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Tribune Newspaper Archives May 16 1958, Page 5

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Tribune (Newspaper) - May 16, 1958, Galveston, Texas Circle in the so Sam Dawson business Mirror with a 68eat flurry of a Jinks they Dot to the service slash prices oo9 per gallon m Tai paid sea Pago 18 Coffee cups Millington Tenn up drug St Sam Rawls has a Specia shelf Lor individual Coffee cup for his regular Coffee break customers each cup has the per sons name on it As Well As a Pic Ture depicting either a Hobby o characteristic of the person d m poultry egg seafood co 4510 Broadway phone so 58811 free prompt wholesale a retail specials Good til sunday triple a Mill fed Rny cur any 07 red hot specials b 39c fresh cull Trout l 39c la Large live crabs 69c pan fish and Nice tender dressed pigeons fresh Grade a Chicken wings 19c fresh Fryer 35c fresh Fryer fresh i s steaks fresh snapper redfish 45c ask your grocer for those famous Chubby Chick Macallen go Itjen and Rit care slate curl lied fryers sunny South and country girl Carton eggs Blue water and icelandic Frozen fish fillets fish Slicks Grasso Golden bi10wn brands breaded shrimp also Frozen vegetables fruits and fruit juices and imported italian Olive Oil now distributor of land o lakes Brand butter new York the third pos War recession already has of stripped the other two in in Sharpness and depth of ils fall whether it also will last Long is still any ones guess a though currently it shows Man signs of doing so today Industrial setback a Many of the Charcle Ristics of in previous some Sifi if cant differences so far it Bear Lille likeness to the Prewit slumps of evil memory the drop in Industrial lion and in the local Dollar Valu of goods and services is grate this Lime so is the local of unemployment and the percentage o the labor Force Laid Low the cutback in business spent ing and the trimming of inventories Are much the ame As in in 194849 and the 195jm recessions this leads Many observers to be Lieve that the 195758 recession will end much the same Way ant leave few lasting scars Liis Lime the Hallern of con Sumer spending is different so s that of government spending this causes other observers to Lold that today unpleasantness will prove to be Quile different rom the earlier ones which were chiefly inventory and production personal income dipped More Han in 1953 bul less so far than n 1949 this Lime More persons ire Al Gible for unemployment and her Benc fils and the total of Uch financial Aid is much higher in 1948m Industrial production dropped 10 per cent from its Peak and the plump lasted one ear in 195354 the drop also was Boul 10 per cent and the Dura on Aboul the same since the december 1956 record High of 147 the Industrial product on Index has dropped o 126 per ent of the 194749 bases this is drop of 14 per cell in 16 months Washington however says inc a cession officially snarled last a ust when he Industrial product on Index was at this would Nake inc drop 13 per cent the 154 Low Point was 123 and the 949 Low Point so the drop in 1949 in the Gross Lional product inc total value goods and services was per cell in 1954 in was per and his Lime so its 4 per cent Down to 422 billion Ollars a year from last Summers record Peak of 440 billion doll the ranks of the jobless swell in a Lille Over four million 1s49 and to million in 153 the local is now carried lit Molhan five million representing per cent of the civilian lab Force against per cent in 191 personal income locals Sara by 11 billion dollars in 1949 an by 3vt billion in 1954 today i ures Are Down billion Fror ast augusts record annual i of 342 billion dollars consumer spending fell b lion dollars in 1949 and near two billion in 1954 its off Abo billion dollars now from 11 Summers Peak in the Previzi recessions the smallness of the i n consumer spending was Credi de Wilh sustaining the econom during the Industrial adjustment consumer baldness his time he chief Lorn in the Side of the durable goods manufacturers the slump in business spending Lams rings the heavy Indus Lri this Lime its off by Phillio dollars in 1949 it fell by one by Ion and in 1954 by billion thais How the three recession compare us All hands Irv t less whether the current dip i Idt toning out pay men f results n Windfall St Johnsbury it up insurance Premium pay Lent lost in the mail has Brough to a Blind woman mrs Blanche Chickering Poslet or pay Cal but in never reached be insurance office while Aling the Case the insurance company discovered a blindness Ause in mrs Chick rings poli the company paid her re Laclive five years when her Eye Phi first reached the stipulated per cent impairment Mississippi county in the Della Gion of Arkansas grows More ton than any other county in