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Uniontown Evening News Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1893, Page 1

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Evening News, The (Newspaper) - August 22, 1893, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Make your wants known file wok news Wal out what you the evening consult a knows in th13 live merchants volume August cause of distrust fear of Tariff c responsible of present gloomy a party in Power determined to defy the Laws of Trad Why Prosperity vanishes business mans sound views on the sit new August 22 expos master Cornelius Van one of the beat Busi Ness men in the a written a news paper letter in which he thus expresses his opinion of Tariff tinkering while there is no question in my mind that the uncertainly of the Public mind As to the outcome of the Silver question was largely instrumental in precipitating the Panicky condition of affairs in this coun i not prepared to say that i be Lieve As much depends upon it As upon the lamentable Tariff we were pros Pering until the fact of Cleveland elec Tion made it possible that a revision inimical to the country industries might be carried pm Polk you May Wilson came up from Homestead miss Chat Sterling of Masontown is in Joseph Lewis of Wharton township was Here Forney Miller of Waynesburg is in town on a Short Brant House of Scot ulale visited friends in town a sheriff James Hoover of German township was in town Frank who has been seriously is gradually miss Annie who has been vis iting fiends at returned Lime single copies two greatly the Coke situation Little production still Falls the frock company operating ovens out of Scarcity of currency an embarrassment an operator predicts better times interesting and newsy notes Frorer the Mountain ate unit Henry col ii on the sick Robert Hansel of Summit works is vis it Iii friends and Roll to veil of farming to Deal is up did Iii her Vuc Lioi at Calvin Deans of Ayette mrs Cal was a former t ship and has Many i Trade is in a Condi passed to Workman is Dence with a new cos Char of tins town ends William Mcc Ellan of first end rough Here last sat beautifying his Resi t of Willia Hansel is the last sunday a number of local sport Delancye the company was David Byers of Dunbar came up this 1he Coke t homing and spent a Short time at the jail i during the past week the a Reduci of the fallowing gentlemen Vith Jamea Byers and Squire Cani f Oun bars substantial i Tisci a hrs in town i lion fell Olf but not at such an alarming Thomas George Charles two j Rac As talc eel mid this week Marion Carroll Lieb Are Visias brought evidence of improve uni Charles who were very desirous Mckenna of the Brownsville Mon Tor was in town this some the Oliver company fired 100 of i to c3tpore the beauties of this Subterran their Idle ovens and by tomorrow they c1 Eavern and to recall its past will be turning out the Friek Coke company Are operating ovens travelling passenger j gent of the is of their the Cave is situated about eight Miles from Here and the route is through a very picturesque part of the Mountain which gave the boys a Chance to study it3 Mun Mammoth and Leisenii Dune i no 2 ran be dals an1 tue balance of Samuel a former teacher of Bruce Star Liff came in from Masontown bricks works in operation ran three who lives at Fairchance we in m morn Tryr new i the f 1 Chi h As ji1 the Mcclure Coke company Are run this Section town on this morning to participate in the Union a Falls headfirst into a receiving fatal a Cas pipe standing Pene trates his giving a wound that speedily causes death work on Pittsburg con Nells Vollea Small teaching to pollards instructions tote Aoh ers at 2 Oclock monday afternoon mrs pol Ard resumed her instructions in primary she was greeted by a larger audience than Ever Ami the teachers paid strict attention from beginning to end she methodically outlined her work for the afternoon and a successful teacher teach the our Wor Ken Guin were crat of prominence and Spe i de and enjoying larger wages than Ever he fore but distrust came to the surface As soon As the enemies of the nations pros won their and distrust has broadened into and fear has played its part in forcing the weak to the Wool and giving pause to thousands of Mills have closed hundreds of thous ands of labourers have been thrown out of the manufacturers of the United states cannot Tell where they they see a party in Power determined to set at Debacc the very Laws of Trade that made it possible for them to Prosper and develop the nations Indus the Day in town on business