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Tribune Newspaper Archives May 16 1958, Page 4

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Tribune (Newspaper) - May 16, 1958, Galveston, Texas Tribune f to Ibsine editorial Page the tax privilege almost everyone groans about taxes and there is Good re Awn for the groans the average american breadwinner puts in a surprising amount of time each year working for the government that is one Way of looking a the matter another Way of looking St it is to suggest that though the Price is High taxpayers get a lot in return for what they pay the government with that Money they buy nearly As that can be Conquest by hostile Powers taxes also buy a dazzling Range of highways to weather forecasts to a watchful Eye on the purity of foods it can be argued rather persuasively that citizens ought to be grateful for the privilege of paying taxes to live in a free society an illustration of such gratitude was in the news the other Day it occurred in England but the principle is the same a 93yearold Man died and left most of his estate to help relieve the British National debt there was a Man who appreciated what his government had done for him during almost a Century of life his will probably didst please friends and rela Tives but it does Point up the fact that Lor ail our com plaints we owe much to a government which still is essentially a government of by and for the people a sign retreads trends of activity in certain Fields of business have historically been Good gauges of consumer attitude toward the future one of these bellwether industries is tire recapping and retreating during times of Peak employment automobile owners Are inclined when the tires on their cars become thin to replace with new tires not so when the future becomes a Little doubtful and people become Economy minded then the retreaded comes into his own thus the Wall Street journals report tha in Rome areas the tire retreading business showed a 50 per cent improvement Over last year could be an ominous for the tire retreaded but for the general Economy this May be an indication that the buying Public is becoming reluctant to spend its Money freely and there lies the nub of the recession problem a dynamic Economy requires increased consumer Washington Colling Europe in fear of us recession Denmark the smiling fac of Prosperity that characterize the surface of Hie almost every where in Western Europe is eve Dent in this Small country tha manages its affairs so Well the shops Are full of attractive Lings to buy and the Price Irve Las been kept Down by a Fairl Stern government fiscal policy car ownership has doubled in the past six or seven years while employment is comparative ugh More than 10 per cent this is put Down chiefly to a Sonal factors including a late Spring vet behind Europe Prosperity it was made abundantly Clear by the representatives of the North Atlantic Powers who gatherer Here last week lurks the fear tha the american recession will be with serious if not disastrous results so far in has Little effect belying All the gloomy prophets who have said that if the United states sneezed Europe caught pneumonia figures for the registered in employed in Britain for mid apri show a total of which is Only two per cent of the number employed this is Only on half por cent above the figure for april 1957 London has just announced a substantial Rise in the Gold and Dollar balance the painful thought in Many european minds is that this May be the very Crest of the wave which if it Breaks now can carry the whole laboriously built Struc Ture Down with it american Prosperity began almost immediately after the War and the european Economy was rehabilitated much Ater with Large drafts of Ameri can Aid could it be that the recession having begun in America will no belatedly take hold in Europe europeans aware of this great want to know what Steps Merica proposes to take one of Denmark leading Bankers a Nan who could not be More Riendl to the United states took occasion to Call this reporters at mention to an editorial in the econ of London headed Appeal o no Driver in Bishop it Porter backstage with Al Lunt i America this Lona and editorial j was the visit the big Man sat in the Small Ressing room the makeup was Alf on he looked up patting the Pale Blue Robe Over his thighs and talked to Robert Chang publicity Man who can Tell about the the big Man said its probably the most brutal thing Ever the big Man was Alfred Lunt or Chang nodded you will be great in he said this was opening night the Story 1 this Lona and Earnest editorial play was lne v51t Story pending retrenchment in consumer spending can be in of the most influential pub about Rich insane woman who i ii 1 t of ii to to her lit tip Fri rms hymn cumulative tending to Steps should be taken quickly to Avert if possible any further cutback in consumer spending once started such a trend might be hard to reverse the world today former Secretary