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Uniontown Evening News Newspaper Archives Aug 19 1893, Page 1

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Evening News, The (Newspaper) - August 19, 1893, Uniontown, Pennsylvania Make your Kwan news cart out what you the evening 1 he news the live merchants volume August lawyers who Are gone Jint not voices that Are silenced which were wont to be heard in forensic oratory careers o judge Alpheus Danl Alfred Howell and James Fuy the Rulh Mlin Nike Lew cite ii nifty now def awl Are in the sketches to Muke a tits Eoin Pylelo lieu Hie plan of Eltink up the Bur was list an ural nil club Lugli still Ami at lie Wax such a deemed Hen pm Liidi ii Oiw with mention of those who were knew for the Iii in due follow no notices of the Lute Daniel Alfred Howell unil James Jar by m Ali eur have Uin Eslella Lefly written Liy Oiler Ilie ref Lrtil herewith Ore Tanir Neaile j Alpheus Wilson was ranked among the Ablest District judges in the i have heard him compared to the late chief Justice he learn ing was very great and his judgement was rarely at George the Lender of the Greene county Urac it Neil t j he acquired a Good knowledge of the in Irish latin and i without a he read Law with the late general Joshua Howell and was admitted to the bar in the the county by the and reelected in he had previously served As clerk of the state in 1837 he quickly Rose to distinction in Law and poll and for More than thirty years he was concerned As counsel in much of the important litigation in Fayette his practice was chiefly in the civil big single copies two he was elected prothonotary of by the and reelec1 c Malul h i by his Law Pra Dolce grew with his i equal to league playful and for More than thirty years he players Maryland manager and Ohio railroads attorney for a number of from 1861 to 1865 he was associated in practice with the late Hon the score 9 to 4wllhelm am Fitzsimmons do excellent work the Charles Kaine Boyle being j of the re f Lember old Cumberland was a great one from be of the state House of representatives and sinning to end and was witnessed by a Eele Tedin his sen ices in that Large number of Cranks and local Enthus body were he was chosen the people of the old town Irnan chairman of the judiciary committee Over Ine they have a great but after to Uch eminent lawyers As Charles Buck Days game manager Hobert walked Over Lew and James in 1853 he to the Bench and said we played great served us chairman of the investigating but that Uniontown team cant be Ommittee appointed to inquire into the beaten by league ase of Simon Cameron who was manager Hobert employed 76 boys to urged with bribing members of the tones up from the Diamond in order gis lature to secure his election to the United states in 1872 Kaine was for trial at court about and of local interest tersely pay am cd Samuel Morris has opened fruit i in commercial a retaining Wall being erected in the property of minor where it Bort on Coal lick of the liquor Law held under bail Henry null arrived yesterday there now the Charmeon which about 20 hones at the fair Anderson John Boyle drove i out to township today to attend the picnic at Hopewell pole Ames Swink was arrested Connellsville fire men off to Meyersdale coming veterans reunion Church Festi Val personal Ligand into wih n with cd Berland Ita last they will re urn to Uniontown it interesting game of baseball Chouse grounds vested the i f alias red who v August Butch the one y proprietor at arrested by county detective eve tomorrow on the charged with Selling or on without r he his team a saying that the elected a member of the state constitutional convention and served As chairman of the judiciary committee of the Conven Cumberland boys wanted the ground As smooth As we dont need a smooth said manager Mccormick and the jockeys in favor of the friends of education Ore invited to be present at the building monday at 9 m and without a License a hearing before Justice Echard and held to bail for court to answer both Ahcin Wymer was before Justice Echard a letter to John highly prl2ed owned by lie n mines at Hasanin hta r i Aletter m him to John the hero of wat Omie and harpers wheat Young Man he left his Home in Burg and went he recent mended for a place on the staff of covet or Beeder of Kansas in time of the Mil Lavery and served for a time then Towi proprietors engaged in speculating and was one of who Laid out the antislavery was All the forced into the service and scouting oar were out wild rumours were float that Lane and Brown were about to track the place and excitement ran Ciao a prominent politic kills owing to failing Well known publican of Allegheny formerly candidate Tor con Dies under sad Clr Cumi stances Well August charged killing John Public school when tired before judge Teu thus epitomizes his striking qualities As a judge in his Power of marshalling the facts of a Case in an orderly and ability to apply the Law to the facts judge Willson Hus Seldom