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Tyrone Daily Herald (Newspaper) - December 19, 1895, Tyrone, Pennsylvania A world of trouble Talmage on the Petty annoyances of Hornet of its of insect for Little troubles they Are All in 1 Tolin nge to any Choso for his discourse a theme that will a Proal to most the Petty annoyances of his text Tho lord thy god will Send the Deuteronomy i it seems As if the ius Octile world Woro determined to extirpate the human it bombards the Grin Fields and Tho cards and the the Colorado Tho Nebraska the new Jersey Tho Universal potato Bug seem to carry on the work which was be gun Ages ago when the insects buzzed out of Noah Ark As Tho door was in my text the Hornet flies out on its it is a species of Swift in its motion and violent in its its touch is torture to Man or to have All seen the cattle run bellowing under the out of its in boyhood to used to stand cautiously looking at the globular nest Hung from Tho tree and while we were looking at the wonderful covering to Woro struck with something that sent us shrieking Tho Hornet goes in it has captains Over fend 20 of them alighting on one Man will produce the por Sains attempted to conquer a Christian but Tho elephants and the beasts on which Tho persians Rodo were assaulted by the so that the whole army was broken up and the besieged City was this burning and nox ious insect stung out Tho hittites and Tho canaanites from their what gleaming sword and Chariot of War could not accomplish was done by Tho puncture of an Tho lord sent the Small my when to Are assaulted by Groat behemoths of to become and to assault we get on Tho High mottled stood of our and to make n cavalry charge at and if god be with to come out stronger and butter than when we went for these ius Cotile annoy ances of Foos too Small to shoot things without any avoirdupois Tho and Tho and the und Tho and the hornets in Othor it is Tho stinging annoyances of our life which drive us out and use us in Tho Best conditioned for some grand and glorious god has sent the i in Tho first that these stinging annoyances May come in Tho shape of a nervous people who Are prostrated under typhoid fevers or with broken Bones get plenty of but who patios anybody that is nervous Tho doctors and Tho family and everybody Shes Only a Little All the sound of a heavy the harsh Clearing of a a discord in a want of har Mony Between Tho shawl and the Glove on the same a Curt a passing Tho wind from Tho any one of annoyances opens the door for Tho Tho fact is that Tho vast major Ity of the people in this country Are Over and their nerves Are Tho first to a great multitude Are under Tho Strain of when to was told by his physician that if he did not Stop working while to was in such poor plays incl health to would whether i live or Tho wheel must keep going these sensitive Parsons of whom i speak have a bleeding the flies love to Light on anything and those people Aro like the Cauna Nitos Pokou of in the text or in the have a very thin cover ing and Aro vulnerable at Alj and the lord rent Tho Dike the Small insect annoyances May come to us in Tho shape of friends and no Uuno Tancos who Are always saying Dis agreeable Liuro Uro some people you cannot be with for half an hour hut you Feol Chov then Thero Aro other people you cannot to with for five minutes before you feel they do not mean to disturb but they acting you to Tho they gather up All the yarn which Tho gossips spin and retail they gather up All Tho Adverse criticisms about your about your Busi about your about your and they make your ear Tho funnel into which they pour they laugh heartily when they toll As though it wore a Good and you laugh these people Aro brought to our Atten Tion in the in Tho Book of Naomi wont Forth Beautiful and with the finest of worldly and into another alter she came Back widowed and Siek and what did her Frio mls do when she came to the City they All went and instead of giving her common sense what did they do Road the Book of Ruth and find Thoy threw up their hands and is this Naomi As much As to How awful bad you do look when i entered Tho hooked very Pale for and every for four or five a Hundred times a i was asked if i had not the and passing through Tho room i would sometimes hear people sigh and not Long for this world i resolved in those times that i never in any conversation would say any thing and by the help of god i have kept Tho these people of whom i speak reap and bind in the