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Tyrone Herald (Newspaper) - August 12, 1909, Tyrone, PennsylvaniaJimmys a very important conversation that settled matters by Harriet Lummis Smith copyright 1309 by associated literary press Jimmy Fitzgerald was downcast everybody was against him lie told himself and in that sweeping general Iza Tion lie included even Carroll for if it had not been for Carrolls Connivance her tame submission to the Maneu vers of interfering relatives the which had trembled on his lips for three dragging Mouths would have been spoken Long ago from the standpoint of a disinter ested Spectator Jimmy was ready to Admire the cleverness which so far had circumvented him Good team work he denominated it the in genious air with which grandmother Ley holds would appear to claim car Rolls assistance in regard to a dropped stitch in her knitting just when Jim my was bringing matters to a Cli Max and Carroll was turning a most becoming Pink was Only equated by the childlike innocence with which car Rolls Small brother would Rush bawl ing into the Library with a bloody handkerchief held to his nose interrupting a eloquent outbreak begin Ning since the Host hour j saw in jimmys estimation this was All the harder to Bear because he was so perfectly eligible character and prospects alike were beyond question tin most serious accusation that could be brought against the match was that both of them were Young Carrolls sister Marie was of the opinion thai an engagement would be absurd and Jimmy Thui ight he knew by if George Fretman Maries latest admirer had been As eager to propose As Jimmy was the latter Young Man Felt positive that no obstacles would be put in his Way with a duplicity foreign to his Usu ally Frank nature Jimmy lost no Opportunity of expressing to Freeman the admiration with which Marie inspired him if the older sister were once engaged or better still married Jimmy believed there would be Hope for him meanwhile the family opposition showed itself Iti a system of espionage which kept jimmys great avowal unspoken if he suggested a walk either mrs Reynolds declared that Carrolls cold would not permit her to venture out or Marie invited herself to accompany them if the theater a Chaperon was necessary whole souled cooperation on Carrolls part would have relieved the situation but the girl knew so Well what Jimmy wanted that it modesty shrank from giving him any thing but the most negative assistance accordingly Jimmy decided that she too was against him and gave him self up to thoughts of unutterable gloom he called one afternoon wearing an expression grim determination which if he had known it put the conspirators on their guard he was ush ered into the family living room and mrs Reynolds entertained him till car Roll came Down Jimmy made a few inane comments on the weather Bis eyes devouring Lue pretty girlish Lig ure seated demurely in the opposite Corner its too Tine a Day for the House said Jimmy suppose we take a Little walk really Carroll dear said mrs Reynolds before Carroll could reply it wont do fur you to leave the House mrs Baker is Likely to want you any moment we have a dressmaker Here or Fitzgerald she continued turn ing to Jimmy with her most charming smile cant we sit on the Piazza suggested Jimmy Carroll agreed to the suggestion but As it proved her Small brother Bob was in Possession of the Hammock and be remained for two hours enlivening the occasion by describing the exploits of the Ball Toam an ear splitting whistle in the Roar of the House relieved them at length of bobs company without delay Jimmy plunged into the subject uppermost in Nis mind Carroll theres something i want to say to can Oil mrs Baker is ready for you sail Maries voice behind the parlor shutters thar she had been j waiting then biding lie time Jimmy j could not doubt then the Gate Clicks eel and or Reynolds came up the walk he settled himself in the chair Carroll had vacated and he and Jimmy talked politics till dinner time the Young Man refused an invitation to remain to dinner he went a lowering brow and a but at half past that Telephone Boll rang in game of Bridge going on Carroll who was nearest tent instrument pushed and went to answer met you pull Reynolds yacht year ago Ive Jove tin very first hour of hush in not going to hush i think about you every minute while 1uu awake find dream about you when in asleep in not any Good any More and 1 Shant be till ind out whether you care for me or not and if you dont in going to the Philip pipes or some where i dont care who hears me Ive kept it to myself just As Long As 1 can can Oil Darling cant you