had an equal As n trial judge he had no Superior in the state of that was a representative body of answered the Cumberland Mana men and Kaine took a prominent port so boys would get the Bates if in the debates that shaped our present the Diamond was filled with form of state the Cumberland scored the first run probably in no Public duties did bul the Uniontown boys soon overcome Koine take such Delight and interest As theres a muddle ahead for the Pitts Burg both Uniontown and Al claim the team for september Buckenberger make efforts to Clear and Altoona special a Telemma for Many he was a devoted Patron of the Public schools and gave liberally of his own Means to their sup he was largely instrumental in the present commodious and Alpheus Quison was born in West i school build Nir of Virginia october his parents re when he died in 1s86 the moved to Uniontown when he was four i children took up Penny years old he prepared for College in the collection and purchased a Beautiful Public and in private schools and entered of Flowers to Lay Hie Sophomore class at Princeton College the contribution the Cumberland club was i states that never in it from excellent game and caught like a following is the score last nines the parties White Wymer gave bail for i hearing this evening when it is Likely the Case will be James who was arrested by county detective Campbell last night and Only one Here i 1 were chained open spacers were there and were mounted and minors of the in sons j Here monday and at Connellsville at to instruct pugilist Mccaffery Butten Nure Mccol Louiry we hell the or and graduated in he upon his were limit to a Penny in order that All might join i read Law with the Lute judge Nathaniel in this tribute to the memory of a True twing and was admitted to the bar in i Benefactor of the Public schools after a years practice Here j Whatman could have a More tender and lie removed to where he i Uggen Tive tribute to his memory Mous Choice of the Fayette de Norrace a f a candidate for judge to succeed the late i t to Tea judge Samuel Tab All the dignity u wll hello or win h 11 ii a e i 2 3 0 1 f 1 i 1 0 i 0 i i 2900 1 1 2 l j n 1 0 1 1 and others of the Pittsburg sporting Fra i m eternity armed in Uniontown today and will give an at Mountain View Park Yaere will be six sparring exhibitions and one foot race the was Board the ill fated steamship u u d 11 5 David Minerd of i ele Otei superintendent of the Flun Uay 2 i school and Dennis assistant j some changes were also made in the off Cial 9 m 15 7 i summary earned Uniontown 3 Tutomu Cumberland 2 base Huff half of this Cumber Man passed Fitzsimmons Metz i Many will b miss Drue one of Union towns popular teachers and miss Kate Walters were the first ladles to ascend the Tower of the new court they went up one evening this week in charge of b Walters and found that the View paid for the charged with furnishing Beer to a hearing before Justice Echard today and was held to bail in the sum of for Newmyer going on his the pay car arrived Here today and gladdened the hearts of its Quitman Marietta is suffering from e severe attack of the Connersville fire company left for Meyersdale Tola morning to participate in the Bremen picnic and they were accompanied by the u h they Mode a Fine appearance and feel confident of James Mchugh of Houtzdale is Here on a visit f her mrs George miss Lida join Short of Uniontown is at tending a class of music in this she is the probable organist for the pipe Organ in the the musical and literary entertain the n the United states Soldie two Small Cannon ready for one Day a body of horsemen App on the the citizen cold firing the the first Sho nearly destroyed a House in the Settle menu one of the National troops then took charge of the Cannon and by the of Shell soon scattered the Johns and other pennsylvanians who were to ked upon with suspicion by the slavery about this time were or dered to leave the town on they Johns Lea ing his affairs in the hands of an agent in having received notice from his agent that business demanded his prese in he started from the East for that going through Iowa owing to the disturbances existing in Kansas he encountered James red the famous then the editor of Palm and an antislavery the info baseball j mation docket now contains 103 cases and j if Many justices make Large returns the list my reach the Cumberland club was very anxious j two counties us near As possible up when he retired completed to j Bench Rowe his too assiduous Devo Tion to his duties undermined his not Overly robust Houlih he fell a to consumption on september writes one of judge will sons biographers he began his labors by n Revis Ion of the which he brought to such the Union service at the head of the sight fifth regiment Pennsylvania vol general Howell lost his life at for the amateurs the boys have adopted Princeton colors the Allentown club will play at Union town of August 23 and received bad cats and was other j Wise his daughter escaped with 1 a few