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Tyrone Daily Herald (Newspaper) - November 17, 1892, Tyrone, Pennsylvania 5 Fob Talmage finds Many lessons j in Aarons Golden the israelite suffered hut for it Short but 5rillloii9 have suffered since and millions Aro suffering now by their and worship of subject of Dis course chosen by Talmage for his first Sermon after the National election was be peculiarly appropriate to the Money faking spirit of the it was the Solden the text selected being exo Lus and he took the calf which they had made and Burnt it in the and ground it to powder and strewed it upon he water and made the children of Israel drink of i people will have a god of some and they prefer one of their own hero come the breaking off their Golden the men As Well As thew for in those times there were Masc Ilithe As Well As feminine where lid they get these Beautiful Gold doming up is they did from the desert they borrowed them from thee Gyp Bias when they left these ear rings Are piled up into a Pyramid of glittering any More earrings to bring says fire is Kin the earrings Are melted and poured into a not of an Eagle or a War but of a calf the Gold cools the Mold is taken and the idol is set upon its four an altar is built in front of the shining then the people throw up their arms and gyrate and shriek and dance mightily land Moses has been six weeks on mount and he conies Back Aud hears Tho howling and sees the dancing of these Golden Call and he loses his and he takes the two plates of phone on Wens written the ton com Ami flings them so hard against u Rock that they split All to when b Man gets Liu very Apt to break All ten Moses rushes and he takes this calf god and throws it into a hot fire until it is a melted All out of and then pulverizes by Tho modern appliance of Nitro Muri Atic but by the ancient appliance of or by the old fashioned he Janakes for the people a most nauseating he takes this pulverized Golden calf and throws it in the Only Brook which is and the people Are compelled f to drink of that Brook or not drink at but they did not drink All Tho glittering thrown on Tho some of it flows on Down the surface of the Brook to the and Theu flows on Down the River to the and Tho sea takes it Piip and bears it to Tho Mouth of All and when the tides set Back the remains of this Golden calf Are car ried up into the and the East and the and the and the and men go out and they skim the glittering and they bring it and they make another Golden and California and Australia break off their Golden earrings to augment the and in the fires of financial excitement and struggle All these things Are melted to Aud while to stand looking and wondering what will come of lol we find that the Golden calf of Israel Irish Wor ship has become the Golden calf of european and american i the modern i shall describe to you the god spoken of in the his his altar of Sacri the music that is made in his and then the final breaking up of the whole congregation of i put aside this und you see the it Golden calf of modern it is not like other made out of stocks or but it Hus an oar so sensitive that it can hear Tho whispers on Wall Street and third Street Aud state Ami the footfalls in the Bank of and ithe flutter of a Frenchman heart on the it has an Eye so keen that it can see the rust on Tho farm of Michigan and the insect in Tho Maryland peach Aud the trampled Grain under the Hoof of the russian War it is so mighty that it swings any Way it will the worlds it has its foot on All the merchantmen and Tho Jit started the american civil and us Ider god stopped it decided the 1urkorussian one broker in in new one Hundred and sixty fora million and Tho whole continent this Golden calf of the text has its right front foot in new its left front foot in Chi its right Back foot in its left Back foot in new and when it shakes itself it shakes the this is a mighty Golden calf of the worlds worship but every god must have its auc1 this Golden calf of the text is no exits Temple is vaster than Pauls of Tho and Peters of the and the Alhambra of the Ami Tho Parthenon of the and the Taj mahal of the Hin and All the other cathedrals put to its pillars Aro grooved and fluted with Aud its ribbed Arches Aro hover ing und its chandeliers Are descend ing and its floors Are tessellated and its vaults Are crowded heaps of and its Spires and domes Are soaring and its Organ pipes Are resounding audits pedals Are tramping and its tops pulled out Are flashing while standing at the head of Tho As Tho presiding Are the hoofs and Shoul Ders and eyes Aud ears and nostrils of the calf of the cruelty of every god must have not Only its but its altar of Aud this Golden calf