great Harvest Field of some Day you Groet them with a Hilari Ous Good und they come Buz zing at you with Somo depressing inform the lord sent the when i Soo to Many people in the world who like to say disagreeable things and write disagreeable i come almost in my weaker moments to believe what a Man said to me in Philadelphia one Mon Day i went to get the horse at Tho livery and the a Plain said to i saw that you preached to Tho Young Mon yesterday i he said no mans a Rhy skua the Small insect annoyances of life sometimes come in the shape of local physical which does not amount to a positive but which both ers you when you want to Feol Tho perhaps it is a kick headache which has been the plague of your and you appoint Somo occasion of mirth or sociality or and when Tho clock strikes the hour you Cuenot make your appear por Hups Tho trouble a Between the ear and Tho in the shape of a up Euralio nobody Coo sea w with but just at the time when you want your intellect clearest and your disposition brightest you feel a disconcerting the lord Bent the perhaps those Small insect annoyances will come in Tho shape of a Domestic Zirri the parlor and Tho Kitchen do not always to got Good serv ice and to keep it is one of the greatest questions of the sometimes it May be the arrogance and inconsiderate Sioss of whatever be the we All admit there Aro these insect annoyances winging their Way out from Tho culinary if the Grace of god be not in the heart of the Tho cannot maintain her Tho men Como Homo at night and Hoar Tho Story of these annoyances and these Home troubles Are very Little things they Are Small As but they marthas nerves were All Unstrung when she rushed asking Christ to scold and there Are tons of thousands of women who Aro stung to death by these pest Ferous domes tic the lord sent Tho these Small insect disturbances May also Como in the shape of business there Are men Here who went through 1857 and the 94th of without losing their who Are every Day a horsed by Little clerks ill or a blot of Ink on a Bill of or the extravagance of a partner who overdrawn his or Tho underselling by a business or the whispering of store confidences in Tho or the making of some Little bad debt which was against your just to please somebody the lord sends it is not Tho panics that kill the Mer panics come Only once in 10 or 30 it is Tho constant Din of these everyday annoyances which is sending so Many of our Best merchants into nervous dyspepsia and paralysis and the when our National Commerce fell Flat on its these men stood up and Felt almost but their life is going away now tinder the swarm of those pest Ferous an the lord sent Tho i have noticed in the history of Somo that their annoyances Are multiplying and that they have a Hundred whore they used to have the naturalist tolls us that a Wasp sometimes has a family of and it does seem As if every annoy Ance of your life brooded a by Tho help of god i want to show you the other Tho Hornet is of no use yes the naturalists toll us they Are very important in Tho worlds they kill and they Clear the Atmos and i really believe god sends Tho annoyances of our life upon us to kill the spiders of the soul and to Clear Tho Atmos phere of our these annoyances Are sent to i to Wake us up from our Thero is nothing that makes a Man so Lively As a most of yellow and i think that these annoyances Aro intended to per Suade us of the fact that this is not a world for us to Stop if we had a bed of everything that was attractive and soft Aud what would to want of heaven to think that the hollow tree sends the Hor or we May think that the Devil sends the i want to Correct your Opin the lord sent Tho then i think those annoyances Como on us to culture our in Tho gymnasium you find upright parallel upright with holes Over each Othor for pegs to be put then Tho gymnast takes a Peg in each and to begins to one Inch at a time or two getting his strength reaches after awhile the and it seems to me that those annoyances in life no a moral each work Lent a Peg with which we Are to climb higher and higher in Christian we All love to see but it cannot to Cul tured in fair patience is a child of the if you had everything desirable and there was nothing More to what would you want with patience the Only time to culture it is when you Are lied about and sick and half you if i Only had the circumstances of Somo Well to do i would to patient too you might As Well if it Woro not for this i would or i would shoot