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Tyrone Daily Herald Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 1

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Tyrone Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Tyrone, Pennsylvania 1215 Hill cup l70u be daily Herald uses 645800 number 231 of our 119th year May per copy i i White House denies using chernobyl for propaganda learning about hospitals fifty fifth graders from Adams school toured Tyrone Hospital yesterday in recognition of National Hospital getting the jump on the rest of the Community who will be taking the Tours on May 17 As a feature of the hospitals fourth annual health the health fair will feature free health laser attractions for the children and an Art Eleanor Hagg nurse of the year award will be presented at 1 in the outpatient the fifth Grade students accompanied by their Linda Snyder and Richard were guided through each department of the Hospital by Donna and Patrick the object of the tour was to familiarize the children with Hospital procedures and remove any fear of the unknown associated with in the Billy Kocher left and David Mcelwain learn about rays from Margo chief radiology administration cautions Syria against going to War terrorists say Treyve killed More hostages Lebanon up a Man claiming to be a spokesman or the islamic jihad organization said to Day the group has executed More of american and French hostages and that the rest will pay the Price if there is any pressure on Syria to secure their in a statement read to a Western news Agency in moslem West the Man did not say How Many of the five american and four French hostages the islamic jihad had killed or Reading from an arabic text of what the Telephone caller said was a statement from the islamic jihad the Man said we denounce and condemn the pressures on Syria to free the american and French hostages we Are and whose numbers have greatly decreased because we have executed some of in Case of pressure on Syria and the remaining american and contdoiipage2 us destroyer stops Iran ship from teaching us vessel Washington up the seeking to defuse what Secretary of state George Shultz Calls a highly tense Situa has cautioned both Israel and Syria against going to there Are growing Shultz said we dont the love a Syria Woulff serve either party in Terest and we have cautioned against Shultz also said that if solid evidence emerges linking Syria to terrorist attacks against we will do something about but he declined to the syrian army in the last few months reportedly has built Forward artillery and tank trenches in Southern Lebanon close to in the last three Syria has also launched a massive military increasing the size of its army by two and acquired sophisticated soviet israeli defense minister Yitzhak Rabin said in Washington last week that Israel believes Syria was responsible for the attempted bombing of an Al Al passenger let in London april but prime minister Shimon Peres said Israel is not planning to attack Syria in retaliation and has no in formation indicating an imminent syrian but it is a highly tense Shultz noting the statement by theres no doubt about Shultz said investigations about various terrorist incidents about which Syria May or May not have been involved have contributed to tension Between the two the state department has said it has no reason to believe an outbreak of hostility is Shultz departed from that line in a session with reporters following an address to the overseas writers in which he urged Congress to reverse a dangerous course of slashing the foreign Aid Israel and Syria fought in the and 1973 Middle East contdonpage2 Nasa unveils plans for space station Washington up pressing on with plans to exploit the High fron Nasa unveiled preliminary designs for an billion space station the size of a football Field that will give America a permanent manned presence in John acting associate administrator for the told a top student Roland Hess a ninth Grade student at was chosen As the academic spotlight recipient for Hes is an outstanding biology and computer science he consistently places High in All his academic shown with Hess is Richard a math department teacher who outlined Hesss achievements at the tuesday school Board Roland is the son of and David Hess of 1409 Logan 9th grader honoured for academic achievements by William Snyder the Tyrone area school Board honoured a Junior High student tues Day As their academic spotlight weather tonight and Cloudy with 40 percent Chance of showers and Thunder Low thursday night in the lower winds South 5 to 15 High Friday 65 to extended forecast scattered showers and thunderstorms saturday through lows in the High saturday in the highs Sun Day and monday in the 60s to Low achiever for the ninth grader was termed a driving Force in math and computer David Hess of son of and David was recommended for the Honor by math and computer science teacher Francis Bloom and Mark biology teacher and head of the science department at the High math teacher Richard Ward was at the Board meeting to speak on behalf of the departmental staff who nominated Hess for the Ward said Hess was a pleasure to work with and a person who has a driving Force to Ward said Hess is a Leader and is not deterred in his quest to Hess told the Board that it is a iuonraontage2 quotes in the news Secretary of state George saying the government has become a Gusher of classified information leaked to the press its disgusting the Way stuff leaks and weve got to find the people who Are doing it and fire Washington up the White House has angrily denied he West sought to make political capital out of the soviet nuclear disaster and rejected anew overtures from Moscow for a moratorium on nuclear weapons the responding to a televised speech by soviet Leader Mikhail bristled at his unfounded allegations that the United states and its allies exaggerated the chernobyl disaster for propaganda there has been no Effort by this or its partners at the Tokyo economic to make political capital out of the chernobyl the White House said in a statement issued by Deputy press Secretary Larry any attempt to attribute legitimate foreign interest in a major to devious political motives is As deplorable As it is without Speakes the statement accused Gorbachev of being misinformed not Only about How the West handled the Cher Nobyl but also about the approach to arms control and pressed him for a commitment to a super Power Summit this the Exchange of rhetoric was not All Gorbachev was grateful for medical assistance offered through private channels arranged by industrialist Armand while Speakes said the United states was comforted by Gorbachev assurances that the worst i behind us and said the soviet Call for inter National efforts to enhance reactor safety deserve the most serious con but the administration did not contdonpage2 news conference wednesday that 14 shuttle flights willbe required to build the International station Over three beginning in Early the research station will feature four Laboratory modules two modules supplied by the United each feet Long and feet and two smaller modules built by the european space Agency and Canada will Supply a Mobile Crane that can be used for repairs and by the ninth shuttle construction Mission in permanent manned operations could satisfying a timetable set by president Reagan two years orbiting 290 Miles contdonpage2 House leaders predict pass of Democrat budget Washington up House leaders predicted passage of a