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Tyrone Daily Herald Newspaper Archives May 5 1990, Page 1

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Tyrone Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Tyrone, Pennsylvania Saturday edition the daily Herald serving ants Snyder warriors Mark celebrating 123 years As a daily newspaper 123 number 222 per copy May 1990 phone 6844000 Bush sees bigger role for allies photo by Virgie Werner Carousel scenes restored Joseph an Altoona and Fred Delgrosso Check Over the restored antique Carousel at stands Over the Winter Servello completed restoration to the cornices the scenes around the top outer rim and rounding boards panels inside which hide the gears on the antique Carousel in the the Fred Delgrosso family have been operating the amusement Park since Blands Park to open sunday by Virgie Werner daily Herald staff writer Carousel music will be heard Drifting through Blands Park sunday As the tip ton amusement Center opens weekends for the month of the Parks official opening for the summer season is june the Park had no More than closed last fall when Joseph artist illustrated of Altoona began the restoration process to the cornices and rounding boards around the antique two new rides being unveiled in kids kingdom is Boogie the whale and Tippy the Tipton hopefully ready for the Public by memorial Day is the dodgem a new building to House dodgem is now under the roof with work continuing on the sides and this ride is returning to the Park after a four year plus during the All 20 bumper cars were completely Peter Park said that is Mirault ride and there is a height restriction similar to the requirements for roller coaster the new dodgem building is 100square feet larger than the old building and with the new the cars Are Able to move faster than they Ever did Gardella he recalled the old dodgem being known throughout the Park As the place to come for a real Rock n Roll but he the new one will be faster the dodgem and the ponies have been moved to the eve growing Tipton Creek area of Blands the Park is one of the few remaining amusement Parks to feature live Pony rides for Young a new facility has also been built for the new rides and buildings along with additional landscaping in the Park Cost admission and parking at Blands Park is free and the Park is appealing for fam ily and company on sunday Blands Park welcomes the Public to a new decade by offering 90minutes of free rides from noon until antique Carousel restoration no amusement Park is Ever Complete unless the unmistakable music from a band Organ can be heard Drifting out from the at Blands he anti que Carousel is sounding and looking better than Ever since being totally All 36 horses on the Herschel Spillman circa 1932 Carousel were restored and rededicated in a ceremony in Carousel Carvers and restoration artists Dan Jones and Art Ritney stripped and repainted each of the also repaired were hairline cracks found in the during the same the antique Wurlitzer band Organ was Given a Complete overhaul by David Wynn of and found to be in excellent All this work the next step was to restore the scenes on the Joe Servello began this restoration project to the cornices the scenes a round the top outer rim and rounding boards panels inside which hide the Servello said this i love carousels and was very excited being asked to do the he its so exciting for me As an artist to have thousands of people see cont on Page 2 up president Bush called for an expanded role Friday for allies As Well As Warsaw pact nations in the Effort to help the victorious forces of democracy in East pm Europe secure their Bush said the nato Likely to be held in London in late should reach common Allied objectives for the future of the conference on Security and cooperation in Europe which includes Warsaw pact nations As Well As the nato he said that the Csc can provide a forum for political dialogue in a More United Europe and could help mediate disputes on the Bush hailed the collapse of communism and the Rise of democracy in Europe in a commencement address to graduates of Oklahoma state the president said european allies want the United states to be a pan of Europe and added i believe they Are his speech was the first of a series of major foreign policy addresses reflect ing americas place in the new eur Ope that the president was to deliver at graduation ceremonies around the the president told Oklahoma state University graduates in a windblown stadium that they Are leaving school at a time when and the have entered a new Era the age of the United states would remain a european Power in the broadest sense militarily and economic he and As part of our global responsibilities the foundation for americas peaceful engagement in Europe has been and will continue to be Bush stressed that natos military commitment must remain our enemy today is uncertainty and instability so the nato Alliance will need to maintain a collective military Structure with forces in the backed by larger forces that can be called upon in a Bush said soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev has made profound Prog Ress in his country and that reforms he initiated Are so fundamental that the clock cannot be turned but he pointed out that neither can we turn the clock to know for sure what kind of country the soviet Union will be in years to