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Tucumcari Quay County Sun Newspaper Archives Jun 3 2015, Page 5

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Tucumcari Quay County Sun (Newspaper) - June 3, 2015, Tucumcari, New Mexico Page 5/ a a Uay county Sun wednesday june 3 2015 conversion Chart f win win ind Chicago Chi Hob Home Box office f Kyu xvii cd Amarillo in fam Abc family o mtg mtg in Usa Usa network i Tbs Tbs Supen tation to a amp a arts t entertainment o Kot pc it Fox Amarillo pm Gaia gala vision ii Kim Kim Abc Amarillo in Nic k Nickelodeon a Kob Kob Csc Albuquerque pm am american movie classics 0 Kamr Kamr Abc Amarillo it uni i in vision in Kyda it dabs Amarillo i Cnoc Cnoc Al Kenw Kenw pcs Portales Ca life lifetime network pm boat boat Abc Albuquerque i _ int _ int pm Krze Kkt a lbs Albuquerque Ca a Spike up fir cd v no pin new Mexico o Hist the history Channel Czi can can pm toon cartoon network pm Man by Man by or _ Hall hallmark Channel Ca Kasa Kasa Fox Albuquerque cd Syufy a Syufy pm Max cinemas m disc the discovery Channel pm tic he Lear nog Channel i no can hic sports network it esp of san wednesday prime time june 3 o Kim Arrow Quot Sara Quot cell mtg Tbs to o to ill ii if Quot cd cd Cucu Cucu Cuca Ca Cucu Cucu in cd Kot Kim Kob Kamb Kyda King cd ii Cucu m Cucu Cuen Chi cd boat Krze of Sam Canh Man by Kasa Max tic esp no Eam Usa a amp a Gaia Nie k am unto Cnoc life int Quot Spike Hist toon Mau a Vav disc no can Mot Mother met Mother Jersey Quot the letter Quot big bang big bang Bullseye to Modem Black Ith super Quot Reichenbach Seinfeld j Seinfeld in nip j. 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