of stale act Ienn thinks the United states would emerge the loser from a Summit Cunfer rce with Russia he knows from experience Dorothy Kilgallen voice of Broadway u of its kind in the world rpt in her German makes a solemn plea for rapid Iown to Avene herself for an and measures to make sure that the Lunt 54 sat alone in Flo of International to Ratic already slackening a Little does not Forth or fall off while the measures recommended Are of a technical nature they add up to for the shortage of Gold and dollars threatening the movement of International Commerce today one proposed remedy is for the United states to the Sterling area Exchange As n facility for he worlds proper of his nature undoubtedly will he Faken up Prim Miniver Farold Macmillan president reason believe vice presi Eisenhower in Washington Nixon might run into Trou the Little dressing room looking at the darned socks he must Wear in the play the undersides looked dirty the dirt is painted he said downstairs there were boxes of Flowers roses and tulips stacked in the Hall and part Way up the stairs on a door was Small sign do not in Side Lynn Fontanne dozed she Anci or Lunt have been married 16 years she is 70 they Are now americas Grenvere theatrical couple tonight the of Globe theatre in which they player was being renamed the Lunt Fon intelligence slips some cogs by James Marlow were discussed but no thought was Antly Siliven to or Nixon Washington in the Eise visits to these countries in each Bower administration Anns remly Case he was invited by the nov emment Tanne theatre a rare Honor tin enormous tribute i threw out my or Lunt Jaid trying to Bend Forward i dont know How threw it out she fell a Tew Days ago and Shes Black and theirs was a touching sentiment someone once asked mss Fontanne her age i she said coldly that i had been born in the Day i met Alfred i was really born the time was cur Tain time in 15 minutes out front the police stood in the rain beckoning the big Black limousines to the curb the underside of the big marquee tossed head Down on the Damp theatregoers Douglas Fairbanks get out of a car so did Basil Rathbone 2nd Peggy Wood and Franchot tone the Ricoli the famous the infamous arrived in Tell Mains shades of Pink and in dinner jackets and Black lies Fritz de Wilder the stage manager examined the opening set he is a Blondis Man Calm careful in the wings a sin sle bulb lit his Rule desk and the notebook of cues we can make health for today women physicians no longer rare by w w Bauer m d director of education Anu Ricu medics association when i went to school women doctors were still somewhat of a curiosity bearing the uncomplimentary title of Hen we had one woman in our class and i regret to remember that we treated her rather shabbily being still Young and uncouth now the woman doctor is a fixture in the profession and feminine names Are often to be found among medical leaders much thanks for this goes o Pioneer women doctors who ought prejudice often amount no to persecution to establish the act hat women can be As Good doctors As men Given equal of or titty some founded medical schools or women As did or Sophia Lex Lake in England after the University of Edinburgh refused a her Success i completion of the fou year she was a Wom an she established two medical Hal Boyle schools for women in Ludm and another in Edinburgh s Well As a Hospital for women the London school is still operating the one in Edinburgh closed when the University agreed to equal treatment for men and women applicants i the medical de Gree the first woman to hold t medical commission in the United states army was or Mary Edwards Walker who habitually wore mens clothes she became i lieutenant and assistant surgeon in the Union army in 1854 she got her medical degree at Syra Cuse in 1855 women names loom Large in research wholly or partially responsible or important medical advances were the following women among Many Dorothy Reed in Hodgkini Dif ease Maud Slye in cancer Alici Evans in Lin Dulant fever Ruth sorrow comes to All in time ble in latin America everybody Here was certainly Nixon a German lieder music filtered is but the tragedy that Illen Louis and if Newport is indeed almost in parable their Only two and Didi Rock n Roll ans we Are doing our Best to con Ert Elaine bravely but to far we have had no her plight even that she and her husband an agile offshoot from e proud old Lorillard tobacco be Are perhaps americas Lead missionaries for a or Erick Roll Type of music the one Nown As jazz in fact they Are famous for hav Tunnicliffe in the streptococcus infections Anna Williams in diphtheria Gladys Dick in let fever Florence Sahlin in Hood research Maude Abbott in Eon enita1 heart disease women doctors have occupied important positions in Niblic health Mcbride Dexter As Secretary of health for Pennsylvania Maysil Williams As health officer of the state of North Dakota Leona Fiatt Juart Ner As health commissioner of the nations largest City