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Tyrone Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 29, 1892, Tyrone, Pennsylvania First Sermon since return ing from the Many Suleda Etui f Tho Kerful Anc Imit Arnht and Sublime but More than All the Tower of god 1 Talmage was greeted with a most generous and effusive today by vast Khich assembled to Viar him preach his first Sermon after v urn from his euro Pean preaching i o announced that in a sunday or two he would give a Sermon concerning his stewardship in delivering in in behalf of the Christian the Worth of flour for the the Subj it today was All in colossians 11 Christ is All and in returned after the most eventful sum Mer of my i must shortly and As soon As i recover from the sea give you an account of our Mission of bread to fam Ine struck Russia and of my preaching tour through Scotland and but my first Sermon on reach ing Here must be a Hosanna of gratitude to and from the text i have chosen i have found that the greatest name in the Ocean shipping and from Liverpool to mos and from Moscow to London and Edinburgh and Belfast and is always a Man for an every age of the world has had its his its its thinkers and its were there histories to be written there has always been a or a or a or a to write were there poems to be constructed there has always been a Job or a Homer to construct i were there thrones Lustrous and powerful to be lifted there has always a ii am or a Csisar to raise were there teachers demanded for the Ift Lect Iid the hearts there has been a and a and a and a Marcus Antoninus coming Forth on 1 to grand and glorious every ago of tin world has had its triumphs of reason and there Lias not been a single ago of the world which has not had some decided sys tem of the brahmanism and considering the Ages in which they were were not lacking in ingenuity and in this line of Beneficent institutions Aud of Noble men there appeared a person age More wonderful than any he came from a family without any Royal or aristocratic he became a galilean he had no advantage from the there were people lie Side him Day after Day who had no idea that he was going to be anything remark Able or do anything yet not withstanding All and without any title or scholarly profession or flaming he startled the world with the strangest ran in collision with solemn priest and proud and with a voice that ran through Temple and and Over ships deck Aud Mountain top i am the Light of the world men were taken All Aback at the idea that that yet hard from the use of the the the Adu Anil should wave the scepter of and that upon that from which they had so of ten seen him wipe the sweat of there would yet come the Crown of unparalleled splendor if Universal we All it is to think that anybody who at school with us in boyhood has got to be anything great or and no wonder that those who had been boys with Christ in the streets of Nazareth and seen him in after years in the Days of his Complete obscurity should have been very slow to acknowledge christs wonderful from this Humble Point the Stream of flowed at first it was just a faint hardly Able to find its Way Down the but the tears of a weeping Christ added to its and on until by the Beauty and greenness of thu Banks you might know the path tin Crystal Stream was on and until the lepers were brought Down and washed of their and the dead were lifted into the water that they might have Anil pearls of Job and Promise were gathered from the arid innumerable churches gathered on either and the tide flows on deeper and stronger and until it Rolls into the River from under the throne of mingling billow with and Bright Ness with Aud Joy with and Hosanna with he is All in i was looking at so inn of the paintings of the i saw some Pic Tures that were just faint in Sonu places you would see Only thu branches of a tree and no trunk and in another Case the trunk Aud no he had not finished the it would have taken him Days and months perhaps to have completed my in this world we get Only the faintest of what Christ it will take All eternity to fill up the so so so great Paul does not in this chapter say of Christ he is or he is or he is or he is kind but in his exclamation of the text he embraces everything when he Christ is All and in i remark the first Christ is everything in the i do not care where i open the find la whatever path i Start i come after awhile to the Bethlehem i go Back to the old dispensation and see a Lamb on the altar and behold the Lamb of god which Tabeth away the sin of the world then i go and see the manna provided for the israelite in the and the bread of then i look at the Rock which was smitten by the prophets and As the water gushes out i it is the Fountain opened for tin and for i i go Back and look at the writings of and hear him i know that Bay redeemer then i go to Eze and i find Christ presented there As Plant of and then i turn Over to and Christ is spoken of As a sheep before her it is Jesus All the Way Between genesis and then i turn Over to the new and it is Christ in the parable it is Christ n the Miracle it is Christ in the evangelists Story it is Christ in the apostles Epis and it is Christ in the trumpet peal of he i know there Are a great Nany people who do not find Christ in the Here is a Man who studies the Bible As a if you come As a you will find in this Book How the world was made How the seas fled to their places How empires were established How nation