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Tucumcari Quay County Sun Newspaper Archives Jun 3 2015, Page 4

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Tucumcari Quay County Sun (Newspaper) - June 3, 2015, Tucumcari, New Mexico Pack 4 a wed misday Juni 3, 2015 Quay county Sun a to a Quot Quot v stick ski ,n5< r a Clovis Media inc. Newspaper Ivi our newspaper gives voice to All. We regard Freedom As a gift of life and with voice and Freedom come responsibility a to ensure the same for everyone Robert Arrowsmith David Stevens publisher asks teachers to help refine new evaluation system the new Mexico Public education department does no to dispute that the new teacher evaluation system is a work in Progress and that its a system that needs informed feedback to improve and refine its results. That s important because a few weeks after the second round of teacher evaluations have been released there s a lot of legitimate feedback that Points out real flaws a feedback that teachers Are being evaluated not on whether their own students learn hut on whether students they have never met improve a feedback that teachers Are being evaluated not on their Grade level Content but on multiple years of Content in their broader subject area. A feedback that merely transitioning from a standardized test to a Short Cuie assessment skewed an entire District s results to the negative. None of that feedback squares with How the evaluation system has been presented to the Public a As a w a to measure the student academic gains or losses that a teacher should take credit for in a Given year. Hut not All of the disconnect can be Laid on Ped a Steps that a because superintendents had the ability to submit for Ped approval their own end of course exams for individual Grade level subject areas rather than go with the state default flt a a exams which were written and vetted by new Mexico teachers and because districts had the Power to select backup individual measures for teachers in Grade Levels and subject areas not covered by the big statewide standardized test required by the feds. Those local school leaders principals and superintendents specifically asked that these teachers be evaluated on measures like their schools Grade. How the schools top 75 percent of students s w the schools lowest 25 percent of. Is it loved. I a ices could be because school leaders cd via educator in their Community needs to take ownership of moving All students Forward. But that does t really determine How Good a Job someone does teaching music or science or Spanish for example. It just determines that As one person they did no to do enough to move the achievement Needle outside their classroom and or subject arca. And that does no to serve what to e singular purpose of these evaluations should he to ensure every new Mexico student gets Quality instruction and that teachers get the help and training they need to provide it wed has said it is ready and w tiling to reline and revise its evaluation system and local school Lead ers should take the department up on its offer. A Albuquerque journal new Mexico lawmakers a Udall. D n m 202 224-6621, 505 346-6791 website fifa a $110 million take just a drop in the bucket i know How i w ill go crazy. It will be because of numbers. The fifa a federation International football association raid this week brought about some of the largest charges of racketeering in the history of sport $110 million Over a period of 24 years. I think i have said that before and it i have .-.aid. It. Then i must be on my Way. And now the numbers in me say. Did you know How much the i v rights for the last world cup and the next world cup in Russia were for try $ 1.85 billion. That Manchester United alone is Worth Over $2 billion or that eight of the to highest payrolls in sports around the world Are for soccer teams pans Saint Germain is no. 2 at $227.1 million Robert Arrowsmith a Chi publisher behind Only the los Angeles dodgers world War. Did you know that Kevin Durant s Adidas Deal is Worth Between $265 million and $285 million Many of us suspect Organ nations such As fifa and the International olympic committee Are up to something. We have suspected it for years f rom the majority of people that i have talked to read or heard from. They were not surprised. I do believe the two Conn tries that received the rights to the next two world cups created the trial Straw Tor Many especially when it went to two countries with a history of human rights violations. But $110 million Over 24 years to me is a joke. It is a drop in the bucket in the big picture of High Dollar sports. Floyd May Woodier and Manny Pac Quak by a made More than that for a 45-minute snooze fest a couple of weeks ago. And yes the Media is partially to blame for the hype of All this. I get that. News is Good at finding the drop in the bucket and hyping it up. But the reality is that $110 million is