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Read an issue on 20 Oct 1892 in Tyrone, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tyrone Herald.

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Tyrone Daily Herald (Newspaper) - October 20, 1892, Tyrone, Pennsylvania Set me Talmage gives an of his observations account borne bather novel views of the Czar of Russia and affairs generally in that dreadful i Ings on interest attached to the Sermon preached by Talmage this it having been announced that he would devote the entire discourse to a review of his Summers Jour the great Tabernacle building was crowded Early by an expectant professor the during the service rendered the russian National the English National air and our own National among other hymns Sung my tis of Sweet land of the subject observations in rus Sia and great the text selected being psalm if i take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the even there shall thy hand Lead what an absurd Book the Bible must be to a Man who has no poetry in his soul wings of the what kind of a Bird is and How Long Are its wings and of what color some of us have seen and Felt its they Are they Are they Are they Are the 15th of last june i took the wings of the morning and started for june on the wings of the i started from july on the wings of the i entered the land of Martin Luther and Many of living and on the wings of the morning 1 entered on the wings of the morning 1 entered on the wings of the morning i entered the pal aces of by the emperor and surrounded by a Lovely Brood of princes and on the wings of the morning i entered the Cap ital of the scottish country of Robert Burns and Thomas one for the other for on the wings of the 1 entered the finest Haven of All the Earth new York looked off toward the most interesting place i had seen in three months South Oxford i like the wings of the i by nature and by a Sou of the i think i must have been born in the i would like to die in the i have a notion that heaven is Only an everlasting in the sum Iner of 1892 my text was fulfilled to me again and if i take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the even there shall thy hand Lead he led me Asho always has led me since i took my first walk from the Cradle to my mothers Lap at bound Brook until this pulpit where i now and he will Lead until i Stop for All time about three Miles out where the most of you will to my fellow slum the Cut for you All know Why i went to Russia this there Are Many thousands of people who have a right to say to As was said in the Bible give an account of thy through the Christian which i have the Honor to we had for in in reportorial and editorial put before the people the ghostly facts concerning Twenty million russians who were starving to arid subscriptions to the Relief fund had come by letters that seemed not so much written with Ink As with some of the letters practically to find it hard to get bread for our own but we cannot stand this cry of hunger from beyond the and so please to receive the and others had sent jewels from their hands and necks sell these and turn them into and another letter said enclosed is an of Gold it was my she gave it to me and told me never to part with it except for and now i enclose we had gathered thirty five thousand Dol Lars in which we turned into three million pounds of when i went Down to the Board of Trade at Chicago and left five thousand Dol of the amount raised with a prominent 1 flour taking no receipt am leaving All to him to do the Best thing and it was suggested that 1 had not done things in a business How could we know what sort of flour would be sent there Are styles of Flou More fit for the trough of the than the Mouths of hungry men Aiu As is when the flour came to new York it was tested and to found indeed they had cheated us they gave us better flour than to Hai 1 bought in Chicago Fine flour but they sent us god bless tin merchants of Chicago now we know nothing about famine ii the Grasshoppers May kill the crops in the freshest May destroy the crops along the the potato worn May kill the vines of Long the rus May get into the wheat of be when there has been dreadful Scarcity ii some parts of the land there has been plenty in other but in districts o vast enough to drop Secra nations into drought for six consecutive years has and those districts were previously the most productive of All the it was like what we would have in Amer Ica if the hunger fiend somehow got of of hell and alighted in our and Swep his Wing Over Minnesota and be nothing grow and Over Missouri am let nothing grow and Over new York state and let nothing grow and Over Ohio and Georgia and Massachusetts and Pennsylvania and Nebraska Ami Dakota and the Carolinas and let nothing grow and Tho Hun Ger fiend had swept the same withering and blasting Wing Over the Best parts of Amer Ica in the years 18111 and and Fin Lyall our families were put on Small and weal had risen from the table and after awhile the children had Only Quarter and after awhile Only one meal a and after awhile no Good food it but a mixture of wheat and chaff and bark of and then three of the children Down with him Gor and then All the family unable to and then crawling on hands and and then one dead in each and not quite so coming in to Bury and afterwards the House becoming the with none to carry Tho dead to More appropriate families blotted Jtb uus dred and Twentyfive Tuou Sake a 1 that was what occurred in Russia in More than were Ever in Homes that were onco As comfortable mid Haj jpy Aud Bountiful or in Homes As Virt Betous As you ref or i