Given at the Church was in every a grand a Large crowd was in attendance Aad a very enjoyable to was had by ans Soisson and William Biehl left to Day for a weeks visit to the worlds the executive Board and various com nutters appointed for the reunion of the i42d Pennsylvania volunteers will meet at armory Hall next tuesday to Complete arrangements for the grand gathering of there will be a festival at the or Amanda White who gave Johns a letter of in the letter production to John was As follows and others he a prominent physician committed suicide at his Home in Crafton this i Milf the ill health was the supped was a prominent he was a candidate for the support of Allegheny but was Defeated to the he was the assistant surgeon in the until ree Enoy Hwy popular with the National guard about so years us was o regarded As a personal favor to to him will be editor Palm and s letter to the cipher then current among the meant sound on the Goose a password for a free state or Johns met John was treate received the required Aid to enable him to get into the troubled City he remembers Brown very having become quite Well acquainted with him people you May Jock Menefee pitched for Louisville he Back from world against Baltimore yesterday and gave the i orioles but three he also did some i Connor of Morgantown is Visi Good stick making two base hits and one political notes a Surg has withdrawn As a candidate for supreme Petersburg in 18m and his Nephew Janaee needed to the firms extensive Law bus ii and Aid for Twenty three years thereafter s one of the his term of service was Ono in the sever Strong of the most important decades in ou7lcgal owing to layettes rapid Indus trial changes in the owner ship of valuable properties and the carry ing on of great manufacturing enterprises within her the business of the courts increased vastly in magnitude and he disposed of the intricate matters that came before him and Dis charged All his duties with an ability that shed Lustre on an already illustrious Bench judge will sons personal disposition was he Justice with mercy whenever he was fond of a joke and his always lighted humorous incidents in court his chief mental recreation was Reading he unbent his elect Legal mind Over the pages of Hawthorne and of any popular fiction that came in his he was very considerate and kind in his relations with the attorneys and left the Bench with their highest esteem and the esteem of the people of the two counties of whose Legal affairs he had j been so Safe and Able an i Daniel Daniel Kaiue was a Man of re Mark table i associate with him us much rugged strength of any Man intellect and will is with i Ever he was Strong in a dictator in politics Nurt set in his his striking appearance suggested the aggressiveness that was so Large n part of his his Tower the defiant toss of his his jutting roman nose nil deep Bess voice with a slight were indicative of fight As Well As tremendous in his was an intense he loved and imbed with equal he great natural abilities and he was undoubtedly a Well read he his extensive practice was confined chiefly to the civil he had the largest orphans court practice at the he was a very thorough and painstaking lawyer and an indefatigable his Superior learning and ability is a lawyer were recognized in 1ss3 by a widespread demand for his nomination for judge to succeed the late judge will but declined to be a candidate owing to the precarious state of his he died May personally Howell was one of the most charming of who that knew him can forget his infectious laugh his intellectual face was always ready to Brenk into a he forgo his dignity in court and elsewhere if any thing occurred that was funny enough to laugh Alfred Howells nature was As trans Parent As the Mountain there was no Shadow of dissimulation about he was simply himself always and to he honoured his profession and was in turn honoured by his professional Brethren and to All who come in Contact with James James Dai who died March prominent teacher i Springhill is in Farquhar and wife went to far Ette City today to spend judge John Stewart of Chambersburg clerk Mcmullen left this afternoon of j to see the fair and pud Fuller and others left this ing to attend the fair it Sandy Dils and sister Luzie of new Geneva Are registered at the Central hotel Thomas Holliday and miss Maggie Holiday Are visiting friends in Somerset it is said Hook will be an inde pendent candidate for Ingrom beat him in Greene county for the demo cratic chairman Thomas Carter says he graft and daughter will visit will probably Coll a meeting of the parents in Connellsville to lican National committee in but j Morrow a Chan Czpor the William hartmans Case looks More William Hartman is slowly improving and the physicians Are hopeful of his n was one of the oldest lawyers in practice at the he was in the Seventieth year of his age at the time of his death and had been n member of the bar for twi Tyng he was educated in the Public schools and at old Madison