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Tribune Newspaper Archives May 16 1958, Page 1

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Tribune (Newspaper) - May 16, 1958, Galveston, Texas Tho weather Galveston Vicinity Cloudy filtered Dio Weri through night. Lowest temperature Friday night Neur 7j highest saturday near 81 degrees. Galveston Tribune vol. 78 Galveston Texas Friday May 16, 1958 w Price 5c no. 161 free a Mauti a uhf for our Ciu Lomori gel vim i Mai Little i Mimi Moody National Bank Mamie to Rico Elul of Foll insurance coif ution Pflimlin moves to save Republic How sputnik i is orbiting Earth this drawing shows How sputnik Iii is orbiting Earth in relation to the . Three satellites. Russia reported the sputnik was orbiting normally at the rate of one circuit of the Earth every 105 minutes and reaching a High Point of from the Earth. A wire Holo Solon confident . Can leap Frog reds in space1 sputnik warning bulletin Moscow 01 prof. Eugene Federov head of the soviet Union s sputnik program said today the russians will launch animals again into space in the future but that sputnik Iii red no or human. Washington up House democratic Leader John w. Me Cormack expressed Confidence to Day the United states can leap from tin soviets in outer Spac unde. The leadership of n new National space administration. But Mccormack also House space committee chairman Sai thursday s launching of Russia ton sputnik Iii serves As i warning to us particularly oui top leaders. The american people have go to awaken from their Cor Placen by he told the United press we have got to put the space program on the lop level am spend Money to enable our brains and facilities to produce the re sults. Soviet Premier Nikita s Khrushchev thursday hailed sput Nik Iii is a demonstration no communist superiority Over the United Stales. George j. Feidman chief coun Sel of the House space commit tee said the launching was confirmation that the russians of the Earth at 9 . . Ahead of us and constituted an other compelling reason Why we must go full Speed said to be visible radio Moscow announced sput Nik i had completed nine Cir passing., Parade Tribune woman s Page editor Estelle Hamilton has four of the most adorable Kittens one All Black a Black and White and two Grays All with Blue eyes and White paws for which she would like to find Rood Homes. They Are seven weeks old have perfect manners in the House and have been de of laced. Anyone interested May Call her at so 5-6050. Pix club members thanking mrs. J. T. Mabry for playing the piano when club members last weekend gave a revue at the rockin1 r ranch near Houston teen talk editors Sandra Zimmerman of Tab Gayla Hughes will be turning in their last copy next Friday As they will be spending he summer working and vacationing but meanwhile receiving compliments for a Job Well done proxy Sid Kay and wife saying he Galveston Little theater s m u t i c a 1 comedy production Damn Yankee is making the rave Page. A Kirista Marie Sykes and Ann Barclay in i peeled to court mrs. And Clec Donovan Lyles charged with four arsenic murders is transferred from jail to court in Macon ga., for a commitment hearing on All four charges. A Jailer pushes the wheel chair. A wire photo voodoo Case suspect faces murder rap Macon Fin. Widow described As a voodoo devotee and accused of giving fatal doses f arsenic to four members of her Imily faced a murder charge to a in the death of her daughter Day gave the Island .05 of civil court judge Earl w. Of the thursday. The broadcast said both the satellite and its Carrier rocket would be visible with the naked Eye around Dawn and Sun set. It said sputnik was Radi oing scientific information on a regu Lar schedule to a Battery of measuring stations in the .s.r. Military authorities were cautious the size of sputnik Iii Means Russia has any Surprise new rocketry Superior to known . Capabilities. Or. Herbert York chief scientist of the defense department s advanced research projects Agency told the United Piess the new sputnik could have been up in orbit with a rocket of no greater Power than that used for the smaller sputnik 11. It is wrong to conclude h said that a monster Booster was necessary to lift sputnik s figure Given by orbit. Moreover turn to Page 23, see three Springfield Iii. Up guv. William g. Stratton today denied further executive Clem ency to prohibition Era gangster Roger Touhy and said i regard the Issue As Washington he the House armed services