Homes where god is worshipped As much As in yours or it was to do a Little something toward beating Back that Arch Angel of wretchedness and horror that we and we have now to report according to the estimate of the russian famine Relief we saved the lives of As at the hunger Relief stations the bread was handed it was made into loaves and Many people would halt before taking it and religiously Cross themselves and utter a prayer for the some of them would Como staggering Back and please Tell us who sent this read to and when Toltl it came from Merica they would say what part of Imer Cap Flentse give us the names of Hose who sent god Only knows he names of those who sent but he cer mainly does and Many prayer is going i warrant Day for Hose who sent flour by the ship per aps Someon us at our tables rattle off a prayer that May mean although we Call it saying but i warrant when those people who received the bread which saved their lives said Grace it meant our religion May not demand that we Cross but i have Learned that while crossing ones in some cases May mean nothing but Mere form i believe in most cases it thou of the suf ering Cross of have mercy on to accept my prefer your in form of religion by All but do Tot depreciate the religious forms of trom All i can learn there were several Ood people before we were and i Ather expect there will be several left after we Are i have travelled in Many but i Tell you As i told pm Eror Alexander Iii in the Palace at Peter that i had never been so impressed with the Fidelity to their religion of any people As by what i had seen in my especially among her Public i said respectfully to a russian when 1 saw him Cross what do you do hat for he when i do that always god have mercy on me hold in my hand something very suggest what does that Black and Unco Mely look like that is what is called hunger bread from Russia that is what millions of people lived on for months be Ore help came from Ireland mid America that is a mixture which seems to have in it not one Grain of it is a mixture of pigweed and chaff and the sweepings of that is something if dropped in the your dog or cat might sniff but would not that was the Only food on which millions of men and women you must look at that hunger bread of Russia before you can get proper a Precia Ion of what an attractive and Beautiful a Good loaf of bread it is so com non to us we cannot realize its meaning Stop and look at it in a bakery window or see it on your family mean an lion Cost loaf of White As a Ball of packed with a crust Brown As the autumnal and for a keen appetite More Aro Matic than loaf of bread As you remember it in when the knife the hand of your father or Mother lit clean from crust to and before not a Quarter of a or a half a but a round and an other and just suited to a boy Al ways ready to eat and for the most the even in a Well supplied i remember and you if you had a healthy just How it my my Plum pudding does taste As Good now As that Plain bread it was then bread at Tho and bread Between and bread before am bread before going to the staff of Why does not some poet ring a Canto on loaf of or some modern Raphael paint some historian Tell its history noticed All Over like wedding or Dot Ted like Many articles of pretentious and with fantastic but that grandest product of the Earth that richest yield of the flour Mill that Best Benediction of a hot god Given loaf of but the rhythm of the luxury of the meaning of the Benediction of the divine mercy of Only those know who have keen a no wonder Christ put this food into the sacrament and said of a broken loaf of this is my thank god that i Ever saw that transcendent and compact kindness of the infinite loaf of and it was our Joy this summer to hand Over a ship Load of material for glad Dening Many thou Sands of russians with such a but i have been asked by Good people in great Britain and again and Why did not the prosperous people of Russia Stop that suffering making it useless for other nations to help and i am always glad when i hear the question it gives me an Opportunity of have you any idea what it requires to feed Twenty Mil lion people there is Only one being in the universe who can do and that is Tho being who this morning breakfasted six teen Hundred million of Tho human the nobility of Russia have not Only contributed most but Many of them went Down and staid for Mouths amid the and the and the typhus and the smallpox that they might administer to the i sat at the dining table in the House of one of our american representatives be Side a Baroness who had not Only impoverished her estates by her contributions to the but who left her own Home and went Down into the worst of the mis until prostrated with then reviving and toiling or until prostrated by the she had come Home to get a Little and in a few Days she was going Down again to the suffering and she commissioned to to execute in America a literary Enterprise by which she expects with her pen More All of which is to go for bread to those who Lack then there Are the they lire of the Only the nobility of but the nobility of you know to have in America certain names which Are synonyms for James William Slater and what their names mean in America Bobrinsky Means in the emperor has made larger contributions toward this Relief fund than any Monarch Ever made for any cause since Tho world and the Superb kindness written All Over the faces of emperor and Empress and Crown Prince is demonstrated in what they have already done and Are doing for the sufferers in their own coun when a few Days ago i read in the papers that Tho emperor Aud Empress hearing