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Twin Falls Daily News Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 1

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Twin Falls Daily News (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Twin Falls, Idaho The Only associated press newspaper in twin Falls county daily twin sunday May Price five league of industrialists re ported ready to guarantee Berlin governments reparations May 19 Many forthcoming reparations proposals will stipulate definite annuities instead of offering a fixed according to information emanating from political it is stated that the German league of industrialists is preparing a plan which will Ena ble to make an of Fer based upon positive Concrete guarantees for which the German Industrial and financial and com Mercial political parties and labor unions will go although the details of the Forth coming offer have not been divulged or even discussed in official it appears that the powerful Industrial league has succeeded in convincing Chancellor Cuno and foreign minister Rosenberg of the futility of speculating upon an International loan As a basis for contemplates giant mortgage the the league instead proposes to substitute a system of Gold annuities to to guaranteed through the cooperation of labor unions in connection with platform calling for increased production All the Gold is to be raised by a process which is described As a giant Hypoth cation of All the nations productive fac Chancellor Cuno and his who Are the Whitsuntide holi Days to an examination of the Basic features of the Are not expected to reach a definite conclusion before the end of next loan scheme abandoned it that the government has permanently jettisoned its Hopes of obtaining a among creditor especially for any reparation plan based upon an intangible loan and it is believed that proposals As outlined above suggest a More promising Solu discount French figures May 19 Tive German quarters it was declared today that the French and belgians by no Means have reached the pre occupation volume of Coal and Coke exports from the As claimed by Premier it was that the first fortnight of May saw an daily Export of 300 shipments reached As High As 757 carloads on May but dropped to 135 the next Day because of Bridge by May 13 traffic had been sufficiently restored to Send out 428 t during april 445 carloads were exported by Way of the Rhine Bridge at compared with 1210 in one Hundred Barge loads also wore exported in april the germans attribute the great increase Over the previous month mainly to the fact 44 mines were under occupation in the Ruhr in april against ten in new expulsions May 19 inter Allied High commission has issued a now expulsion order affecting 902 per Moat of these whose names appear on the list Are German Railroad orphaned children to become wards of commercial bodies South Carolina communities take Steps to relieve tra give blow dealt by May 19 still dazed by the tragedy of thurs Day night in which 75 Persona lost their lives at the fire at Cleveland school eight Miles from Cleveland school and Camden communities Kershaw county Are with acute Realiza Tion of the extent of the to care for in every Way those left dependent by the the funerals of the last of the dead were held this afternoon at the Buelah and at Antic la arid this evening the Relief being collected by the chamber of com Merce of Camden and Kershaw Hakl amounted to More than with committees appointed to supervise further collections and a plan for a fund to insure the education of the children left Motherless and is being worked out by the chamber of com a Story frequently heard in Cam Den today was How one Mother had forced her 14yearom son to attend the exercises under to Lieut of a whip the boy was burned to death and the Mother tonight is crazed with Dobbin still liver 19 of horses As motive in the last five both in Montana Over the United Accord ing to reports to the convention of the horseshoes he i Here soviet stirs puce fugitive Hammer murderess Breaks Down when con fronted by California officer Tchitcherine complaint Over assassination of Torovsky and treatment of russians complicates May 19 two strongly worded protests from Tho russian soviet for eign to the Swiss government and the near East conference regard ing Tho assassination of head of the russian delegation at contributed to produce another Day of almost violent the conference itself is struggling along groping for peace against numerous discouraging such As the threatened clash Between Turkey and Greece Over reparations and the deadlock of the problem of foreigners resident in hints at ill his note to Tho raises Tho Specter of fail ure of the conference and declares that the soviets Reserve All rights and will continue to address communications to the conference and to the French and British and italian governments re Garding if necessary but in the meantime Russia affirms the great Powers have their share of responsibility in Tho failure of to adopt indispensable measures which would have rendered the assassination of the Leader if not impose a Hans message stated that for eign minister Tchitcherine of soviet Russia Moscow to London complaining attitude of the near East Pence con Ference Here and of the inviting with Ern intents towards Tho russian