committee to Day unanimously approved a Compromise Bill to reorganize the defense department. Presi Dent Eisenhower objected to two key features of it. New York up rep. Adam Clayton Powell or. D . Pleaded innocent in fed eral court today to charges of income tax evasion. Washington we the House appropriations committee today Cut from the requested by the administration to finance the com Merce department and related activities. Starkweather claims aril knifed maid action allegedly occurred while woman Lay tied by Jack v. Fox United press staff correspondent Lincoln neb. Up caril Rug ate 14, knifed a woman to death As she Lay on a bed with tier hands and feet tied to a bed Post a confession read at Charles Starkweather s murder trial indicated today. The statement by the 19-year old mass killer related 10 of the ii slayings committed during his late january rampage with the. Fugate girl. The girl was indirectly accused of the killing of Lillian Fencl a in the Home of c. Lauer Ward a wealthy Lincoln business Man. Starkweather s confession said he killed mrs. Ward with a knife thrown into her Back and shot Ward to death As he broke for the front door. The terrified maid was taken up to a bedroom. All i did was tie her feet and hands to the the state ment said. Her feet were at the Bottom and her hands were at the top. She was moaning and l Nixon motorcade target of venezuelan youths close in on vice president Nixon s car As the motorcade proceeded through Caracas streets. Nixon and his wife were targets of rocks and debris and their car was battered with Sticks. This picture made by a photographer Henry Griffin who accompanied Nixon on his tour. A wire photo groaning so i put turn to Page 23, see four lost rain during May alls today the Light Spring How Rcd Galveston rain which for 14 min Nixon tour violence due full inquiry Washington of the Senate _ foreign relations committee de Pillow Case cited today to inquire into the background of latin american violence toward vice president Nixon and also the anti american rioting in Lebanon. The full committee headed by sen. Theodore Green agreed unanimously to take Over the preliminary stages of the in Quiry on the motion of sen Wayne Morse after conclusion of this prelim Inary inquiry Green said the committee will decide on a course of action to be taken with respect of further studies of United states policy in relation to latin Morse Heads a subcommittee on latin american affairs and had proposed thursday to con an inquiry into the violence Nixon encountered in Lima Peru and Caracas Venezuela on i latin american Good will tour. But the full committee decided to broaden the score of the study turn to Page 23, see five figures in House Zsa Zsa Gabor poses prettily As she arrived at Washington National Airport miss Gabor said Shell Sun rep. Wayne Hays d Ohio for slander if he repeats outside of Congress his remark that she apparently is the most expensive Courtesan since Madame de Hays made the remark during a mouse debate on the foreign Aid Bill and was referring to expensive gifts Given Zsa Zsa by i. Gen. Rafael Trujillo son of dominican Republic s Strong Man. A wire photo grand jury panel of 16 named Here a panel of 16 prospective grand jurors for the june term of 122nd District court was named Friday at a meeting of five grand jury commissioners appointed for the Erm by judge 0. B. Wigley. The panel is composed of four Jav estonians and 12 Mainland residents. The Galveston ans on the panel Are Wallace m. Norton 1027 Bayou Shore drive John a. Parker 3119 Avenue a mrs. William turn to Page 23, see eight new ordinance effective May 30 wrecker operators will be re licensed an amended City ordinance Reg lating the operation of wreckers n Galveston will be effective May ordinance provides that is from to ., Fri thus Lublic about the Golf lessons i or ruled in thursday s prelim i they me inking id the a winery Narv Acari air that in arc was club. When words and sentences sufficient reason to suspect the become in printing strange f llil1 of mrs Anjette Lyles 32, things coma out such As Donth of incr a year old Myrtle Lemons raising the judge withheld chips which she does not note for the information of those on three Oiher murder until he has studied a irn script of the iwo Day hearing. Mrs. Lyles a prematurely More in Yang they did not know she had such a Hobby Owca and Myca officials sending out re to have youngsters re i sur Early for the summer Day comps held by Inch . Mrs. Josephine