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Uniontown Evening News Newspaper Archives Aug 21 1893, Page 4

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Evening News, The (Newspaper) - August 21, 1893, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Was the news pubush1no half a million Idle nth mlnvi4 Jolo Ilu m for the Dally r r the weekly twins due i Reuben it pc in fault to mail August Republican county Tor Law Edmund Keppert of ran oboist by and Reno ukr William Binns of Jef Lorson for Byron Porter Foh Henry Smith for Bobbt Powell of North Union James a Viggins of South Union township Foh of Nicholson township George Whyel of North Union township for director of the Isaac Hall of Henry Clay need of sober there Are tens of thou ends of unemployed men in the great cities of the meetings Aro being hold ind resolutions adopted by labor organizations proposing various remedies for the present discouraging condition of there is need of sober counsels in these already the Misc Lief sees its Opportunity for fanning into Janie faint Sparks of resentment that not unnaturally find a place in the breasts of those who Are wining and anxious to work but cannot find the anarchists of Chicago and new York an already making threats and striving to take advantage of the situation to spread their infamous intelligent american workingmen Are not Likely to be led astray by the false and Mon Strous doctrines preached by these would be but in All the Large cities there is an ignorant und vicious class that need but a few words of bad advice to Lead them to desperate this is the class that should to and any attempts at Anarch uprising should promptly be nip Ped in the the political situation in Ohio is thus summed up by the new York Tribune the Ohio democrats have amply earned a and there is every reason to believe that they will get one in Noverr their candidate is Lawrence t and their platform is a cowardly Dis simulation the opinions of the delegates no adopted work firing 100 ovens at Oliver Eop Plant was commenced morning Aud the Welcome smoke is flying this after Coke while disagreeable and is evidence of Axt welds the Chicago Anarch Are again opening thir Mouths and shouting mayor Harrison should Send his police out Nith clubs and give them what they More people have already visited the worlds fair than visited the Centennial at the exhibition is the country is and people travel More now than they did in the pyrotechnic and Donald once known Ai a re Are the Only pennsylvanians in Senate or House that Are suspected of fax Oring free brakeman hartmans sufferings Are but those of the Man who shot him will be Likely to endure while life Temperance columns in Are crowded into the sad announcement made Pittsburg has a woman undertaker and of course theres no nonsense about the Hank of fraud and he slate Sellers May to control All our the idea to co rust Force Uji the it lip ii in Tun Dusute to not sat try the Silver a special from to the tent Kos in Alor Smith Ami of the of Limquee committee1 of tin a Hincu bus left wit fur Sjirk the object of his trip hero was to Lucik into the Silver producing regions of the United and to was seut out by his government to More Purl a Ilary ascertain the of the Silver he Cibrao to Aspen with a letter from president huge Man of the Mollie Gibson it has leaked out since his departure that the bunk of France if establish a Branch it that such Branch might be controlled by a directory pomp03ed of Colorado capital is theban simply sending a Malinger Paris to represent the Parent millions of it in Albo asserted that to Bank would agree to furnish from to or whatever would be required to carry All the Silver produced in Colorado Aud the states for several Yenta with out allowing any to be sold until the Price was fully satisfactory that the rate o interest would not exceed 1 or 1 per cent per propositions could be made at once As soon As the course of events respecting Sil ver were thoroughly Detent sued in United France 1ms a deep interest in the future of and will be quite willing to enter into an amicable arrange ment with the producers of Colorado whereby both parties would receive Ruu Tua it would not be to the interest o France to enter into an arrangement to depress the Price of but on the contrary to sustain it to a proper could Corner there Are but w Large smelting concerns in the and if a majority of those were to go into a combination a Corner of the Silas production of the country could of course France would not be the first to make thu but Smith that if it should come from the other Side it would be accepted within less than one from the time France got the Silver production of the United states under Contro she would dictate the Price of the Metal to England for use in India and compel Al the Silver using nations to come to her for the scheme finds much favor among such Silver