of the text is no altar is not made out of us other but out of counting roam desks Aud to reproof and it is a a a nigh the victims Sac Ifill on it Are what does this god euro about Tho to roads and struggles of Tho Vic Liuis before it with metallic Eye it looks on and yet lets them heaven and what an altar what a sacrifice of mind Ami soul Tho physical health of a great multitude is Flung on this sacrificial they can not and they take chloral and mor Phine and i some of them struggle in a Nightmare of and at Ono Oclock in Tho morning suddenly Rise up a thousand shares of Railroad Hundred and eight and a half take it until Tho whole Amily is und Tho speculators Call Back on their pillows and sleep until they Are awakened attain by a Corner or Al sudden Rise in something their nerves their digestion their brain the comes in and Roods the funeral Ore the dead who die in the they did not die in the Golden calf kicked theml the trouble la when men Sacra of them on tills Attar suggest term Oie text they not Only sacrifice but they sacrifice their if a Man by an ill course is determined to go to Perdi i suppose you will have to let him go but he puts his wife and children in an Equi Page that is the amazement of the and the Driver lashes the horses into two and the spokes Flash in the and the Golden headgear of the har Ness until Block calamity taken the bits of the horses and stops and shouts to the luxurious occupants of the get out they get they got that husband Aud father Flung his family so hard they never got up there was the Mark on them for Mark of a split death dealing Hoof of the Golden Solomon offered in one on one Twenty two thousand oxen and one Hundred and Twenty thousand sheep but that was a tame sacrifice compared with the multitude of men who Are sacrificing themselves on this altar of the Golden and sacrificing their families with the soldiers of general Havelock in India walked literally ankle deep in Tho blood of the House of where two Hundred women and children had been slain by the sepoy but the blood around about this altar of the Golden calf flows up to the flows to the flows to Tho flows to Tho great god of heaven and have mercy the Golden calf has hearts broken for still the degrading worship goes and the devotees Kneel and kiss the and count their Golden and Cross them selves with the blood of their own Sacri the music Rolls on under the Arches it is made of clinking Silver and clinking Gold and the rattling specie of the Banks and brokers shops and the voices of All the the Soprano of the woi1 ship is carried by the timid voices of men who have just begun to while the deep Bass Rolls out from those who for ten years of iniquity have been doubly chorus of voices rejoicing Over what they have chorus of voices wailing Over what they have the Temple of which 1 speak stands open Day and and there is the glittering god with his four feet on broken and there is the smoking altar of new victims every moment on and there Are the kneeling and the Dorol Oliy of the worship Rolls while death stands with moldy and Skeleton Arm boat ing time for the More Morel some people Are very much surprised at the actions of Folk on the Slock indeed it is a scene sometimes that Para lyres and is beyond the imagination of any one who has never looked what snapping of Finger and thumb and wild Aud raving like and stamping like Aud swaying to and and running one upon and deafening uproar until the president of the Exchange strikes with his Mullet four or five order order and the astonished Spectator goes out into the fresh air fooling that lie has escaped from what does it All moan 1 will toll you what it the devotees of every Heathen Temple Cut them selves to pieces Aud yell and this voc iteration and gyration of Tho Stock of change is All this is the Wor ship of Tho Golden plutocracy must but my text suggests that this worship must be broken As the behaviour of Moses in my text there an those who Wiy that this Golden calf spoken of in Ziy ext was and merely plated with Gold they Moses could nut have carried 1 do know but perhaps by the assistance of his to takes up Golden which is an insult to god and and throws it into the and it is and then it comes out and is cooled and by some chemical or by an old fashioned it is and it is thrown into the und As a punishment the people Are compelled to drink the nauseating my you May depend upon it that god will Burn and he will grind to pieces the Golden calf of modern and to will compel people in their agony to drink if not it will be so on the last i know not where the fire will whether at the Battery or Central whether at Brooklyn Bridge or at whether at store London or West but it will be a very