Oliver Mille August a German living on the Barrows above the Davidson Coke get with a fatal Accident about i Oclock he was engaged in sinking a at his Home and succeeded in getting he Hole Down about 30 he had Ruck no water at that so he con used to to a Little he had Drill d a Bole in the had put Oila blast of rna mite and started Down the Well to see in effect of the when about 15 it from the Bottom he was overcome by r 11 e Gas which accumulated from the explosion and fell to the Bottom of the i head cutting his head in a horrible manner and inflicting several painful a Gas pipe he was using in the Well was standing on its end and in the full he struck the pipe which ran into his Side causing an ugly and dangerous the livery was passing the House at the time of the Accident and assisted in getting the unfortunate Man out v us of the wel1 he was carried into the Ami wife came up from the shipments for the week ending sati his had Ica sew Coke in Conlous stud t was a first to primary grades and the word form to advanced the system will make the teachers work More pleasant than the old and not so As the children do most of the the teachers should repeatedly review the preceding lesson to show the pupils How the letters Are blended to get pupils should not be allowed to read a sentence until they have marked the words the letters arc associated or grouped in families for the Snake of the Pupil should be Able to Tell when or Why the letters Ofa word Are pollards method of Reading appears to be a combination of the Tow Allentown Ball game Hugh Reagor of a j Ning 393 of their 103 at there have teen no changes at j t Tain a Bare living is persons from this Section were j still the resumption of work of a Cuic at Boyd Mcmullen works of Rainey co bran and Switzer and wife registered As l what is known As the Independent visitors to the worlds fair those noted being Idle last week Are o Wor o a Gray of Balsinger Surta for the j number of Iron and steel Planis noted in j Are pork a Good time West after a week at the worlds i the press this week will stimulate the i Thomas Knox of Gibbon Glade recently fair he will visit friends in grand j Coke Trade and operators look for improve re naked to your correspondent that he ment from now had contemplated building a Hennery at Brownsville this morning to visit Mili urday lost were a decrease of ovens Clr and utilize them to Mij lers who is lying very this does not represent Tihe mass Blanche Storr of Brownsville Lougnot of wus of this the mme he further arged turned Home yesterday after a few Days Yards and More was loaded into cars iries they see a party in president visit to Ber Brant Hook sidetracked to await a destination nud who would overturn the Well defined and successful lines upon which the country has been Yalu Ray the quickly responding machinery of com Merce and manufactures has Felt the in or in Beatty of dumb town he is a prospective candidate for amount of Coke produced from the Active that Tlle could be Ilc for the next ovens As Home Coke was stocked in the j could be leased for less and i the building of a Hennery Knox is one of Bartons the shipments were distributed As Folk Bra est Intilli Clit Young men and keeps a in lows to Points 760 cars to Points i be on the i town was summoned and dressed his in Osborne was a industrious i Coal and has a wife and he grew steadily worse and died this Michael better known As j Tricky a Foreman for Talbot was taken before the Burgess on d suspicion of being Peter Karns who i the word and the phonic methods teaching a child to Pollard continued her work this a Good audience was present and gave Good a number of school directors and other educational friends were Wood of Brownsville was present and aided Wood was a former Allegheny teacher and the Glrst teacher to use this method in those she followed the line of work outlined after considerable coaxing the in particular the female did some this method is Ortho Epy simplified for the after the child the Bullet fatal doctors testify at the har Flinan the murdered mans funeral to take place tomorrow at 10 information of Mur Der yet made against Watt in quest to be continued this afternoon the coroners jury in the Case of Wil Iam Hartman examined the physicians at Rouer buttons office yesterday Para Hall and Bat on testified to the location of the Bullet and the nature of the wound and All arc f the opinion that the wound was Neces warily a fatal the after Oldin the Post stated that it not have been possible for Hart my to have the witnesses to the shooting failed to Pucar and the inquest was