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Uniontown Evening News Newspaper Archives Aug 21 1893, Page 1

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Evening News, The (Newspaper) - August 21, 1893, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Make Sotir wants known tar Kwh news Jet what you the evening the the live volume August single copies two some blood spilled saturday an exciting Day at the sporting events end in a Row boxing cloves and whisky a bad Sullivan badly done up Lehman wins the foot race easily local sports strictly in saturday was o great Day for local in fact it was one of those Days when the flair ruled the Roost and polled the rest of the barnyard to pay i in the shape of big round halves and Jim Mccaffrey of a brother of the celebrated Domi Zeik was master of big naming Bills had been posted announcing that Peter the Champion and Billie the Champion lightweight would be present and participate in the at 3 Oclock saturday about 300 Mem Bers of the sporting fraternity occupied sequin the grand stand at Mountain viev a 16 foot ring had been made and at Jim Mccaffrey mounted a moved his arms wildly and proceeded to make a he stated that Priddy and Cochran bad disappointed him an exhibition by local Talent would be and if any were displeased with the performances they could go and get their Money the crowd cheered and Mccaffrey announced that such Morrisey Ofuyu Ion town would open the Sullivan he had on Light Trou White shirt and a big Morrisey had on a red shirt and dark the men went at each other cautiously and Morrisey led with his Sullivan dodged and Morrisey planted a right uppercut which completely floored his of for three round Morrisey made a chopping Block out of the latter got mad and threw upon leaving the ring who was Given the stated that he was sorry that Sullivan got the next contest was Between a couple of coloured sports and was a very tame George Green of this City and John Haiir Gocr of la Mon next went into the ring and gave a Good Frank adhans and George Reynolds boxed three rounds and were followed by Frank mar tin and n coloured Martin won this wound up the boxing contest in the meantime sullivans jag had grown and he wanted while the course for the race Between Balsinger and leh Man Una being Laid out Sullivan went about striking everybody that to Casein his he was knocked Down repeatedly unil finally approached Mccaffrey who is one of pugilist in the Statesel Ilvan struck Mccaffrey a number of times until it grew whereupon the pugilist reached out and swiped Sullivan on the the latter dropped like a log and remained unconscious for 15 min a general baht took place and or Der was the next event was the foot race be tween John Bolsinger of Uniontown and William Lehman of it was won by Lehman by three Yards in 11 Sec there was some Money involved in the race which caused some hot words be tween several local and fights were the Ball Park was in an uproar and Sev eral usually mild mannered men struck pugilistic blood flowed freely and the general revelry was kept up until the shades of evening this when several of the participants hobbled about on they were heard to exclaim what a Good Lime we did have a child badly five year old Edna Hoover injured in a Eph Hoover drove is wife and family to Springfield yesterday and on the Way Home to Connelsville met with a serious when hearing the Sherbondy two Miles from his horse took fright and became and ran the occupants of the Spring Hoover and her two were thrown out and a Fivey Earold received serious one her hips and one Arm were broken and she was painfully Cut and bruised about head and Hoover and her infant Ini vacuously escaped without in the injured child was taken to a neigh Bors and medical Aid was her condition is so critical that the Doc tors would not allow her to be a cancer a dangerous operation was successfully performed yesterday by assisted by Smith of Dunbar and his Stu Simon on Joseph Myers Koff at his Home on Lenox the operation consisted of removing it Malig Nant cancer of the upper Jawbone which necessitated the removal of a Large part of Tho jaw and the gland of the neck which surround the jugular vein and carotid a Myers off is resting Coal still piling the various pools of the Monongahela River Aro now holding about bushels of Tho storage includes the whole distance from the upper pools Down to the should a Rise come new the boats would be i Mola to Mcc the vast amount w the lower about in m that could go Pollard Reading its author gives an to author of the new method of teaching arrived in town this and at once repaired to the pub Lic school building where a fair sized Audi ence of teachers and friends of schools greeted Pollard was introduced by Lackey who wished the teachers to make themselves at the teach ers looked a Little Pale when Pollard opened a Roll of she began by giving an interesting outlining her method of teaching to a begin the system is a slow coach but eventually it becomes the