this gun if it worn no for Tho when you stand Chin deep in annoy neos is the Timo for you to swim out toward Tho Groat headlands of Christian so As to know Christ and Tho Power of his resurrection and to have Fellowship with his so by by nothing but Tho Furnace will Over Burn out of us Tho clinker and the i have formed this theory in regard to Small annoyances and it takes just so much trouble to fit us for usefulness and for the Only question is whether to shall take it in the bulk or pulverized and hero is Ono Man who takes it in Tho his Back is or his eyesight put or Somo Othor awful calamity befalls while Tho vast majority of people take the thing piece which Way would you rather have it of in better have five aching tooth than Ono Brokon jaw bettor 10 Fly blisters than on amputation better 20 squalls than one there May to a difference of opinion As to allo Pathy and but in this mat Tor of trouble i like homeopathic Small pellets of annoyance rather than some Knockdown dose of in Stead of the Thunderbolt give us the if you have a you would a great Deal rather that 50 men would come in with Cheeks less than than to have two depositors come in the same each wanting his in this latter Case you cough and look Down to Tho and you look up at the Selling before you look into the my would you not rather have these Small drafts of annoyance on your Bank of Faith than some All staggering demand upon your endurance but remember that Little As Well As Groat annoyances equally re quire you to Trust in Christ for Succour and a deliverance from impatience and Irurita thou Wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind in staid on in the Village of tradition there was an invasion of and these Small creatures almost devoured Tho town Aud threatened the lives of the Aud the Story is that a Piper came out one Day and played a very Sweet and All Tho vermin followed him to the Banks of Tho then to blew a and then they dropped in and Dis appeared of course this is a but i wish i on Tho Sweet flute of the draw Forth All the nibbling and burrowing annoyances of your life and play them Down into the Depths How Many touches did Church give to his picture of Cotopaxi or his heart of the Andes i suppose about i Bear the Canvas saying Why do you keep me trembling with that Pencil in Long Why dont you put it on in of i know vow to make a it will take 100 of those Audi want if to understand that it is those annoyances under Aro making up Tho picture of your to be Hung at last in the galleries of fit for Angels to look god knows How to make a Little strokes i go into a sculptors studio and see him shaping a to has a chisel in Ono band and a Mallet in Tho and to gives a very gentle Click i Why dont you strike harder to that would Shat Ter the i cant do it that i must do it this so to works and after awhile the features Como and everybody that enters Tho studio is charmed and god has your s6ul under process of and it is the Little annoyances and vexations of life that Aro Chisling out your immortal it is Click i i wonder Why Somo great prov Donco does not come and with Ono stroke prepare you for god says that is not Tho and so he keeps on by strokes of Little vexations until at last you shall be a glad spectacle for in gals and for you know that a Large Fortune May to spent in Small and a vast amount of moral character May go away in Small it is the Little troubles of life that Are having More effect upon you than great a swarm of locusts will kill a Grainfield sooner than Tho incursion of three or four you since i lost my since i lost my i have been a different but you do not recognize Tho architecture of Little annoy ances that Are splitting and into joining your moral rats May sink a Ono Lii Cifor match May Send destruction through a Block of Catherine do Medici got her death from smelling a poisonous Columbus by stopping and asking for a piece of bread and a drink of water it a franciscan Convent was led to Tho discovery of a now and there is an inti nto connection be tween trifles and Between nothings and to careful to let Nono of those annoyances go through your soul Unnur rain compel them to administer to your spiritual Tho scratch of n six Penny Nail sometimes produces and the clip of a most infinitesimal annoyance May damage you do not lot any annoyance or perplexity Como across your soul without its making you our government does not think it belittling to put a tax on Small Tho individual taxes do not amount to but