an stopped the Roya rail train to find out what Accident hat and the Empress Knelt Down by Tho Side of a wounded labourer and held Hife head until pillows and blankets could be and Tho two wounded men were put upon Tho Royal train to to carried to a place where they could be better cared for i said to my just like when i saw a few Days ago in the Papen Bab the emperor and Empress had Walker through Che wards of the most virulent talking with the shaking lands with them and cheering them it was no Surprise to for i said to that is just like any one who Las Ever seen the Royal family will believe anything in the Way of kindness ascribed to and will join me in the execration of that too prevalent opinion that a tyrant s on the throne of if god spares Ray life i will yet show by facts beyond Lisante that the most slandered and systematically lied about nation on Earth is and that no ruler Ever lived More for the Elevation of his people in education and morals and religion to than Alexander he so i put All the three prayers save the president of the United states god save the Queen of England god save the emperor and pm press of Russia i whether in sermons or lectures have not yet show that Nineteen twentieth of ail the things written and published against Russia Are furnished by men who have been hired by other coun tries to write up or rather write Down so As to divert Commerce from that Empire or because of International jealous Russia being larger than All the rest of Europe put you can see How natural would be the i know of two prominent european newspapers that keep men on salaries to catch up everything unfavourable to Russia Ami magnify the and the stereo typed stories of siberian cruelty in one Case out of a Hundred is but in nine Tonine out of a Hundred cases they Are and in the one Case As soon As it is reported the official is they who have been sent to write up Russia and Siberia have done As that Man would do sent to write up new should write up the slums As a specimen of what new York sent to write up the american should write up some depraved politicians As a specimen of american sent to write up Tho sanitary condition of this should Send a Kodak picture of All the warts and carbuncles could find As a specimen of american i believe i can reverse the opinion of any Man antagonistic to Russia who will give to an honest As my own opinions have been reversed by what i recently saw and before passing to the other Field of my summer observation i give you one Little specimen of the falsehoods about i stood in London with my tickets for in my it was two Oclock in the and at three Oclock i was to take the an Amer ican physician came in and you certainly Are not going to i Why not then a morning paper was shown saying that in Petersburg there were two thousand cases of virulent cholera the City had been divided into Hospital and the doctors were at their wits end what to do with the number of the population was flying in it was almost As bad in reflecting on these accounts two messages arrived from other friends protest ing against the Foolhardy Inesso my Rushing into the presence of two thousand cases of cholera in one of course 1 1 halted for four meanwhile a Tele Gram from Petersburg encouraged me to i there was not a single Case of cholera in Petersburg or mos and there was not a single Case in Ither City until four weeks after i left Hose but the Continental false Good had done its commercial Lens of thousands of americans an englishmen who proposed to summer in Russia turned in other rat the Large hotel in Petersburg at which i though capable of hold no five Hundred and months before every room and every hallway and every mattress Aud every Pillow had been in aged by Telegraph by tin orders were and instead of live Kindred guests 1 should think about and that including our and so it was in All the hotels in Northern rus and the subtraction of that amount of commercial profit from those cities you May but that whole subject of systematic fabrication i adjourn to Somo other yet i must Tell you of a Pic of pathos and moral Power impressed upon my so that neither time nor eternity May efface the ship Leo swung to Tho docks a few Niles below Petersburg loaded with Lour from the sailors on Board in Zaed As they came to the from i yacht on which we had descended Tho to sea the prominent citizens of Petersburg Tho Bank was crowded by prosperous who stood on Tho and Back of them by poor who had come Down to offer services free of All charge for Tho re Moval of Tho bread stuffs from the ship to he Imperial freight train that took the Lour to the Interior free of while we stood there the Long freight train rum led Down to the the and each car decorated with a Ameri can Flag and russian Flag though a Flag to sumo eyes is Only a floating you ought to see How the american Flag looks five thousand Miles from it looked that Day Liko a Sec Tion of heaven let Down to cheer mortal addresses of Welcome and responses were and then the work the Only contest being who should lift the hardest and be most from ship to rail from rail train to knead ing from kneading Board to from oven to the White arid quivering lips of the upon All whether by contribution Small or helped make that scene possible May there come the Benediction of him who i was hungry and to fed Ghat meetings in cheat but i must also give a word of report concerning my other preach ing of the gospel in great Britain last it was a tour i had for Many years with the themes of the gospel 1 confronted More people than Ever before in the same length of tubes after and beyond any thing i can the throngs in All