adjourned in 1 the funeral of Hartman will take place t 10 Oclock interment in acc Grove attorneys Hertzog and it is will defend Watt whup his cose comes up in Courtr and will assist District at Torney Jeffries in the prisoner Watt had a Large number of visitors several relatives called for the time and expressed their sym he is a prospective can 470 care to Pittsburg and River Hill and three gentlemen the state Senate and never Points 425 the shipments for the came to the Mountain on last Friday an neglects to fix his political fences when he previous week were removed i he remains of an infant child i Bady wanle1 at for l visits some of the Coke companies Hove had i belonging to or and Hill from i felonious by hooting John Kenny july pulse of the counter current of the demo misses Belle and Lyra Lenihen left considerate difficulty in securing currency Browns cemetery near Eui Ottsville the i Michael the description and the cratic party avowed depress this morning to visit friends in to make their pay Rolls and in several i child was buried 11 years ago last March i thought had dead sure As i have have i Morgantown and they clues us High As six per and to be the remain j will be taken to Smock and i Ihme of the Man the holed the Public had it not been drove in a buggy and expect to be gone paid to the Hanks for the if this i the rough Box was in a fair officers want has the Ini Lor this overwhelming sentiment respect two state of Aoa irs continues and the Money state of Prear vation trials on his when Tricky after her lesion she leave returning in about six weeks i to note pupils j fifteen of the 19 teachers of North Accident to a child news of peo 1011 township and Oft so 14 South Union i pie and things August Sterling r accompany the Ball club to cum two South Mon directors were would have been j Brownfield of the Market does not improve it will be a Aioli j Mickys firm was examined the initials who was at Uniontown local the Pittsburg Ball club vill not Plav at Uniontown this it being Imossi disparity might have been easily in with our manufacturing establishments i our labours there must still have been a full volume of currency in and a resultant Confidence maintained in retail and wholesale ble to am d e have a prosperous by nature we have abundant crops we have everything at hand to develop our re sources and add to the Prosperity of the it is it is a to trifle with these to the the impoverishment of our it is an Issue above a situation that demands Broad shall we find the solution by our present leaders new offered to take their earnings out of the j As the earnings Are not workingmen of families will Lind no effects of the drouth severely Felti hardship or As they now visitors in i have to be very economical to Muke ends and l the water Street f his residence fitted up with a j Railroad and other items from the August Utt is still in a critical expected at any Oliver Huhn is Home his demise is j from Urlahs miss Plo Conner has returned to her Home in miss Ella Provance left yesterday for an extended visit to friends in Greene John Dietrich of Marion was a Visi Tor Here Rezin Debolt and family of Uniontown and Thomas Wil one of the Best and most com As of the kind in the i August Jen t lives Gib Soll came up on the Church train it was stated today on Good authority of life anyhow i j boat a mile from says he has been i Saluel Isaac Abraham and the Outlook an dealing his Are of Lubing on the tue appointments in the Revenue service some time this Mccollough of this town has decided to join the Cumberland Ball club and will leave for that place on Pitcher Brown will also play with Cuni Down Parade of a Black Flag carried As a sign of the j miss Jennie a the Outlook is encouraging snid an us City with Hei and Hook for better things in Fike Thomas ofdu7kliollow pm Tow i Side of the Neuen Days or two his store to Daniel i the sheep killing dogs lately made a j great year for j mi3 on belonging to George i the Bro that make a the a valuable horse belonging to John x one Hibbs died last mosquitoes i should say Seymore Smith on the Sik list exclaimed genial Captain Veazey of the Clark Brown his new House about i Steamer Enoch it had been asked ready for occupant a i his i lace and Cari Rev j to and grand Ann Miller of Brownfield i from a visit to her in i Ephraim daughter Cora Are visitors in ca8hman the roof Ofa House occupied by Audy 1 Day at Public he will leave on he Jaile Shaw on Sheridan Avenue was discovered j following Day tuesday for Wisconsin to who h b to fire last an alarm was i resume his ministry in the Wisconsin j