in Tho aggregate to millions and millions of and i would have o Christian put a High Tariff on every annoyance Aud vexation that comes through your this might not amount to much in single but in Tho aggregate it would be a great Revenue of spiritual strength and a boo can suck Honey even out of a and if you have Tho Grace of god in your heart you can got sweetness out of that which would otherwise irritate and faithful in Little a returned missionary told to that n company of adventurers rowing up Tho Ganges were stung to death by Flics that infest that Region at certain i have seen Tho North strewn with Tho car casses of Mon slain by insect Tho Only Way to get prepared for Tho Groat troubles of life is to conquer these Small what would you say of a sol Dier who refused to Load his gun or to go into the conflict because was Only a saying i am not going to of Pond my ammunition on a unit until Thoro comes a general and then you will Soo How courageous 1 am and what battling i will the general would say to such a if you Aro not faithful in n you would to nothing in a general and i Honvo to toll o Christian if you cannot apply the principles of christs religion on a Small scale you Wil never be Able to apply Thorn on a Largo if i had my Way with i would Honvo you possess All possible worldly i would have Yon to ii i River flowing Ami for ugh and Tho grass Anil Flowers As Beautiful As though Tho rain Bow had i would have you i a splendid mansion and Tho bed should to covered with upholstery dipped in Tho setting i would have every Hall in your House Sot with statues and and then i would have Tho four quarters of Tho Globe pour in All their Lux uries on your and you should have Forks of Silver and knives of inlaid with diamonds and then you should each 0110 of you have Tho finest and your pick of Tho can Vinges of Tho then i would have you Livo 160 and you should not have a pain or ache until Tho last Wisdom in it not each one of us you each Ono of not to your enemies Tho Only difference i would make with Thorn would to that i would put Little extra Gilt on their Walls and a Little extra embroidery on their you Why does not god give us All these things i Bethink myself to is it would make fools and sluggard of us if to had our no Man puts his boat picture in Tho portico or Vestibule of his god mount this world to be Only Tho Vosti Bulo of that Groat gallery of the universe toward which we Aro we must not have it too Good in this or to would want no Polycarp was condemned to be burned to the stake was to was fastened to the faggots were placed around the fires but his tory tells us that Tho flames bunt outward like the Canvas of a ship in a Stout so that the instead of destroying were Only a Wall Between him and his they had actually to destroy him with Tho Tho flames would not touch my i want you to understand that by gods Grace Tho flames of instead of con suming your Aro Only going to be a Wall of defense and a canopy of god is going to fulfil to you Tho Blessing and the As he did to when thou walk est through Tho fire thou Shalt not be now you do not in you shall know in heaven you will bless god oven for the Hor a bad year for this Promise to to Ono of Tho worst years for Tho elms Pinoci Tho Beetle at tacked Tho these posts begin work Early in Tho and n second crop comes on and by strips Hoitz Whu of Tho Larvi mind Pup of the a Ceciul crop Aro now coining Down the Tom Kif by Tho million and urn worse Tho first because Moro Gist Southwick Tif Tho Parks is lighting the pest with greater Energy Thiu Hie assistants gather up in vie Aud pupa by the several quarts is re taken from the base of a single sometimes a deadly preparation is sprinkled Over the creatures As they lie in a pile at the base of the and they Aro reduced to a they often lie so thick that those Tho Bottom no destroyed by the heat of Tho Only Tho most energetic measures can Rcd co the numbers of this deadly Sec Ond Southwick is better armed than Over this year for his War upon insect ene to has a new and Strong cart that carries a tank holding 100 Gallons of liquid there is a Force pump Eon a cited with Tho tank capable of throwing a a trend of Poison from each of two Hoso Tho entomologist has also a now device in Tho form of a double barrelled pole that May to extended to 40 this pole carries it its top a Long Bamboo and Tho Rod carries a Hoso with this Tho nozzle of Tho Hoso May be raised nearly 50 feet in and the Force pump can Send through it