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Turner County Herald Newspaper Archives Feb 1 1900, Page 6

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Turner County Herald (Newspaper) - February 1, 1900, Hurley, South Dakota/ pm my hair was coming out about year ago my or arts coming out very fast. I bought a bottle of Ayer s hair vigor to Stop this. It not Only stopped the falling but also made my hair grow very rapidly until now it is 45 inches m length and very . A. Boydston Atchison kans., july 25.1899. P it feeds the hair have you Ever thought Why your hair is falling oat 7 it is because you afo starving your hair. If this starvation continues your hair will continue to fall. There is one Good hair food. It is Ayer s hair vigor. It goes Light to the roots of the hair and gives them just the food that they need. The hair stops jailing of comes healthy nil grows thick and Long. Ayer s hair vigor will do another thing also it always restores color to faded or Gray hair. $1.00 a bottle. Alt Illif fifths. Wmhmim1mihi i iiiii11ii i iii ii 111 � a i iii 11 write the doctor if Yon do not obtain All tha benefits you desire from the Uso of the vigor write Trio doctoral amt it. To will Tell you just the right tiling to do Ami will Send you his Book on the hair and Scalp if you request it. Address i. 0. C. Ayub Lowell mass. Mm89wmmfio�ei for 14 cents a wish to gain this oar 900,0t0 new and Bonce offer full 1 Garden beet lec $ 1 ref a 1 " la Proimo Market a to Etc Ido s 1 " Strawberry Melon. To 5 i " 13 Day Raub. Loo � Ilary Ripe Caf a Fig Loc # Karly dinner onion Loo 0 Brilliant Lofio 2 Werth $1.0, for 14 outa. Ftp a above 10 pm Fra. Worth $1.00, we will s mail you fret together with our & great cat Toff. Telling All about a Malieu 8 a Hun to Alai potato 3 non receipt of tbi8btico tl4c. 2 Tampa. To invite your Trade and e Ickow when you no try Hal s seeds you will de without. 9 400 Prises on baiter s Ivor str at earliest Tomato q want on Earth wan so John a. 6ulzich Cebu co., la Troutte. Wig Al great Salt Lake shrinking. The reason Why the great Salt Lake in Utah is growing smaller according to prof. J. E. Talmage is that the volume of water from its four Tribu tary Rivera is being More or less diverted by irrigation. Prof. Talmage says the water of the Lake is growing each year More acrid As it shrinks in size and he thinks that in another 1 k years it will be replaced by a glittering bed of dry Francisco Chron icle. State of Ohio cite Oit Toledo i is / Jav Lucas Cookst. F Frank j. Chenev makes oath tent to is the senior partner of tie firm of p. J. Cheney co. Doing business in the Clov of Toledo county and state aforesaid and that said firm will pay the sum of Onk hun1jrhd dollars for each and every Case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of Hall s Catarrh cure. Prank. J. Cheney. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence this 6th Day of december a d 188. Pc or i a. W. Lukason Leal a notary Public. Hall s Catarrh cure is taken internally an act directly on Tiu blood and mucous surface of the system. Send for testimonials free. P. J. Cheney it co., Toledo a sold by str pulsts 7" c. Hall s i Amily pills Are the Best far Leyona Lyl i Ara. A couple of diminutive newsboys both White got into a scrap at the Cor Ner of tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue the other night. They were about of a size but they weren t evenly matched by a Large number of Points. The kid that had the science pummelled the other to a standstill then picked tip his papers from where he had thrown them ail walked off. The licked boy dug his hands into his pockets and surveyed his papers lying on the pavement thoughtfully. A Man who had witnessed the scrap walked up and said Well you got it right that time my the kid looked up spat pulled his hands out of his pockets picked up his papers and said philosophically a wot cell. It la be All one in a Hundred 3rht to hot i Loddo superintendent of Wimmil Rural in Ottawa or address the undersigned who will mail you atlases pamphlets etc., free of Cost. W. H. Rogers via a town s. D. M we of n. A. Xiv slip v 4 a 1 j Ike in use for Over thirty years cum tvs Cut a company. New Vokk cite. a vast want of personal attractions too. Yet if she Only knew it she has a Charm All her own the Charm of a genial spirit and a warm impulsive heart which peeps out of her Clear Gray Green eyes and lingers amidst the dimples of her Crimson lips. All that Long summer afternoon there is no thought of self in the girl s conduct. She flits about finding foot stools and seats for old ladies getting pins and fresh Flowers for girls who have Omo imperfectly provided and generally making herself useful. When will you be ready for ten Nis asks Robert Champley who has been watching her narrowly though unseen for the past ten minutes. I am not going to play answers Shell brightly As she hurries across the Lawn with a sunshade for an old lady who has left her own at Home and now finds herself Inco Moded by the ardent gaze of King sol. Bat everybody says you play so Well and yet i have never seen you touch a Racket he urges with a smile on her return. Perhaps