Tho cities were so great that they could to controlled Only by platoons of so that none should be Hurt by the each service indoors followed by a service for the waiting throngs and both by handshaking to the last Point of phys ical from the Day in which i arrived at noon in and that night addressing two vast until i got through my evangelistic it was a scene of Blessing to my own soul and i Hope to i missed but three engagements of All the and those from being too tired to stand at All the assemblages Large collections were Money being Given to local feeble orphan asylums or Young mens Christian services being entirely but what a summer there must have been much praying hero and elsewhere for my or no mor Tal could have gone through All i went in every messages poured info or families in Ameri sons of welshmen and there Are hearts on the other Side of the sea beating in affection for you and praying for your present and eternal they wanted me to give you their and Here it is by the for i cannot give it by Dis appoint not the old folks on the other Side the you will probably never see them again in this their hair is and their step is not As firm As when you saw them so live that you May meet them in write Home and while you know they Are Pray ing for do not forget to remember in your prayers those who were your first and friends than whom you will never have mean your old father and by Tho memories of the old scotch where you were and of the eng Lish by which and of the Welsh Hills and among which you and the Homes on the Banks of Tho Tweed and the Shannon and the i charge you be honorable and True and you have Good ancestral blood in your prove yourself it seems to me that the gospel is making mighty strides Over Only one thing i saw in the chapels and churches i did not that is a Lack of appreciation of each other As Between the National Church and the now each is doing a great work that the other cannot god Speed them of the Episcopacy and they of the dissenters some need the ritual of the National Church and others the spontaneity of the in the kingdom of god there is room for All to work and each in his own some people Aro born episcopalians and others methodists and others baptists and others and do not let us Force our notions on As for i was born so near the line that i feel As much at Home in one de nomination As and when in the episcopal Church the Liturgy stirs my soul so that i cannot keep Back the and it overwhelms me with its solemnity and its when in an old fashioned methodist Church the responses of amen and hallelujah lift me like 1 am in blessed bewilderment As to whether in the body or out of the god and As for the though i have never been anything but i have immersed hundreds and expect to immerse hundreds More in the baptistry under this pulpit where 1 now no doubtful what is the use of controversy about anything except How we shall keep close to the Cross and do the most for helping peo ple for this world and the next May there come in England More cordiality Between the National Church and Tho although i would be called a dissenter almost my first step in England was into a banqueting lord mayors Given to the Bishops and High officials of the National the great and Good and genial archbishop of Canterbury at their and a More magnificent group of intellectually and i never got and i found that though to had never met before the Arch Bishop and myself were old but All up and Down great Britain i found a multitude that no Man can number enlisted for god and and i Tell you the kingdom is if the pessimists would get out of the people who snivel and groan and think everything has gone to Tho dogs or is about to say if these pessimists would Only get out of the the world would soon see the salvation of christianity is Only another name for elevated was Isaiah an Optimist see his deserts Incarnadine with red roses and snowed under with White lilies and his Lamb asleep Between the paws of a was John an Optimist read the uplifting splendours in the apocalypse and the hallelujah chorus with which the old which they cannot Tho greatest thing i can think of would to to have a triple Alliance of England and Russia in Complete Harmoni and then to have upon All of them a deluge of Tho holy let the defamation of other nations peace and Good will to Man for that glorious which May be nearer than we let us remembering that god can do More in five minutes than Man can do in five if the consummation is not effected in our Day 1 shall ask Tho privilege of coining out from heaven a Little while to look at this old world when it shall have put on its millennial i think god will let us come out to see it at least once in its perfected state before it is burned i should not wonder if All heaven would adjourn for an excursion to this world to Sec How a shipwrecked planet was got off the Breakers and set afloat again amid the eternal meanwhile let us do All we can to make it and it will somehow Tell in Tho final though it be Only a Childs sob of a trickling tear wiped from a Pale or a Thorn extracted from a tired or a sinful soul washed White As the May god help us to help others and so these lessons of gratitude and sympathy and helpfulness and vindication i have brought you of Tho wings of this tribute from John Bull Odds and be admits that we surpass him in a for fighting there is much to be Learned from Amer Ica by All of and it is to be regretted that one of the crack brigades of the states could not have crossed the Ocean to at tend the firemen we May find one More Opportunity for the lesson if the committee of the Chicago exhibition thinks fit to