electric the words must be classified into families and not As a single the sound of the words should be the principal object of teaching in first and second by teaching sounds you will Lead the pupils through the speller to the Reader which will be easily the beginning of language is Correct the first lesson should consist of objects by Means of stencils and the first object should be a picture of a ladder which is used As a musical for the vowels and the child should learn the sound of the place them on the ladder and sing them in concert As a class in music would sing the by teach ing the sounds of the foreign ele ment will grasp our language sooner than the letters Are first used in Small types and placed opposite the corresponding letter in capitals on a the Small letters Are called the boy letters and the capitals the Man the printed letters should be Given before the written the most important thing for teachers to learn Are the the Small letters d and the most puzzling of them All and should the taught in connection with a Little ditty and so teaching will never be variety is the spice of life and the Success Ful teacher will not let his work become the teaching of the letter j a very o is a letter that talks in two ways which determined by its the next period was used in asking ques the Alliance big gathering of populist hosts at a african in Mort the under the management of the National Farmers Alliance and Industrial opened Here yesterday Anil will continue until a Large number of Al Liance loaders have and others Are expected from every state in the Union during the John Dew of is president of and the subordinate officers Are filled by members of Tho Alliance from the various the programme for the Wiek includes speeches by the Foremost populists of Tai the Ignatius Donnelly of governor Waite of Mcglynn of new York and Mary of Kansas and Many others will address the Farmers during the slates senator Peffer and con Gressman Jerry Simpson have notified the managers that they will speak Here if they can get away from the exhibition of agricultural implements and farm products is an important feature of the Encampment and includes a Large comprising exhibits from Florida to the Alliance in the Western states have entered exhibits and Are competing for the largest gathering of Farmers Ever assembled in the East is looked for during the be publican records Ovett think of value taken from the committee is excite ment and indignation at the rooms of Tbs Republican City committee in the when Block on Pennsylvania a Thiel broke into the pried open the desk of secretory Joyce and stole the pol books of the Niue precincts of tue sixth the committees the private the committees re Cord Book and some summaries of re sult of the polls in the everything of politic no value in the desk of the Secre tary was the pol books of the other precincts would Likely have been found and carried away Hail not the thief been discovered by the attn Tor of the Block and frightened Secretary Joyce believes to thief is a Man who has been lounging around the committee rooms for several Dars and whom to has regarded As a suspicious no Clew to the thief 01 documents a yet been a a pm a Cilc new company that propose to Lay a Cable Between Australia and California will obtain a subsidy from the German government for the Sec a Farmers picnic Dinbar agriculturists a display of farm products with speeches and a big enables them to pass a delightful Day an interest Luff program arranged for the next August farmers1 club met at the Bryson on the president called the club to prayer was offered by selections were read by Swearingen and vocal and rendered with miss Kate junk at the or violin and the Bones rang in their Harmony and All went merry As a marriage Bell John Wilkey read an essay upon Taxa Tion and was followed by Moor head of Greensburg with an full of profitable Points to the Farmer and not useless for Many upon conclusion of this address dinner was this was free and ample for the vast audience which was computed to be from 500 to specimens of Rye and Oats were exp in upon a table were specimens of carrots of were shown the Empire Crown Chicago Market and Freeman verities pumpkins grown in 1892 in Good state of preservation eggplants and other vege one of the amusing features was a duet by Swearingen and miss Eva Man and seamen was the orator of the Day and Well and satisfactorily did he fill his other speakers of note were present and the Day was pleasant the audience was Large All were Happy and the picnic was a Royal the next meeting of the club will be at i he residence of september when the subject Public schools will be considered by Bry John George Humbert and teachers and friends of education Are earnestly school interests in All their phases will be to regulate immigration into Conn try by Wmk of new superintendent of j my ignition stump and the commissioner of immigration for the port of new will go to Canada this Tley will try to make arrange in fits