of the country without de riving any Benefit from i arrived in Oakland on Friday the 2sth and bought a bottle of mnycrs1 magnetic drops and am now entirely will 20 tit Philadelphia for Sale by and Dis and a cols in if worlds fair Accident insurance for 30 Coldron opposite subscribe for Tite Tkv Kino it is the news est daily in the Sweet worm powder is it Sale and certain 25 for Sale by tub evening Kows is the Host Adver Isug t attorney at office 38 East main Union App is Johnson Taw Baihui july if main opposite Morgantown capital surplus Josiah Kesab pea3k Thomas deposits received subject to payment on Exchange bought and sold at current collections receive special and careful Bonds bought and sold at current Willuam Sckpsi toss re you it Mandrake pills have i vans jus a Housa Lipold reined v far be von d the Power of language to Tho fun Biily can j too a Latexo hardly be True to itself that does not j Lii keep them on hand for use in opened worlds fair Bureau the accommodation of the readers of mama Takk the news Ivl May be in Chicago during the r t t worlds colombian a Thor i3 the Only vegetable substitute Ough canvases of the i ii dangerous and boarding and lodging houses i Chicago while its action As a curative is fully i has been Ana it possesses Oono of the perilous brings or sends this Coupon to the inter oceans worlds fair Bureau we will give our card of introduction to a firs class boarding or lodging with Otto orb in const Mandrake icus upon Tho bowels without disposing thu in to subsequent Coati Venoss no remedy acis so directly on the so speedily cures sick sour stomach t ind Billiou Ness is these i thousands of men desire to throw of Tho opium or drink but Lack the Hills Chloride of void tablets Are harmless find work a Vry that ii and re lease yourself from it slavery which is slowly destroying your mind and Wrt Wjk in your a Fecit Tho livery Anil feed Stuhle of Wai Roar of Brunswick d a Obla Tiitu on easy Spud Model or not description to us and in a t7v a examinations is u a v 1w to abolished Over thirty up p a h fad Aress Louis Marks i cent of you must Brno this Coupon from your own Home you to get the Betie Fiator Kiis without the worlds fair room inter Ocean bought and sold at current am Socy Sooy civil plans and estimates made or Hull water works Mogis Ami Pitt option Given to inuits Koun Hull Knirs Ami for Ulyst Iii Naces and manufacture i advertise in the the second Mai Oil but Eph Worth Kilp vice John Joseph Sita received payable on de Mand without on Ireland and no to Patron consistent with Safe directors evening Josepht wout1t Joseph Joseph Janem Jamks want to advertisers Are to hand in their copy for locals and displayed Early As to Inman i Tho Day copy in Obj j by 9 1 for Tho Htut Muil

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