invite the firemen of Europe to the worlds the americans like to think that they take the Lead in this Branch of Public and by All accounts of them they would still be very hard to most of our newer contrivances Are prob ably of american the steam fire engine the horses standing ready harnessed Day and night and trained to walk straight into the shafts As soon As they hear the alarm Bell the pole Down which the also ready slide from their sleep ing rooms to reach the basement to save the few seconds that might be lost by their coming Down these seem to have been matters of common experience in America when they were still talked of As novelties the same thing May be said of the alarm the americans train for and some of their records Are at a fire which occurred in new York two years ago the first alarm was received at in three minutes after that the first engine reached the burning it May be was not very far the whole second which was 100 foot was a mass of and the flames were spreading to the stories other engines soon and by or in less than half an not a spark of fire was left in the the water which no perpendicular pipes car ried on a movable pour Tho Stream into the highest buildings at any Elevation they Are packed into a comparatively Small space when not in but Are instantly reared to their full height by the Force of carbonic acid the floating fire engines Are largely used in new As the City is surrounded by Tho latest is built of and it travels at a very great its four pipes Are from three to four inches in i but the Power of All the pumps May be concentrated into one or two which yield a still larger volume of these 5inch in their tremendous act like battering rams Aud drive their Way through ceilings and and even through Brick into the very heart of the in some instances Tho life lines Are fired from a on much Tho same principle As that in use for the rocket apparatus at the gun carries a thin line to the firemen at the top of the burning and with this they draw up the stouter rope they the life which Are equally Light and into which per sons jump with comparative impunity from the highest save Many the Best of these contrivances have been introduced in our own fire in great part owing to the Enterprise and Energy of Captain he was Able to boast in his Farewell address that during the thirty years of his control of the metropolitan brigade the number of stations had been raised from thirteen to Aud the number of firemen from not much More than 100 to a Little Over in 1sg1 there were no telephones nor Call they now extend Over the whole of to the last moment of his official Captain Shaw was still calling for More of yet it will be some time before the ratepayer will enable him to realize his Ideal of thirty two new stations at an average Cost of a thousand a year a perfect water Supply was and perhaps still our most pressing Only a Small number of Tho pipes were constantly and there were often More engines at a fire than there wits water for their Homer was a Farmers Seattle fishermen Hare formed goal Oil was first used As an Illuminant in a mans task is always Light if his heart the proper napkins now Are As soft and Fine As the composer Gluck was the son of a a Man who is True to himself is a Friend to India rubber Trees Are reported to grow wild in Lee clothes that speak for themselves leave their wearers nothing to history fails to record that any Indian has Ever been killed by if the marigolds continue shut after 7 Oclock in the expect Rhododendron has been declared by vote the state Flower of a Saloon in has a foot seventeen inches in Salt Lake City is exhibiting a Gold Nugget from Tho mines at marshal Victor was a hustlers enlisted As a private and Rose from Wilsons lays claim to a Turkey Gobbler 2 years old that weighs fort three Harvey of is reputed to have a Pearl Button from mad Anthony Waynes a Man who claimed to be 100 years old was lately sent to prison for three in for Petty Charity is that form of self righteous Ness which makes us give soothers the tilings that already belong to Isaac of pulpit lost nearly lobsters lately that to had confined in a Pond by a Quantity of fresh water flowing into it and killing that should lie the world was never so Small As it is to Means of rapid transit Are bringing All quarters of the Globe closer and closer this result has its dangers As Well As its the recent out break of cholera in european of whose daily Advance we Aro made aware by warns us that we have dangers to fear from a too close International rela Tho grave responsibility of Keepin Froni our land the dreaded Scourge of cholera rests upon the sanitary inspectors of our port for it is Only through a few great Gates of Commerce that we have Rea son to fear its recent experiences with typhus fever in the port of new York have shown that Thero Are weak Points in our quarantine defences which should to when once these bulwarks Are the labor of disinfection is increased a it should be the duty of Tho authorities to prepare beforehand for thorough inspection of All arriving vessels and for Complete disinfection of All suspected freight and Tho usually easy going american should not allow his Good nature to modify the Stringency of his maritime sanitary regu officials Are to to com mended for their increasing vigilance in this for it is by their efforts that Tho disease May to kept from shipping whence it might to distributed by Tho Kiuru of a mini Why have Yon discharged your Book keeper i thought you told me a worked like a he that was the i didst want Ruy books kept by a but by a it Uther too much to the cracks Man had ripped the blinds