to regulate the immigration into this country by Way of for several years there have been Many complaints about the undesirable foreign ers who have come across the Canadian heretofore the inspecting of immigrants coming Here by Way Canada has been so cursory that it was possible for criminals and paupers to some steamship companies have even advertised in Europe that they would Send immigrants into any part of the United Stales from Quebec and have held out As a special inducement Whitt there would be no danger of detention by the United slates authorities stump and Senner will try to induce the officials of the Canadian rail ways to Send Immitt tents Over certain routes and to determine upon Points of entry into the United states at which immigrants shrill lie closely in this Way stump and Senner expect to by Steni ize the inspection of in Migra Ais coming Over the Canadian Bor Der and to protect the country from the importation of paupers and business with a number of cases before his Honor this business has improved somewhat in Burgess Reeds Newton Huggan was arrested for fighting but was Dis he proved that he was fighting in self William Chapman was fined but didst and he is doing 4s hours in the Robert Richter will ret a hearing at 7 Oclock this evening on a charge of being in the mean time Burgess Reed nolds of his hard Cash As a guarantee of Good Michael Hill and Thomas Franklin Are free Borough boarders for 24 hours and they will sober up on Short Henry Means is up again for disorderly conduct of the line Between the Fiji and and will be properly cooled off by the samoan Isle its and the run oui islands an 1 the Postof Lico officials Hen arc of the opinion that nothing stands in the Way of an agreement Between the two governments to Complete the line to Cali fornia the big strike the miners1 strike in the coalfields of Southern Kansas is the striking miners of the Santa be company have agreed to Man Ager Devlins propositions of 50 cents a ton for mine run Coal and premiums at 5 cents per 100 pounds when there is More than 50 per cent Lump in the ton As it conies from the time he serves his 36 information inn Agar a or Maui err of the new Kugland loan and in Vest mint capitalist and the deposed president of the state Republic an is warrants for his arrest been issued in Oregon and Idaho he is my to Hyrc hypothecated of the Lomi company Corn crop a the Farmers of this Vicinity state of Chat the Corn crop will be almost it total it is estimated that the Corn crop of to acis county will not average 10 bushels to the the ears Are not on third full and it greater part of the Corn is drying not a Hook if any Nesburg now rises he is i Ditc for i Independent Cyndi More alleged offenders held for september Commonwealth John assault and information before Justice defendant gave bail for George Graham going on his Commonwealth Alexander larceny by Gusky information before Justice defendant gave bail for Goodman going on his Commonwealth William and Lewis malicious Charles Turner information before Justice defendants Wil Liam tissue held in f 100 bail for appearance of Lewis tissue it septem Ber will not Ingles of father of the girl who has advertised his prop erty it is said fat declares he will never forgive his the Young couple Are now with stones just arrived at the Ico factory a car con Taining n fresh Supply or fancy Palmero Lemons and fancy these goods will be sold right from Baltimore Price now is the time to buy is those goods Are 21h Down at work on the Baptist Church begun and auf ust Minerd will address the Junior band of Christianen and the Busy bees in the Church tomorrow j tines formerly night fore Man at Anchor is How engaged at Dravo and will move his family there in the near Ota Ddis is on the sick and Clyde Kimball have gone on visit to miss Lizzie Cochran of Pittsburg is spending a few Days with Dunbar the burglars have been taking a few night a hungarian with a name of difficult pronunciation had the misfortune of Leav ing one foot on the track of the electric he now pays Atten Tion to a crushed miss Ella formerly of this but now of is visiting her friends in Lambert left Here yesterday for the worlds fair and other scenes in the Jacob a Uniontown Visi Ted Auslander saturday to negotiate a Compromise in the Case of Isaac Kraus this is a Case of As Sault and Case not Lewis Phillips assisted Seaman of White Rock Thomas Madden and wife of Pittsburg Are visiting maddens and William George Swearingen and Daugh Ter miss May will return from sir Kjeston John Mcdewitt has returned from his pilgrimage through Westmoreland county and May now be found at the store of principal of the Dunbar to rough has returned from the state Normal school at the Long drawn out Monotony has ended and carpenters Are now at work at the new Baptist Corner of first and j Dunbar Freddie the Little boy whose leg was bruised but slightly with such dire re is thought to be slightly William tedrow has been suffering with j a slight attack of typhoid the