fought with javelin ringing against until the Earth was ghastly with the you will see the Corona Tion of the Triumph of and turned upside Dowland Back again and Down Cleft and scarred with great agonies of earthquake and tempest and it is a wonderful putting to the Blush All other sin the accuracy of its recital and in the stupendous events it Homer and thucydides and Gibbon could make great stories out of Little but it took a Moses to Tell How Tho heavens and the Earth were made in Onn and to give the his tory of thousands of years upon two the antiquarian Bible there Are others who come to the Bible brierely As if you come As an you will find a great Many Odd things in the of manner Anil marriage Aud burial peculiarities of crisping amulets and girdles and tinkling you come to look at military you will find Coats of mail and javelins and engines of War and and encamp if you look for Peculiar musical you will find psal teries and Shigio notes and rams the antiquarian will find in the Bible curiosities in and in and in and in religion that will keep him absorbed a great there Are those who come to this Bible As you would to a Cabi net of and you pick up this and what a strange sword that is and what a Peculiar hat this is and what an in looked for lamp that is and the Bible to such becomes a British then there Are others who find nothing in the Bible but the it you come As a you will find in this Book faultless and bold and startling and rapturous and Sweet pastoral and instructive Narra and devotional psalm thoughts expressed in a style More solemn than that of More bold than that of More terrible than that of More natural than that of More impassioned that of More tender than that of More weird than than of this great poem brings All the gems of the Earth into its and it weaves the Lames of judgment in its Garland and pours eternal harmonics in its everything this Book touches it makes from the Plain stones of the summer thrashing and the daughters of Nahor filling the trough for the and the fish pools of up to the psalmist praising god with Diapason of storm and and Job leading Forth Arcturus Aud the is a wonderful and a great Many people read it As they do Thomas Moore Lalla and Walter Scotts lady of the and Tennyson charge of thu Light they sit Down and Are so absorbed in looking at the shells on the Shore that they forget to look off on the great Ocean of gods mercy and Salva a lid un15elief is sure to then there Are others who come to this Book As they marshal passage against and try to get Matthew and Luke in a and would have a discrepancy Between Paul and James say about Faith Aud and they try the account of Moses concerning the Crea Tion by modern decisions in and resolve that in All questions Between thu scientific explorer and the inspired writer they will give the preference to the Geol these i will say Poison out of the they fatten their infidelity upon the truths which Havu led thousands to and in their distorted vision Prophet seems to War with and evangelist with and apostle with and if they can find some bad trait of character in a Man of god mentioned in that Bible these Carrion crows Caw and Flap their wings Over the because they cannot understand How the whale swallowed Jonah they attempt the More wonderful feat swallowing thu monster whale of modern they do not believe it possible that thu Bible Story should be True which says that the dumb ass while they themselves prove thu thing possible by their own it i am amused beyond Bounds when i hear one of these men talking about a future just ask a Man who rejects that Bible what heaven and hear him be fog your he will Tell you that heaven is merely the development of the internal re sources of a Man it is an efflorescence of the dynamic forces into a state of ethereal and transcendental in close juxtaposition to thu Ever present and the great to and the everlasting considering themselves they Are fools for fools for vain and then there is another class of persons who come to the Bible As they Are enormous presbyterians or fierce baptists or violent they Cut the Bible to suit their Creed instead of Cut Ting their Creed to suit the if the scriptures think As they Well if so much the worse for Tho the Bible is merely Tho Whetstone on which they Sharpen Tho dissecting knife of con they come to it As a govern ment in time of War comes to armoires or arsenals for weapons Aud they have declared everlasting War against All other and they want so Many so Many so Many so Many so much grape and so Many Fiel pieces with which to Rake the Field of for they mean to get the Victory though the heavens to darkened with Tho smoke and the Earth rent with the what do they care about the religion of the lord Jesus Christ i have seen some such men come Back from an ecclesiastical massacre As proud of their achievements As an Indian Warrior boasting of the number of scalps he has i have More admiration for a Man who goes Forth with his fists to get the championship than i have for these Theo logical pugilist who make our theological magazines ring with their there Are men who seem to think the Only use of the sword of truth is to stick there is one passage of the scriptures that they like better than All and that is this blessed be the lord which teach eth my hands to and my fingers to fight woe to us if we come to gods word As or As or As con or As fault or merely As poets those Only get into the heart of gods truth who come seeking