new York Martha Elliott us chief of the childrens Bureau and women directors of child health in Many j state departments of health i a woman or Alice Hamill in is among the leading modern authorities in Industrial toxicology physicians h v been notable among missionary physicians perhaps the most famous is or Ida Scudder affectionately known As or Ida for the country in which she has spent her life Manv More less famous but equally dedicated Dot the Mission Fields of All Denom a Lions All Over the world today medical opportunities for women Are the same As those for men of equal ability and willing Ness to work there is one firs class medical school for women the Philadel phia women medical Cal legs ing brought jazz to Newport the Ond Hospital served by the sedate Rhode Island Seaside re faculties which staff the co Educa sort where they dwell in a Man tonal medical schools in that City Sion so Large mrs Lorillard never but in longer need women fight Las found enough free time to i for admission or for count ifs rooms until 1951 the Mast notable music in Newport was the soft slap of surf on Sand the genteel Mur Muring of hardening arteries and the vague noises of dear old ladies Reading the novels of Henry Jam aloud to cure if they have what it takes in my Dicapi practice women at first were somewhat limited in scope Drifting mainly in Pedi attics Laboratory and research now the Field is wide open including surgery e their women Are member of of outstanding heart surgery v Inorg Sci Sucre at i in corp pnv5irian will he Gie n once m n icy Wall against the carry Achl Rve her Ammilon on plane of Equality the resentment want so with men it also reminded them that some i become an invalid dont and that the Wise thing for a Hus whats puzzling is who the and v p Al be i nne Wai cd onstage in flaming of the most talented workers to fears if you have Dinini Strain in Dois ministration want b to r Ini red and moved to the the vineyards of Broadway and to work in a Glass to keep quiet and lock up the i formed on the depth o anti Amer i a ministration will other of Wisnyi h Rel Wood have been hard hit by d nobody no Mailer what i lean feeling since the stale de v Ahmel i nne Well on the far Side some Hearl trouble Joo can take books the North Allan tic Council it Parment and the Central brought a chair for her and theatre a Good meal or a base Brave words about the need i rence Agency this country t 7 she As Buddha a recent use of Fortune Ball game away from you and if for economic cooperation to insure eyes and ears abroad have ran Amer a1 732 the Chestra began the a celebrated movie pro you pals who judge you by Prosperity the Opportunity agents everywhere quote and unquote by United press Moscow soviet Premier Khrushchev in hailing sputnik Jias evidence of russian sniper Uhn i it have dump refused to to on higher other n Haf dumped Altir farm on the m t to cardiac i strip Ken to Iris o hot the fact be 10 and i have lived i have at Ahn i Felt the hit under the weather f have Hen people and situations 10 my own j under ail Circum prof stances and i have been i to give up anything and member of living Ling i with to Giese do nov for the m it is no rat my n t1 com he enjoyable Way far Zvelf i cannot pointing this enough Yurt come first to selfish dont forget that you prob ably worried yourself into this condition not merely for yourself but for i Host dependent on it is time for to set Piiru Orf in loyalty and Confidence ver in work if necessary i know that or ail i can Sav to rags enjoying remains un1 w you will not in hard you nor ing you Wil not american shouts and he showed personal course in Eisenhower was by a re the face of a violent but Porter this government the problem of Nixon Visil 10 top wins the anticipated the latin America went far beyond Lions against Nixon would he As the personal courage of one Man j m hey were and it involved american prestige Nils is Only a Sample the that any thought had foreign relations and ammunition ahead there is con Kiven to cancelling part of for red propaganda Struc tic Xixi Perriion As Well Asim trip on All three Conns the United no these things slates was the loser from Galveston Tribune files Tiik Wai not great the i actors were not great Hie visit paily the audience Srsen 3 Tydon playing will ready for your capacity for and humanity Porttiin non by franc fit Many ho1 and Iray to expand productivity if it becomes part of a larger free Prarle area or it can serve As an instrument of regional rivalry and farther upset the free move men of goods Germany like the in has a vast Hoard of Fhi can be used in part Elaine n pretty Hondr who wears Huluc nth or color would he in new port and events of 25 year go May Pes i compared with the name i slim ism is rampant it i period last year local Postel re generally reaped that business seipts made a Cain of the upward and j cent Over receipts for april 1932 at Iii for to common Grid of j should All put am shoulder to the the West or it