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Publication Name: Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Years Available: 1765 - 1770

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Gazetteer And New Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 11, 1766, London, Middlesex Oafceeteer and New Dally v u 701 SEPTEMBER H AY M R K E Thfrlafrweekef the this Sf bw MA J S T Y t P A N THIS the iititef will be Lord Townly ty BTA R R Y HtfRST Count Palmer 5 WESTtWf John MGeorge Confta Lewis j Murden Lord Tewn iys Keen r Sir Francis SHUTER iady MGewrge j Johnftoti Mife Mifs Gilpin Mifs Maien Weiton Mo Worley Lady With ENTERTAINMENTS of v which will be The LYING Sharpby SHUTER Juftice Murden Beau QuickC Drunken Caltle 5 MGeorge 5 Kitty Worley Johntlen j Boxes Fit Firtt Gallery Upper Gallery Tte pit and galleries to be opened at five the at To begin exactly No perfon can be admitted behind the Ladies are delired to lend their fervantsat four iOkeep to be as of at the little Uex a1 U a i v GAZETTEER AND NEW DAILY jaiatdto the variety tbepauls which it baa lately been the miatiJ detecting fo many and ofap prehending fo many that it may hi to gtvn THISFUBLIC That far ibt ail Hffonuatienj ofthii to be conftmntly infeiged in run PAPER ami if INFORMATIONS are properly attended to by BUYERS OF SECONDRAND ffto robberies will tfcape j if ALL PERSONS make ufe of the une paper to advertife their lofies P I E L D I N WARNINGS tout every bing lofl in the or toy art prt9tt4t for immediate dtfpatcb to all by the printer OST or miflaidjAfmall leaf witb a blue paper on ths back of which Samuel Jennings t Who ever wili bring the faid book to the bar of the King in oppofite the fliall receive one guinea TTA T E THE Shares of and Shares of are fold by HAZARD at their under the Pi Royal and at their houfe in Tickets and Shares regiilered at fix peirce per and the earHeft account of their fuccefs feftt to any part ofGreat Schemes Lottery given and letters poft paid duly Four blanks to a The Lottery begins drawing on Monday the ith of All kinds or Government Securities bought and fold by day is price HE CHARTEK granted theTentb of King j WILLIAM to the EASTINDIA CO PANY of ENGLAND in the year Printed fur irt the fbis Day it price elegantly by to the Governor and Di rectors of the Bank of England THE COMPLETE ANNUITANT confuting the following ufeful An Table of Simple Tables of Compound Table of Ta ble of Tableb of Table hew ing the Value ot Eitates in Fee Table for Tables for Renewing any num Years lapfed in a New abics for the Valuation of Lives at and per dedficed from thirty years obiervai from the Bills ot Likevvife are added thole xcellent Tables of the famous de re calculated to three places of Tables for quarterly and half yearly with their Application in iqlving the molt uUful zy BENJAMIN Teacherof Writing the and Matter of belonging to the Worfhipftil Company of in Bun by the Authors by in Gracechurchltreet and under the Royal Anothtr Cafe of ia molt inveterate Scurvy cured by cslebnted The ESSENCE of MIN E R A L ROBERT in Magpye from motives cf the moft benevolent to the makes this public that a ftn of his eight years old was afllkted with fuch univerfai violent eruptions From his birth icarce to leave A plaice free ail over His head was aimolt always an underwhicK there was a great quantity of corrupted attended with the tnoft ofenfive fmell ForVhis the bay hid taken but all without a TVnier was recommended to a tftjal the Effence of and Ij that cime the ch Id taken a bottle and an half the mstter ceafed aaufeoui fmell was the eruptions whole came aivay in a of dry and his tkin is now perfectly Another child of ill not fo bad as the orfier of the fame difagreiable cured alto by the fame medicine from vi hence Turner is jmjly led to that the Ef fence of is as great a purifier as if not a greater than any mecfieine hitherto ROBERT As a precaution BgainijLa return of the probably needlefs tire children coiuirmed ihe medi cine fowe after all appearances cf the Any further particulars if thought may le and the advice of a ftilful furgeon wAnn theleaftadJitlonsl applying any TTem nije to nt his his same upon tte in Bloomfbiry and where the of Minerals is ibid in of 6 wrap ped in plain printed direftlons by the aujhors np it is fold by Veroor and bookfel jna and at in Letters from or gentlemen o the i Far the letters finned The Cobler of Walbrook Fainthearted Chnftian Mediocritus Alex ander laj C O N I C U Have obferved your letter in the W Gazetteer of Friday addrerted to me and as you feem to be guided by afpiritof mederatiorij in the weak attempt you have therein made to confute fome ferrions contained in my letter of the Z9th I do not think you unworthy my no