Wel come All such i they will find him coming out from behind the curtain of prophecy until he stands in the full Light of new testament the son of the Saviour of the they will find him in genealogical table and in chronological in poetic stanza and in historical in profound Para ble and in startling they will see his foot on every and his tears in the drops of Dew on and hear his voice in the wind and behold Bis words All a loom in the Valley Between mount Oli vet and there Are some men who come and walk wound the Temple of truth eee the there Are others who walk into the porch and then go there Are others who come in and look at the but they know nothing about the chief attractions of the it is Only the Man who comes and knocks acc the i would see for him the glories of that Book and to goes in and finds and with him Comfort and All in All is Jesus in the his All i remark again that Christ is everything in the great plan of we Are Flaves Christ gives deliverance to the Cap to Are thirsty Christ is the River of salvation to slake our we Are hungry Jesus i am Che bread of we Are condemned to die Christ save that Man from going Down to the pit i am the we Are tossed on a sea of troubles Jesus comes Over it is be not we Are in darkness Jesus i am the Bright and morning Nve Are sick is the of we Are do and hear the shrouds rend and the grave Hillocks heave As he 1 am the resurrection and the life he that Beli Eveth in though he were yet shall he we want justification being justified by we have peace with god through our lord jesus1 we want to exercise Faith believe in the lord Jesus and thou Shalt be i want to get from under condemnation there is no condemnation to them who Are in Christ the carried the flames of suffered the endured the won Heights of heaven sing and worlds of Light to worlds of Light All round the heavens glory let us go Forth and gather the trophies for from mines we gather the from Ceylon bunks we gather the from All lands and kingdoms we gather precious and we bring the glittering burdens and put them Down at the feet of Jesus and say All these Are thou Are we go Forth for More and into one sheaf to gather All the scepter of the of All royalties and Domin and then we bring the sheaf of Scep ters Aud put it Down at the feet of Jesus and thou Art King of and these thou Hast and then we go Forth again to gather More and we bid the redeemed of All the Rons and daughters of the lord to we ask them to come and offer their and the hosts of heaven bring Crown pal in and and hero by these bleeding and by this riven and by this wounded heart Blessing and Honor and glory and Power be unto him that sit Teth upon the throne and unto the Lamb forever and forever Tell me of a tear that he did not of a Burden he did not of a that he did not of a Victory that lie did not All in All is Jesus in the great plan of in a Veur present i remark Christ is everything to the Christian in time of who has escaped trouble we must All stoop Down and drink out of the bitter the Moss has no to grow on the buckets that come up out of the hearts drip Ping with great trials Are upon our track As certain As greyhound pack on the scent of from our hearts in every direction there Are a thousand chords reaching out binding us to Lovid and Ever and anon some of these tendrils the winds that Cross this sea of life Are not All the Clouds that Cross our sky Are feathery and straying like flocks of slip on heavenly but wrathful and and gleaming with they wrap the mountains in ire and come Down baying with their thunders through every the richest fruits of Blessing have a prickly life Here is lying at Anchor it is weathering a it is not sleeping in a soldiers tent with our arms stacked it is a Bayonet we ble Over and we drive on with our wheel deep in the old rut of trouble has wrinkled your Anil has frosted your falling in this Battle of is there no Angel to bind our wounds hath god this world with so Many things to Hurt and none to heal for this snakebite of is there no Herb growing by All the Brooks to heal the Poison blessed lie god that in the gospel we find the antidote clip it has bottled an Ocean of How Many thorns he hath plucked out of human agony he knows too Well what it is to carry a not to help us carry ours lie knows too Well what it is to climb the not to help us up the he knows too Well what it is to be Perse not to help those who Are imposed he knows too Well what it is to be not to help those who he knows too Well what it is to not to help us in our last blessed thou know est it seeing thy wounded and thy wounded and thy wounded and thy wounded to Are sure thou know est it when those into whose bosom we used to breathe our sorrows Aru snatched from blessed be the heart of Jesus still and when All other lights go out and the world gets then to see com ing out from behind a Cloud something so Bright and we know it to be the morning Star of thu souls deliverance the hand of care May make you or the hand of persecution May beat you or the hand of disappointment May beat you Back but there is a and it is so and it is so gentle that it Wiseth All tears from All 6dds and Genius and meanders father was a if rats and mice be expect Wear As High Grade underclothes As you can afford locomotive engines were first made by Trevethick in the population of America increases by persons a the great italian was the son of a says an old kills More than the you will Seldom win n woman favor by doing As she