ffenbau8h at Loc on hand and extinguished the flames j and whence he came the people j return misses Emma and Lottie Antram of Waynesburg were visiting miss Sterling working for came As not Able to it Are billions of them Down j j the pm wire Reicen Luthere was a Iti but twice that number followed in the swarmed about the the there was no ois twas and hungry Orrin the to Tel Lent and seemed to want a Square an j a patrol of mounted j from the Way we Felt a Flea we got away he nud in they must Hare got they Are bad without much the fire caught Here regret to see Hin shool picnic feed in they cd i Man and wife return or yesterday the interesting notes and news of peo ple and August Young sters stole All the apples from Bry Orchard they fired a tree which burned Down and fell across a wire causing much further if that Young who stole the this chief Cea from the committee will say that polic he is hungry and that he is too Lazy or too Jonesn to and Wili to can have the Sai to take miss Hannah Wood of Uniontown visiting miss Nannie starving he tie pics moslmtoe8 i Avent been i Imu with a High but no Jat Why the mosquitoes Are so oni Bard of attended Chireh Here Sunj Whitsett ind Jay Colwell of Bull skin i Circle of than any other on one end of the j serous this year no one seems to township were both charged with Bein of the 14th they were each fled 51 and i of the firm of which blowers was the Little daughter of George fell Down the cellar Way be Stein Day injuring Fer self consider score of 11 to 5 in favor of the Home seven wagons and 14 horses belonging to contractor Valleni arrived Here last supposed night and the work of excavating for the paving of Pittsburg Street was started this the contractor has also in creased Bis Force of men and the work i will be pa3bed to a finish As fast As nos and Kevin of wanes on the Arm of Jeremiah while j burning a log Heap the ire broke out de i stroking three Large j to contain at least 10 tons of Choice Timo thy i misses Nora and Ella Johnson will leave thursday for the Ebensburg Cycle came on the visited Sta Walker of will ave n Dunbar is flite White by its of the i tested but afraid of tue i were Here Burgess Kurtis docket contained two mice in a Makh r r t mass Mollie daughter of Enoch names this William Sidney of i perhaps he Best known and has a wider mice in a match Box cause a loss j the Corn crop in this owing to j the Long continued is almost a i total but what is lacked i a new in Corn will be offset in an Abun Hack for j Dant yield of Campbell David Lewellen and family j threshed 93 bushels from a 3acre Ife friends at Salem bad 14 acres that averaged 26 bushels per j Silas previus of Uniontown Rooe out on cart i his bicycle sunday to see his j twin Osbjorn passed through i i heading for the where he expects j fre at to arrive in time for the twin is i Mij Torrin Workman the Dunbar Cornet band serenaded i on the half Cay the line was Albert Wood and his hide last j nother Black which the follow a aft of tins band had completed their Serei los on it in the Naethe coloured band on the 1iraty scene and the serenade was a great Many persons attribute the Ini ilis6 Hazlett from the Vicinity of Pitts Creasa to the wet while j dvrs a spending a few weeks with her i others say the mosquitoes Are jest like i John of August coders general store on Pittsburg member came Here and settled the uni f0 cau8llt fire this morning at 1 miss Alice Creel is rust Cating ale when the reached the City mayor Lia Yues was standing the at who Are these men7 be wife and two Are Black be cried take Down that no one March thru ugh i these unless i lie and stripes tin kept out of the men Vinar Kubly inn of i Kii ins in Erlb Norrs near tie the l Leif spending a few Days in Are Samuel who has been employed j sight for in Johnstown for the last is it Home i City for a Short the parties who attended the Farmers club picnic and carried off a number of tin would not lose any of their Good reputation by returning the the covered Drain at the North end of Dunbar Street is becoming dangerous and a Little time spent by the Street committee would not be spent in James Hawker bad a violent attack of cholera Smith was at Ohiopyle on a Busi Ness t rip yester thers is trouble in the Church and the if not allayed break Forth with neighbouring Rne Hof Ormed Church at Idlewild will celebrate its Centennial George Skinner is expected to charge of the Pittsburg pension Ajr ency september George Macbeth a of Pittsburg will at once build a new Glass Plant employing 500 men at Wafic Field and wife of West Ini clout race course cleaned out