Baptist congregation of this town is making preparations for the meeting of association at there was no preaching in the meth Odist protestant Church sunday on count of the pastors the oldest inhabitant has no knowledge of such continued dry weather As the pres ent in this Squi e Cottoms hand troubled him very much yesterday from the effects of being shot by James Watt on the train last and Bert Woods returned from their bridal tour to j Rodkey has been added to j the sick list j Hershberger of it pleasant is visiting his brother of Squire Dun is visiting in Joseph Reiner of Morgantown is spend ing a few Days with his brother Thomas of this George Hixenbaugh of Braddock lost his seven months old daughter Rosa on sunday from cholera Asa Lambert started this morning to take in the columbian William Devan who was mentioned As suffering with an attack of typhoid j is merely lingering Between life and death j with Only slight Hopes of j sister of is visiting Dunbar Charles Gaddis started for West Vir Ginia this morning to catch the largest fish of the particulars in the near miss Anna Bunting spent the Day in Millwood miss Ella and miss Haddie Bunting visited Joseph Ferguson family in new Haven waiting on Uncle Hawaii will no move until action is of Bis mis Sion to Luonna i cannot Tik to Yon about my report to the for it is a matter that is to be Liell in strict secrecy by but1 urn willing to answer any questions of a general business matters Are Kome Wlms stringent on the but growing easier till 1 he and the Sale of government Short unit1 ago will enable the government to re pair the Harbor and make other improve if it ruin matters go through to Marc now in there will be a Boom in the islands which will enliven All branches of one feature of blounts experience i Honolulu with which he expresses the utmost fact Ion was the Civ Liccy with hich everybody approached the subject of his Mission perhaps it was the intense interest they Felt in the matter that kept them from but it is a fact that no one from the Esqueen Down to Tler Jerson whom 1 talked with annoy Eil me with queries As to what i thought or what 1 was going to recon in regard to his Blount said that was i accepted the commissioner ship with the express under standing that i could not permanently re main at the when my appoint ment As minister i could do nothing else but Forward my resignation at i am hurrying Home now because my Pri vate not tiers demand my Blount also said that he bad no hesitancy in leaving his Post it Honolulu for the reason tent Hawaii is peaceful just All parties Thoro Are waiting to see what the United states will and until they know Tomt they will make no move at licensed to Bong Nln Elizabeth Uniontown Bella the wounded Jirak Niau finally charge of murder by the probable result of the inquest to be held this families stricken with deepest grief Over the terrible the Post William who was shot by James Watt last tuesday died at his Home on Iowa Street this morning at 3 the while conscious of their patients hoped for recovery and it was not until sunday evening that they reached the conclusion that recovery was Hartman himself realized that the end was drawing near and was conscious until the during the Long hours of the night the family watched Over his bedside and the physicians were with him almost con this morning Deputy Coroner John Stevens Zempan Nelld a jury consisting of the following Persona Ellis John Jacob Harry George Marshall and Wooda the jurors viewed the remains and and a postmortem examination was held this morning by Coroner assisted by and Par shall and the examination lasted about two the Ball was found in the upper part of the leg imbedded in the it had struck the Bone after passing through the a great Deal of inflammation was which of itself would have caused the coroners jury adjourned until this evening when testimony will be taken at Coroner buttons the persons who saw the shooting have been summoned and will give their after the verdict of the jury a charge of murder will be entered against undertaker Harry Johnson has pre pared hartmans body for when Young Watt arose this morning at the jail he walked Over to where the turn key was sitting and inquired about Hart mans when informed that he was dead the prisoner didst say a but walked Back again to his cell and broke Down Watt spends the most of his time Reading his the report that he attempted to take his life proved while the unfortunate occurrence is preying upon his he has manifested no suicidal Thomas the father of the is almost distracted with the affair a indeed a terrible two families stricken with a Young Man with a life full of Promise another in prison awaiting the judgment of the Law on a charge of the argonauts Uniontown people enjoying them selves on the according to a correspondent of the Pittsburg who is making a boat ing trip on the Monongahela a Large number of camping parties Are enjoying life along that of what he saw above Morgantown he writes some six Miles