off their hinges Aud was in the act of cutting through Tho window Glass when a chorus of feminine shrieks was heard within the it sounded As if there were at least thirty five women but the Basing his opinion upon his sex conjectured that there were about three of go right away from shouted a shrill murder help the Clouds parted Long enough to allow the Moon to Bathe the Earth in Silver glory and reveal a cynical smile on the lips of Tho aint you going away the shrill voice i guess Tho burglar spoke with Tho courage of his Aud youre cd coming in a there for a moment Tho rasping noise of the file on Tho identical rasping noise that is usually heard in stories of drowned in an other chorus of Hes a coniing Woorow there was a Rushing hither and thither and the mingled commotion of sobs and presently there was a sudden the shrill voice was timid and the rasping noise overwhelmed it the rasping Good wont the shrill voice was husky with excite until we get dressed the Clouds parted again and revealed the cracks Man looking thoughtfully at Bis nine he must finish this Job before his face grew set and he declared 1 have no time to wait for a woman to distracted As they they Felt the logic of his trib old time an old almanac for 1814 gives the Fol lowing As Tho rates of postage prevailing at that time for every single letter by for 40 8 cents do 10 cents 150 cents 300 17 cents 500 20 and for More than 500 25 no allowance to to made for intermediate every double letter is to pay double the said rates every triple triple every packet weighing one at the rate of four single letters each ounce every ship letter originally received at an office for 0 cents magazines and Pam not Over 60 1 cent per Sheet Over 50 Miles and not exceeding 100 cents per Sheet Over 100 9 Cerui per York altogether too what we have got to said a pretty Young woman the other Day As she sat on her foot among the cushions of a divan exchanging summer adventures and Winter plans with a con Palfi of is to make War on these delightful Bachelor apartment a Man called on me last night who went to live in one last he is full of enthusiasm and i dont the one to lives in is a big House on fifth Avenue that was the former residence of when her husband died she disliked to Thero alone and had it made Over into Bachelor then she put her who had married her in and the place is filled with men who live altogether too my Friend says nobody Ever leaves unless he Dies or gets and they Evi Dently take Tho greatest pains to avoid either he a pretty with open rugs and All that sort of and a bedroom and a Large Bath Aud dressing and he Hast a care in the he never knows anything about his for in his drawers and presses Are Al ways filled with fresh of whose gathering and washing he has been quite a stitch is never for it is always taken he discovers Tho his clothes Are looked after by the who sends them away to be pressed or sponged whenever it seems to him his hats Are always brushed and even his umbrellas Aro kept trim and taut ready to be grabbed up if he is going away he wires up from the office and his bag or trunk is packed and sent off to the station when he comes Back his Luggage goes to the House Aud he goes Down town when he reaches his room again the trunk has vanished and his be longings Are All in everything he sends to the House is paid for on and once a month a itemized Bill is presented to and that is Tho end of to gets up when he touching his Bell when to does Aud when to is ready a tempting Little breakfast is spread in his to dines where he i Ana looking Forward to the Winter to remarked last with the Couch drawn up before Tho my Book and my i shall forget the cold and storm without in the cheer and Comfort what do you think of that sentiment from a Man who is a Good dancer int it All too Ideal and dreadful and the other girls looked very solemn and said that it Point of in new York of a big the season now closed at Coney Island has been the busiest the Island has known for Aud yet it is a serious question whether Tho hotels there have made any Money in the Long some of the smaller but not the it is a notorious fact that they have not been fortunate for seasons Aud that last year Tho question of reopening was debated for some time before it was the Rush of the people and the prices asked would seem to suggest but the crowd must be a big one to make Tho appearance a few outsiders realize Tho magnitude of the business of summer hotel keeping or the Quantity of supplies needed to keep the caravan sary some of the statistics May interest if not Surprise Tho average visitor to the a recent glimpse at Tho books of the Manhattan Beach improvement com Pany shows that for Ono Mouth of lost reason the supplies for the Manhattan Bench and Oriental hotels Cost As follows Ico 400 no figures Aru Given Here of the Cost of coffe and other groceries a Liko of which proportionate quantities Aro nor of Tho a Large nor of Tho inevitable waste and nor of Tho Gas and electric Light and Many other making up a total of huge a mens there has never before been so Many effective designs As to treatment of pattern and color blending of handkerchiefs for men As the present season has indeed for variety and cleverness of con caption Tho everyday kerchief almost vies with neckwear in the Range of it would seem to be a to Carp against this adventitious attribute of the apparel scheme when its has been so judiciously and liberally the Well dressed Man will in the frequency of its handling incident to its use get it upon exhibition often to warrant keeping it under it Tho and

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