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Newspaper records may be viewed when logged into your account. This is possible using either the PDF or JPEG viewers. It is recommended that new users try both because there are a variety of features offered within both options.

Easily switch between the PDF and JPEG viewers using the toggles pictured below. These are located above the newspaper being viewed.

If you land on a newspaper-viewing page after conducting a search, the keyword or phrase used will be highlighted in all places that it is found within the record.

If you want to perform another search with a different term, click the magnifying glass icon as pictured below.

Clicking the magnifying glass will prompt a search field where you can enter your new keyword or phrase.

When a new term is entered, the viewer will automatically start searching for it within the text of the newspaper being viewed.

If there are multiple instances of the new term, the first occurrence will be highlighted by default. View the next instance by clicking the next arrow button.

Click the Highlight All checkbox to see all places at which the term is located in the page.

Restrict results by selecting Match Case. This will case-sensitize the search and only show instances that match the capitalization of the inputted keyword or phrase.

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