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Uniontown Evening News Newspaper Archives Aug 21 1893, Page 5

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Evening News, The (Newspaper) - August 21, 1893, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Wifely it makes of Mars the fortunes of on m Ort in Tate Choeor for his subject today one of special interest to the gentler the Monitor it it u Iii i stranger we wore Ait the of the House whispered with Bis Hud a Tui thought Ilia destruction woo being then the Viau of the House cute for wed and said to the stranger Strau we Are u rough acid rude people out an tip Tavis Ana an i i Ryuei Butr Whu Kouth waa in this country there were Tuurie Ladin who got by pre my thug him very gracefully with Bou of on Public but what we All that compared with the work of the Plain hungarian Mother who to truth and civilization and in Mac i to q and we work hard for a we the cml of Nair Mel Liberty a Krowoth make our living by and when we come to the Nightfall to Are and we Are Apt to go to us and before retiring we Itro always in the Hab it of Reading a chapter from the word till woman of my text was great in her when the Prophet wanted to Reward her for her hospitality by asking some pref topic being great of god and making a h you it ii Kings and dont like such if you will just boor nil and the text u it fell on a Day Elisha pawed to Shu we a great i third ugh ill be greatly obliged the hotel of our time had no counter of course Tho part in any entertainment of Olden and the vast majority of travellers must the Horna i then be entertained at private i the Blessing of god 01 Here comes a servant of the and upon the stranger within their on a divine and he must a debut glorious Christian hospitality ferment from the what did she say she declined she said i dwell gut among my own As much As to the want is my family and Iny friends around i dwell Nonong my own what a rebuke to the strife for precedence in All Ages i How Many there Are who want to get a Ritte and it is especially fur great in her kindness toward gods Mes wished for his chair to bit Esua May have been a Stran a table from which to a can Leger in that but As Dugi found by which to read a bed on j out he had come on a divine Mission he which to slumber the whole establish was cordially to have a ment belonging to a great and Good to great Many in on Day about the Man hardships of ministers and the trials of her husband was a godly Christian i wish somebody but he was entirely overshadowed would write about the Joys of by his wife just As now the Christian Amis trabout the sym you sometimes find in a household the wife the Center of dignity and influence and not by any arrogance or pre but by Superior intellect and Force of moral nature wielding Domestic affairs and at the same time supervising All financial and business the hand on the of the Bank f ing on the worldly you see hundreds of men who Are successful Only because there is a reason at Home Why they Are if a Man marry a honest he makes Bis if to marry n the lord help him the wife May be a the silent partner in Tho there May be Only masculine voices Down of sex but Thero oftentimes comes from the Homo Circle a potential and elevating a supeb10r this woman of my test was the Superior of her As far As 1 can was what we often see in our Man of Large Fortune and Only a modicum of intensely sitting a Long while in the same place without moving hand or you responding yes if you say responding eyes half Mouth wide maintaining his position in society Only because he has it Large but his my text was a great her name has not come Down to she belonged to that collection of people who need no name to distinguish Itiat would title of Duchess or Princess or would Escutcheon or gleaming to this woman of my by her intelligence and her challenges the admiration of All Ages Long after the Brilliant women of the court of Louis Xiv have been and the Brilliant women of the court of Spain have been forgot and the Brilliant women who sat on mighty thrones have been Lime Grandfather will put on his spec and holding the Book the other Side the Light read to his grandchildren the Story of this great woman of san nem who was kind and courteous and Christian to the Good Prophet she was a great in the first she was great in her uncivilized and barbarous nations Honor this Jupiter had the surname of the and to was said especially to avenge the wrongs of Homer extolled it in his the arabs Are punctilious non this and 4imong some of their tribes it is not until the ninth Day of tarrying that Tho occupant has a right to ask his who and whence Art Thon if this virtue is so honoured even among How ought it to be honoured among those of is who believe in the which commands us to use Hospi Utility one toward another without grudging of course i do not mean under this cover to give any idea that i approve of that vagrant class who go around from place to place their whole life time perhaps under the auspices of some benevolent or philanthropic Socie quartering tie selves on Christian with a great pile of trunks in the Hall and carpet bag portentous of there is Many a country por son ago that looks oat week by week non the a minors arrival of Wagon with creaking wheel and Lank horse and dilapidated come under the auspices of some charitable institution to spend a few