hot All Tho government securities of the United states Aud Britain will curl tip in the first All the safes and depositing vaults will melt under tin first Tho sea will Burn like and the shipping will be abandoned the Mot Oil Gold in the brokers window will burst through the melted window Glass and into the but the flying population will not Stop to scoop it the cry of fire from the Mountain answered by the cry of fire in the the conflagration will Burn out from Tho continent toward t and then Burn in from the sea toward the new York and London with Ono Cut of the red scythe of destruction will go Twentyfive thousand Miles of conflagration the Earth will wrap itself round and round in shroud of flame and lie Down to what then will become of your Golden calf who then so poor As to Wor ship it Mol Tod or Between the upper and Tho nether Millstone of falling mountains ground to moloch Golden calf cods judgments Are my every Day is a div of and god in All Tho time grind ing to pieces Tho Golden merchants of Brooklyn and new York and what is the characteristic of this time in which we live you professional what is the of the times in which to live you though i should be in a minority of i venture Tho opium i that Aro the Best times have for Tho reason that god is teaching the world As never before that old fashioned honesty is the Only thing that will to Learned As never before that forgeries will not pay that Tho spending of fifty thou Sand dollars on country seats and a Pala tial City when there Aro Only thirty thousand dollars will pay that the appropriation of Trust funds to our own private speculation will not we had a great National tumor in the shape of fictitious we called it National instead of Call ing it enlargement we might bettor have called it a it has been u und god is cutting it out it and the nation will get Well und will come Back to the principles of our fathers and Wico Throe made six instead of und when the apples at Tho Bottom of the barrel were just As Good As the apples on the top of the and a silk handkerchief was not half Aud u Man who wore a Flo Dollar coat paid for was More honoured than a Man who wore a fifty Dollar coat not paid rare the Efta the is very Apt to be made out of borrowed these israelite of the text borrowed Tho earrings of the egyptians and then melted them into a Golden calf is made a great Many not paying for the articles they borrow of the and the and Tho Butch and the dry goods then the re taller borrows of the wholesale then the wholesale dealer borrows of the and we borrow and borrow and borrow until the Community is divided into two who borrow and those who Are borrowed after awhile the capitalist wants his Money and he rushes upon the wholesale and the wholesale dealer wants his Money and he rushes upon the and Tho retailer wants his Money and he rushes upon the and to All go Down to there is Many a Man in this Day who rides in a Corringe and owes the Black Smith for the and the Wheelwright for the and the trimmer for the and the Driver for unpaid and the harness maker for the and Tho furrier for the while from the tip of the Carriage Tongue Clear Back to the tip of the shawl fluttering out of 1 Back of the vehicle everything is paid for by notes that have been three times re it is this temptation to borrow and Bur Row and borrow that keeps the people everlastingly praying to the Golden calf for and just at the minute they expect the help the Golden calf treads on the judgments of like Moses in the will Rush in and break up this worship and i let the work go on until every Man shall learn to speak truth with his and those who make engagements shall feel themselves bound to keep and when a Man who will not repent of his business but goes on wishing to sat into Bis Cannibal appetite by devouring widows shall by the Law of thu land be compelled to Exchange his mansion for sing let the Golden calf perish Lay up treasure in my if to have made this world our when we come to die we will see our idol How much of this world Are you going to take with you into the next will you have two in each Side of your shroud will you Cushion your coffin with Bonds and mortgages and certificates of Stock no Tho ferryboat that crosses this Jordan takes no heavier than a you May perhaps take live Hundred dollars with you two or three in the shape of funeral to but you will have to leave them it would not be Safe for you to lie Down there with a Gold watch or a Diamond ring it would be a temptation to the my if we have made this world our when we die we will see our idol ground to pieces by our and we will have to drink it in bitter re Grets for the wasted opportunities of a life soon we will to this is a fleeting