he began his career As n school in 1857 he was elected Register and recorder and clerk of the orphans court on the democratic ticket and was in in 1871 he was chosen one of fuel pcs representatives in the state he was a faithful and efficient Public officer and revered in private life for his Sterling qualities of hand and his not before that the Iowa democrats have decided to present governor Boies name on August As the caucus Choice for United states the Virginia democrats adopted the Chicago platform plants on Silver and Tariff after an exciting All night Captain Skinner is reported in no hurry to take charge of the pension and Bengough will accommodate him by running the office until his successor can get his private business ii shape to take hold of his new Pittsburg dispatch it was reported yesterday that colonel Jackson As the Republican nominee for state treasurer will be endorsed by the Allegheny county delegation to the state convention at a caucus to be held next tuesday even the delegation has heretofore declared for but it is understood the change is made at Haywood a novel Sand mined and transported across theyo Frh Rev error shipment Yowler of White Hock and j Paul have started a novel Enterprise on the River opposite the Mouth of Indian hero there is an extensive last night at 10 Oclock a change for the better took place and the patient has been slowly the vomit ing spells to which he was subject have and his pulse has grown stronger and More hartmans friends Are confident that he will recover and the physicians Are resting easier regarding the had collected the finest Law Library in the old fashioned clients conferred upon him but he cared less for precedent hat they considered a distinction by Call and a Nice translation of the Law than for in him an honest he was Well a common sense application of the Law to worthy of their for in nil re spots he was in honorable and Trust he was self made and self he worthy he was n sic Counselor was born it december and a successful practitioner in the Jenme to Connellsville in and orphans for by his six was successively n experience us clerk of that court clerk in a store manager of an up especially Soff Ling purpose and is in Good a Cable has been put Cross the rive to the Sand on which a Small Carls run Back and the motive Power being a Small engine on the a o Side ton h liver the owe sulm Foet Pended on the Cable by it the death Joshua Joshua one of the oldest and Best known citizens of died wednesday August at 4 he was born at Snow april and moved to port Many years his first work there was on the foundation of the Iron which spans Dunlap he also worked Many years in pringles Boa Yard and at House leaves two sons and a number of grand his sons Are Foreman of the Carpenter department of the car shops at and Worcester Haddock of who was the inventor of the self feeding Noil machine and Cable car deceased was a strict member of the Church and was for Many years superintendent of the sunday funeral othe future pros song services at the rooms j the blight that has fallen upon tomorrow afternoon at Amelia i Wai operations is the disturbances in the Mot will be a Short talk for men by Morris of Broadford subject annotating for Joseph Hartell received word this morning of the serious illness of his father at a filthy Coal lick run in a horribly filthy f the residents of West Fayette Street Are complaining of the condition of Cool lick the continuous dry season has deprived the ran of nearly All the leaving nothing but impurities of All kinds n the in passing on Fayette Street today the odor of decayed matter is very precepts be and the Green Slimy substance on the top of the water is productive of malaria and Kindred a number of sewers empty into the run and about the Only water Supply it has omes from this while the Creek is at its Normal stage no impurities an cast being entirely absorbed and Niheu although the difficulties of manufacturers have been aggravated by the Finan Cial trouble the Mills have been closed and Are closing because Over the head of every manufacturer hangs the treat of the Chicago platform within a few he maybe forced to conduct his business under conditions about which he can know the clearest vision cannot discern if the free traders will halt at free raw or if they will reduce lightly or or will wholly remove the Ruttei upon fab with positive knowledge that out right free Trade is at the american accustomed Only to protect might be in grave doubt How to adjust his affairs to the novel but what he has to Deal with is Complete uncertainty of what is in store for him and for Man this must mean the As nearly As May be possible of All movement which involves responsibility for the it is most unfortunate that the Fiu Anial j reaching a crisis just As the real deeds entered for record and Date when Thomas Lyons and wife to uert2otf lot of ground in Springhill consideration april Chalfante fal to Joun one third interest in a certain tract of ground in Jefferson