weeks and canvass the let no such religious tramps take advantage of this Beautiful virtue of Christian graces of not to much the of your diet and the reality of your abode will impress the Friend or the stranger that Steps across your threshold As the of your the informal Ity of your Tho reiteration by grasp and by look and by a thousand insignificant of your earnestness of there will be High appreciation of your Wel although Yon have nothing in the Brazen candlestick and the Plain Ohata to offer Elisha when he comes to most Beautiful is this Grace of Hospital Ity when shown in the House of am thankful that 1 am pastor of a Church where strangers Are always Welcome and Thero is not a state in the Union in which i Havivi not heard the affability o the Nesboth of our Clinch complimented but i have entered churches where ther no a stranger would Brand in the Vestibule for awhile am Ihen Makul pilgrimage no the Long aisle to door opened to him flushed and exited and he started Back and Cominto some half fillet Pew with apologetic air entered whip occupants glared on him with a Loo which to if i away with such accursed in decency from the House of god i be every Church that would maintain lord patties All around about the kind about Tho genial considerations f does sorrow come to our Home and is lore Shadow of the there Are us dress of hands to and Many who weary not through the Long night and hundreds of prayers Gong up that god would restore the sick s there u brimming cup of Ca Day placed on the pastors Are Lere him to drink of lat cup and who will not be comforted he is stricken for some Ody to write a Book about the rewards f the Christian about his sur soundings of Christian sympathy i this woman of the text Wab Only a re of thousands of men and women who come Down from the mansion and rom the cot to do kindness to the lords i suppose the men of Sannem and to pay the but it was the Large earned Christian sympathies of the women of Shoem that looked after the cords this woman in the text was great in her behaviour under Hor Only Bou had died on her a Ery Bright Light went out in that House Tho sacred writer puts it very tersely when he to sat on her in writer goes on to say that she sex nees until then yet it is Well great in Prosper this woman was great in the Sahara of where Are Trio feet that have not been listened on the hot Sands of this great Baharav where arc the shoulders that pc not Bent under the Burden of grief where is the ship sailing Over Lassy sea that has not after awhile been aught in a Cyclone where is the Gar of earthly Comfort but trouble hath itched up its fiery and panting team and one through it with burning Plo share f disaster under the pelting of Ages f suffering the great heart of the world tas burst with navigators Tell us about the and he Amazon and Tho Danube and the i Mississippi have been but who can Tell the depth or length of the great River of sorrow made up of tears and Lood rolling through All lands and All bearing the wreck of families and f communities and of empires foam boiling with the agonies f years Etna and Cotopaxi and Vesuvius have been but who has Ever sketched the Volcano of suffer no retching up from its Depths the lava my the scoria and pouring them Down he Ridas to Helm the nations if i Ould gather All the the Woken into a Harp i would Ilay on it a Dirge such As was Nerer mythology its Tell us of Gorgon and Centaur and and geologists Tell us of extinct species of but greater than Gordon or and not belonging to the realm of and not of an extinct is a monster with Iron jaw and Iron hoofs walking across the and history and poetry and in their attempt to sketch it and describe have seemed to sweat great drops of thank there Are those who can conquer As this woman of the text conquered and is Well though my property be though my Chil Dren be though Iny Home be broken though my health be it is it is Well there is no storm on he sea but Christ is ready to Rise in the finder part of the and hush it there is no darkness but the Constella ions of gods Sternal love can illumine and though the Winter comes out o the Northern sky you have sometimes seen the Northern by All ablaze with auroras that seem to say come up this top this Way Are thrones of Light a tween gothic and and who mid not Tell a figure in plaster of pane Oro palmers White and Ould not know a boys Penc Iling from Ier stadts who buy arge libraries by the Square buying Lese libraries when they have hardly cough education to pick out the Day of in almanac to Many there Are riving to have things As Well m their or better Thuril their Neigi and i Tho struggle vast fortunes re exhausted and business firms thrown nto and zen of reputed Onesty Rush into astounding of course i say nothing against refine sent or splendor of sumptuous Ness of lavishness in neatness in is nothing against theurin Tho Bible or out of the god does not want us to prefer mud Hovel to English or unmanned sheepskin to French r husks to or the clumsiness a boor to the manners of a who Strung the Beach with tinted Lell and the grass of the Field with Tho news of the night and hath exquisitely need morning Cloud and Robin red wanta is to keep on Eye open to i Beautiful and on ear open to 1 Beautiful Anil on heart pen to All elevating senti what i want to impress no disorders and re Pilate the Tor each and this woman of the Teit