world it is a dying world a Man who had worshipped stall his in his dying moment described when he fool fool fool i want you to change and to give up the worship of this unsatisfying and cruel god for the service of the lord Liiv is the Gold that will never Here Are securities that will never Here Are Banks that will never Here is an alter on which there has been one sacrifice once Tor Here is a god who will Comfort you when you Are in and soothe you when you Are and save you when Yon when your parents have breathed their and the wrinkled and trembling hands can no Moi to put upon your head fora he will to to Yon father and Mother giving you the defense of Tho one and the Comfort of the other and when your children go away from the Sweet you will not kiss them Good by he Only wants to hold them fur you a Little he will give them Back to you and to will have them All waiting for y0i it the Gates of eternal Wel what a god he is he will allow you to come to close this morning that you can put your arms around his while to i response will put his arms around your and All the windows of heaven will be hoisted to lot Tho redeemed look out and see Tho spectacle of a rejoicing father Ami return Uil prodigal locked inglorious quit worshipping the Golden and Bow this Day before him in whose we must All appear when the world has turned to ashes and the scorched Parchment of the sky shall by rolled to ii Ether like no historic to Boron lusts in the danger or milk from tuberculous cows increases with hot and there is no Way of spreading this Distaso to generally in a City in summer time As through the consumption of milk from emaciated and diseased no Utler animal is capable of bearing the disease Long without exhibiting evidences of it As Tho domesticated Aud for tills Rea son it is difficult to ascertain Tho source of tuberculosis in Many Tho temperature of Tho cow is Over 103 and this High temperature makes it Possi ble for her to endure Tho processes without Tofle Rizig to any great it is rarely that the human temperature rises much above this during the stage of Active tuber dairymen therefore often see their cows performing their functions and yet tuberculosis is present without their the disease is Only ascertained by them when Tho animal is sick and grows and yields Small quantities of Tho fact when tuberculosis develops so far As to make Tho cow emaciated there is no danger from the for it is entirely dried up Aud none is the danger is from Tai animals who they Aro in apparent Good Mollic once when Tho Field marshal was stay ing for the Baths at he went alone through Tho Woods to As it was a thirsty Day stopped at a Wayside inn for Tho landlord hailed him bather at Arent you Moltke i is said to be he How does he look he looks much As you or i answered the Field on a later Day the landlord was surprised to Flud to had been interrogating Tho great general pull mall poets All torn commotion in Chicago among Tho reared contemporaries of the poets and authors of Chicago Are in a state of violent it seems that when the news of Tennyson death reached this City a reporter for the times was sent out to interview the local poets and authors to ascertain if possible whether the Litte raters of Chicago regretted the demise of the poet the reporter interviewed miss Tho poetess of the worlds fair Uncle Joa author of Zury and other and Francis editor of the these three and none other did the reporter and the consequence is that the ninety and nine Litte raters who were not interviewed Are Midder than wet and there is no telling where their fury will it is not they that miss Monroe and Uncle Joe Kirkland and Browne should have expressed regret at lord Tennyson death who constituted these three a the in behalf of upon lord Tennyson merits at least a fair proportion of the whole number of literary producers should have been consulted As it Only three out of the whole number were and of these three Only one was a member of the Chi Cago literary Well leave it to Lyman Gage if this was fair or to Frank Lin or to author of a cursory history of the Tho authors and poets had a mass meet ing on Tho Lake Stanley author of a Man and u pre and the eminent was inflammatory speeches were made by Ernest author of with Rod and gun John author of the toilers Dia dem author of a Ken Tucky colonel George author of the Standard cantatas George Hor author of songs of the and Many the following were appointed a committee to wait upon Carter Harrison and to ask him to show if after the affront Given by his newspaper to the literary Industry of this he should not be Defeated for mayor next Spring Edward author of Wayside author of a guide to Halsam member of the Chicago literary