tice efpecially as I have reafon to hope youwill like fome people I before hinted turn a deaf carlo the force of that conviction which TRUTH al ways carries along with Indeed had I no real grounds for fuch an I never proceed with alacrity in the tafk 1 have vo luntarily impofed upon to that of vin dicating the character of a who iias de ferved fo much and fo well of the from the grofs calumny and abufe with which it has been be fpattered by vulgar and felf interested I am encouraged to proceed in this arduous under taking from the mere confideration of being en gaged in anhonourrble caufe a which as it is founded upon real and inconteftible and has therefore every advantage over fophiftry and fal in the make a fenlible im preffion on the minds of fhofe that have the pre fumption to oppofe although brazed by the force of and feared with red hot I cannot be filent under the imputation you have been pleafed to lay upon of crowning my friend Pitt with laurels of which I hive difpoflelTed others A practice of this kind is as foreign to mjr as it is difmgenuous and I rejoice in having opportunities of offering my fhare in that tribute which is due to real wherever it ap pears antd rather than fpoil a man of one fingle at tribute that nvght entitle him to I would pennU him to fit down unrnolefted by although it were apparent that he endeavoured to uiurp popu ly afluming virtuei to which his actions did not entitle This has and mall continue to be the invariable rule of my fo long as I remain poffefTed of reafon and judgment to direct my choice j and at any time it lhall appear that I have unjuftly detracted from the do fert of any individual JMhall be the firll to atoue for the faultsknowing how ia the opinion of an ingenuous the honour of corv fsflirjg a miftake in ones exceeds discovering and cenfuring a flaw in In matters of the praclice of leliening one maas and of magnifying thofe of ano in order to reduce both parties to the fame ftandard of may be eafily winked efpecially if modelty and mediocrity be obferved but when the honour and intereit of our country are it is my opinion that Truth ought entirely to without the leaft tinfture uf par or memal rcfervation what You fay that Pitt has deferred bis arid wifh that Lord Chatham may long wear In refpeft to the former you have my with regard to the latter my and not only but every good whofe ruling paflion is the love of his country 5 and of thofe tliat cherifh and proteft as well as a few other paflages in your tending to the fame I fhall pafs over in judging it entirely unne ceflary to dwell on matters in which we are already Your hints of the Spanifh conquelts poiierior to Pitts merits of the and value of are the grand objects upon which I fliall employ this If you are delirous of fetting forth our rupture with the Spanifh nation as a circumltance we are to judge of the adminiftration by was I am certain you will fail of your It is an eay matter to commence but it requires I and penetrationto carry it The defigui of an enemy are more eafily difcovered than fruttra Thisone will not an fwer your as it neither adds nor from the merits of thofe who gave it You Hiuft of have recourfe to the con fequences of the taking of the Havan and the Manillas j it muft be were fuch as refleded homur on the Britifh arms They were purihafed with at the expence of Hecatombs of our Cught not then thefe fgnal fuccefies to have been looked upon as the dear fledges of permanent and approaching peace and do we not fpurn at the gifts of indulging by regarding them in any other light Was it not our duty to turn them as much to our own advantageas poffible then was this obligation difcharged What are be come of thefe two fortreffes Or what benefit haw we derived from the capture Who are now malters of the Havaanah that inexhauftible fund trea and door of communication between the Spa niards and the Weftern World is like ithe cloud capt towers of into air loft ever to us and the only recompence and olace is to fit down and ruminate with horror on th e number of Englifh carcafes that fatten its aniJ whole gkofls llalk unrevenged amongft de manding vengeance for their Ob ivbcnz is iky blujb Let us not pwriue this fubjcl any by talking of the fhameful illu of our uccefs at the j taLiafando temperet J lacrym s afSiU fpeaks without a in terms fufn ciently to excite the very in ourftreets to cry out gainft the and timidity of Mi nifters that brought tlieir wretched country to the very Un anfi And are the iiappy ifTues of a un without and carried on with huny and has been almoft fatal to Great Ought not the bare mention of thefe circumltances to be wiped away from our an if poffible Do they contribute to the honour of Minifters under whcfe influence