it will be crucial to for exam Florida executes cop killer Pema the Neptune steam fire company 1 of Tyrone Borough in Blair county has been awarded a loan from the Pennsylvania emergency management Agency Pema to be used toward the Purchase of a fire truck according to Robert Jubelirer Jubelirer said the company will use the loan to offset the Cost of a 1974 Ford diesel pumper the vehicle will replace a 1959 Tanker that the fire company had been according to the Low interest Loans Are offered through Pemas Volunteer loan assistance which was established by the legislature in since that Pema has provided More than million in Loans to Over 3000 Volunteer fire ambulance and Rescue units through out the funds Are used to Purchase new fire ambulances and other lifesaving to renovate buildings and to build new structures to House equip ment and emergency thanks to this Many units have been Able to Purchase vital equip ment and to continue provid ing lifesaving Jubelirer up a faulty electric chair component shot out flames around convicted killer Jesse Zaferos head As he was executed Early Friday for the 1976 slayings of two police officers at a Highway rest three surges of electricity were sent through Zaferos the first at and the last at about each flames erupted from a Headpiece and a Cloud of smoke Rose to the ashes fell to the prisoners shirt As he was pronounced dead at a replacement sponge in the head piece caused the said Florida state prison spokesman Bob mamas who added he had never before seen flames during an it appears that amount of smoke is Macmaster Bob Martinez ordered the department of corrections to provide him with a full report of the saying he wants to ensure that similar problems do not occur in the it is unfortunate that this incident affected the but it is far More unfortunate that it took 14 years to bring to Justice a Man who killed two police Martinez after the first two Zaferos Chest and he appeared to continue but Macmaster said that prison physician Frank Kilgo believed Tafero was dead within seconds of the first Jolt and said there was no indication he Felt it was not human tissue that was it was the Mac master there was some arcing in the Headpiece we believe he was dead after the first few 1 believe he was unconscious from the moment electricity hit attorney Mark Olive of who unsuccessfully fought to save Tafero from the arrived in Tallahassee after the execution and asked Martinez to suspend further death death warrants in this state tend to come out of the governors office like junk Olive if they cannot execute they cant execute at Olive called for an inquiry by an out Side panel to determine if defects in the chair inflicted pain on until such an inquiry is Olive Martinez should suspend All in Florida electricity Pas ses from a wire into a sponge filled with Saline solution that is placed directly on the Macmaster the old sponge had been used in 21 executions before it was replaced for the Tafero it was the they had put the first new sponge in there since it was not an appropriate he Frances Hesselbein to deliver Juniata commencement address Frances former National executive director of the girl scouts of will be the featured speaker at commencement ceremonies honouring the a Lith graduating class of Juniata the program will be held on Oiler Lawn weather permitting at 2 on May in Case of inclement weather the proceedings will be moved to the Kennedy held in High regard by Many of her top management currently serves As president of the Peter Drucker chairperson of the Board of governors of the Josephson Institute for the Advance ment of ethics and member of the Juniata College Pard of she serves on the Board of the Mutual of America life insurance new and chairs its audit Hesselbein is a member of the presidential advisory committee on the Points of Light initiative found she is the Only woman appointed by president Bush to the committee and is the Lone representative of the Volun Teer Hesselbein was bom in South near where she met her late husband John they were partners in a Small family Busi Hesselbein she wrote scripts while her husband produced television commercials and promotion Al in the Early 1950s she became a Volunteer troop Leader with the girl scouts in a Post she held for nine Hesselbein became Council pres member of the National then executive director of the regional talus Rock girl scout coun cont on Page 2 whether Moscow chooses coercion or peaceful dialogue in responding to the aspirations of the lithuanian peo and the nationalities in the soviet in route to a senior administration official stressed that Bush did not foresee that the Csc would have a military but rather would be a forum to reinforce democratic in his the president said that every aspect of americas involvement in political and must be and one place where they All come together is in the conference on Security and cooperation in he the Csc is already a Beacon for human rights and individual free he now it must take on a broader cont on Page 2 Arkansas fight floods relentless Rains abated in Oklahoma As president Bush delivered a College commencement address Friday but doused other parts of the Plains and the South As flood stricken areas coped with knee deep water on some City heavy rain and Hail from a Low pres sure system pelted the nations midsection and reached As far West As Texas and As far East