was great which prevents headache and n her Faith in and she was i Kii of ashamed to talk about it before idol woman will never appreciate j worlds pair Accident insurance i what she owes to christianity until she for so Coldren f inf Lotta t k k n nows and sees the degradation of her de Witch Hazel Salve cures de wit s Witch Hae i Salve cures and seas of and the splendor o an eternal come no this Wellco the a tempest be tossed on perilous but cannot be though Wotan enrage the grind and the Tho Promise assures tis the lord trill i heard in Echo of my reit in a very dark when my father Lay dying and the old country minister said to him How do Yon feel now a Yon Are about to pass the Jordan o death he replied and it was tto Las thing be Ever i feel Well i fee very Well All is lifting his hand in a a speechless Benedic which i Pray god May go Down through All the it is Well of course it was this woman of my test a Groat in her application to Domestic i every picture is a Homo picture whether she is entertaining an o whether she is giving careful attention to her sick or whether 4io 19 no pc ing for the restoration of Hir every picture in her Case is a Home i those Are of Ali shun mite woman going ont to a tend to outside neglect the Dut duty of this Beautiful no faithfulness in Public Bei of action can Ever atone for Domestic there 1ms been Many a Mother we by Toni has reared a larg family of equipping them pc i a ten duties of life with Good manners and of the and he m and Christian Princi Turo gallery of and show Yov did not know but that he had fallen into who Lono i Hul Ono Faco that you remember so Well Don of to sat Thero Grea y Tymn Many another news the to Adver after a Milf to Man through Tisaj Modi Limio with it Ron Grace of Christian a Good Man travelling in the far in the was overtaken by night and and he put in at a he saw firearms along the beams to adv Orewn requited to mind in their copy for Din played eur m newly m to ii ure an insertion the Awe Day copy of would Boiu Thi thoe by to a Safe and sure cure for Catarrh Hay fever is Mayers magnetic it Utrah a three Mont Lui treatment for and absolutely it is used by vapor in find is the Only Medicine that reaches the a fleeced parts and sure to for Sale by All druggists and and drug Daw ask you druggist a for Mayers Little White pills for sick say that Mayers magnetic remedies have no equal in tills try them and take no take Mayers magnetic drops for diarrhoea and All summer for Wile by All druggists and Gaddis Dun and Neffo thousands of men desire to throw of the opium or drink but Lack the Hills Chloride of Gold tablets Are harmless and Piork a positive try them and re lease yourself from a slavery which is slowly destroying your mind and wreck ing your nervous All that experience and skill can do to produce has been employed in making de Witts Little Early the result is a specific Lor sick bilious Ness and Constina kid be wit Mimi 24 Jull Tiu Avenue Tut jul tit 32 Moreau Uwin Ami hark by Alula Marc tit hmm Varnoti ill 53 Llu Esou Uva Tiu mud Muir Kurti arrival Aud departure of Maik from frying new York Kijuu Lar from new Yurii Iii from from Niin Chmiell slut Anil new from to Horowi Hville Zuj to new hit vein pm 1 1 to to Kas Atid to Alitt to filth tiry to Tai mulls Cioku a girly before the suliihluu1 Louie of of National Bank one word describes we refer to be Yitts Witch Hazel cures obstinate skin diseases and is a Well known cure for kid to get at the facts regarding hoods the peo ple who take this or read the testimonials olten published in this they will certainly convince you that hoods Sar Saparia possesses unequalled and that hoods hoods pills cure constipation by Restor ing the peristaltic action of the alimentary they Are the Best family hoods Sarsaparilla positively cures even when All others it has a record of successes unequalled by any other med we could not improve the Quality ii paid double the de Witts Witch Hazel Salve is the beat Salve that experience can or that Money can but j kid u is that i main opposite Morgantown capital surplus Josiah ei8ab Bahk Thomas deposits received subject to payment on Exchange bought and sold at current collections receive special and careful on ought not to inventory the luxuries All the talk in the world f life As among the and of ought not to depreciate this woman i skin affection and kid f the when offered kingly i i dwell among by own i Little vegetable health producers de Bonds bought win not con sold at current woman debt to Witts Little Early risers cure Valarious William Jet Tif sex under paganism and Mohammedan her very birth considered a miss sold like cattle in the exam slave of All and at last her i Jody fuel for the funeral pyre of her hns de wills Witch Hazel Salve cures de Vitch Hazel Salve cures kid the my Mai Oruil m i for the whole or any part of a suite of five communicating rooms on the above the shriek of the fire worship third floor the Modisett ap1 is in India and above the rumbling of ply to Daniel 7 court he juggernauts i Bear the million i capital voiced groan of the Best Spring j Urt in Downtrodden her i Medicine and blood have fallen in the Kile and Tigris 1 and the la Plata and on the Steppes of i f she has been dishonoured in i turkish Garden and persian Palace and Spanish her Little ones Tave been sacrificed in the Here u not a or a or an or a or a or n but