they came to pals And do not fuch men give the moft evident tokens of weak heads and unfound that have it in their power to make acquifitions of this im only to turn out as rods for their own and to prove highly detrimental to thofe in terefts they were obvioufly intended to enlarge I come now to confider how far the conqueft of Martinico may prove the merits of the Miniftry you feem tacitly to commend and I in only afk one queftion whether you are really ignorant by whom the firft defign of re ducing that ifland was or no It you it will be improper to acquaint that we are indebted folely ta net only for the bint of this but likewife for the meafures that were put in practice for obtaining If Martinico was actually of that importance it was always faid to we may well that during his admini he would not permit it to efcape his obfer vation as he ever proved in pointing out by the taking of we might either encreafe our own or the enemys diilrefs accordingly we that a and army were render rhemfelves matters there but on account of fome unavoidable impedi ments which great enterprizss are ever fubject the undertaking failed like a good rteward of the public that the fums expen ded in the preparation for this expedition might not be thrown a place of ahnoft equal was pitched upon to mnke amends for this The defign and we had no reafon to It is moreover well for thefe things were not done in a corner that Pitt had revived his intention againft Mar a little before his and that every preparation poffible was then made for carrying it int5 execution fo that the fucceeding Miniftry had nothing more to than compleat a of which be had already performed the rrajor It the general opinion of uiibiafled that had tkry not been nlrnoft forced into the mea their prid and felf opinion would never have permitted them to adopt the fcheme of a perfon to j whom they bore fo implacable an They were convinced that the after as if almoft glutted with during the Great Commoners would begin to grow cla unlefs fome notable enterprfze was im mediately ftruck and as fpeedily entered wr1 fo fair a promife of a good if fue as prefented itfelf ihev therefore found themfelves reduced to this painful alternative sf pro fecuting or of doing or fomething worfe than biing idle had the confola to that in cafe the expedition it would be no tafk to undeceive the world if it their meafures were already The ifTiie of the affair at ence determined thenvin what manner to They were not now athamed to own a maneruire for which their pitiful pride would not let them be indebted to a man of Pitts and and which had the amazing to borrow it deferves a worfe name and Nothing was at that time to fee heard in public or private conver fation but inltances of the wifdom and follicitude of the who had given fuch early and firiking proofs of their abilities in the reduction of a placej by the Great Commoner was ne gleiled as Thus did they vainly ar rogate to his and pluck the lau rel from his brow to plant it on their of fliort duration thenpathy and inactivity which immediately fucceed ed and continued till the gentle reign of Peace called them to their eternal pulled off the and fhewed tlein to the in the genuine characters as tbey really Although it may be deemed a deviation from the fubjecl of my yet I cannot help warning you from falling into a grsfs which I fee a per fon figns himfelf Uoncrius has committed in the Gazetteer of the i6th u This fpeakingof tue expedition againft From that time Martimco was left unattempted two or if it had been the firft campaign was idly fpent in the famous liegeoYBelle Ifle where our men knocked their brains out againft the rock as uielefs to in your in what terms would Ho norius if any one fhould afk him why the French looked upon that place as one of their moft valuable and therefore ftrenuoufly de fended it man not to know that by hsrraffing our toe we relieve and by di vidirvg their flrengih naturally encreafe our Your infeligence that there are fome people in England and not great fools neither who do not think the induces me to think that in that number you would inrlude What I have to fay on this head will be but fhort The merits of the peace can only be known by the con ccfllons we have obtained and if they can be proved adequate to our fuccefs in the and to the money laid and blood fpilt in the profecution there the peace mult be You are to ob that tke continent of North Americk is looked JJpon as a noble and ufeful This point I rvill not pretend difpute with nsither will I venture to contradict the univerfal opinion of the who confefs it to be fuch but it remains with you to prove that this with fome few trifling Settlements we have had the good in fpite of our blundering peace