Herbert author of the five cent exposition Rosabel the Sweet Singer of Goose Hiram member of the Chicago literary Ajax author of Homeric study along the beeswax member of the Chicago literary Sophronia the uncrowned Sappho of the West Belvidere president of the amalgamated order of South Side epic poets and Boswell member of the Chi Cago literary we have it upon the authority of several of those gifted people that if the committee Ever docs make a report it will be a news prehistoric at present the Moon is Miles away from our Globe but was a time when it was Only on sixth part of that distance say about Miles that time must of a necessity have corresponded to some Groat terrestrial goo logical epoch probably it was at the time when Tho to soon at the present time Tho average height of the tides Tho world Over is Only about three feet in Tho faraway time alluded to when the Moon was Only Miks away they were 210 times As High As at or w8 feet in such a tide As that would Wash Louis off the face of to Lite throw a flood of sea water sixty one foot High on the Chicago water works Tower and drown out almost every place of importance in the United thro Quarter tide would leave but a few of the tallest chimneys and Spires in Luiis above and a full tide would i tin Well up into the wineries of but this would Only last for a few hours at a Tinio in loss than Jive hours the whole of Liis flood would have Only would it leave Missouri and ail of the remainder of the United states High and but would probably Drain Trio Gulf of Mexico and leave a gravel and Shell paved path from the Mouth of the Mississippi to Cuba and a few dry hours would pass and then the whole land would again be inundated Only to soon be these mighty tides Are the gifts which modern astronomers have made to the working machinery of the who can doubt that they constituted a terrific Power while aiding in the work of stratify Louis pall the Shady Side of which was the favorite of the Beans Aud dandies of Tho was familiar to who began and finished the Luck of Barry Lyndon while stay ing in James no More congenial District con id have been found for the worldly minded old who loved to station f in the great window of Bays Cluba How window of with half u of old Bucks similarly recreating fogies pen unkindly should to set up in Wax at Tussaud in a chamber of horrors by Tho humorous Side of club life is admirably portrayed in Tho Book of a member of the athe Summ and the re Thackeray was particularly partial to the smoking room of the ii Rick club then situated in King covent Gar it was at the annual dinner held on Shakespeare that to said Happy speak of it As the Garrick to us it is the the Little the Dearest place in Tho blindness on the though we Aro told that blindness is on the it is sad to reflect that people in Europe suffer from this dreadful Spain appears to be the great est sufferer in this an Oculi St tells us that scarcely one in Twenty of watchmakers suffer from weak a rustic in Tho Tho Only Man in the world who lives in a mansion built in Tho air is a american the building in question is situated at it is Over 300 feet and is supported by massive Iron immense gardens surround the reminding Ono of the legendary suspended gardens of baby Access to the building is obtained by a Gigantic and communication with the town is by London tit Maine Mackerel i nil the steamers along the Maine coast pick up huge cargoes of dried codfish and canned the canned Mackerel de signed for the Western where people never see real Salt water is Mackerel Are but the Supply of Odds and Epictetus was the sob of a Day measure yourself by your own anemometers were invented by Wolfers in i kisses Flavoured with paint and powder Are not most papers in Germany Are owned and edited by next to excellence is the appreciation of if porpoises and whales sport about expect a the Tongue draws men like or it drives men like a a japanese proverb says when a Hen crows the House goes to apples were Worth from one shilling to two shillings each in the reign of Henry the father of the composer of sacred was a Cook some say a the annual consumption of Railroad ties in the United states is estimated at about a Berlin inventor has invented an instrument which measures the part of a because there is an ice Trust every year Doest signify that your iceman will let you hang him Indiana has More germans than any other they constitute 55 per of the a turkish proverb says do not consider the whiteness of Tho turban the soap was perhaps obtained on there Are seventy two places called Etienne in and thirty towns called Washington in altogether there Are in Europe about 000 match and they yearly pro Duce matches valued at ten