As showers and thunderstorms also drenched Kentucky and the National weather ser vice Light rain and drizzle extended from Iowa and Northern Missouri to Northern Ohio and lower residents in Macon were shovelling mud and assessing damages from Friday mornings Flash flood of the Tennessee emergency preparedness director David Dills said water up to 18 inches deep flooded the streets of we Vegol a tremendous number of Homes with flooded basements and washed out Dills said of the damage caused by an extended per Iod of heavy Oklahoma and Arkansas struggled with flooded Rivers and lakes socked by a two week Stormy weather the cont on Page 2 it was the sponge causing the with his head shaven and his eyes covered by a Black smiled briefly As he was strapped into the electric chair at Florida state prison and had electrodes attached to his head and lower right whose final request for a stay late thursday was denied by the supreme devoted his last words to criticizing the system that led to his id like to say that the death penalty As applied in the state is very arbitrary and Tafero for this morning i filed two motions in it seems the Federal court judge and circuit court judge have just ignored my they were not heard by any court in the state of i Mink its very i think its time that everyone woke up to see thai the same Laws thai can go against crime can go against you Tafero was the 22nd person executed in Florida and the nations 124ih since the supreme court lifted ils ban on Cap Ilal punishment in his execution came exactly one year after Florida last when Aubrey Adams was put to charges Man with assault Edward of 1205 Lincoln faces charges of aggravated simple assault and disorderly conduct following an incident thai allegedly occurred May 3 at 1052 Pennsylvania Tyrone police reported that they were called to the apartment of Jordan at and found Zimmerman leaning against a Wall bleeding from the nose and complain ing of pain in the left rib Cage and left Zimmerman said that his land came to the apartment when Zimmerman opened the began to punch him about the Zimmerman alleges that when he fell to the floor Kerr kicked him in the area of the rib Zimmerman was taken to Tyrone where he was treated and today headlines As nationalist controlled Parlia ment passed a declaration of Independence aimed at ending 50 years of soviet annexation in a vote Friday that Drew cheers from a supportive along with the Independence parliament passed a package of corollary Docu ments including a letter to soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev ask ing for talks with Cape South Africa the minority White government and the african National Congress successfully ended a three Day meeting Friday with pledges to let bygones be bygones and try putting years of racial bitterness behind Smil ing and shaking Black Leader Nelson Mandela promised to look very hard and earnestly at the Ancs armed struggle and presi Dent Frederik de Klerk announced a review of the country draconian Security West Germany soviet foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze repeated objections Friday to plans for a United Germany to be a member of nato but praised proposals to shape the future of the Western military Shevardnadze made the remarks before meeting with Secretary of state James Baker in Bonn on the eve of a crucial six nation conference on German dubbed two Washington former american hostage Frank returning to the United states Friday after 44 months in Captivity in Leba pleaded for More action to free the remaining hostages so this tragic affair will end the 57yearold educator arrived at Andrews air Force base near Washington following a flight from a air base in West a businessman who contended the 1980 Reagan Bush Campaign tried delaying the release of 52 american hostages from Iran until after the presidential election was acquitted of perjury Friday by a Federal the jury deliberated for nearly 7 i hours before acquitting Richard of West Linn on All Federal perjury a faulty electric chair component shot out flames around convicted killer Jesse Taf Eros head As he was executed Early Friday for the 1976 slayings of two police officers at a Highway rest attorney Mark Olive of Atlan who unsuccessfully fought to save Tafero from the asked Florida Bob Martinez to sus Pend further death Washington president moving to Block a strike by 11 Railroad unions against most of the nations major rail named a three member emergency Board Fri Day to investigate the contract Dis the move prevents an potentially devastating walkout for at least 60 Ohio the Mother of one of four students killed at Kent state University 20 years ago welcomed Friday s dedication of a memorial but said the slain students Are not resting in about people attended the ceremony despite steady rain and Cool weather lottery with showers High in the mid Chance of rain 70 sunday through tues and with still a Chance of lows in the 30s and highs 45 to Cloudy and still Low 25 to High in the the winning number selected Friday night in the Pennsylvania lottery daily number game was the big4 number was the winning numbers selected in the Pennsylvania lottery wild card lotto game were and the wild card number was lottery officials also chose Lilita Damiani of Philadelphia As a Contes Tant in the new million Dollar spin for May

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