e nation the largest Cotton ablation in the world is in the sunly Al Wilson the new York slate division of learns affairs was created in 46 since Hen la has handled Ore Han 10 million requests for tin Selling to in Beautiful Brya is happens Only Onra n year and who Doest wan ire in the horizon tin led sri High noon end Tern Leal t Laii a a ii ii n a i Sale of re Reg Reg 3 pain 3 pairs 3 pairs 3 pairs hosiery Street floor Toh a Radii com colors i idiom Chmisl slyly or Long Ihnn or 1 7 or Ruji Florl Bill v Hui in fun Lori colors or Plu Way fanfare Prce tots girls sub teens needs dresses apr Gium prior or Lund Reiyei solid or fancy Prinzi special terrific value in of listed and cof dont this Odd sends Ilion fair for Likely value finds for infants and girls 75 Orr Simp 116 inc Mon ump in fanfare Noiron Tonii cot ton in nil Ulicny Navy Wilh red and irim 10 to 18 Hollywood by Bob Thomas Hollywood uht Gen Rafiel Trujillo or is not the firs dishing foreigner to Sway in heir i of Hollywood Glam girls nor will he be the last few hive been lavish Young Trujillo with his Gills o costly cirs to Kim Novak and is Zsa Gabor Gloria Swainson can be credible Ith Starling the foreign invasion in 1926 she returned from Europe Triumph with her new husband Marquis de la Falaise de la Cou the Union listed five years after which Constance Bennet took Over As the Marquise the Marquis was followed by the hurrying a divines these were three handsome romantic sons o Moh immedi Bey of Georgia caucasus state in old Russia the princes married and Divorcee often usually to famous and be ally women among the niches Negri a Murray lira Mutton sudden deals look two of the t Polo and Alexis n a Spanish Auto crash David Las lived quietly in recent years is husband of the adopted Daugher of oilman Harry Sinclair Aly Khan created plenty of news his International courtship of Liu Hayworth Ihei marriage Weir divorce his romances have included other dolls such As Gene Ferney and Kim Novak Hal ame a Chance meeting in a Holly Ood night club led to marriage in Nancy Valentine and the a Arajah of Cooch Behar but the Uhi Rajah sell the Home elks on the idea alter a few tars Nancy had the Union an pulled because India rec Nize it k you want to buy sell or Ade use the new Tribune unified Section Dartmouth claims old tit museum Hanover up a let Ter about the Transfer of some elephant Bones Lias slab lashed Dartmouth colleges museum As rhe oldest continuous existence in the United Stales according to museum director w Wedgewood bows Bowen whole in a Booklet isl he uncovered an oct 26 1772 let Ler from a Young Yale graduate David Mcclure to Darl Mouth founder Eleazar Wheelock the letter read i have collared a few curious elephant Bones found about 600 Miles Down the Ohio for the Young museum of Darl Mouth which shall Forward to Philadelphia the isl Bowen said the museum in la Early Days was a depository for he romantic finds of new eng and merchant sea Captain in heir journeys around the world these included a stuffed pin Quin he slippers of a Nabob of the Ganges and a stuffed Zebra greatest catastrophe in he museums history came in 1798 when ire broke out in he building to Wen quotes the College historians Chounl professor Smith was calling it to save the Library while pro lessor Woodward pleaded for their pump and the president at the ame instant shouted to save the Friday Hay is 19s Galveston new York cites Bronx Borough got is name from Jonas Pronck who became ils first seller when in 1641 he purchased a 500acre estate his neighbors often spoke of visiting he Broncos and the name soon came to apply to the whole Region cows it up twelve Holstein cows started to drink from a water trough and were struck dead a High pension wire had fallen Over a lightening Rod which had a ground wire conned cd to the pipe supplying the drink ing shop to thursday to 9 p m s a flapper 5o bar re it up incumbent mayor c o Granai bowed it of local politics when his Ephew Defeated him by almost a Tot one margin in the mayor to race get Thia Quick a Vliet shorn eau Looi ipod Aak for la bunion Maizc Kar juju Itoi Etc Mistri levys May fanfare in crease resist Cool Cottons Cool Cotton blend slim shaped for your Chemi serie to Iron egyptian col Ion landed with Dacron ano1 Nylon any rare of Nylon Cool Ess of Cotlon perfect slip and latching Post Licsak Al you won fhe pc to once you do you won be with Oil n built a around Eliom Why see How hey drape race fully and a airily away irom your body Elmyro who Cocos of things you could Wear these juniors we Hove others in 10 18 a Sud Sable Petit Point in or can or Oranus ice Wii Ife pique Colar cocoon bail 513 Back n in land Colin coro1 sleeveless Boal Nicaud red or Blue so Ripe 513 Junior shop third floor

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