blood hoping there will he n big turn William a Hutchinson whose out for the american legion Cuxil a pfc once is a win Trunp Iviry game party it 8 pm. Fri m mrs Lyles. any it the legion Hall ism try the a Mew Mont. Amount to fall during any Day for the first half of May. The total rainfall for the month so . Is .07 of an Inch. A Shower on May ,1 contributed .02 of an Inch of rain fall p. Trace of rain Loo Small to measure filmed Oleander blossoms with moisture wednesday. Of people at the scene of an Acci Dent and allow the police to com plete their investigation of an Accident unhampered by wrecker Drivers soliciting business while the investigation is in process. The amended ordinance makes it a violation for wrecker Drivers to distribute handbills or cards within 200 feet unless summoned by police. Phipps explained the original violation of the ordinance the suspended the License Mit of the wrecking company three offences whereas he be revoked for three months. Present ordinance will revoke the 0. The wreckers May not use the police Adio to Chase automobile accidents provides for a rotation system of summoning wreckers to he scene of the Accident and mends the penalty Section to provide that in the event of one president welcomes Nixon Home president Elsen Hower extends a hand of Welcome to vice president Nixon at Washington National Airport after Nixon and his wife arrived Home from a riot marred South american tour. Standing Between the two is the vice president s wife Pat who greets their youngest daughter. At the right is Julie the Nixon s oldest daughter. A wire photo Boll exhibits open House saturday armed forces to be honoured Here police chief 0. Henson said Friday that about a week be fore the ordinance becomes of License for three months for offence. He said anyone operating a Fecit pc lie will Call in operators wrecker who intercepts a police of All wrecker companies in communication or anyone and re License them. Transmitting this information to a the amended ordinance pro wreck in concern will be guilty vide1 thai no wrecker pro-1 wrecking concern will be Gui iving a of violating the ordinance. Restaurant operator appeared court in r wheelchair. Her or so clan sold she is suffering from phlebitis in abnormal clotting of radio capable of receiving police wrecking services will be of conditions remain favourable broadcasts in a band of 1g5.37 to ninety through the process of be Thundcr-1 Mega cycles will be issued a per . He said. A showers during the next 2-1 to 36 Ernest Carson chief meteorologist at the local a s. Weather Bureau office sold Fri Day. Rainfall for May shows a dip Dancy of 1.48 april showers were below per this year is Well. Total rainfall i Inch 2.25 inches Helow inc april by Laura Reesby turn to 23, see Otis in Galveston. Mit to operate in the City. The new ordinance was drafted and presented to the City com Mission it its thursday meeting by City attorney James h. Phipps. Phi Ops said the ordinance was wrecker companies can live he said the amended ordinance should eliminate the harassment i when there is an Accident and the car must be moved the owner of the automobile will he asked what wrecking firm lie prefers. If the owner does not designate n firm the investigating police officer will take the wrecker next on the list and the rotation plan will be followed in turn to Page 23, two armed forces Day will he observed in Galveston and across the nation saturday. Numerous events have been planned for the local Observance to close with the annual armed forces Day Public Ball at he Marine room of the pleasure pier at 9 . The u. S. Coast guard Cutter Trahoon will be open for Public inspection from 10 To 3 . Saturday. The Day Long program will be Jin at With the opening of visitors of the coast guard communication truck housing a radio station at 22nd and Market streets. Free messages the first 50 persons who visit he Ruck after the Opening will be permitted to Send messages free of charge to rela fecs in the armed forces any there in the world. The communications system will be operated with the assistance f Roy Houston of the International business machine co. Also at And continuing until ., air planes will be on exhibit at the municipal air port. These will include a t-2fl Trainer from Harlingen air Force base a t-28 Trainer from Moore air Force base and an h-19 Heli copter from Randolph air Force base. A feature of the armed forces Day rail will be. The presentation of the sweetheart of each