producers As your representative fans and Iryll Here if Congress fails to give Silver men better than the Sherman Silver in the India coup cil sold drafts on fourth of a Penny below the minimum rate of 10 Indian Exchange has declined yet the move ments of the exchanges have hardly affected the Price of Silver in an important fact in connection with the Silver and one which increases the distrust of the recommendations o the lord Herschell is that Thi closing of the India mints to free coinage of Silver has nut caused of Sil ver to cease nor Given the expected impetus to the imports of the mints were closed on june Dur ing the next six weeks the Silver from Europe to India amounted to 200 against during the correspond ing period of this decrease in exports to was More than balanced by the increase of Silver shipments to China and the in the same six weeks of to Atlantic last of the seasons Pool Larto excursions via on August the Only re excursion to Atlantic Ocean Cape or sea Isle City will be run by the Pennsylvania rail Road the rate of 10 from Pittsburg and Cor responding la reduced rates from other Oner a rare Opportunity for a most economical trip to any one of the above mentioned prominent watering the tickets Are Eood for return passage within twelve Days thus giving ample time for a sojourn on the shores of the at the Large number of people availing themselves of this really extraordinary offer on the previous runs of the same series vouches for the satisfaction and popularity which these Loprate seashore excursions meet at the hands of the the special train will leave Pittsburg at 850 arriving in Philadelphia a Little after 7 in the the night May be spent in the Quaker City and any regular train taken the next Day for the i he rates apply on regular trains Leav ing Pittsburg at and or on special train leaving at on the above mentioned the special train will be run on the Fol lowing Anc the tickets will be sold at the rates quoted Wost Morton Gahala City Uniontown 00 10 00 10 00 10 x 10 00 10 00 10 it train for detailed information Adf Laww or no ply to Thomas loth fifth miners and Miti Fowman u no nearer Het than to lev a tvs when the Korll in i Midland counties fully Al How Are in South in so critical Titan Cav it Jand Riuli Kitten Nve been collected Row Plymouth and other military centers Hince Thui Orlay in of thy Iii ii the whole District is in a it Etc of sevens i an test Aud and Keri Tiner Are every where looking for signs of approaching mob yesterday miners marched from and the a Homlin Valley to Merthyr 22 Miles Nurt invent of they rioted in the Parish and its envy Goff ajl customs tarill1 War Lidwyn the two countries the feels the Pinch a Uci Iiams Mur lie by tile Cora in off Tali Flint 1ollot of Manl Fulir he unversed and the Riili slopped smashed windows and battered build l men were maltreated by the Robt but after the Reading of the riot the rioters marched a is Pale irom pouty Predd says that troops have been sent to Mert by r As lore trouble threatens tomorrow much More serious things Are Likely to for strikers intend to March from the Rhondda Over the mountains to ebb despite the repeated threats of the strikers to Pun ish Many miners Are still at sentries Are posted at Short distances at the Entrance to ebb and scouts have been sent to the Mountain troops occupy a position near the Minea threat ened by the Advance to Stop the invaders As soon As warning of their approach shall be tub hot kk1 of the fighting Hob thinks to got la the settling a Tobey Bob thinks the United states got Ilio hot end of the Slick in the to tearing sea he spent several years in the Arctic catching Cap Tain Evans looks upon the Gil mile limit a and says the regulations concerning firearms cannot be the combined navies of the United states Ami England could not establish an Elf Active Petrul of those he mild pursue poachers to the reef infested and the perennial Fay would make it an easy matter for Light sealing Craft to slip through the Marine having declared Behring sea to bean open the vessels of All nations Are of course rut it led to plow its Waters and catch seals at nations except the United states and great Whoso subjects Are shut out at certain seasons by Mutual Irr Luiis cholera is a slight Chol Era panic and the police Are carrying on disinfecting measures on a Large especially near the russian where polish immigration is All Public even the roman Catholic Congress at Are stopped for the there is no Netus and the authorities Are confident of their ability to localize the Suim Llod has recently one of Charles Yerkes right hand has fled the and it is s he took with him anywhere from to f in Cash which bad been swindled out of Louii drug to attack the Bower of Bakersfield has telegraphed the governor asking that company g of the sixth in stationed at be called to suppress an expected uprising against the Cherokee clerks in