appears to Guinea pigs allowed to roam freely in a Henhouse will keep away naturalists assert that a healthy Swallow will devour flies every the Blind Are always they see the face of and that is a few animals Are As Tho the armadillo and the the Mayflower of Nova Scotia is called by us trailing or ground Why go to the country to have a picnic when you can stay Home and have a roast Pauls the National Monu ment of was built from a tax on sea in some parts of India the Pearl of Tho tooth must be dyed Black before a woman can be a Young Man of has had a coat made of the Coons he slaughtered last a reduction in some of the fees for British patents has been passed by the British an elephants Sho Tildor is never is a Hindoo saying indicative of the restlessness of the the father of sextus v was a tenant who economise at every Point to give his son an in breaking off a love affair the Man will allege any reason rather than the True one of having ceased to love while Tho woman always alleges whether it is True or grateful Tho occasional stroller could not fail to notice the agitation of the Lank Man with thin hair who paced the Beach his anxious gaze Bent upon Tho last Bath House but at the sound of a woman voice issuing from the diminutive Structure the Lank Man might have been observed to tremble and break into was a shrieking she do muttered the Lank Man to Tho end justifies the he looked very the woman voice was a trifle More con to say Are there Many looking he glanced at the deserted about a sound like a gasp came from the last Bathhouse any ships John the Lank Man scanned Tho theres two excursion boats anchored right in for a time the last Bathhouse but one emitted John the anxiety of the Lank Man had been gradually is the water John he taxed at the rays of the heat radiating from the oceans Placid a Man has just been taken out with the thu Lank Man hardly it will take so Long to my hair his betokened a reviving 1 dont believe ill go Hannah he simulated the accents of but his face glowed with i Shant go thank hit whispered devout again the world is prevented from learning that i married Only for Detroit Genghis in Art is no better paid in Dol Lars than in Tho old formerly it was an opinion generally accepted that Genius could not exist Long with n turn of crust in a Garret was looked upon the Natur Al and fitting thing for a port to do while spinning the Golden cocoon of times have and we have changed with them to such a degree that the muses Are expected to endow a Genius with the Knack of turning shilling is adroitly As he is expected to turn the stylus or Wield the literary is at this Momeier of All arts the surest in financial in other the literary Genius is bettor paid than any other worker in a Puri in artistic and is not n Hundred years since the Days of Nis we hear a Good Deal about i he unreliability of literature As a but the Bottom faction the matter is that the profession is As reliable As any other to those who can master it As a in the business of letters there is no Way of avoiding scrutiny and All the world is the writers it is not so with Tho physician he can look pour out three drops of sweetened feel his patients pulse and go his even the lawyer has Many a Short Cut by which he can escape detection when he but the writer must meet every demand or he must a moment or two of careful thinking will disclose to any mind the element which distinguishes literary and Art life from every other Field of human experience and to succeed in the Best sense of any calling you must have but Success today is measured by and we May As Well for the moment take the Best possible View of this Golden we May take it As a general Rule that every person entering upon the profession of literature has in View two and with a heavy balance of preference to the credit of the in this View of the Case can we safely say that Genius succeeds better than Mere agile and Clever Talent take the Success Ful for published during the and what will be the inti session with one the most in and paying novels of recent Issue have been of poor workmanship and have appealed to human sympathy through other channels than Art but have been written by men and women of Genius who were will ing to Cater to a vulgar taste for Sake of the Reader who runs is not Apt to make note of this if trick of the literary nor is it our purpose to Analyse what have in mind is to Point out Why it is that writers have a harder time of it than other professional some one has said that Genius is but the saying will not hold when applied to the insatiable knights of the the time has passed when the the novelist or the essayist was con tent to delve for the applause of Success must be immediate or some other string must be pulled Fame Anil Money forthwith is the but it Fame can not be then notoriety and Money at All we called attention not Long ago to the system of literary which is but a part of the general scheme in which liter Ary Effort has involved itself of Kven Genius has been hustled into to it to such an extent that one regards askance every sudden apparition above the literary to set our own opinion in we seriously we is better paid today of the Garret and Tho trickles to Mere popular a severe a few evenings since a fashionably dressed Young couple occupied a Box at ot6 of the Down town those who were acquainted with them knew the Day set for their marriage was but two weeks All the arrangements for the event had been lovers