up we came to a Camp composed of a family named Fisher from there were nine in the an elderly three four sons and a coloured the Camp was named the Argonaut and the very first question asked of us when it was Learned that we were from was do the Pittsburgh stand and As we vouchsafed the information that they were in second place there were expressions of satisfaction from the male Mem Bers of the even the ladies were interested in the for Over six weeks the party has been camping out and they intend remaining three or four weeks an air of enjoy ment Camp and we were made especially nothing seemed too Good for and they told us stories of the fun they had with great the fishing bad been Good and they had captured a number of squirrels and ground having one of the latter alive and with a Collar and Chain another pension a Connelsville Man the latest Vic Tim of Hoke Cornell August grif a member of company 142d Pennsylvania who enlisted at the outbreak of the War and served until the surrender of received word sat urday from Hoke Smiths office that his pension had been pending an examination by the medical Clark is at pres ent employed As mail Carrier Between the Railroad and Post office and is unable to do heavy work of any he is a Republican and a Good a Ettmo is for new cover for sch Plum visited senator Murphy i Long Branch on his re turn it said lie Hail succeeded i the in Post of his he was asked if judge May Nard would be renominated this i Atni for he burglars at attempted robberies almost night Lythe Pentecost August robberies Are of almost daily or nightly in All houses where burglars have gained admittance nothing is Token excepting Money and and articles of clothing and eatables Are 80 far but Little has been stolen from any houses where an Entrance has been effected and it appears As though the robbers Are More successful in frightening the in mates than in obtaining people Are on their guard and prepared to repel an invasion any it is thought that the thefts Are committed by some one Well acquainted in this the work on the new Pentecost Church is progressing the building is completed with the exception of the which Are All ready to put a band of Pentecosta were cleaning up the building saturday and when through their work they turned the Assembly into a prayer meeting and Praise they Hope to have the Church ready for Dedica Tion by september it is being built entirely by the members of the Church and is situated in the West end of town on Morgantown a coloured revival is being held in a Frame building Bear Welsh town with the object of establishing a coloured Spotsey is conducting the the attendance is Good it is believed the work will be of Green Wood of misses Edith de Forest and May and miss Hempstead of this town spent five hours in Delaney Cave the sixth score of saturdays game 12 to 2 in Union towns Champion Uniontown after winning three games from the Home returned to Uniontown saturday evening the people in this end have turned Over the and in fact the whole to the visiting club and Are satisfied that the Uniontown club knows several Points about the game that have not yet developed this far after the game manager Robert re leased tue entire Cumberland team with the exception of three following is the score of saturdays game butt Miry Mccol Louiry Alunan Hapan h will Ulm u h 0 a e 1 200 Kelly Sullivan Starr Annsley p Union town Cumberland r h 0 a e 5 12552 1 1 322 0 1 0 0 i 0 i m 1 1 n u 2 y t 00020 2 6 27 h 11 2 0 0 0 0 1 3 baseball at Sadie Moi Ellen is Sann the Yomnik Cirl who in threw two children from a High Bridge at this killing one of and who in acquitted on the ground of his been discharged from the Nishiie Asylum us Robert Hoggott this morning Job Ort Hoggott was taken suddenly ill while on n visit to Brad for a time his life was but he a now improved and in no wanted by Brown and were each offered por week and of pc sos to ill the Cumberland they refused to the old Frame boys shut out by a score of 3 to on saturday afternoon the old Frame baseball club visited Fairchance to take manager Lawsons colts11 into but the tables were neatly turned and the visitors were shut out to the tune of 3 to it was a hotly contested game and Only once during the whole game did the Visi tors reach 3d the Home club scored one in the second inning and two in the 7th the Battery work of both teams was with the poor support Given the visitors behind the Miller and Rogers did the work for neither Pitcher nor Catcher had an and Miller had s strike outs to his the Home team made four double three of them recorded to Daw son and Smith and one to Daw son and this is the second game Between the two clubs and both were secured by the Home the visitors were beaten on their own grounds by the score of 11 to Batter for old Anderson and Morrell works four Hundred Coke ovens and Many men August Lorrell works of the Cambria Iron company closed Down indefinitely saturday and will throw 351 men out of this is a Plant of 400 ovens and is the