the general land office have been detailed plan town Sites in the Chero Kee outlet and will leave Washington with in the next Day or two for that Slot through the mar manager of the Western was the latter amounted to or More Tau during the correspond ing period of save the found Drahuta this shot does not and Mil not the through the he evidently commit recent fall was due to the policy of the Ted Indian government nud was not the con sequence of a cessation of the was Wotli a the continuation Gold shipments to the to med states is expected to Causa j formerly of wife of a Well shortly a Rise of the Bank of England it Nown dry goods merchant Accident rate to 5 even 6 per some shot herself dead while playing with As Well As Many United financial Are seeking to negotiate Loans the Bankers How an hesitate to let their Money As san they fear the Extension of the present wanted by the american Kex Ness troubles in even Boston llre5 company for robbing that company Banks of High which offer As se1 of was arrested purity of the state of Are treated very a blog Lamton ulan against the movement to Call a convention of the West and South for the new Yorks of the pass enters of the Kara mania under Obser vation in the quarantine Island continue congressman Hopkins Matoh chunk of organizing a commercial papers found on the person of in old Man is a newly gaining who was run Over Aud killed by a new j Jersey Central train Here yesterday it was four persons that the unfortunate stranger was Jefferson Bon Downer of a 110ts on the Missouri note found upon him directed that in Case i her two children and her sister of Accident to him miss May Fuller of were drowned last Madison be quarantine could it pay its i Steinman the was today Coal employing several Hundred by of Alabama and the City has closed on account of the inability of Montgomery of the company to raise enough Money to pay the it is r it known when operations will be Trio yacht race a i health abortive attempt at an Astor cup race took place it came near n finish within the six hour time but us no yacht got in in that time the race is again Aeh in the j colonel egg oils of Patrick a Marine stationed funeral of at kit try who has been missing colonel Joseph Egolf today was one of since has been found in the River largest military funerals Ever held in j this had sanitary in military a lieu arcs o Timve begun wednesday next1 residence wller1 night of have been abandoned on account of the three Otier houses also sanitary j killed by s Hormiz in a j Lor Kate Hoce was killed by a huge Toni Guetl suicide by drowning herself in Stone falling on him while at n Cistern in the rear of her j Hutc Mikhor stint tins san Francisco at new Ike the Cruiser san ii Cisto arrived Are you going Cefous from this locality visiting the worlds fair and desiring to visit friends in the Ami do Well i Oon sult Lime tables and ticket agents of the Brunet ii Qun Civ for Low rates one Way or round from Mii Eago West and pass i Lingo is running tin old reliable photo 72 West main Sweet worm powder w n Rafo and cd ruin 2o for Sale by All Okwit is reported that the sugar refineries on Long Island Are about to shut guard against it is Well to be prepared when summer to guard Jig inst and All summer Mayers a Gucito drops for Disir Noea the Best Way to lot the people know you Timve to sell or Exchange is to advertise in the Cabinet photographs Tuny 3 per it Lingos old reliable Nup c the pos Dovsky the successor of a Lirou von is Secretary of thu Imperial treas will assume the Dutie of theoflice on on thu same Day Baron von Maltzahn will give a Farewell banquet to the of facials of the Trva Vury mid other government depart with the let Milit of Baron von Marzahn from the lipid of the Treasury is supposed to vanish whatever element of obstruction the policy of prussian minister of could meet n the to May be that Bintou von Miil Icahn in but he has been h honorable he could have willingly placed himself in rapport with but the having a profoundly difficult task before him in arranging the new taxation required another burdens of the new Secretary of the Treasury will inaugurate his career by presiding Over a series of conferences to be held by Dele Gates from the Fech rated states of the new taxation according to the sem official press the Federal states have now agreed the tax on bourse transactions he doubled and graduated tax be imposed on wines and the proposal to place a tax on which never met with general has been entirely with drawn from the government became convinced that the placing of a tax on advertisements would adversely affect the business inter ests of the and consequently it has abandoned this proposed method of Ortii siting the Yin Siscoe Zeitung says that the new expenditures incurred or to be incurred through the adoption of the Arney Bill necessitate the raising of Only Marks by new imposts but it is