not even a drop in the bucket to the High end world of soccer i do mean world As it is the largest sports organization Iii the world. No wonder Sepp Blatter mentioned that he cannot keep an Eye on everything everywhere All the time a Sik million is such a minuscule number in the big picture. Ibis whole thing reminded of the movie a office space Quot when they took the fraction of the cents rounded off and put it in a Hank account. Kudos to the Swiss and american governments for their due Diligence for what they accomplished with their investigations. But again this really is nothing More than a drop in the bucket. I must he on my Way. Robert Arrowsmith is publisher of Clovis Media inc. Contact him at the a fax of the matter is that memory was unexpected while cleaning the fax slant in at work the other Day i came across numerous faxes offering myself and several former employees Low meter est Loans or incredible vacation deals. Of you Are a business owner and have fax services then in a sure you know what i am talking about. For the rest of the readers you hut need to open your email spam folder and you will he sure to find a similar digital offer. These annoying spam messages can be sent away with a simple Click of a Button. Although with a lax machine its not Only annoying it s wasteful. Between the vacation unsecured capital offers scrap Meta and Gold and Silver buyers the faxes add up quickly. I think the Hest faxed loan offer Ever sent to the office would have Loik the one written in a Sharpie Marker at an Angle and then ended with a we say yes when others say however the lax machine does serves a purpose. Of course we receive Media Thomas Garcia a staff columnist releases and City county and state Agency notifications. That aside in a still convinced its main purpose is telling me Quot drum near end Quot Quot Toner Low Quot Quot out of paper Quot and my personal favorite. Quot line is Busy for Only 75 cents c entry link will keep trying and immediately Call you Hack when the line is no longer Busy. To accept press 3.&Quot that last message repeals itself twice a fore an automatic redial. This process continues until the fax is transmitted the Standard three redial fail. Or i follow through with my plan to commit fax machine homicide. Naturally after watching enough a Law and order Quot a a is Quot a criminal minds Quot and a inc to Quot episodes i know i ii have to make it look like an Accident or seem like a Case of office equipment suicide i ii leave a smudged barely readable note Vav us the words gradually getting lighter distorted and stretched the length of the paper at the end. It s not As though in be put a lot of thought into this. I swear. The fax machine can Lead to some anger management issues due to the message a failed did not transmit Quot and the occasional person who answers the fax line and spends two minutes saying hello Quot in a futile Effort to obtain a response. It can also he a source of humor especially if you have the Handy fax scanner copier unit. One of the funniest moments was when the late and great a Atherine Bugg tried sending her sales totals to Clovis. I in not sure if Amanda Smith Friend and former co worker or i Hail used the machine earlier to make copies and forgot to reset it to lax Mode. Catherine entered the number Lor Clovis and walked away Content Iii the belief that her fax was on its Way. I should have noticed sort eing was wrong right away. Out i was working on a Story and on the phone with out of town sources. It Wasny to until the stack of papers fell from the fax machine to the floor and the continued production of papers that there was an Issue. I walked Over to the fax and saw Atherine had set the machine to make 15,757,623,879 copies instead of faxing her document to 575-762-3879. I hit cancel and gathered the More than he copies and took them to her off ice. Catherine looked at me As if i d lost my mind and burst into laughter when i explained what had happened. See fax machines have a higher purpose it helped me remember a wonderful memory of a dearly departed f Riend. Thomas Garcia is a senior writer at the Quay county Sun. He can be reached at opinion Page policies editorials unsigned editorials Are the opinion of Clovis Media inc s editorial Board which consists of publisher Robert Arrowsmith and e editor David Stevens All other views expressed on this Page Are those of their authors letters to the editor they should be on topics of Public interest not private disputes and no More than 300 words email letters to com or Nail 575-763-6991, guest columns please Contact editor David Stevens at or Call 575-763-6991. Mallard Fillmore Bruce Tinsley mfg Quot Chi log Wpm to Mac Uteri i tet tar it Vej Contact us letters and columns should be sent to via mail editor Clovis Media inc. . Box 1689 Clovis. No 88101 via fax 675 742-1349 via email Stevens @

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