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Twin Falls Times News Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1990, Page 1

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Twin Falls Times News (Newspaper) - March 11, 1990, Twin Falls, Idaho Up clunkers Cave in to curiosity by mixing Archery and Medicine do Syracuse 73 vlllanova61 Idaho 65 Washington 62 csi86 Utah Valley 78 v Oklahoma 95 Kansas 77 utep75 Hawaii 58 Sci women 79 Utah Valley 65 Xavier 89 353 Kalva 1127 2320 s Salt Lake City it c6pyrlghtd1wo Moalc vol Ltd swi papers twin Idaho 85th 70 March spraying earning More uprising drives out Haiti Avril civilians to gain control the associated press Haiti haitian ruler Prosper who Rose to Power 18 months ago in a revolt by soldiers demanding democratic resigned saturday during a popular uprising against his military the embattled haitian Leader turned Over Power to her Ard the army chief of who said he would Transfer Rule to a civilian led government within 72 Diplomat speaking on condition of said Avril would leave the country within two but there was no word on where he would go and How he would get within hours of the announce ment that Avril was stepping groups of people burned houses and cars belonging to his the television station Tel Haiti said teenagers shouted slogans out Side the House of a special police agent in the slum suburb of Martis and that the agent and backers wildly opened killing radio Metropole said seven were it was Haiti fifth change of government since february when dictator Jeanclaude baby Doc Duvalier fled the impoverished Caribbean nation into exile in thousands of residents poured into the streets of the to youths erected flaming tire barricades at major in and Black smoke filled the sky Over the in appeared on state television at est to announce aprils his departure had been widely anticipated after five Days of violent protests nationwide against his Haiti on Page a2 time news Salsbury Camas Grain manager Rueben Miller displays products made from organic Grain grown in the Camas Prairie organic farming thrives on Camas Prairie by Mark kind time news writer Fairfield the stereotyped organic Farmer is Barefoot and but not in the Camas Treyve All got College Treyve All got Treyve All got Farmer Jack Frostenson said of the nearly 40 organic growers in the vast i would typify us As modern Day for 10 years Farmers Here have been growing and critical a without commercial fertilizers or for Export to California they shipped bushels last eighty percent of the wheat acres Are Proba Bly grown Camas Grain Man Ager Rueben Miller although grains yield 25 bushels or less per acre on the no irrigated Farmers can grow them profitably without chemicals be cause Camas Grain pays premiums As much As 50 cents per Bushel above Market Price last i dont think youd find any of us being crusaders for organic Frostenson the Bottom line is just Fields shed their Snow loads slowly but summer water is often the sign beside virtually every farm Entrance Hay for Alfalfa is the main Cash crop up Miller but every few Hay Fields must be slowed and planted with Cereal grains to com Bat disease few Farmers look Forward to planting As a general Hay makes us the most Frostenson but contracts with Camas Grain have taken some of the pain out of growing we have to rotate out of Alfalfa Frostenson its a Way to do the same thing we always have done and make a Little More the Fields Are inspected by Camas Grain to make sure the crop meets californian organic production but under a Bill sched see organic on Page a2 Spring planting heres whats inside Spring planting Section e of today time news some irrigation districts will face water shortages this a Nasty Surprise May be awaiting some irrigator stolen 4h programs Are and some say the kids arc learning if you can smell manure after youve spread youre probably losing its Bene fits to thin a Dairy woman will be inducted into the Southern Idaho livestock Hall of Fame is Range land ready for grazing what will and bean prices do no one is planting much canola this despite the efforts of an agribusiness analysts drug War wont reduce Supply Knight Ridder service Miami last police in los Angeles raided a warehouse protected by a lock and seized a world record tons of cocaine 5 percent of the projected world the analysts sat Back and waited for the Price of cocaine to jump signalling a nothing the Only effect we seemed to no Tice was there was some individual Price gouging by drug traffickers who said they were going to have to charge More because they have difficulty re supplying said Ralph spokesman for the drug enforcement administration in los How could a 21ton seizure have no effect on the cocaine Supply the answer the size of the co Caine Trade had been vastly enderes in a state department study released this drug Intelli gence analysts