Branch today s Bible verse All things arc lawful unto the hut nil things arc not expedient. I Cor. S 12. F aul repudiated jewish nut avoided giving offence need Lessly. Of the service. They Are Dettie Ethridge. Coast guard Mary Beth Moffett Navy and Gloria Almendarez marines. Tickets May be obtained Ai the door. Open House As aircraft from nearby bases Fly the Island during the Day open House will be held in All the services. The Public May inspect the . Coast guard base the . Corps of engineers Navy turn to Page 23, see six regime ads to a ii bid by de Gaulle Assembly asked for sweeping emergency Power bulletin Paris up the French National Assembly gave Premier Pierre Pil Milln s government three month Grant of sweeping emergency Powers today to head off a new bid for Power by Geri. Charles de Gaulle or a communist uprising. Paris Urphie government acted with almost frantic hosts today to beat Back Gen. Charles de Gaulle s new bid for Power. The nation verged on civil War in a tense setting that already has developed violence. Premier Pierre Pflimlin demanded that the National Assem Bly give him sweeping Powers under a three month state of Emer gency to save the but Vith the possibility tire army in might join the army in Algeria in rebellion against authority of Paris there was no guarantee he could enforce the emergency Powers if he got them. A bomb damaged Pflimlin i country residence at henday ind two More bombs were found i the Interior and economic ministry buildings in Paris. The webs in Paris did not go off. Pflimlin himself was in Paris Vixen the Ilen Daye blast was set strict Security precautions were n effect with thousands of extra mice posted at key Points. A crack armoured unit was alerted to move into Paris at once. Paris is sprite by reliable sources said the Surett natio Naie France s Fri has picked up a number of civil ians and army officers for interrogation under Powers to turn to Page 23, set . Health aide to talk to graduates or. Aings c. Mcginnis special assistant to the Secretary for health and medical affairs department of health education and welfare in Washington d.c., be principal speaker at the 66th annual University of Texas medical Branch graduation Ceil Mony at . Tuesday june 3, at Moody Center. A total of 256 graduates will receive degrees and diplomas at the ceremony which will be attended by Jeffers of Houston chair Man of the Board of regents 2nd j. P. Bryan of Freeport a Mem Jer of the Board. Graduation Day will begin with rehearsal in the morning. The annual honors convocation will be iced at . In the medical Branch Library. A reception for parents of Graci rates will be Given at 4 . At he faculty House lounge. Among the graduates will be 51 medical students of whom e get Are women. In the school turn to Page 23, see seven Anh group of form drive under Way to clean up1 Galveston the anti jitterbugs Are organizing. Mrs. H. Shwiff is the plotter and she is gathering together a com Mittee to meet soon at the Cham Ber of Commerce room for the purpose of lowering the Broom or the impulse on any and All Walro litter Galveston s streets alleys beaches or any Public place including one s own Yard and sidewalk. The idea of an anti Jitterbug committee began within the Green thumb group of the Garden club which appointed mrs. Shwiff As chairman. Letters to leaders wet Are hoping initially to Send letters to leaders All Over the City advising them of the she said. We also Are hoping we May be Able to pass some kind of Laws prohibiting Lilac rugs from throw do is clean our own Yards and mrs. Shwiff initially became interested in such a Campaign when she noticed the papers littering Steps tin some of Galveston s Public buildings. One of the most impressive things that is noticeable to an american abroad is the completes absence of trash on Public streets. Signs planned pictures of Moscow or Lenin Grad again emphasize not a paper a bottle a Cigar stub a cig Aret end or any other kind of trash Mark the mrs. Shwiff also plans Large anti Jitterbug signs to be posted All Over town and she has already had the Assurance of county commissioner Jimmie Vacek that he will cooperate in the place ment of these signs. Organization is now under Way and before Long the anti jitterbugs will be a Strong Force in making ing trash of any kind on our Side Galveston the cleanest most walks or in our streets. The Dutiful of american she but the Lisl thing we have to said

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