certain tent Miquel will find a majority in the role Stag for whatever measures he May provided the new taxation be to distributed As to weigh Little on the pc ple who can least Bear fur ther tin breach what was expected of Miquel that he would effect a Complete reorganization of the fiscal system of the Empire rather than a Clever manipulation of the system to the end of be caring further tax outside of the official which of course May be depended upon to argue in favor of imy project the government May the financial plans decided so far As they have been excite the keenest hostile count pos Dovsky Kesners meet to the Imperial Secretary ship of tha Treasury helps to Widen the breach already existing Between Germany and caused mainly by the customs Tariff wat now being waited Between the two the new Secretary is a and it is sup posed that he is in close relation to the German Agra Dan mini it is therefore not Likely that he will assist in Huy Way to bring about a reversal of the negotiations Witt Russia looking to the adoption of a com Mercial Russia feels the the Tariff War remains in concurrent advices from every commercial Center show that Russia is feeling the Pinch of the War throughout Southern Russia the prices of All grains Aro Good which costs 75 co pecks per Pound to is Selling at the same Cost of production threatens to shortly exceed the Market the land who Are weighed Down with debts incurred through the Grain famine of last can neither raise further Loans to pay the instalments of their debts now due nor sell their a Price that will per Mit them to meet their de the russian minister of has summoned to Petersburg the chief provincial treasurers to Confer with the directors of the Imperial Bank of Russia on measures to assist the distressed landowners and the Landown ers have petitioned the government to sup port their Appeal to the land Banks for us Grace to meet their opposed to de wit toe pol the novae Yeremya of Petersburg says that the russian who have had Only one Harvest in three find their recuperation blasted by the Tariff the conference Between the Imperial Bank directors and the provincial treasurers will open on tuesday next it is ported that several of the officials who will take part in this conference mean to de Mand that de snities policy be entirely reversed and that the Tariff War be stopped at it is said that these officials be Lieve that it will Only be possible to relieve the distress by securing the reopening of the German markets to russian the extraordinary tariffs now imposed upon russian Grain amounts practically to the prohibition of its neglecting its of the heirs 01 the Commodore Kittson estate have begun suit against the Paul Trust company As executor and claiming that it is wilfully and wrongfully neglecting the interests of its wards and is allowing their property to be sacrificed for the purpose of aiding one of its direct ors to Purchase the same at a Price one half its real signed the 21 officers of the amalgamated association have been Noti fied that the Midland steel company of has signed the scale of the amalgamated to join the United is Learned today that the Louisville courier journal and the Cincinnati commercial Gazette have arranged to join the United a Tot broke the worlds stallion pacing record going a mile in c to decreasing in cholera re turns Valicia show a decided de crease in the guard against it is Well to be prepared when in inc comes to guard against diarrhoea Ami All summer Mayers magnetic drops for cholera and diarrhoea have no equal As a Quick and Safe a it Elf should be kept in every our agents will Supply for Salo Gad Dos and nets drug Daw son for All summer complaints use Mayers magnetic reliable nud prior at All for Sale by nil druggists and Gadris air find a Quick and sure april it hit in to certify that i Btte Uvea May era1 my Aetius Drope i baud grew Relief from i have been on the Roidt for four Aud Boon Coue utly mtg lug from diarrhoea have bowl eight different physicians different of the country without deriving Benefit from 1 arrived in oleum on Friday the 28th Ink bought a bottle of Mayers magnetic drops and am now entirely will South Pitt Philadelphia for sole by and Neffa Dawson cloth no Sain agent Santei for and lit or my Soloni and it for nigh Thi and Cit com oat flt by write at once for St do you want a a a a a a situation have Yoo for to found Caen Lieclie Peoples ear by using the evening news want column youll be to discover How Many answers a Small and will bring the lines o costing Only for three insertions May be Worth Many everybody reads the evening it is unsurpassed As a medium for trial order will certainly convince you that these Are facts sm05mea canker Mouth or does not and pleasant to 25 and for Sale by Frank tin and slate roofing be sure and Call on Denney commercial 46 Church 27 West main electric alarm and time All kinds of