a Spray of Poison that Roaches almost Tho highest Elm in Tho with All thin and improved ammunition Southwick is Able to destroy his Eno Raics by Tho York dressmakers following Tho Dispirito of Cooper Hewitt and her Milliner comes Tho Story of a frantic discussion in Paris As to whether a Man is responsible for 1io Bills his wife May run up it Lier it i always Beon supposed that in Surh a Chsn As this the unfortunate husband would have to open his pocketbook wide and pay Tho amount oven though his hut the Paris courts have said no to and Thero is n wild stir in Conse Quence throughout the entire world of skirt incl coat Tho Story is a simple a certain parisian manufacturer had a sponsor while exemplary in every other had for two years been running up a dress makers Bill and paying nothing on a the Bill finally assumed he Ninx ing proportions of the husband meanwhile was in Complete igbo Nicu of her and his intimation of it was upon presentation of lie assuming the Mastery of his household and bidding Defiance to Tho world at to contested the with the result that Tho court of appeals Cut Clown Tho Bill to and decided that that was All to should the arguments of the French judiciary Woro that Tho husband was not bound if his wife expenditure was out of proportion to his moans Anil of proportion to Tho Circle in which they both Tho crucial Point in the Case was that Dur ing those two years Tho dressmaker had Mado neither inquiry of nor referred to York paper among Tho now uses to which paper is put is that of sails for a regular processed pulp is made and is treated with various to a ton of pulp Art added 40 Nonnus of Primo tallow Anil 1 pounds of soluble 33 pounds or 35 pounds of glue and a Pound of Bicaro mate of All of those ingredients Aro thoroughly then made into sheets after the usual Aud then two sheets Aro gummed and pressed to Gether so As to practically unite them in then specially very powerful compressors Aro employed to Roll these pulp sheets out into Tho do Siruis thin n the result is a flexible paper ready for further which comes next in Tho Way of a Bath of sul Thurlo acid and then it must Pas Between Glass then follows a ammonia then a Clear water Wash inf and a pressing Bat fou Felt winding up by 11 drying to red polishing to tween heated Tho which now resemble in weight and thickness the usual grades of Duck employed for fails Are cemented Anil sewed or riveted to font a continuous Sheet of Tho required size of it is suggested that this int Erin would make Aii Mirable tents Anil cover where cloth is ordinarily when ouch its manufacture is carried on on a Luigi it will to comparatively and quite As useful Anil durable As new York women predominate in Ono of Tho curious revelations of Tho re cent British census is Tho extraordinary predominance of Tho female Over Tho male Box among the grown inhabitants of eng Tho figures show that Tho excess of the former Over Tho latter amounts to exactly another remarkable thing in connection with this excess of women in be fact that More than five sixths of the total Are headache destroys health result Long in poor nervousness and intellectual it induces other forms of such Aspel heart Miles Nervine a Ulcy clo Andrew Spineo is perhaps Tho Only bicycle missionary in Tho his whet is rigged with various air weighs 70 to has rigged it wit n sail and guts Consi Doruelo Aid from lit wind when it happens to to blowing Jusi Tho ton Aro printed on Tho sail for Tho Benefit of and the masts and Zartl firms Aro used for Tho display of religious charts Whon Tho Bicy olo missionary in a those according to show when Timo shall and what shall to the signs port ending the annihilation of Tho unrighteous and Tho and Reward of hoho is 03 years of but since 1s81 to has made California his to has already Cov ered about 500 Miles on his but is disappointed in the work of his which frightens All Tho horses to owing to the change Ful course of the often retards rather than aids his York Ito Ukkel homoeopathic 1hysician South Logan office 0 m physician and surgeon to a w 1m1y8ician and office an resilience Corner Logan Avenue Anil ten n 201 Hanna fort writes i suffered terribly with severe backache and gradually grow ing worse until my life was despaired and try what we i found no Relief until i commenced using Miles i have taken five bottle and believe i am a Well and i have taken great com fort in recommending All of my friends to use you May publish this letter if you and i Hope