to are efficient to compenfate for the nation al debt we have and for thofe after becoming our right by we have given It would be if not an im poflible piece of work to Icrutinize fo far into from our own to ilate the com parative value You malt know as well as myfelf the clamour that this very article has created throughout the and muft we ntgltft ths unite f voice of the puMic to be guded by our own haftyand chimerical nytions of tilings Shall or form fuch vain ideas of ourlelves as to imagine we can fee further into the nature of things than our neighbours The queftton ii order to remove all difpute Have the people anyreafonabe grounds to be diflatisfied stthe articles of or nw If they why would you endeavour to take from them the privilege of complaining I our Minifters are not yet too ftcred to be If you think they have le me intreat you to confider our extenfive conquefts in every part of tlie which intitled us to commnd cur terms our great good ia being able to remam rrwfters of almoft all our own to whxt an enormous height the public debt is fwelfcd to fuch an that in all we fhali not be at the leaft before the cf the prefent to find refources for exigences of ano ther mould it peafs Heaven to vifit us with I let me intreat ou to give your moft ferious thoughts to thefe important and weighty and to determine in the belt manner your judgment snd conicience will give you I Bedford fir Bedford MENENIUS We JbouLi le glad to abligt by feriing his teller concerning a Ccuful and his but that it is To P H IL O P A U PE R I LETTER I Shall think myfelf happy if any labour I am ca pnbJe of fliouid contribute to the of pre jud in any f Ji ilitate an agrcenient on of what is right it e dons oa thepart of the Houfeof iu within the of Mortnliry and In this view I prcTent you with this with fuch comments as arils from the fubj Say has promifed ii toccriveyto you two of iny lublcquent Ictrers in a that there may be time lor to cpnfulei ihe ter tefuiethe Icafun of puSlic liufiiiefs comes After fo much i may be hoped oiir Va riety in lentiments concur in cue Tl e object is but and the inierjlt to whole Among the which Ml r parliamentary though no rtfeluiioi vv upon vyas the earnings of ihe Foundliti i by their luppofing them to be of the of 8 and 9 What children rf thefe may earn in fome of kingdom where riiere are in wliich young Le and where there is no bread birr wh de pends on their J will not undertake to de termine I believe Jome fuch do e than maintain themfelves but the cate is diffcfsnt children in amply provided Though the Gover nors fhould be very zeal is if to be piefumed they can ib nuicii tiitio to the encouraging and enforcing of tins kind of as to produce any great especially in cuies wliere there is much bufmeCs anJ The moft that reaion rnd experience hitrierio a good foundation to from the cjre gcmlemea who have no private iniereit to that chUircn be kept and early h tw in order to be early to malters who will treat them and jet oblige them to What may be done hereaf tr more tan this I will not pretend to becaufe I know not who is to do The pajt of good Governors is to fee in the firft place that of uiiildren be preferved next their morals next their iheir their food and their hbit of and laftly their If the order I am afraid but liltle good will be For fuppoiinf to earn it net a ti r ttting him into the and of the expence And caa this be r as by recommending i he child in the Jews men rather than faying by his cXeition be can gain fo much a winch perhaps happened but one day in his life I have obferved that it neccflary in many in ftaflces towards placing rhem out in a proper man ner to congregate a coniidcrible part of them in hofpitaJs in order to ihew and accordingly there is employment provided for them ana they will improve as they grow We have at this fublifting for the foundlings of Lambs Conduit to be provided wiih toos dated to the ftrength of boys of or to years of that a rart uf the r u sy be employed in the and a garcitner iheir haveataylor to teach them to their own clout a weaver for the ami mktrefLs for fpinsiing arid the net produce of work hitherto done has bttn but a At Hofpiuls cf ck worth and ffme of their vljcent others may be aid jiafturare promoted in the charter or working ichools in as far as the ftrength and tender years of the cbiiiiivu will admit of to lay the foundation ot laborious in I is in and may be improved but it is to he ilth to exaft fuch tafks as fome perlons iy agine thefi children capable As to the more fcdentary of ufsful ccana fuch as weaving jjr and aul kitting or j there can be no dout concrning the prcprury of fuch With refpectto ihefesn liieir making mending all thtir fli nothing can und more la prefsy ve a ;