looked Forward with Joyful Happy seem to be especially adapted to each was Tho verdict of their while rejected suitors envied their rivals soon after they had entered the Box the Young lady was seen to hold her programme in a Peculiar at the same time casting sly glances toward a certain portion of the following the direction of her glance one soon discovered a neatly dressed Young Man of attractive appearance who was an swering her glance and imitating every Movo of her artfully handled the flirtation had become quite animated during the first while the prospective Groom appeared in Blissful ignorance of what was at the end of the act he and excusing himself left the what was the Surprise of his affianced to see him pass a moment Latef through the parquet and to the Young Man with whom she had carried on the he tapped the Young Man on the shoulder and said Are you acquainted with the Young lady you have been flirting with answered the with an affectation of Surprise and injured i have flirted with no to whom do you refer no you to avoid further trouble follow seeming to think it useless to the Masher and on the Way out the injured Fiance ascertained his proceeding directly to Tho Box in which sat the now astounded Young he introduced her abashed admirer politely As follows this is with whom you have been spending your he will continue to entertain you until after the when he will escort you hoping you May enjoy yourselves i beg to be Good with a Graceful Bow he left Theli Lushing and thoroughly shamed Olio had been wondering what the out come would it is understood that the ceremony has been indefinitely one mans awful i made the awful mistake of making love to my own wife one Mason As he Drew a chair up to the charmed Circle where sat the Story tellers in the Lindell i had been Down to Kankakee on a business trip and took the night train for where i re the coach was with the exception of one double which was occupied by a stylish looking who sat by the window and had her veil i received permission to occupy the seat with and we were soon Chat Ting i thought her voice sounded but Fate had ordained that i should make an ass of i tried to get her to put no her but she objected that the cinders got into her to make a Long Story i struck up a desperate Flirta Tion with she admitted that she was but said her husband was a graceless who was always flirting with other women and neglecting of course i sympathized with and told her that a Man who would neglect so charming a woman ought to be kicked to death by a Blind was i married f certainly we finally reached and i banded her into a then jibe lifted her it was my wife this Story stops right Louis the As the grocer saw him enter the store with a angry he knew he had no Ordinary customer to Deal the Man strode Over to the threw Down a Basket he had been carrying and delivered himself 9 a Little speech he had evidently rehearsed on the this is an infernal outrage on a citizen Aud he bringing his closed fist Down with a Here you have not Only swindled me out of my Good but made me appear a miserable fool in the eyes of my sir just look at and Tell to what you mean by Selling such the grocer silently opened the Little but slammed Down the lid the next moment and moved nearer the where he could catch thu fresh in a yellow bowl inside the Basket were half a dozen cracked nothing but a deep sense of wrong could have induced the Man to bring them from for the most heart less person would have admitted that they were too far gout those Are Nice things to put in your window and Label fresh aint they interrogated the Man in a sarcastic id just like to know what excuse you can when did you buy them asked the grocer after chewing the ends of his mus tache last i thought there was a mistake some replied the with a return ing smile on his it was your own these eggs were As fresh As daisies when i labelled them a fortnight York evening i ii Art i i in1 time where it the Money making Genius watches the Wueith Vervane of current taste As a broker winches the movements of financial weather Cocks and strikes for the Lucky he deals in literary to bulls or bears the he takes a Chance on every change of the perhaps this is Why there Are so few genuine creations in literature the poet writes to suit the needs of 1 lie Magazine so likewise Lovs ii prose and in this Way Jour in is shaping both men and Genius is no longer proud and fond of Savage or if it is the exigencies of a life overdressed with the weight of artificial needs and dazzled by the Glare of Gold shut out the possibility of entertaining lofty the the English and the american authors seem to be in a mad Chase after great rather than in search of Tho Genius but at a no matter what Are its receipts in Bills and Jol Lifus Tel into and Julue Ambrose the Hustonville livery stable has what is probably the most remarkable horse in the United and his one sorrow is that the Park commissioners will not permit the animal to be driven through their Beautiful the horse is a Middle Well proportioned Kentucky gelding about 8 years and once upon a time was As White As a Snowdrift at the North two years ago a Young medical who was studying at the University of Pennsylvania and boarded at jollies suggested in Honor of the fourth of dash away the geldings name be decorated in the National he told Jollife that he had two harm less dyes which would soon fade and pointed out what a unique and sensational Livorse