Dele a Railroad drive brings in funds sufficient of retire Idaho Central from Field collection of to take up option for Purchase of rights of original promoter of Roger so Wei is line Marks attainment of first objective Campaign to Wolfle gives endorsement to project with the attainment saturday of the Halfway Mark in the drive for to meet the Union Pacific conditions for construction of the Rogerson Wells word has been sent to Keefer in san Francisco that has been placed at his disposal to take up the option that expires next thursday for the Pur Chase of the Idaho Central Railroad company capital Stock and certificate of necessity and convenience covering the proposed it was announced saturday evening by John general chairman of the and Arthur president of tha twin Falls chamber of Tho drive will be prosecuted with All vigor to set As its Keefer has been in san fran Cisco for several it was an As the representative of twin alls citizens through whom negotiations for construction of Tho Rogerson Walls line by the Union Pacific ays Tern have been carried acquisition of the Idaho Central company rights has been made a prerequisite to the Union Pacific undertaking the pro Wolfle endorses developments saturday in connection with Tho South line project were featured by Tho announcement by con Rad president of the Idaho Central of his endorsement 11 ii i enl 111 u ouv1uu i shia and has a Telegram from f plnnt9t for the line a conto London complaining of the t l n01 sysum of donation of his own previous efforts May id woman being held Here As Clara the California Hammer Lias been definitely identified by Deputy sheriff Walter Hun who arrived Here from los an she will be taken Back to los Ismet yields the question w the status of for eign religious educational and Charita ble institutions in Turkey which is of special importance to Tho United states because of Tho numerous Ameri can hospitals and churches on turkish was definitely settled by the near East conference the allies agreed to accept separate letters from the turkish Angeles where she from foreign minister to the Heads of the last december by Steamer leaving Mapala May the prisoner has completed a broken All Day today she made offers to Flo police officials to help her to in an interview with the associated press correspondent had with mrs Phillips she that Ehe was innocent and charged that Al Berta Meadows and been killed by Peggy she declared her Hus had turned states he and asserted were responsible for her in she declared she met a former Jess who is now in Tho Tegucigalpa and the to compelled her by Force to leave with telling her that Honduras had no extradition French and italian delegations recognizing such foreign institutions and the special character of the for eign Ismet refused to his recognition 4n the treaty itself As he deemed such a step incompatible with turkish National Tho Greco Turkey reparations crisis in Tho conference is continuing but the allies seem to to lessening the tension through the determined efforts to find a churchmen blame jazz for evils of americans May 19 average american is in a state of according to a diagnosis returned today by the committee on Sabbath and family religion of the Southern presbyterian the committee submitted today at Tho annual conference of the Church blames modern dancing for Many divorces and adds that card playing and in chaperoned automobile rides at also Are among the evils breaking up the Idaho sunday Wollo announced that he is desirous of aiding the committee in any Way possible and he expressed the Hope that All interests will work in Harmony toward the completion of Tho Road As soon As makes Wolf Les proposal to sacrifice the amount involved by Himin the promoting of the Idaho Central was made on condition that the local com Mittee satisfy Stewart and others in the sum of for their interests in Tho Idaho and for their interests in the he expressed himself As willing to co operate in advancing the project pro Viding future negotiations with Tho 15 toes Ogden business men contribute to Send boy athlete to meet May 19 Ogden bin siness men provided a fund to Send William Ogden High school to Chi Cago to participate in the inter Scholastic Cox holds the record for the Thot three other High school athletes will compete at they Are Thompson of Dixie Hight George of West High in and Deru of kist High ii Salt Thompson is a Springer discus Kivini Hugh runs the 410 and and on weights plight of foreign holds first place in con Cerns at May 19 of chinese government to effect release of the foreigners Cap turd by bandits in Shantung led officials of the american legation in Pek ing to Cable the Santo department to Day that either foreign guarantees or intermediaries seem to to necessary to produce direct negotiations Between the bandits and chinese offi continued negotiations be tween chinese government and Suchow brigands bring no May 19 six of them some of them All of them bruised and poorly fed and worse tonight Are looking death in the face in the Pao Tsuku Hills of Shantung province As they approach the end of their second week As captives of the bandits who raided the Shang Hai peking express near May if Tho foreign and chinese govern1 ments Are unable to satisfy the brigands by tuesday that their terms for the Elonso of Tho prisoners Jerill be