electric Donn traction and electrical in Noat Ness and we also Tako orders for Hubber Stamps Evan Branch jy24tf we do not care to blow our Horn too we have been with you for 20 As to our manner of treatment let thousands of old customers we instill at the old and expect to continue handling the Brown Simpson and several firs class organs together with the new household and Standard sewing we keep All kinds 01 musical merchandise and sewing machine anything not in Stock will be procured without additional thanking generous Public for past favors we solicit a continuance of the All goods sold on easy payments and guaranteed As repro come and see us before you 29 dunns stores Mitt Hurtt the leading dry goods and carpet store in the county and where the purchasing Power of one Dollar is greater now than at any time in the history of the dry goods 2000 Yards Best Turkey red prints at pc per 2000 cards Outing flannel at 5c per 2000 Yards fast coloured dark Standard goods at 5c per 5000 Yards heavy sheeting Muslin at 50 per 1000 Yards Gingham at 50 per see our big dress goods we Are showing some Good 50 Inch Black silk and Wool at were All our 75 and 85 cent India Silks now 50 All novelties in dress goods will close at half in Black goods some surprising reductions on new goods just table linens and 50 Large Linen former Price 5oc per now 50 Inch Blacl damask for which you Are now paying 6oc will sell you for 60 Inch Cream damask 35 Well Worth take a look if you cannot Send for Sam can offer you the largest better service and lower do you contemplate build ing a House Are you thinking of making repairs do you want lumber of any kind if you dont make a Purchase until you consult we have on hand a Large Stock of rough and finished Sash and mouldings of All latest improved grates and builders supplies of every estimates on re will be gladly furnished by All lumber and material delivered free within the Borough and address or consult Hustead Kcf twice skin diseases my both Oist mint was trouble it with scr Fula or eco can for a number of years my Ivaa covered with in Vang n solid cruel Londine All Over my Tad and Belniw in lome i laces Lulf in Inch 1 used to yep ointment and am Happy to say thai it cured me n five i cannot Praise it too he ably and will answer any communications re Gard los same i Valiere stamp is enclosed Tor yours 910 Cherry Louis outran Lead to cure granulated Kye Hizir Carliers tech Anil nil Cut Nleona Send Post mid for Liyoi ointment Pennsylvania Southwest the Thor test route to nil Pointa East and four Are ran daily Between unto town and making close connections at teen surf with main Una Lor the and at flt Teburg on station Lor the West and trains run on Eastern Standard on and after train will arrive and depart from stations follows f far enhance boo so 338 616 Redstone 7 01 9w 8 89 619 Sis 6 Fis 7 m 10 27 335 617 11 12 482 7 Pittsburg 60 19 20 5 86 8 a train leaves Fairchance it 7 46 arriving at Uniontown at 8 01 Pittsburg 25 h 35 Iso 4 in b 60 i 43 330 6 s8 7 84 in 31 318 881 50 in 34 6 4f Redstone Junction s s3 11 4 16 7 19 8361132 4 19 7 89 fal Cnance 436 738 a train leaves Uniontown at 6 10 for Fairchance and arrives there at 6 36 Monongahela on and not or trains on this Road will arrive and depart As follows Uniontown leave Kef Stone Junction West Clit Surg 6 so h 3 t 30 868 338 1 m 4 is bus m 4w 54 34 4 m 60s m 528 031 1 so 0 is 0 w 64 pm tubule 7 s5 10 40 6 6 25 9051215 6 1c 33 12 43 6 of m 1 of 701 West 7231002 114 710 Redstone 1 Uniontown 25 Soi 854 435 train leaving Redstone Junction at 4 28 on the Honor Gahala division Waits for 4 31 train on Southwest coming for information concerning rates of Call on or address the following agent Albert far change s Uniontown Samuel Dunbar David Conne Leoville or Western passenger Baltimore and Ohio Pittsburg on and after july trains on this Road will depart from and arrive at depot in Uniontown As follows Hoath Pittsburg my pleasant accommodation Pittsburg accommodation Pittsburg pleasant accommodation South Uniontown Uniontown Uniontown Yugu unto blown 7 06 8 55 11 5 s so 10 45 12 s 10 trains leave for Smithfield at and arrive from Smithfield at and sunday train Smithfield arrives at leaves at on stand a train leaves Uniontown at arid makes connection with Tram going East returning Connellsville at arrives at Uniontown general Pittsburg Lake Erie Cleveland and Pittsburg Short line us Jiuu dision Ana Eastern and new England Short line to Hautau thousand islands and other Fly hog f and summer Home seekers attention take the Lake Erie to Oregon Nebraska and fast for further information Call on any ticket agent on this Road or write to s 6 West main a full and Complete line of the finest clocks and jewelry in the agent for the celebrated eyes tested and glasses fitted without All work and goods Fine watch repairing a

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