con August John Boyd Etna to Robert it four lot of ground to in Lontoft one lot of ground in North Union town hip and one half interest India of round with Coal Coo iteration August Ely it Al to Stella m of ground in North Union consideration August us m Connelle f lot of ground in the Borough of Union cemetery to George Halfon on fourth lot of South in in 1 Robert Moore Etal to John one Hundred and nine of Ned with Coal in menalled and Franklin town hips and 35 perches of m f in township and 135 perches of ground in Bedstone 15 acres of ground in menalled on half acre ground n Franklin 121 Mies perches of ground in menalled acres of ground in South Union consideration a Moroea Ana car1 j is tried but at present the water is by troubles no in there being scarcely no Vingin Little Good would from cleaning out the As the Ewers would immediately fill it and unless some Way is provided of enting further deposits in the an epidemic of fever is extremely Likely to Resi out in that As it Citi is Are complaining the matter Ould be looked after forewarned Charles up muh respected by All who knew at the Railroad the Sand is from bore to about carry pounds of Sand at up a of 30 at the Railroad the stand is loaded into cars for the Capac Ity of the 10 per week the Supply is almost in August was received Here this morning that Charles Carrington had died very and Donny at his Home in Carrington was Well known Here and 20 years he was the under of the Connellsville Silver Cornet band in Mledd Latown on August will fire too the Oliver works to resume operations on monday the Oliver Coke and fur Nace company will fire 100 ovens at Oliver these works closed Down last week and 300 men were made there Are 300 Coke ovens in the Plant and the remaining 200 will to fired Assi As the Oliver furnaces which is petted to be september the news seriously Johnson Are repairing a boiler for Herbert Raymond will represent the evening Star Council at Johnstown the third tuesday in John Bell is having his store room William Ervin doing the Brown has just returned from a business trip to there will be a Basket picnic at upper Early seventies and was a great favorite among the band his a lab is a daughter of Ann bobbins of Pron poet Albert Brown is running the engine for Herbert Mills is in Connellsville on Busi party obscured the facts from the people it would have been far better if the Hurt Ful my hence of the anti Tariff agitation upon Industry could have been made clearly Manifest by the absence of All other causes of perhaps w Snail have demonstration of this kind be fore the year is the Money panic i skely to be Short when it shall end the fact of the separate origin of the commercial depression win be More strongly for there will be no peace for the manufacturer and Ostron revival of Industry until the attack upon Protection shall have spent its laying More men the railroads working with reduced August the 15 freight Crews that were employed by the Southwest Railroad hauling Coke and working night and but seven Are now at work on two Days a George Mccormick and wife to Harriet parcel of ground in Luzerne town cons Deramon August August William a and miss Bertha Ingles returned last evening As Man and on their return were greeted with the sound of Bells and horns and everything else that would make a later the band came ont and serenaded All the serenades were royally or Frank Cross lond and miss Dita Clevinger were married at recent Lythe Groom is from Uniontown and the formerly of Greene has been making her Home owing in paternal objection they Bert Wood of this town and miss Mary Bunting of Dunbar have been Joir de in hymns three weddings two of them All in one week have Given enough to talk the linger boards put up in South Union township Are badly lettered and mis the five men employed taking car numbers and looking after the car Supply were Laid off the Telegraph Force of five men has been reduced to t a a grand game of Ball was played at Dunbar August 17 Between the Dunbar and Furnace the same was a tie at the end of the ninth and at the end of the thirteenth stood 23 to 21 in favor of Home runs were knocked by Wortman and fire at new Oil House and tool of the Southw Pennsylvania Railroad caught Art from a Pming be another pension Gibson Helms of Salt lick township who served under Mcclelland and through the War until Lees is another vie Tim of Hoke Smiths pension policy pension of per month for disability has been suspended and he has been before no Board for it is the opinion of those who know that he honestly deserves a larger Peill Helm s is a Republican and a it him Good an ugly living in town ship near Sparks while chopping Wood accidentally wrist struck the Blade of the severian the tendons and cutting to the renounced Jacob Miller of a victim of Hoke Smiths false that he has voted the democratic to Catt for the last he has a demo crat All his a employees of shops no Ltd but them would a

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