that is How i keep my reputation laughs Shell gaily. No but really i like to watch Good play you might be obliging pleads her companion. Truth to Tell he is beginning to take a deep interest in Shell probably owing to the fact that she seems to take no interest whatever in him. Well i will be responds Shell with a curious Little smile and then walking straight up to an exceedingly pretty girl dressed in Pale Pink she says gravely Nora dear or. Champ Ley is most anxious to meet with some one who plays Tennis really Well so i thought i could t do better than bring him to you. Or. Champley miss Nora Fretwell and with a Little nod she proceeds placidly on her Way having so disposed of her Cavalier. Five minutes later she is accosted by Ted. In t it a Jolly afternoon he be gins. Yea Only rather warm agrees Shell pushing her Sailor hat a Little farther off her brow. Come into the Shade and let me fan you suggests Ted Coaxin Gly. How very kind scoffs Shell. But i think i won t accept it sounds so much nicer than it really is. Fanning Only makes one hotter and the midges Are swarming in the it seems impossible Ever to say or suggest the right thing to you says Ted with Boyish impatience. If i have been rude i am very sorry Shell returns thoughtfully but All the same it is True you know. Fanning Only cools one for the moment and one is ten times hotter of a3 she Speaks she saunters on a few Steps by his Side that she May not appear too pointedly unsociable. By the Way i had almost forgot ten remarks fed laughing Bob and Meg charged me with a commis Sion. I am entrusted with a mysterious packet which i faithfully prom ised to deliver into your own hands and from his pocket he produces a Small and remarkably Clumsy paper parcel tied up with a bit of coloured Wool. I think there must be some mis take says Shell looking at the proffered offering supercilious by they probably meant it for on the contrary i was particularly cautioned not to entrust it to your sister laughs Ted. I believe it is of an edible nature and they feared the temptation might be too Shell takes the packet reluctantly and standing still for a moment in the pathway cautiously opens it Dis playing to View some half dozen Choco late creams of a decidedly crushed and not very tempting appearance. For a moment a Beautiful and gentle smile lights up her every feature then she remembers with a Start the part she is acting Ami asks scornfully what on Earth induced them to Send me these things they probably thought you would appreciate them poor children an Swers Ted rather hotly. They got a Box As a present this morning and would t give me any peace until i consented to bring you Over some. T wish indignantly that i had thrown them away on the it certainly would have been Wiser retorts Shell As she ruthlessly tosses the Small bundle away amidst a clump of shrubs. Children have such Odd fancies i Don t Call that an Odd fancy to Call it a generous corrects Ted stolidly. By the Way looking at her keenly Snail i iii them the Fate of their poor Little As you please answers Shell care Lessly and then knowing the pain that would be indicted he such a reve lation she adds quickly no i think perhaps you had better not. Some peo ple imagine that children Are Sensi Tive and i have no wish to wound their feelings in Case they possess in Case they possess any repeats Ted positively Flushing with mingled anger and contempt. You must be very dense if you have not yet Dis covered that those children Are of a keenly nervous i know i am dense admits Shell with not the faintest show of annoy Ance or resentment. As for children i Don t profess to understand them probably because i Bave no sympathy with Ted walks on beside her in thought Ful silence. It seems to him a sad pity that Shell who used to be such a genial sunny Little creature should have changed into the hard callous be ing now talking to him. He would like to account for the phenomenon in some Way and is contemplating the possibility of asking her if she has been crossed in love when their Tete a Tete is Cut Short by mrs. Wilden. Shell dear says that lady in a troubled tone i wish you would run in and see to the making of the Coffee it is sure not to be properly cleared it you Are not there. Or. Champley will excuse you i am sure he knows that we cannot afford efficient ser i am Only too delighted to find that England still possesses Young ladies who Are not above making themselves useful answers Ted in a bantering teasing tone. There is nothing i and mire so much As domesticity in a woman. Most of our girls Are getting so Blue that it will be a Blue look out for their yes indeed murmurs mrs. Wil Den As Shell with a Little toss of her. Head walks away. Dear Shell is most useful not very ornamental but very useful thoroughly domesticated and such a gentle kind creature. I often wonder How i should get on without in the meantime rub sat the other Side of the Lawn is listening to a piece of intelligence which causes her Cheeks to turn Pale whilst she flutters her fan with increased nervous Energy. "ypv.1 think the dear children need change she is saying in a tone of bewilderment. I thought they