a two or three years in which they Are comparatively will be a tremendous this was the View Porter is moving into her i paid accounts at about 90 cents on the before the fire could be got in the Farmers Here Are becoming alarmed new House on Prospect Street opposite the Brooks lumber was sold it con Der contro1 the building was nearly con on the account of the dry water j Catholic stables Sale last saturday and Settine Dunlap Creek is eni Frank Goldsmith and sister Are j about 50 per of the indent can Drake Stratton have received an and taken by a party of Steamboat men who tirely dry so far As running water i visiting friends at new York a Brake Totoa one of the wharves along Light is burning live Stock is principal elect of the Public Dit ional of Street yesterday and grumbled about the j being sold at lower prices than for Many i is Here and is g Aino Quito which Lead just j the Corn crop in Many Fields will i in shape for the open ii rce of 25 and the contents were the Stock in the store was valued at on which there waa an insurance of one policy of is in the arrived on one of the boats landed on her View was in and de Howard of Masontown were visiting u i children he wont bother anybody else in this Yere Vale o i not corrected tame i dont m know that a he of Teeter Ner i by i it others anybody ifs the females no that mass All the trouble in this i Veck and that applies Coskeet most the Sams i eve Sand wife and lid As it does to Woiner if alls taters j Hackney Are at the worlds were bus we Woolin t have any trouble from just Thestine As if All human i were men wed have things More 1 etting Gan town end of their con i ing of the schools i is nearly ballasted to the j be almost an entire Wool 30 cents next monday f j per Frank exp Cas the was Large Frame s for the visitor i attacked on the owned by i Fuore and James Mccune enter the soldiers j miss Grace Knight and miss Anna i was valued at it was insured for three Connellsville men have an in the guardian insurance exciting i the fire company did splendid work and the festival St dearth tast saturday Braden Hurst of Sonerville is Vul August j prevented a spread of the the evening was a a Large crowd i iting friends and relatives an it temp to play the Jesse James game i positive origin of the lire is unknown but Edna who was injured in a by three near this town last night j that it was caused by mice n Iray was brought Home last i pro cd a decided Harvey i a match w a n did 1 there s bother Skeeter done i orphan school at Jumonville the first of i Cray of Uniontown Are visiting miss 1 or remarked the with Satis Blanch bobbins of main Street or quiet and a he Skeeter the Encampment August i Encampment and reunion of id soldiers she is More comfortable and wiil i Corse Snyder and Herbert Frise cd of j left yesterday evening in White Rock iia Carriage for Ellsworth Park j August was a the coloured club Robert the popular held i Dai for White the the party had got about a i Phillips of Dunbar Lead the service and defeats the Greensburg team by a mile out of town when three tramps up preached a a Fine company score of 24to i geared in the one of them grabbed i were with the cuban the crack coloured the bridles of the horses and the others will Keach and Bert Doest live go Down along he the grounds enclosed by the rail Newton have celebrated the anniversary of their he is ft4 and she at the Westmoreland county sep tember 5 to n Southern including products from u different Southern will be an interesting the Nhi Biu Reni fire flt ced up for n Ball the Home i will play three games with the Tari Byce Niimi club on the three last Days of the i Brycc of this town Mother of other athletic exc cacs will Lake son died Las she was about i 70 yen the a Maxim will in interred j so arrive it today at lie ice facet t Small pox in town proved John Batton today unit a col Rod Man who and been loaning bunt the i tables in the fair grounds was taken ill from overeating and thai the report was Iho he and licensed to Thomas Bertha dumb r August Mill ithe incest county he succeeds a synolds Hati Besimi named for r at conf Enn ton and Border at Hosip pottery firm the Fai luf of the Nuci not to fool with the band Wagon they play a Ray everything was Ninmer Villcis Little child that Lye last May instill dangerously ill i from the of just arrived at the ice factory a car Supply fancy or tremble Leinow and fancy Ito i these Nojd Switi be so Iii right irom Baltimore Price now is the time buy As mix u Vind lint Are 2ht the old Mode the homely in the Tumath
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