could Tell a Story of the outrages raped upon geokg11 attorney at j office Voder Law 5th and Wylie i Paoli Corner 8792 John Morrow attorneys at off 2 main thanks to this glorious christianity comes and All the chains of f Union i Worth Vico president John Jose j received payable on Street j mid without f 2i to attorney at i his Vassalage Are and she six doors below former Union up from Ignominy to exalted sphere and i oiso93 Scott Allej comes the affectionate the u bold gentle the honoured Mother to umbel attorney at useful if christianity has i j offices in Boyd it Johnsons Law build so much for surely woman j ill become its most ardent advocate j y h attorney at office in Dawson Law near court main Ireland and and its sub finest exemplification when i come to speak of womanly in my mind always wanders off to i one aged one 87 years we put away for the Georoe about 87 years and before their marriage my father and Mother directors Joseph co Wick Woietth Joseph stood up in the old meeting Honse at j and took non them i he vows of the through a Ong life of vicissitude she lived Hann Essly and usefully and came to her end n no of want Ever came o her door and was turned empty to one in sorrow came to her but was no one asked her the was o be saved but she pointed him to the when the Angel of life came to a neighbors she was there to re oboe at the starting of another immortal when the Angel of death came to a neighbors she was there to Robe the departed for the we bad often heard when leading Amily prayers in the absence of my a 0 i ask not Fornix Chil Dren wealth or but i do ask that hey All May be the subjects of thy comforting Gracel her 11 children brought nto Thyl kingdom of she but one More and that was that she might see her Long absent missionary and when the ship from China anchored in new York Harbor and the Long absent one passed Over the threshold of his paternal Home she wettest Thon thy servant depart in for mine eyes have seen Oliy the prayer was soon it was on autumnal Day when we Gath ered from afar and found Only the Honse from which the soul had fled she looked very the hands very much As when they were employed in kindness for her whatever else we we never forget the look of mothers As to stood there by the casket we could not help but dont she look it was a cloudless Day with heavy we carried her out to the last resting the withered leaves Crri Robled under Hoof and wheel As we and the Sun shone on the Raritan River until it looked like fire but More Calm and Beautiful and Radiant was the setting 3kb of that Ngod pilgrims no More no More no More no More dear Mother Beautiful Mother St acct Isho san Star beneath the Mio the inic spirit rests with i need not Back and show you zen Obia or sen Siramis or Isabella or even the woman of the As wonders of womanly excellence or greatness when i in this moment Point to your own Pic Turo gallery of inc Oryx Anil show you Towell attorneys at a Bales l office in Howells Law j James next door to court Joseph Eli Javies a attorney at ship Ley 17 East main criminal and orphans court practice a helped to secure 126 attorney at office on Mam two doors West of court 5183 j bought and sold at current am Socy potty ukr Smyj attorney at office in Johnison Boyds Law build main Davison Hopwood attorney at i Auu Iii us office in Boyd Johnson Slaw build1 Roaas water works Budges second 120 Egbert attorney at office in new Semans main or 4s7 Vax Hooper Van at v tourneys at office 25 East main Morrow Law 7 civil Westing Hauae plans and estimator made Tor raid special attention Given to a take fou Bui minors and in for furnaces establish mount a advertise a two sided man7 an to i but you it it bad to in no i mince lie is Kim Ipin now in Liu Jarn tiling in should Ikhi l knt should he in talc Lylial in full Illel to tins very it Ufler this Yimsin cow is we lire not owls v dont lint us Citico i Cravo Linest criticism 1 Suh Niit Nail Imd Price for with those of any not lie 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All parts of i the it has separate departments for the family Cir Cle and our Young its Home an society columns command the Ndini Nitsou of wives and its Gen in political editorials and discussions Are Ziril giant and a special contract enables us to Otter this journal the weekly news Lor our cold so Wixo department will be rcmef7 far beyond the Power of completed sometime in when we i the family win be in Tho Market to buy nil of Pei Shulilo goods for which we ill hardly be True to that dots not keep Lium on hand for it in err one year for i3st Only Niiya the highest Mak Kkt Baths in a lycia Crystal b and cold Sio Raje j Louis np27 2m Mann Mandrake patents patents caveats Trade Marks i is Only vegetable substitute for j that Dang Orons Siul i while its notion As a eur Ilive is fully it none of Tho perilous i Roin Nar Price of the two papers is Muy Licitri a noisy terms i smut inoiu1 of Drin Voitik s and Luscri Ilioiu to us and i will to Tho tits listed aver thirty Halliel i i i mainiraki1 talc subsequent Ost i no remedy ads so Diroll nothing Spott Lily n sour Sio Uzuh 1 and As upon Tom 10 a local and general news in tub 1 any Vito Una address on t postal soul it to George Hoo in to Namuo now York and a Sample the new Youk ask wkly Tiu Unk will be Isiah Etc 10 All to tz3ze3 1st Uniontown

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