care for me a Little so come tomorrow ill come tomorrow fast enough if you Tell me what i want to hear Haven i been coming Day after Day for months without getting a Chance to Tell you i hat 1 love the very ground you walk on and now Ive got it in going to wait till you say yes or no if you cant love me 1 might As abruptly the voice Censed Carroll waited expectantly then a terrible suspicion hashed through her mind which in a moment had become a certainty tremulously she accused the operator youve online off j what number do you wanly Rej plied that Young woman us i dont know 1 Haven any idea of Why did Yon Cut me off just then the Trio at the card table were Star ing at her Sirun gely How absurdly j you Are acting Carroll exclaimed Marie sharply come and Lini Sli the game j come and finish the game car roll1 said her father the other Matt Ter can lie skilled another time i Hope weve got Vin on the run miss car Roll chuckled Freeman who happened to lie fannies partner j slowly the girl moved toward her j place Lial would Jimmy perhaps he would believe Ilia she had deliberately Huni up the receiver pre1 Ferring this Way of giving him his Ani ser and he had spoken of the Philippines she grew a Little dizzy and i groped for her chair just at that moment the Telephone rang again and Carroll bounded to Ward it her agility in surprising con Trast to her late uncertainty and fee Bleness would you he said after they had sitting in the dark for a Long time be angry with us if 1 were to kiss she was silent for a moment then in tones he meaning of which was not to be Nisu Ikezi she replied Why do you suppose i turned Down the Light an hour and i half gov j and yet he wondered poor fool How j other Young men who had started far j in the rear were Able to him in the race of life detective stories Little things As aids in solving problems in crime with flying colors the incident that envied his period of probation the value of Small Clews a chronic Grumbler Charles Lamb tells of u chronic Grumbler who always complained at whist because lie had so few Trumps by some artifice his companions Man aged to fix the cards so that when he dealt he got the whole thirteen hoping to extort some expression of satisfaction but lie Only looked More wretched than Ever As he examined his hand Well said Lamb Haven you Trumps enough this time yes grunted Tom but Ive no cards not desired having at enormous pains got her length breadth and thickness about right the v Jinan heaved a sigh of re Lief no Kurtli dimension in if you please she exclaimed with uni Sakabe feeling some aver that he feminine mind is not attracted by metaphysics any hello hello do a Long hello Iti Niy pause i 1 i mean i suppose its too late for me to come up this evening suggested Liming tentatively i of course not Only hurry she i Hung up the receiver and turned a Radiant face again Marie looked suspicious that must have been Avery in to Tuaoi sue Saiu Fec i n Ingle 1 Hope its settled now Carroll answered her with a dignify in which there was no suggestion of the Downtrodden younger sister it is she replied Jimmy and i Are engaged precedent will that Young Man Ever go Home demanded the irritated head of the House i guess so father replied the Inu he always has Washington tiers id a guck guess your father know you smoke Little Ijoyi asked rhe inquisitive stranger t guess not replied the bad boy he Doest lock up his troit free Tress wings that were fins his rivals in Turkey it often happens thit marriages Are arranged ranged by the parents of the Man and the woman such was the ease says Demetra Vaka in dare Ilik with Halil Bey and his Bride they had never seen each other and at first it did not look As if the match would be a Good one since the lady was buried deep i in Crinan philosophies in which the gentleman had Little in Terest by the time i had parted from Halil Beys a Noel i was so filled up with High ideals hint i kept thinking poor Halil Bey the next morning 1 found Halil Bey in the Garden very impatient to hear All about his Fiancee Tell me he cried out As soon As we had shaken hands is she Beautiful 1 answered but my poor boy she is crazy Over Kant and Schopenhauer who arc they he bellowed Thun Der in his voice and fire in his eyes Tell me Quick and i will draw every drop of blood from their veins i have no doubt 1 said that in a fist to list encounter you would have the Best of the in but they Are both dead and gone and Only their Missiti ble books Are left to Light against1 of he laughed is that All 1 think 1 can take care of that As events Lur Neit out he did it car ble i away with heavy heart evening the Ter Ruiping in the