were looking remarkably Well and the pets Are always in such excellent Meg is not Well answers the father in t decisively. She seems languid and heavy. The air Here is very relaxing during the hot months i think i shall take her to of not to Scotland poor child the journey would be so dreadfully fatiguing pleads Ruby As she thinks with consternation of the impossibility of inducing her Mother to permit her to go so far from Home for Al ready her Quick brain has formed a plan for following the children. Yes it might be trying for so Young a child agrees or. Champley thought fully. In that Case i must be con tent with the moors or the North Devon i should just keep her at Home and Send her Down by the sea every morn ing sea air is always bracing observes Ruby with a feeble Hope that her advice May be taken. Mud Mouth is the reverse of Brac ing corrects her companion decidedly besides it is not Only the air the children want a Complete of course you know Best admits Ruby with a reluctant and despondent sigh but i always think that Chil Dren Are happier at Home than any where that depends remarks Robert Champley vaguely and with a Sharp sigh. Of yes of course agrees Ruby eagerly then after a moment she continues slowly however trustworthy servants May be they can t under stand do you mean that the children Are in any Way neglected he asks quickly. Of dear no laughs Ruby with a playful head shake. I am sure their nurse is most attentive from All accounts but you ought not for in stance to allow her to choose their the. Of co m be she has no id a How to dress them How should she poor woman they seem very sensibly clothed to me answers Robert Champley but in rather a dubious tone in fact a tone open to conviction. As Long As they Are warm and comfortable the Cut in t of much but my dear or. Champley How can poor Meg be comfortable in a dress that allows of. No free play of the limbs children ought never to be hampered by their is Meg hampered almost tortured i should think in her last dress. As for Bob he ought to be dressed Sailor fashion dear me what am i to do asks Robert Champley half mocking half n i tel you svs Huby Sud ply i will make clothes for each of them As a pattern. Now please Don t protest it will Only be like the fun of dressing dolls to of course or. Champley does pro test but As usual he protests in vain and when he takes his departure from rhe wilderness that evening he Fonda himself weighed Down by one Mora obligation to Ruby Wilden. As for Ruby she is in great spirits the Only thing which troubles her in the matter is her total incapacity either to Cut out j or to make the clothes in question see ing that in reality she knows far less j How children should be dressed than the nurse whose tastes she has been criticising. To be continued flogging in British Navy. Still in practice a tha following account shown. On sept. 23 Thomas Mcgeehan Lata second class leading Stoker of her majesty s ship Doris was flogged at Simon s town for the offence of malingering says London truth. The re port of the circumstances which appeared in the Western morning news of oct. 24, is not very Lucid but i gather from it that the malingering tools place while the Man was undergoing a sentence of imprisonment on the Penelope for striking a chief Stoker. A medical Survey was first held on the accused which presumably resulted in a finding that he had been spamming sickness. On this a Board of three officers sentenced the Man to eighteen lashes. After receiving eleven lashes said the report the prisoner became insensible and the medical officer present the staff surgeon of the Mon Arch stopped the cruel proceeding and the wretched Man was borne bleeding and senseless to his there does not appear therefore to be any suggestion that he was Malinger ing this time. The Western morning news in chronicling this incident expresses the Hope that it May Lead to a renewed agitation for the abolition of flogging in the Navy. I can hardly conceive it possible that any one possessed1 of Ordinary human feeling will fall to join us in this Hope. As to the desirability of Corporal punishment whether in the Navy or elsewhere for certain peculiarly brutal classes of crime opinion May differ. But the idea of flogging a Man senseless for such a Trumper offence As that of pre tended sickness to evade prison discipline is revolting in the most Elemen tary feelings of Justice and humanity. Tie Render will note that., this poor., wretch was sentenced by three officers commanding her majesty s ships and. With the approval of the commander j in chief of the station to received eighteen lashes and what that Fuji Ash ment would have meant had it been i carried out May be judged from the i fact that the Man had become sense i less from pain and a medical officer i had to interfere before two thirds of the sentence had been executed. Such a result. Considered in conjunction with the paltry character of file crime for which this murderous pen Alty was imposed should convince any one of the utter unfitness of Many of our naval officers to be entrusted with such Powers Over their subordinates. Gave boy a tonic capsule. Uii Eok of torpedo