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Learn how to effectively use the features by selecting a category below.


Examine our entire collection by specific newspaper titles using the 'Browse Available Papers' function.

Simply click the tab at the top of most pages, and you will be directed to the browsing screen where you may choose from three different options:

These options permit users to efficiently narrow down their results to titles containing the specific location, date or title.


Browsing by location is an easy way to locate titles within a specific country, state or city. Use the dropdown boxes pictured below to select your preferred value:

Screenshot of Browse Location

The browse by location values can be as broad or as narrow as you prefer. If you would like to view every publication available, leave the fields set on "all" and click Browse. If you would like to search by a specific country, state, city or publication, simply provide more information. To narrow further, fill another field.


Browse by date to verify that our collection provides records for your preferred time period. Fill in date values to view titles that were published within the specified range. Use the dropdown boxes pictured below to select your date range:

Screenshot of Browse by Date

The Browse by Date option offers three fields to work with:

Exact Date: Enter an exact date to view records that include the date you have specified.

Between Dates: Enter a beginning date and an end date to view records available within a specific period.

Between Years: Enter a beginning year and an end year to view records available between the years selected.


Browse by title to sort through available titles alphabetically. As pictured below, select "View All" to see the 6,200+ titles within the collection.

Screenshot of Browse by title

You may also click the first letter of the title you are looking for to see a list of publications beginning with that letter.

NOTE: Titles beginning with "The" will be listed by the first letter of the second word. For example, "The Post Standard" will be listed under "P".

Click the "Clear" button to reset all selections.

Happy Browsing!

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