it May be the Means of saving some other sick mothers As it did on Sale by All Book on heart and nerves sent Miles medical Miles remedies restore Railroad time Ienn s y an a schedule in Ellitt Luis Vul Tyrone us follows dully dui i y i lilys physician and 8ukgeon office and residence Southwest Corner of eleventh Street Anil Logan physician Adsul geos office and id5 West twelfth formerly occupied by Musser physician and Sukkon office and 37 Aud 2 West 10th d 1hylsjcian and Sukkon office Logan Between 10th and Lluli office and c p1i1s1c1an and sub Ikon Washington Avenue j physician and us Urkon office and 1047 Avenue i h by scian and Sukkon am pm s ant w a we main mail mail wi7 ivly mall fast allo Onu 55 i 1 02 Tyro Ift Day us 5 10 i Tyrone Julian Haven arrive at Tyrone Day 53u arrive at i ult Lingle vow Ley i in a Ilavu 0 Succi Susor to Hamilton 1 1 k n 1 1st Corner Pennis Avenue office study and tenth in Swa dknt1st Tor the extraction of tenth t Cam and collection Pennsylvania Avenue us a tto k n e Ysa to a w collections Money to loan on Leal near 10th w am attune Matlaw us Iii county Bank j ludk2v Sulliv Knoll and conveyancer second floor Herald leaves Tyrone unav i Julian Howard Haven Lowi Burg and Tyrone 5cot 1 Fairbrook l Furnace Hostler Marengo Ivo Venlo Furnace Licul dung Rulu Warrior Anark Penni Ngum Tyrone leave Tyrone Stover warriors Stirk Liu Garvin Furnace Loveville Marengo Hostler fur brooch ss9 k fi2 arrive time tables of All other Vainsot Trio system May to obtained at the ticket offices or Sta is n special Boon to business men having drifted unconsciously Tho drink habit Ana Juv Aken to Laid Tho i Shiv alcoholism fastened to melt to manage of airs requiring a i i a four week c of treatment i Itu Nimg fifth Trator to them their mental and destroys the abnormal and Storos them to the they were in be Ore in this has been Joni More than Fiao cases treated and among them f whom we Biol Ute merciless War on the it has Boon found necessary to release Tho Herd of Deer kept in Ulster county for brooding purposes by Tho Forest commis Tho animals have oaten every Green thing within their Inelo Suro and Are in danger of they were kept for the purpose of restocking the an Effort will be made to persuade Hunt Era to abstain from destroying it is to be hoped that Tho poor animals will be but if they Aro All precedents will be Tho Deer in the Alron Dooks Are hunted and neither Tho state officers nor the legislature has had Tho courage to Stop Tho cruel Slaugh the Money value of Good never Tench false How exquisitely absurd to teach a girl that Beauty is of no dress of no use Beauty is of her whole prospects and Happi Ness in life May often depend on a new gown or becoming if she has five grains of common she will find Thia the great thing is to teach her their just Aud that Thero must be some thing bettor under Tho Bonnet than a pret by face for real but never Sno a Igloo the of your own to with Confidence us to the i Uey of Trio Keeley t s Hiir investigation is having full Beautiful face is made doubly attractive a Plain face j seems less v Plain if compan led by a Graceful Fig the Henderson Corset brings out the curves of a hand some figure and gives Grace to an i awkward every Inch of it Aurora Corset for Sale by study famous a Beautiful a special work for school business or the Atten Tion of ambitious Young Tofle respectfully Solic new circulars postal card mention this cheapest and Best Fence for farms and town for Sale by Brindle if you have the remotest idea of pursuing a business or shorthand course of study now or you should Send right away for a Beautiful clothbound Luok that tells about a ref Rii Vinacc famous from Ocean to of dust ices Oilan than any a Thor on the invest a postal address Morris nurseries a full line of All Hardy fruit and ornamental men or wanted Lor immediate dress with references to Morris West and Blair county banking persons to travel wan e use veil faithful Temeo and ladies to travel for established Saury and position permanent if suited also in state reference Aud enclose self addressed stamped the Omaha Chicago extra charge for private boxes or papers j established capital and surplus besides individual Cussier Harris this Bank is now located in its handsome new Corner Pennsylvania Avenue and tenth and tenders its services in the transaction of a general banking Busi interest allowed on time by its issued on All foreign no

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