dash away could be transformed into by an artistic use of the As Jol life was the student boiled his and with a Large Brush stained the horses neck and forelegs a Bright Cri Sonish red the barrel was left and the flanks and Hind legs were stained a Brilliant the effect was so exquisitely Beautiful that Jollife and his family drove about the Vicinity of Hustonville every afternoon showing dash away to their save for the fact that Many of the horses that they met tried with More or less Suc Cess to run away when the White and Blue Equine met their affrighted Tho cup of the jollies family happiness would have been filled to the excite ment in the Park was so great that strict orders were Given to the guards to keep the patriotic horse out of the great pleasure dash away has been freshly dyed twice since his original and the Hes Conville horses have now grown accustomed to his spectacular but life is not what it should be for Jollife on account of the Park commissioners Rule barring dash away from the privilege of their French cigarette smoking is on the decline in Germany and on thu increase in which is the Moru As Tho French cigarettes Are notoriously no coun try is worse off for its Cross the Frontier to the South and Yalu fare Well in Spain Cross it to the Southeast and the Trabuco and the Menghetti Are a Relief even in Germany Tho Home grown Leaf is at least but the French cigars Are bad and the French cigarettes Are not bet in one of the Paris factories they turn them out at the rate of a when a factory girl has made her Regula Tion pile cigarettes have passed through her the phrase is scarcely for of course it is the familiar Little Cylinder machine that is it is Only in Spain that the cigarette is still the French factory girl is fairly Well though there was a threat ened strike a few Days she gets four shillings a Day and the work is not there was some talk about it not being the govern ment sent a to the in healthiness was said to be due to the powdered the dust that got into the it seems that this was not and the making of cigarettes is said to be much More wholesome Thau the smoking of mall Lightn Lugtig in 1853 a Little girl was standing at a window near which stood a Young Maple tree a Flash of lightning struck either the girl or the tree or and an image of the tree was found printed on her in another instance a boy climbed a tree to steal a Birds nest a lightning Flash struck the the boy fell to the and on his breast the image of a with the Bird Aud nest on one of the appeared most the Gallant so pleased to see you once again after an interval five years Why have you never been to see As you prom ised f 1 should have been most the weather has been so Cost of opus Piug a Bill in a glimpse of what it Cost to oppose a railway Bill in parliament was obtained at a meeting of the Marylebone which not with the Success that it sex the Extension of the Sheffield and Lincolnshire line to agreed to by parliament just before the the total Cost of the vestry opposition came to made up of coun Sels payment of preparing Slans and other incidental on superstition about f both the kurd and the cossacks be Lieve that mount Ararat is guarded by an unearthly being and that no Man can ascend the Peak and they have a somewhat contrary As to what kind of spirits Are on the former claiming that the Devil is guard the latter that Angels Are on Louis a deferred anybody that knows Josiah son of old Josiah and grandson of old John and otherwise related to the Smith knows he is a practical sort of Man who looks upon All sides of a question before committing him self to an when Smith courted his wife it took him several years to make up his mind be fore he asked the important everybody around the House waited and wondered Why he didst pop and if he Ever but Josiah kept on the even Tenor of his getting Well acquainted with Mary and Tho family before taking the decisive there was a Parrot in the a evil minded who bated Smith on and never said a word in his at least never did until this Josiah preached the Point in his courtship he thought it advisable to take a a hurried smack of affection or an All devouring Osco Latorya of but Tho moderate kind of kiss that goes with a declaration of like Grace before taking marys hand he asked her to stand As the occasion was a solemn we will now indulge in our first he said in a formal but convincing not much croaked a voice that seemed to come from the air above their said Josiah if you can indulge in such unseemly levity at Luch a moment we Are not suited to one poor Mary was struggling with tears of but before she could explain matters to her angry suitor he had taken his hat and left the the spinster aunt who owned the Parrot saw him the next Day and explained and Polly had her Eara boxed and was shut so that the next time Josiah undertook to kiss Mary no ghostly voice prohibited the free Bah Way lines without fish the recent tests of welding Street rail Way rails by electricity with a View to dispensing with fish plates have been entirely the tests have proved that the necessity of joints to provide for con traction and expansion is not so imperative As engineers have supposed but the Date upon which this result is based have not yet been made it was found pos sible to Weld electrically two pieces of steel of Twentyfive Square inches and therefore a solid rail four or five ill we Long can produced if Burg

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