thousand pounds Worth of pearls were in three years time during the last Century taken from mussels in the Tay near to fooled general i came very near being hanged for a spy during the civil said Captain member of the Little Hatchet that wan holding Forth at the South i was on the losing Side during the and was frequently detailed for special i got into Grants Camp shortly before the Bat Leof acquired the information i was in quest of and was ready to when the hero of fort Donelson ordered me brought before 1 was Persona Ting a deaf mute and had Given my place of residence As Cincin As i entered the generals tent in charge of a he removed his Cigar and looked me Over his Gray eyes seemed to look me through and then he turned to his adjutant and said that fellow is a have him searched and As he spoke the sergeant fired a pistol directly Back of my my nerves were Well braced and i never Tho general stroked his stubby and i could see that his conviction that i was a spy was to took up a and of wrote on it idly a dozen questions about the Ciyou Cincinnati and its leading people and handed it to i had spent three years in that City and my answers were prompt and put him in the guardhouse Aud report to said and the order was carried that night when 1 was sleeping heavily the sergeant entered guard House and fired a pistol near my it awakened but i had presence of mind enough not to open my eyes or then to Shook Rne roughly and told me the House was on j merely sat up and stared at him Quick Quick where Are your clothes he i fumbled about and handed him my slate and to left and the next morning i got per Mission to leave Tho i had fooled but he made a mighty close Call for my Louis Globe demo Tho formation of Lagrange has communicated to the Doli Jirau Academy a paper on the formation if bodies in the in this paper he expresses Tho opinion Bufore any expenditure of Tho Quantity of heat of the universe wis nil that Tho temperature was gradually raised above absolute Zero at the expense of work done by and hence the formation of solid bodies must have preceded that of liquids and that through Tho gradual condensation of matter Aud consequent enormous development of heat Tho Earth would at least in the parts near Tho surf the state of fluidity necessary to its form and Geo logical characters a the temperature gradually Rose with gradual agglomeration of a very dense atmosphere would with pressure diminishing and in a More advanced phase Tho temperature of after reaching i would gradually diminish causing liquefaction or solidification of certain mutters at first while other solid bodies might remain suspended in the briefly in elucidation of Tho basis of his original Aud remarkable theory As thus set declares that space is occupied by two Ono which is Mattei properly so or material atoms the other which occupies Tho inter atomic and from which results be to Viveen any two atoms n variable repulsion exercised at Tho surface of the York a useful mexican a thread and Needle tree ii oulds Liko but Tho mexican Matuey tree furnishes not Only a Needle Aud thread Al ready for but Many other Conven just outside the door of a mexican Homo Tho Beautiful tree Juanei with clustering pyramids of Flowers Tow ering above dark coronal of am at Tho tip of each dark Green Leaf in a leu Dor Thorn Needle that must be drawn care fully from its at the same slowly unwinding Tho a Strong smooth fiber attached to the Needle am capable of being drawn out to a Grea among its other uses the roots of this Well Aro a most Savory dish while with its leaves May to made i thatching fit for a and no prot Tiki sight can be met than the cottages of mex ican peasants so exquisitely the Rich leaves also afford a material for paper and from the juices is distilled a favorite from Tho heavier fibres Tho a Tives manufacture Strong cords and course string Young the wind among the conductor runs up the Loose Side walk and knocks at the station House the wind booms solemnly in the Block treetops and from the waiting engine comes the steady Clank of the the half Clad Section Boss appears at Tho broken rail half mile West of owl Creek must be fixed fore 8 can without awaiting a reply the conductor Las and the train labors Onward up the the gang is the Handcart Arries them quickly Down to owl she broken rail is and All is ready for the toilsome return slowly the car is forced up the winding the men work cow ering As if to avoid a blow As the car plunges into the inky darkness of a now shrinking involuntarily from the verge of chasms heaped up wit i Vaspory occasionally against the starry pall of the sky a wan shimmer reveals the sierras snowy and a cold wind pouring Down from those dead Heights