estimated that Maxi mum world cocaine production was 776 metric tons in 1989 94 per cent larger than the 1988 the greatly increased production occurred despite a string of unprecedented Law enforcement triumphs the crackdown in the fall of Manuel Antonio Noriega in the seizure of 200 tons of cocaine the lesson is its impossible to make cocaine said har cards Mark one of the nations leading analysts of the drug crop releasing Moths or caterpillars to eat the Are All examples of policies directed at something that simply wont an analysis of the economics of cocaine suggests that the massive military drug interdiction Effort announced by the Pentagon Friday will not have the desired not Only is it impossible to make cocaine it is extremely difficult to raise the Street Price by even a few if Law enforcement got a lot bet Ter at i doubt they would raise the Price of a Gram from to maybe not even said Peter a Rand analyst who studies the drug Church wants aids vaccine volunteers the associated press los Angeles the roman Catholic Arch Bishop of los Angeles has asked elderly nuns and priests to Volunteer to be inoculated with an experimental aids archbishop Roger Mahony has sent a letter to the priests and nuns in the los Angeles Arcidio seeking 10 volunteers age 65 or the prototype vaccine was developed by Jonas father of the commercial polio the Appeal was first reported by the Chicago Tri which said some scientists Are concerned about the proposed Experiment and the safety of Salks vac that is because the prototype vaccine is the Only one among several being developed that is made from the whole aids critics say that if live strains of the virus contaminate the the volunteers could be accidentally the paper said in its sunday the main reason for seeking volunteers from the ranks of the Church was that they presumably would be most unlikely to have been infected with aids through the two most common Means sexual inter course or intravenous drug the paper the Kevin who was working sat urday night at Vibiana Church adjacent to a hons said a letter requesting volunteers was sent out two months civil rights March carries memories to Montgomery Nicaragua adopts amnesty Law los Angeles times Nicaragua the sandinista dominated National As Sembly approved a sweeping amnesty Law saturday that Guaran tees officials and Public servants immunity from prosecution for crimes committed during a decade of revolutionary sandinista legislators said that the Law of general amnesty and National which also pardons crimes committed by government soldiers and the backed is designed to pre vent a Witch Hunt and acts of re Venge after president elect Violeta Barrios de Chamorro takes office april but opposition legislators accused the ruling party of trying to cover up corruption in the sandinista govern they Are using National reconciliation As a cover to protect them selves against prosecution for civil said Edwin Illescas of the nicaraguan conservative democratic they Are not very confident about How honestly their officials exercised Public the Law will prevent the new administration from trying sandinista for crimes such As misuse of funds and embezzlement in the government and in state owned during the election Chamorro National opposition known As accused the government of using state funds to finance sandinista political rallies and other party even if those charges prove to be the new government will not be Able to proceed in court against sandinista the Uno coalition soundly Defeated the sandinista National liberation front in the 25 since opposition leaders claim that the sandinista have been sack ing government the associated press the reenactment of the 50 mile March from Selma to Mont Gomery ended saturday with people gathered in the Shadow of Alabama Capitol to rekindle the spirit of the civil rights the turnout paled in comparison to the 1965 when people gathered in the Cradle of the confederacy to demand Vot ing but organizers hoped the 1990 trek would Herald a new age of it would be a shameful waste if we marched All the Way from Selma to Montgomery to go Home and sit on our seats of said Joseph president of the Southern christan leadership who led the week commemorative at the where the con federate Battle Flag still flies Over the White dome despite Blacks Jesse Jackson told the chanting crowd their message must be taken to the nations Capi on to Washington for Jackson exhorted the a Lua photo Coretta Scott King walks with Joseph Lowery on to Washington for peace Divi keep Hope Coretta Scott King encouraged the mostly Black crowd to keep fighting for racial these Are the faithful and god always uses those who Are willing to be said the widow of slain civil rights Leader Martin Luther King whose first Church is a Block Down the Street from the Capitol

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