Euirel to wheel and help in any movement nationalistic ends and further un1 which stands for the Conns Audive balance the Structure of Europe i Benefit of the Industry As a whole resentment of ger1 c Brenner president of the according to postmaster o s York the incl Post office look in approximately More Dur ing the firs four months of this year than was taken in during the same period in 1332 april re and Alfred and Lynn Fon Tanne the applause was Thunder Ous for very Thor they did everybody adored everybody Between the acts the people 1 went la the stroking room below and Sippil free Champagne or strolled the big Balcony j loss and to be seen when War she the last curtain dropped there j worker he was were a doen curtain Calls Alfred Lunt who has never made a cur lain speech stepped Forward hold my his wife by m Hind and told the people How gratified they to have this theatre named for them Twy inclined their and the curtain Carne Down the opening night was Over the time was i Washiington rep wave when you dist feet its a hit of a seipts for 1931 were unanimous i Wil Uncertain Man Ful his capabilities running like Fri ii x rare to the end a was is the end broken fibres diseased arteries and doom in a horror a Needle now you will not try to beat anyone Nir will you try for an Engfer Atco Standard of living you will accept your limitations and that those dependent in you Iii just have to do with what Nii ran give them if they h can Wil just hav t res where walked in the Ludge a let me Tell you they Down to be hit ecu i you will have will would have Man economic expansionism ii Texas association so veg rapidly i Al i is merely to suggest some Tel the 54th annual convention of a program of original und inter by i Kip wave m us v he on Heng informed would Blind an owl at mid Shl 7sa Gabor had Chal i now known by the c d r ing set As the first lady of slalom in hot it the most up ensue was a common interest m tins Sivin Madame Pompa Fonn of music that Ipnar enl Romance of Elaine and Lorillard i Noi inf miss Hicy met in Europe during world a Alexjr ifs list i a red Cross to Slop throw Jung their Money i i i inc a Iii ainu i of original line in the prot rans Liat lie so close Thi association has brought More Lini dances was prese need of meath the prosperous surface j than 1000 delegates and visitors the pupils of miss mar Jyrle Wil backstage an Acler in cos tume asked the to wait 3 moment they seemed the actor called the cast Hack on j the Hare stage with its solitary naked Hub the waited Clar Mork Hirte firemen went to court seek in or in suffered when a propane Ank up while the jury a is All the tourist sees kt1 Here for rup ran ski a great Deal if the hade chairman of the to cooperate really exists hut j local com it is Only from America that the i principal affirmation Corne and Hur Nix to wait with ii Xicay for an ans wer Fira the Alan Lic ing the evid Cuco Teilh sides a Recd i is on a settlement jut a i fickels warned the thai any Iro he Pirrly psycho logical the tie jury had re Rydh to Avard you adjust Yourien to your new j tilt firemen it Millee in arrangements presided at the opening of the convention mks Aniela Gorczyca fort from River Crest country club and medallist yester Day with a started match Competition today in the women Texas Golf association Champion ship Al the Galveston country club Wilh a 5 and 4 Victory Over mrs w j fames of Galveston figures in the local port office reveal a healthy gain in receipts pile the Chic under during april a Ltd also for the first four of Thil present year i i his the mail d 1 111 Dalph furniture knife Lesman in f show Odule knife no lop Rii coking from face to face i Here no clue the Artnur cleared is last night at the nyc Nheru m Throat in mock pomposity lie Junior Illch school auditorium an made a he hold a big rib outstanding feature of the event honed Box on behalf of the cast the Solo by Marvin i have been selected to Tell you Kahn gypsies Nance dear Alfred and to mint of miss Fontanne looked up Mulley at her husband a swallowed and lie fixed his face in it Carelus smile the eyes seemed touched almost Hurt he said you have done me look irim i Nayong in works program the Resolution you did was adopted after Henry w Flag Thev Hon cd i hair Eyre of the club urged that j showed Ihler Heads they we rent j i Kahn sing gypsies Nance dear Alfred and which was give Juo the Box wis in before the number8 i Halifal attired in a file Al Alvaton club adopted a Resolution supporting the move to obtain for Texas a portion of the funds in be re Pended in the presidents Public lot Netlon be Uken 1 noting Galveston Tribune Sta Blishel in 1wo r Lii Mai to w Moony mrs Mary Monny Northon Preslor Lent Nivin c i Munifo Krtil tar w i r t or ski Aiu Uhl Mijs t Imam majr mini Dunkl Siitam Feni exr Harrr no Ftp mail no Jthn Tutti Fin it f r to off a Iak ind from 6 Hihar Tortu Cimon so Cut 1 a tort 1 1 Var 1 of Mil h full r 00 aim

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