Den to the ins Back her chair tile summons hell hello of yes this is Roll she turned a pretty Al face toward Hie three at the card to please Dent talk for a minute cant hear the next minute she heard very distinctly for the Noiin had become absolutely still and the voice at the other Ond of the wire was dear and penetrating i this is Jimmy Carroll theres som Thitu Ive been trying 1o say to you for three months and in going 1o say it now Why Doni Well it lion set matter whether you see or not just listen Ever since 1 the restful life we must live rhythmically would live healthfully writes Grice Dawson in How to rest and be refi de to live rhythmically we must not always Strain tense nerves Ana Muscles we must learn to relax that we May know How to economize Mir nervous and muscular Power so mat some part of us will always be resting while another is at work this is Liv ing by i to Law of secret of res fully resisting it morbid Feemi ius j y and feeling our lives we Are living a rhythmically when we lie awake in the night with harassed with anxious worrying to Louchis when we Rush to the Sta j lion in Ireat anxiety and reach it in 1 such Gootel time thai we catch the train i before the one we went for whenever j we get a feeling of being rushed or evidence that penguins pinions were once used for swimming ornithological puzzles Are the pen Guins with their curiously shaped wings and Odd a Birdlike upright Carriage the peculiarities of their wings suggest that the penguins Are descend ants of Birds which used their wings rather than legs in the Pursuit of prey under water and As the struggle intensified Between the competing individuals the most expert at this sort of swimming would get the most food and oust less successful rivals the winners gained advantage Over their neighbors in proportion As their wings improved As swimming organs and inversely and of necessity became less suited to perform the work of Light in All other Birds the feathers though shed annually arc More or less gradually displaced but in the penguins the new feathers All Start into being at the same time and thrust out the old feathers upon heir tips so that these Cote away in great flakes whereas in All Birds save penguins clip new feathers As they thrust their Way through the skin end in Pencil like Points formed by investing sheaths in the pen ruins these sheaths Are open at the tips and attached by their rims to the roots of the old feathers and hence these Are held to their Succes sors until they have attained a sufficient length to insure Protection against cold the curious device for retaining the warmth afforded by the old feathers until the new generation can till their places is apparently due to the fact that penguins Are natives of the ant Arctic regions although some now in habit tropical Tribune rhythm it is the tirelessly resting disease throwing of living healthful and enjoyment in Short and to the Point a Coal merchant who was a Man of few words once wrote to an agent the following Brief letter dear in due time the agents reply came As follows dear or the Coal dealers letter translated said see my Coal on which is the semicolon expressed verbally the agent informed the dealer thai the Coal was shipped by saying Sim ply Rook unless they Are heiresses its hard to lose a Beautiful Daugh Ter said tiie wedding guest sympathetically its a blame sight harder to lose the homely ones replied the old Man the had several yet to Tran script in All my experience Sayi police sergeant cuff one of Wilkie col line creations i have never yet met such thing As a trifle if you ask Loiue London publishers they will Tell you that no Book Sells so Well As a detective Story and that peo ple still find a fascination in the achievements of Edgar Allan poes Dupin Gaboriau Lecocq and cabaret and the redoubtable sergeant cult of Wilkie Collins these men were the forerunners of Sherlock Holmes and their feats of criminal tracking were As remarkable As those achieved by the famous Char Acter created by sir Arthur Conan Doyle perhaps the least known is cuff who figures in the Moonstone guff looked for Clews in trifles investigating a smear on a newly painted door he was told by the superintendent who had the Case in hand that it was made by the petticoats of the women servants the said petticoats were Grilies in All my experience along the dirtiest ways of this dirty Little world replied cuff i have never met such a thing As a i ride yet we must see the Petticoat i hat made the smear and we in isl know for certain that the paint was it Lecocq the Beau Ideal of the French detective was wont to explain his deductions