Melvand the robber chieftain makes Good his threat two of the americans and two britishers have but Little More than 48 hours to lives held As they will be Short As a warning that the marauders mean to Force compliance with their demands Undler their chiefs ultimatum sent out tire pleading for our and unless Washington and London realize that Tho bandits Are ready to sacrifice their own lives and those of nil their captives in their fight for reinstatement in the chinese immune from to Are surely is Tho statement made by Leon one of the for stirs foreign Friedman sent to Hig brother in Shang the foreign communities of in Shang Hai tomorrow a mass mooing will be to Polss resolutions demand ing that the american and British government guarantee the promises of the chinese government to Tho outlaws and win Tho Freedom of their imprisoned the Shadow of death has descended seven times this week on the Bandit two of Tho chinese prisoners were thrown from the Cliffs because their promised ransoms had not been and five others were shot Down in cold blood for failure to obey Frenchman brings one Marcel n French of Shang yesterday was Given his Freedom with from the scholarly Union Pacific in ease the Union Craig Tho dispatch Are a Pacific fails in its then patently impossible because of Mutual i with other financial be con alld Lay before the cd ducted by i Turner of Tho other hand Tho dispatches re Hackman and ported that Tho military governor of negotiations have been under Way Shantung had offered commissions in some time for joining the efforts Tho regular military forces of that of Wollo with those of the local province to Tho Bandit leaders provid Railroad Turner Hack captives should to Man has played a leading part in this whether this offer will to found a matter and he has been Given an sex is not known Here and fur pression of thanks for his tireless Etther information is anxiously minister Schurman and other for turns attention to cig diplomats have demanded that Wollo announced saturday night the chinese government apprehend and that he will make twin Falls his head punish Tho officials to be government and the foreign diplomatic corps the desperate plight of the 15 bothers Serubo tomorrow will Tell his Story and present the ultimatum of the out Laws to the diplomatic including Jacob american who has returned to the Capi Tal from a trip to Shang Hai and the Bandit two deterrent two factors apparently have clogged negotiations for the Reil Easo of the one is the bickering Between quarters hereafter and will devote his Are More concerned Over Tho officials at who attention to his extensive mining inflight of the prisoners than Over the have poured in there by the Carload to rep Ort to Church conclave flays sunday picture show May 19 presbyterians of Tho states of America received a report today from the committee on Sabbath Observance demanding that motion pictures clean up and Clear out of the lords will president of the motion picture producers and distributors of who is attending the Assem the controversy Between the Ultra conservative progressive factions was quiet today due to the absence from the City of William Jennings Leader of the who West to Kansas City to address a Baptist is coming Back in time to make two addresses on evolution and the interpretation of the High wind takes toll of minor injuries damage estimates run into new May 19 thousands of dollars damage to Street car Telephone and tric systems was caused hero today by a severe rain and windstorm which in some sections of the City beached the proportions of a no lives were reported to have been lost but Ozelis of minor injuries from accidents to automobiles attempting to navigate flooded streets were re Many shanties along the Mississippi River front in the lower part of the City were blown the veterans Bureau Hospital in Al gyres was dam aged but none of the 200 veterans from Louisiana and missis Sippi being treated there was a Gypsy baby was blown from its parents Camp into the Claiborne canal which was overflowing its it was rescued after having been swept away for nearly three City blocks by Tho Strong a Hospital it was said the baby May die from Shock and Teress in Tho Salmon River mining question of How the outlaws shall be District and to Tho construction of a it is their belief that Power line from Filer to Contact and peking diplomatic corps will exert Riverside at an estimated Cost of itself first and forcibly to bring about the funds for this Are release and Tho question of punishment now available and construction of the Altor Over though Tho bandits at that Power Lino will to started Simul Tane time May incorporated in the Chi Power Ousby with the beginning of work on Coso the to the line will co built by a company in which Wollo is was Here years Wollo first became interested in Tho mining District South of Here about seven years following favourable reports of engineers he took numerous options on properties in Tho Ballou River we must not fool ourselves in re continued on Page five Bly As an older of was ab1 Bible tomorrow sent from the Hall attending a commit Clarence Macartney of Phila meeting when Harry president of the lords Day at tacked Tho sunday motion picture i have nothing against the said if they will clean up and Clear out of the lords and i so told i important