largest in this Vicinity and has never been with the exception of an occasional Day for Sev eral and it was always stated by working men Here that it would never close the Telegraph office on toe at Watt station near the branches connected with the great Union not and Morrell Coke works has been closed until the shipments of Coke arc Parade of the j August much advertised Parade of the unemployed workmen it Dunbar saturday did not fulfil the expectations of the Only about 200 men of the unemployed turned and those who did so disbanded after m arching few the crowd inel j at the Frame schoolhouse and Pom i Era taking a hopeful View of the Small procession then j marched through the fancy and egg Plant just arrived today it the ice inc it the old undo the homely and Beautiful when they get their photo Sciko it Hewitt photo y19tf explosion f a Connelsville taker gets Constable Wilson he goes to arrest an alleged beater who meets him with an uplifted axe the fallow held under along the August de a Baker at Edwards bakery on i itt Oburg was severely burned by the explosion of natural Gas at the bakery last he had lighted the Gas in the bake oven and by some Means it went out this was not noticed by Mac Job feb until he went to the oven to gee if it was hot enough to seeing that the a was out he struck a match and put in the causing n terrific the Iames rushed across the bake shop and came near setting fire to the Booth was standing in front of the oven door and was severely burned about he breast and the Gas was promptly turned off at the which prevented any further the neighbors in the Vicinity of the bakery were frightened to some As the report of the explosion could be heard some distance Booths injures Are riot but very he s much better this the building committee of the new Catholic Church has let the contract for he furnishing of perches of to be used in the foundation of the new to Frank Conners Dunbar bid Rogers and members of the Keystone bicycle club of stopped for dinner at House these Lemeli Frere on their Way Home from where they had been on their they Rode Nice wheels and made a Fine Doulin was before Justice Echard his charged by Charles with surety of the Doulin Leld to Pancook going on his Vance graft of Uniontown was a Day commons made information against her husband charging him with assault and threatening to kill she said that her husband came Home drunk saturday evening and after some drove her and her children into the and threatened to kill her if she Justice Echard issued a warrant for his Constable Charles Wilson went after him and found commons in the Loose armed with an when the offi cer knocked at the door commons said he would kill the first one who crossed the the after Able induced him to open the the officer stepped in and caught him before he had time to raise Hii commons was put in the lockup and had a hearing this Corning and gave bail for Burgess Kurtz held no court this morn not one arrest was the picnic and dance Given by Fayette Lodge switch ens Mutual Aid on saturday afternoon and evening at Winifred Park broke up late saturday night in a free Orall Alex manager of the picnic went before Justice Echard and made several information of the principal charging disorderly will have a hearing this Paul infant Sou of John and Maggie died this funeral from Beir residence on Prospect Street Tomor Row at 2 Oclock de Marietta and Oneil will leave tonight for Chicago to visit the worlds an amusing contrive what a Philadelphia paper thinks of the judgeship says the Philadelphia press one of the most amusing controversies in the Side matters of state politics this year is that in Progress Between the dem judicial Dis the proper thing for the democrats of the whole District to do was to Accord judge Inghram a and if that had been done it is very probable the re publicans would have joined them in giving judge Inghram an unopposed reeled but the democrats of Fayette have chosen to take the narrow and selfish and declare that it is time they had a they have had this idea they had it in 1ss3 when they nominated colonel and they had it in 1ss7 when the late colonel Boyle was the can both these were Fayette demo but the people of the District so lit be desired a Fayette Democrat for judge that they Defeated both of them in fact neither of them had a majority in his own As Fayette has regularly had the nomination without being Able to get the judgeship Greene very pardonable thinks it ought to be permitted to make at least one and the result is both Are going to try it ready for track the Elwell run Branch of the Lake starting at and extending to new Myers Coke live will completed ready for track by september about two Miles of truck is now there Are five Crossings of elwt11 two on Iron 90 and 150 feet on an embankment which acts u a to make a Reservoir for furn Uhing main line with and two to the Ike Eric he 1x1 it four second truck from West to do i within the let to

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