to assistants just As Sherlock Holmes did to his Friend Watson in the Story of file a Safe has been robbed there is a scratch on the door of lie Safe which seems to have been made by the key slipping from the lock put Lecocq explained that the paint was hard and that the scratch could not have made by the trembling hand of the thief let Tonj the key slip he therefore had an Iron Box made painted with Green varnish like the Safe As Lecocq inserted the key he asked the assistant of Endeavor to pre vent him using the key just As he i about to insert it in the lock the assistant did so and the key held by Lecocq pulled aside from the lock slipped along the door and traced upon it a Diagonal scratch from top to Bot Tom the exact reproduction of the one shown in a photograph of the Safe thus it was proved that two persons were present at the robbery one wished to take the Money and the other to prevent its being taken in the play Sherlock Holmes the detective with the Aid of an accomplice raises air alarm of lire at the House of the Larrabee during the excitement of which he is Able to investigate the mystery of the purloined documents a somewhat similar incident occurs in Edmir Allan the purloined letter a Neil Nipin having on Friea Entrance to the House of a minister of the state who had purloined a Fer of great importance from a lady wished to like ii from its hiding place a card rack Over the and substitute a facsimile while Dupius was talk intr of the minister there was a sudden report of a pistol beneath the winding followed by fear Ful screams and loud shouting the minister rushed to the window and while his Atie lion was thus distracted Dupin took the real letter and substituted the false one which he had pro pared needless to say the diversion had been created by Dupins assist ants although the adventures of Sher lock overshadow the stories of other detectives which i appeared in Hie strand Magazine one should not forget to mention Martin Hewitt investigator and Dick Don Ovan both these detectives worked Aloizs and were past masters in the Art of solving robbery Tysl erics murders and the crimes of secret societies and the value of noting trifles particularly in detective work is strikingly illustrated in the Case of or fog Tratt the latter had been Murde Ivd in his chamber which was situated at the top of the a Vidinic in Lii by Clarice Engle copyright 1wj of associated literary press a Man picked his Way slowly along the Sun baked Trail that led Westward to Taggart across the desert it was High noon and the Day had been hot and dry and the mans Throat was parched with Hirst this did not tend to Lessen his ferocious aspect nor to i often he anger that glowed in his eyes it was All due to his visit that morning to the Little ranch u few Miles behind for there lie had met with the first failure in his life he pro posed and been rejected it was not Bill Warrens nature to be walked by anything he usually carried mailers his own Way and with a High hand As a result of which he was looked upon As a sort of local bad Man iut this Cognomen was applied to him Only by people who did not know Bill in reality no better hol Lander attired Man than he Ever Rode into Taggart but sue Patio Roii was one of those who were not intimately acquainted with Warren and this assertiveness she looked upon As something evil therefore although otherwise she liked Warren better than any other of her admirers she Felt that she was acting Quile Righi when she rejected his offer of marriage All the Consolation that she he Given him in answer to his Earne pleading was that she would put Hin on an indefinite probation and if he came through it with flying colors Why would think about it All of which Warren took too liter ally and i thought that she had spoken thus Only to soften her refusal he became angry at the thought of it dont care no Iii Fer me he muttered savagely an 1 know Why its All along of that sneaking Coyote Ralph Henderson been to Frisco an seen a few things conies out Here to lord it Over us 1 know the Brand Shes plumb Loco Over the cuss ton an he aint no Man no lie finished spitefully lie aint no num he Rode in across the desert in a sort of dulled consciousness with his hat pulled Well Clown Over his eyes at length toward the Middle of the afternoon he came into the Foothills before him Lay the tooth of time the largest Mountain in that Vicinity beyond it ten Miles to the Westward was Taggart this necessitated i taking the Trail thai wound round the slope of the Mountain this Trail a hardly More Hun a Well trodden foot path and was Only wide enough to per Mit a single rider upon it one