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Learn how to effectively use the features by selecting a category below.


Containing more than 2 billion newspaper pages, can be challenging to search. Be confident in your search and simplify the process by refining your parameters to receive results that are more catered to your needs.

A Quick Search can be performed from most pages. Use this feature to search the entire database for newspaper records containing a specific keyword. Results will be returned by relevancy.

Screenshot of the Quick Search

You may also use the Quick Search engine to look for records containing phrases by including quotation marks.

For example, entering Adam Smith will return records for both keywords: occurrences of Adam and occurrences of Smith. Entering “Adam Smith” will return listings where both keywords appear next to each other.

The Advanced Search option is an extremely powerful tool for the avid researcher, with the option to search for records by keyword, date range and publication location.


Narrow results by searching for keywords or phrases in one of four ways:

  • With all of the words
  • With the exact phrase
  • With at least one of the words
  • Without the words
Keywords Tutorial Screenshot

Tick the “Only Search Recently Added Content” box to search the newest newspaper records (those which have been added within the last two weeks) in order to sift through results that may have already been viewed.


Set a specific date range to retrieve results using the Advanced Search option. Narrow records by searching All Dates, Exact Dates, or Between Years. Using this function will automatically eliminate content that does not fall within the specified range.

Tutorial Publication Date Screenshot


Users may also use this feature to limit their search by publication location. Selecting one or all of the following options will narrow results:

  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Publication
Tutorial Publication Location

It is possible to use this function to narrow by both location and publication. To limit your search to just the location, simply select an option for country, state, city, or all three, and leave the publication option set to all.

NOTE: Search operators (i.e. quotation marks for exact match searches) are not necessary in the Advanced Search option.

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