sways the Sable plumes of fir and Tamarack and booms in the tall Pine unnoticed by the men on the car a heavier than the murmur of the comes Down the a shudder runs along the heavy steel rails with the Roar of an a locomotive sweeps round the Point just for a like a picture upon a the with its freight of terror stricken stands out in the Glare of the headlight against the surrounding and death was upon with Brake shoes spitting fire the train rushes the Rod lights of the caboose swing round the curve and a sudden hush Falls upon the below the Grade fragments of rocks and loosened Earth bound and rebound amid treetops and jutting a is still at and up from the Depths Wells the sound of brawling softened by distance to a the wind from the height once More sways the Sable plumes of fir and Tama rack and booms in the tall Pine Munson in Short fur House the action of whether Art facially or naturally has been proved to be by far the most beneficial 10 As by its Aid the solubility of food becomes More it should not be too fish with there Are few More interesting inhabitants of the Earth in the eyes of scientists than the a rare now found Only in two Rivers in although in Long past As its remains in the rocks it inhabited Europe Ami other there Are two other rare fishes related to tic one of the has been discovered Only in the while the the is not known outside of tropical the special interest in fishes arises from the fact that they possess lungs As Well As and consequently appear to represent an intermediate condition of life Between the fish and the they Aro sometimes described As one of the missing links in zoological the Eer Todus enjoys the distinction of having received a name through the Dis covery of the Fossil remains of its before it was known that any representatives of its race were still living upon the this strange animal is said to Deposit its eggs upon weeds growing in the Burnett and Mary Rivers in and pro Fessor Baldwin of made a Long journey in Queensland search of some of these though a did not find he did learn some inter Esting facts about the it is a big he sometimes attain ing a length of six feet or and it is not Good for As has been altho Tigh it is furnished with a lung for it does not voluntarily leave and if it gets out of the water it is practically in a few hours after being removed from the River it perishes unless it is kept the great use of its lung seems to be to enable the cer Todus to live by breathing air without quilting the water tiie Olio cent few of the present generation have any knowledge How the present one cent piece came into prior to the civil War the Coin which represented cent weighed exactly half there were plenty in circulation for the Popula Tion of the hut when the War broke out it seemed As if coins of All denominations had been swallowed tokens of various kinds were made first of then of a Small Coin about Thos Izeor the present one Cunt piece was having upon it various such As not one Good enough for our country from Guo to varieties of these tokens were made and As they were taken to represent a cent by eve those who had Copper enough hand and could make or procure holds or realized a Good profit from the Mak ing and issuing of these the size and weight were and the United states government saw that the people were better pleased with the smaller although comparatively than with the old half ounce As the object was to keep the subsidiary coins in the and As the people were Content to use the smaller Tho Experiment was tried in the Issue of the Turkey Buzzard mixed Nickel they were thicker and heavier than Tho present and did not please As Well As Tho tokens had after trying two or three issues of the Nickel some with the say aug Eagle and others with the indians the United states govern ment decided upon Tho present style of Sho meant on Ono occasion a Congre Tasman of a past not noted for his habits of per Sonal was visiting on the new England and one Day while out in a to Loup with a sailing party he was swept but was happily Tho excitement was Over a Young fellow rushed Down into the by Jove he weve been having an exciting time on what is it asked Blank was washed in glad of snapped a fastidious new England everybody was 1 Sho just think of that Man being washed on free Truw for dyeing mordant dyeing colouring mat a preliminary treatment with chlorine is a great deeper shades can by this Means be of duo to the simple fact that the Wool takes up the mordant very much bet Ter than untreated the exception of those dyestuffs which require cop Peras for a As is Tho Case with the instead of a a brow is and the same May be sold of textile

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