Sid of it sloped up at an Angle of Lanios eighty degrees the other formed hit Side of a precipice dropped sheer 200 feet to the Sandy Ravine be Low As he Rode Over the Trail Losi i thought Warren was dead to external sounds he did not notice the Sidgel ing of his horse nor his frightened Whinnie he had no intimation what Ever that any him was approaching along the Trail from nth opposite direction and yet not a Hundred fee ahead f him a horse and rider Wen rounding the curve of the Mountain neither noticed the other until they were fifty feet apart then by some strange intuition both raised their Heads Lenoir Nitsou was Mutual instantaneous for the Man ahead in Warren was Ralph Henderson the faces of both men paled with fear no Iii years had two Melinet on thai narrow Trail and it seemed some strange intervention of destiny that it should be Waken and header son while the face of the cattleman grew anxious that of Henderson be came quickly overshot with a Crafty cunning hello he drawled pleasantly invite tvs Warren nervously Well what Are we going to d it the City Man continued ii u is As if youd have to go Back not by a sight snapped War Ren theres no turning about for either of us Well have to manage tier the place seems Prei not consistent what wis saying when i dodged that Avion Mohile you Ocie saying that life is not Worth living hut if you think s did you Dodge Louicile courier journal Man is mar of dust but to is usual r out for a Chanso he a useless Rule Tea Hiliet her when in its a Pond Rule to play Trumps ill t Hiis just it when in in doubt 1 Don know what the Trump is Philadelphia record even when a woman thinks she is Worth her weight in Gold she would Hole o it too record sterilized have Imit civil the City visitor a Moss covered bucket about the place no sir answered the Farmer j All our Are sterilized and strictly Kansas City Jour Nal no danger the to dyed buy you a Nice Pearl handled knife for your birth div inv superstitions in afraid it woul Cut on the up knife woman buys could Ever cur Leader flow Irr the dour he got inside the room lying across the Tath itt had an Otic one on Oil eel and Wolni he he found lira att ble shot dead thori1 was a sheer j drop of Tiefry feet outside the windows i How had the murderer got in and Hov had he cleaned on the Side Licard were the freshly Billon remains of an Apple Hewitt noticed that it had been bitten by person who had lost two Teeth one at the no one below tie also saw that Hie dead ratau had an Excel eur set i false Teofili with none missing Ile observed too that an a Tivo Young Man could by standing on Hie window Sill draw himself on the roof and Lluis escape thus howl pass each Olty wide Here flip a to i How ire sied the lie Fisi Viand into Hipo agree i v n hink at it 1 lie stayed his hand out of Coin heres an with narrow or the inner Sug m suddenly reaching o Warren but lets turned Scarlet and 1 declare in All rattled sheepishly replied Warren is heave her up comes to look ill i lie c diet Tith for a tall athletic look i Wili two tooth Niss Hijii obtains by a ruse which he has Lii Tei w and ultimately of Sloy of the Mir Nimir Soror himself intr returned a ver i Iii veal London pleasures which make the Litho displeasure than ii Cliotis can to ii Lutier confide a secret to a dumb Man u will make him livonian Heads 1 pass i hit inside tails i on the outside he tossed Hitchin 10 Henderson As he spoke who Pale faced and hesitating fumbled wiil Vira moment Ami let it Fly up into the air with a twirl of a Veteran trickster it fell Down Oil the Trail at their feet ringing out Clear and cold tails cried the City Man Ove Ruoin with exc lenient his face resumed something of its natural color and i old Craft Siiss stole into his eyes Warren accepted his Fate none1 Antly although he knew that it mean death for him there was thing Ali Niit however thai him lie Well knew that i Lender was on his Way to the Patterson ran i and it came to him As a rather Bic thought he might have to the Martyr and sacrifice his own i in order thai the Man could do so i without a impressed his Pom ribs with Lus heels and Rode Forward had drawn his horse a close As he could against the Side the Mountain but he seemed Over taken by its of nervousness for t reins Shook lit his hands and the color Eauve and went in his dark Cheeks the ledge where Warren would have to i its Henderson was somewhat wider than the rest of the Trail and he Rode Forward Light hearted and confident that he would easily accomplish it lint just As he brushed against the Side of Henderson the latter suddenly drove Hir spurs with great Force against his horses ribs with a