boat tragedy. I iii re of 1 a Lieut rut pm of the this service the Union so Maarou investing uha Neston during the civil War waa drawing closer and closer to the doomed place. One of the warships that Lay closest inshore was the i Housatonic and that vessel was selected As the torpedo boat s victim. The Portland transcript tells the tragic Story the evening of feb. 17, lb65, closed in raw kit Fri for the honesty and a Bellboy. From the new Orleans limes demo crat a Well known drug drummer who is paying his regular Holiday visit to new Orleans took the train last monday evening for a Little Side trip to Baton Rouge and in the hurry of his departure left a handsome Bone handled umbrella hanging on a Hook in the lobby of the hotel. It was a tempting prize but probably every i kleptomaniac who saw it supposed the owner was seated near at hand. At any rate it remained undisturbed and was still there yesterday when the drummer returned. By the Way to remarked alter he exchanged Greet Ings with the clerk i be managed somehow to lose my new Bone handled umbrella. Have any of you seen such a thing lying around the office a i Quick witted Bellboy heard the ques i Tion and Giacini around saw the miss Ingar i changing within a foot of Hla head. Supposing it had been there for Only a few moments he promptly grasped the Ferrule. Is this the one he inquired. Yes exclaimed the traveler delighted and 1 must say i m surprised nobody has nipped it Cou in t do that replied the Bell i boy i be been Holdin on to it Fer y Ever since y Hung it the drug and foggy. At 8 o clock capt. Corison ave the command and the boat drop-1 drummer stopped with his hand half Ped Down the River. As the clocks were striking the half hour in the City the Little Craft pulled Over the bar. Noiselessly she glided through the water guided by the lights on the Housatonic for which she headed. So heavy was the fog that she escaped the notice of the sentries. At a Quarter to nine she Lay directly in front of the Housatonic at a distance of five Hundred Yards. She was running faster now and a Little farther on she began to submerge. Two Hundred Yards More and she disappeared. Five minutes later there was a Dull Roar and tha water around the Housatonic boiled like a caldron. The Noble ship gave a mighty upward heave and then be Gan to Settle. Ensign Hazleton and four sailors who were below perished but fortunately for the rest of the Crew the water was shallow and they saved themselves by climbing into the Rig Ging. The vessel was a total loss but the submarine torpedo boat was no where to be found. Two years afoot the War when the wreckage was being removed from Charleston Harbor tha Housatonic was raised. In her Hull there was a ghastly wound inflicted by the torpedo and in that Hole waa the torpedo boat with every Man on Board still at his Post where he had died years before. The Little boat had torn a Hiss Hole in the Cruiser through which the Watt had poured in such a volume that the torpedo boat was drawn into it. And there its Crew died of suffocation in the grasp of the enemy which they had destroyed. Way Down his pocket and a whimsical smile overspread his countenance. Will he said slowly i was intend ing to give you half a Dollar but if you be been holding that umbrella for three consecutive Days you re More in need of a tonic. Here is a capsule of quinine and the gloom which settled Down upon the Bell Bench might have been Hen with an a. Or Al. Foft 7 l iy1 lord mss 4 two Way of parting to. I notice Miranda remarked or. Egg Choice that your first husband s clothes do not fit no Cyrus coincided mrs. Egg Choice with a Little sigh. You Don t Tribune. Why does a Man usually have to shuffle off this mortal Coil before he cuts much of a figure in Bistort t. Ostrich Spoll nil ills so cacti. Anybody who heard senator Allen of Nebraska deliver his famous fifteen hour speech against the Bill Fol the repeal of the Sherman Silver Bill would hardly believe that anything could stump him. Yet there is an experience in the senator s life which shows that after All. He is like unto other mortals says the Washington Post. I was campaigning in my state once said the senator when had occasion to speak at a fail grounds. The grand stand was full and the occasion seemed to be full of Promise for an orator overflowing As i was with political gospel. Just As 1 had commenced a Man brought out an Ostrich hitched to a sulky. I Don t know whether you Ever saw the Trot Ting Ostrich in the East but out West he was a great attraction. Well As soon As that Bird began to run around i the track i was t in it. The Ostrich monopolized the attention of every Man woman and child. When the Bird stopped the people listened to me but when he threw out his Long legs again there was a Roar of laughter and applause which drowned every word i uttered. Finally i gave it up. I let the trotting Ostrich have everything a is own optimistic. From the new York world.angel-1 Ine do you really think then that or. Soft head is interested in you Barbara yes that is he mentioned Flats the last time he called. A Vur f Joti v " � a m t

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