representative of the motion picture Industry who is attending this Assembly As a commis the commercial movie House ought to give the the Bible school the Home the right of Way on the Christian without the Chris Tian there would be no Chris Tian and without Christian morality the free institutions of this country cannot a Resolution on motion pictures censorship and sunday shows is expected to be presented to Tho Assembly for who brought to the Assembly the Philadelphia presbytery protest against Tho Liberal doctrines of Harry Emerson to expounded in the first presbyterian Church of now is to preach at Tho Meridian Street methodist Church tomorrow morning and is expected to elaborate on Tho conservative factions Tho liberals will be represented by the William pastor of tha famous Brick Church of new and a warm defender of who will fill Henry Ward beeches old pulpit at the second presbyterian and by diaries the who will preach at the first while conservative in has declared he stands for tolerance in dealing with Tho opinions of others As Long As they do not conflict with the Basic Confes Sion of t French flyer is held prisoners by germans Pilot forced Down in Vicinity of Munich is arrested and air plane seized by May 19 French Pilot of an air plane forced Down by engine trouble last night near of this was arrested his air plane on grou Ude that French aircraft arc not authorized to Cross German Tho Pilot was on the Way from Prague to Paris with one a rumanian who was allowed to the German government recently tested to France against French pianos flying Over German and called attention to the fact that und Esir nolo consequences might follow in the Case of emergency Colorado will be without governor for next nine Days May 19 Ning today the state of Colorado will to without a chief executive for nine lieutenant governor Robert has declined the invitation of governor to serve the chief executives which began when to went to Washington and Chicago to attend Rockwell late yesterday Noti fied Halo Secretary gov that to would not sit in the executive chair during the governors absence and would Toko charge of the official duties Only in Case something develops that re quires immediate governor Sweet will go first to then to whore will speak before the National conference of social that convention will end when he will go to attend a Confer ence called by senator la polletto to discuss Railroad Sena Tor Lofollette has invited the so called progressive members of con Gress and governors to attend the which will be held May 25 and Davis asks governors to study child labor May 19 Secretary of today announced that the governors of every state in the Union would be invited to Tho week of june 24 to participate in a governors round table discussion of child As this is vitally important in View of the re cent Sil Premo court holding the child labor Law of Tho District of Columbia each governor will to asked to in per son an to Send two delegates to this one of the objects being to formulate a uniform Law and to urge its adoption by those states where there is no such the statute entreat for the prisoners released the other is Tho bandits repeated again and that because they can not Trust the promises of Tho chinese government guarantee that their term will to must to Given from some some responsible foreign opposed to this latter Contention is the stand of the foreign diplomats that the chinese government is held responsible for the safety of thu prisoners and it must obtain their and Friedman and Beaubo that unless the captives Are released soon they Are Mutiny seems advices from Tsao Chwang state that Mutiny is Farod among the Stoops policing the Bandit they been paid for 18 months and Are re ported to be fraternizing with the out even to the extent of Selling the brigands the government ammunition they some of Tho Are still said to be encircling the Ligands fortress despite repeated assertions from chinese official quarters that they had been withdrawn to insure the safety of the foreign prisoners in response to the outlaws socialists arraign Taft hear bolshevism attacked new May 43 demand unions and other bodies in making the for Tho impeachment of William demands for tafts impeachment chief Justice of the United nationwide in its for accepting an alleged annuity of Algernon former new York Al from the Carnegie corporation i was elected chairman for the and an attack on Tho Lenine and Trot first by Brand of russian communism by in his said the Alexander Call editor of the jewish communists More than daily featured Tho opening of National convention of the socialist party Cahan declared in an address that Trotzky was a big bombastic but he believed to was and that Len Ines phys ical breakdown was due in great part to his moral tha Resolution aim Chi at chief Justice Taft was adopted but none of the delegates expressed views on the the committee on resolutions was instructed to obtain cooperation of trades two thirds fakers and at Tel it was time for the american socialists to Stop Tempo izing with the he deplored the relatively Small attendance at saying it did not a eur Well f status of the party in 109 United socialism had just As Good to grow in thax count her Here go about building in track their at Fautin

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