snort of terror the animal plunged madly Forward dislodging the other horse and rider and sending them hurtling Down Over the Edge of the Preci pice then he went careening Down the slope the breath went out of Warren As soon As he Felt himself falling and under the sickening sensation that ensued he lost consciousness a stinging pain in his leg finally awoke him bruised and bleeding he now sat up and gazed about him he had landed in the branches of a tree that jutted out from the slope of the Mountain Down be Low on he Sand he could see the form of his horse dad As a Stone the Host thing Warren did was to swear then he looked to his leg it had been broken just below the knee As he started to wrap his handkerchief about it he heard a sound Fotu above Over the rim of the precipice a Bushy heat was peering hello it called Kin be manage of i Send Down a rope sure Warren yelled Back a minute later the end of a Lariat came whirling Down through space Warren caught it made it fast about his body and then clinging to it with Boih hands ordered the Man above to hoist away a few moments later he crawled up Over he ledge and Lay panting for breath at old Jem Patter sons i eel i seen the Hull thing Bill began the latter As he undid the rope about the mans body Henderson will swing for this or ill shoot him on sight i was con in along a mile behind him an i seen him Jab the Buckskin and then scoot but Warren was unconscious before the Man finished speak ing and Patterson lifted him up on his Pony after great difficulty and started Down the Trail for Home when Warren next regained consciousness be was lying on a bed in a dimly lighted room soft hands were bandaging his head and soothing to re s fell from the lips of their owner Warren opened his eyes and look ill the situation at i glance sue he i exely has that Skunk been so she murmured touching a Lin Ger to his lips lie has not been Here evidently he has skipped the country father Lias told me All about honorable Way in which you acted and hendersons treachery you have in deed Lieh aved splendidly sue cried the Man eagerly Start ing up be quiet she admonished smilingly then she added your probation is Over and Yon have come through it nobly and then Warren claimed his own builder of the great Wall of Chita to superstitious notions Chin the lust of luxury Hilife lie aug n of Oriental he built a wonderful Oahu e which has been Des ribbed in the Imperial history As annexes attached at intervals Hie wyme extend ing Over n distance of a Hundred Miles in consequence 01 mis life of luxury perhaps he became More and More a prey to superstition and it May be because of this be completed the great Wall at any Rale history re cords that he was informed by prophecy that in time he would be Over whelmed and destroyed by outside enemies so he mobilised an army of men to Workon the great Wall and if necessary to fight in its behalf chins design evidently was to enclose his massive Empire in a Rampart which a humid have the shape of a Lior Senhue with the Heel talks at the Ocean Shore ii did not plan to parallel Hie coast with a Wall doubt less considering that Seaside an ample Piotti Iii to a country vast and densely populated the Wall is not for modern Iise it is an ancient Fossil the largest Fossil on the Earth but fossils arc useful and truthful it is a divid Liy line Between two civilizations jul Between two eras in space it Cut o the herdsmen of the North from the tillers of the Edgar Gril in harpers Why she was glad a Louisville Man who out uis nor song ago has returned telling a yarn which he Acia its is or at his own expense but which i he de clares to be about one of the most interesting experiences of even his Check ered career 1 was walking along the Street in 1 Western town he said when Sud Denly across the Way 1 saw a Louis Ville girl whom 1 recognized imbue i lately she saw be too and i expect of her to Bow rather coolly and distantly As had been her wont bul Home 1 was considerably astonish of Jie Refore when she dashed across Street seized me with both hands and fairly bubbled Over in her Delight was so surprised in fact that 1 oof men Tod on it Alad to see Yon too 1 when 1 had managed to extricate self from her exuberant Roo hut to Tell you the truth 1 Lidan peeled to see you so excited Over appearance you always treated rather a la iceberg at Home you what has caused your Chang of heart she was nonplussed for Only a ment and then explained or Smith Ive been Nway from Home so inns that id be glad to Sec even a dog if he came from i itt it go at twin Louisville Cou Rie journal ii

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