democratic budget that would Cut Pentagon funds despite a Challenge from congressional republicans who want More Money for the in addition to the gop the congressional Black caucus plan Ned to offer a budget today that would lower military spending even More than the democratic leadership neither alternative was expected to House leaders said wednesday they expected a tight but passing vote for the democrats billion fiscal 1987 that would set up confrontation with the Republican led Senate Over How much Money to give the Pentagon next the House democratic budget would allocate billion for the Pentagon next billion less than the Senate version and billion less than president Reagan the gop alternative set billion for we will have a budget so we can go to conference with the Senate and produce a budget for the United contdonpage2 worst has Gorbachev says of Clear Accident Washington up a Navy destroyer warned off an Ira Nian warship As it approached an american merchant vessel in the Gulf of the Pentagon says the first such incident Between the the 310foot iranian frigate and the spruance class destroyer David Ray came within six Miles of each other but confined exchanges to radio that Pentagon sources tense1 and no shots were fired in the tuesday they the Ray intervened after the warship asked the president an american cargo to identify itself As it headed toward the nearby port of of Junira in the United Arab a Pentagon statement contdonpage2 Dibasilio lists tyrones assets for chamber Type Gourd Borough manager Jim speaking this morning at the monthly breakfast meeting of the Tyrone chamber of Commerce held at the Bull listed the boroughs Many assets and explained the differences Between municipalities that operate under the state code and those that have Home Dibasilio said that Tyrone Borough is one of 5500 local government units but one of Only 60 that have Home he explained that governments operating under the state code Are authorized to act Only where the action is specifically authorized by state while those under Home Rule May act on any situation except those which Are specifically limited by state the Borough manager said that local governments now have an sex Psi student Moscow up a grave and grading soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev told the nation in a televised speech that the chernobyl nuclear Accident was extraordinary and dangerous but that the ruling Polit buro was in control of the the nearly 30minute speech wednesday marked the soviet leaders first Public comment on the april 26 but his address was characterized by attacks on the descriptions of soviet heroics and a dearth of new he report that nine people had been killed one More than in previous two died in the initial explosion at the Plant and seven in he adding that 292 people remained hospitalized with radiation and the names of the two people killed in the explosion were released for the Hurtt time and Valery a Plant whose temples were grayer than during his last television speech almost two months said the Accident had painfully affected soviet people and caused the anxiety of the International he spoke of heroic and selfless soviets and said he hoped there would be an Opportunity to name these courageous we encountered in reality such a sinister Force As nuclear Energy that has escaped he it is possible to say today that the worst has the most serious consequences have been said who sat solemnly at a desk speaking in unusually Short of course the end is not he said it was too Early to pass final judgment on the cause of the Accident but that specialists reported reactors capacity suddenly in creased during a scheduled radioactivity from the explosion at the four reactor Plant spread through Condo Fages fake videotape fools networks new York up Abc news Anchor Tom Brokaw told a National we were and Abc Anchor Peter Jennings confessed that both networks were duped into running a fake videotape of the chernobyl nuclear disaster the unprecedented admission came wednesday night at the close of Abc nightly news with Tom Brokaw and Abc world news tonight with Peter both networks thought they had bought videotape shot by a yugoslavian tourist of the soldering chernobyl nuclear Plant the Day after the the videotape was of a smoking Chimney at a Cement fac tory in the tape ran monday on both both launched investigations after the footage was questioned by officials from italian we were led to believe it was a damaged we found it was a factory in we were Brokaw told Jennings concluded his newscast by explaining that Abc and Abc were the victims of we were badly we misled you and As you can imagine were not very Happy about Jennings its one mistake Well try not to make officials at both networks said they could not recall an instance when two networks had been Hood winked in such a or when two networks apologized to viewers during National news in police arrested a Frenchman on charges of accusing him of providing the fake film of the police said Thomas admitted the film was made at a Cement Plant in the Northern italian City of Abc and Abc were both approached by an unidentified who sold them the tape for but sources at both networks said no Money was Ever handed lbs said the same person who contdonpage2 Haupt Calls Cherry with 3 degrees roof of a woos makes history University up Amy a Whiz at is about to make history at Penn state on she will receive three one of them a master All were earned in just four years of Penn state officials say the 21yearold Rush is believed to be the first person in the history of the University to graduate with two undergraduate degrees and a masters earned her achievement is just says Paul director of the University scholars program for High Rush will get bachelors degrees in math and computer science and a masters in the Westmoreland woman said she didst Start out with the intention of earning three degrees at i came Here with the idea of getting two in math and computer she it was something that kind of evolved while 1 was who plans to go to work for ism in new York this said contdonpage2 by Dan Meckes longtime Bellwo Dantis school Board treasurer Perry Haupt walked out of the Board meeting wednesday night in the Bahs Library after being told that he was being replaced by Board member Ray Rumberger at a salary of july in a Long meeting that was full of routine Haupt enlivened the meeting briefly when the move was made by looking around the Board and after 23 years this is done to whats behind this come now fellas whats this All about to the chorus of silence he not one of you came to me not one of you Board and then standing and calmly collecting his papers he in sorry Bellwood Antis its Over lets go and he and his wife walked out of the stunned roomful of this morning Haupt was More referring to Board president Alan he what you have there is a Power hungry political on an Eno make no mistake about Hes the it is because of him that Guy Frank Obrien and Jerry Long left the superintendents kids suffer its the kids who Are going to suffer All this in the name of Haupt in was asked by Board members then if id be and i yes id give it a shot he i was treasurer for a number of years and a spot became open on the Board and i was appointed on the Board for eight or ten then got off the Board and i still remained i have a he that the current Board chairman has no love for me been working behind the scenes regularly to try to relieve me of contdonpage2

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