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Tribune (Newspaper) - May 8, 1945, Galveston, Texas Edition Galveston tribute. Vol. 65. Galveston Texas tuesday May 8, 1945. No. 141 Truman Victory claim Europe surrender will be ratified at Berlin Churchill declares London May 8, prime minister Churchill proclaim ing the Victory in Europe said today that the unconditional surrender of Germany will be ratified and confirmed at Ber Lin and that hostilities Wilt cease one minute after Midnight British time. This Wilt be p. M. And p. M. Calveston Churchill officially bearing out yesterday s dispatch of Edward Kennedy of the associated press said the German capitulation occurred at Gen. Eisenhower s head quarters at reims at h. M. Monday. The capitulation was made simultaneously to the allies and the so Viet High command with Gen. Representative of the German High command and of grand Admiral Doenitz. Signing the act for Ger Many. Churchill said Thi this is allies order nazi ships Al sea to port Irre ement will be ratified and con London. May 8. Up Allied radios today flashed orders to All German and German controlled ships at to head for the nearest Allied ports marshal Tedder Deputy supreme and remain there for further commander of the Allied expedit orders. A tonary Force and Gen. Tas Signy Churchill hostilities sign on behalf of Gen. Eisen cease at b. M. May 9 p. M. Ewt today and the unconditional surrender will he Rati fied and confirmed at or find adm. Doenitz broadcast to the German people previously that Mil arms would be Laid Down by 11 p. M. German time. Britain is on double summer Daylight time making the time Midnight there Gen. De Gaulle told the French people the War is won and the Victory of the Allied nations is the Victory of France supreme Headquarters dispatches made it Clear that surrender was o All the allies but the Moscow radio was silent even after tru Man and Churchill had spoken. There had been general expectation that Stalin would speak is j Multa Neoushy however the romanian radio As heard by the United states Federal communications commission quoted an official russian news Agency dispatch As saying the surrender an accomplished fact and that Hower he said the germans Are still in places resisting the but dded that if resistance continued after Midnight they will of course deprive themselves of the Protection of the Laws of War and will be attacked from All quarters by the Allied he said it was not surprising that commands of the German High command should not be obeyed immediately because of disorganization. But he added a Church i 13 belgian nazi Leader jailed meeting of big May join treaty to insure Madrid May 8. Up san Sehara Marshai Konstantin k. To Krasov Titian reports said today that Leon Eky probably would sign it in her Degrella belgian nazi Leader was injured in a plane crash and later Len in behalf of Russia. A tells How if scored beat on truce jailed. Deor Ile san Francisco Cal. May 8. Ions diplomats to be arranged soon after be Day. I these authorities believe that Only a gathering of the big probably somewhere in the euro and five companions Pean solve some of the sips 0 jubilation Here As be Day is proclaimed presumably were in flight after the collapse of Germany and seeking Sanctuary in this country. The plane Raught on fire after making a forced Landing. Two of the passengers in addition to be Grelle were injured. The entire party was lodged in the military governor s building and held incommunicado. King Leopold Iii liberated near Salzburg by yanks urgent problems now arising from. The total defeat of Germany and i Lay the Basic plans for restoring i civil order and real peace to eur i reinforce interest of Galveston tuesday was divider he be Day the City election and work in War plants and other essential industries. Dunn ads of Sec. Stetti there was no sign of a jubilant Victory cel Chrition in the Nius. Foreign minister Eden. Rue downtown Section during the Illola Ning pc Lois my the inn commissar Molotov and other leaders that the conference lose time in finishing its task. Meanwhile the Dawn of be any found ranking diplomats of the big Powers agreed on another big mat Ter in addition to the general Security system. This is that the Powers should take separate but parallel measures to make sure for the next half Ren tiry or so Ger. Many will he denied the resources by Asir Clat de pm this is the Story of How the associated prc5s scored the Over whelming news beat acclaimed by j editors throughout the world possibly the most resounding in journalistic history. The Story was broken by Edwain i Kennedy chief of the Assoc a Western front staff who was present at reims. France 75 Miles t Iii a Render articles wore signed he to d in of bile i of the american. A full arc beset with uncertainty. British russian and French Mili 43-year-old Monarch and his i tary commands and the German commoner whom he mar _ d government of grand adm. Karlfried while a res j6flt10l15 do Al Doenitz. I cued by United states seventh i it la Kennedy returned to Paris at army doughboy who overpowered Dawn monday. May 7. German is elite guard troops by noon monday Paris the Royal party at Strobl. Aflame with reports that the Story eight Miles East of Salzburg in aus faced ice at 8 a m. Of pres. Truman a declaring that Complete Victory in Europe has bean this was in striking to Jhc stirring in 191s when word received Horo of Tho enl of i. Early on the morn in of that nov. 31. 1dja Lioi ski ills of in Alifi business tooting Hong Ishoo ing and Nui Kinf merry. I lands played Thorn i ies. In Miil the warns War is but half won As East still in bondage Washington pres. Truman proclaimed Todtz Complete and final Victory in the european theater of us greatest War in history. He went on a radio Hookup at 9 a. M. Ewt to read hit formal proclamation which he prefaced with Brief remarks in which he solemnly warned our Victory is but half won. The West is free East is still in bondage to the treacherous tyranny of the jail Al Nese. When the last japanese division has surrendered Union. I tonally then Only will our fighting Job be it was pros. Truman s 61st birthday his first in House and he described it As a solemn but a glorious in his proclamation he Desi finn t cd next win nol Nln it we have won and to Pray that he their Arma As Nail Germany Hal will support us to the end of our done. Present and guide us into at the lamp time or. Thu Marti the Way of Pence gave his Assurance that unc Ondl Kop in in juicing Over Victory he Donaj does not mean naked the nation not to forget that no extermination or sorrow and heartaches abide a o the japanese the Homes of thousands of Ami it for them he mid. Cann. End of the War the termination of Teilh is a solemn but a influence of military Leaden he declared. Gen. Efren. Brought to the Hewer informs me that the present Brink of of Germany surrendered to the j Tnp called upon every United nations. The of free Amer Lorn to stick to Hli poit until Dom Fly Over nil Europe. The Hittle is and added Victory we join in until that Ruy let no my Ferins our thankful to the Providence abandon hid poit or Slacken his has guided and sustained us forts through the dark Days of Adver Hii proclamation to the Amer can people it a filled upon them r this was brought to a close the j whatever their various faiths to titanic struggle which Cost Ameri Linitz in offering Joyful Thanki to can aimed forces 132.000 lives for the Victory we have won More than other Cam myties and to that he will support in three years four and 0 end of our present seven Days of fighting against the Kyc guide i into the Way of Axis in the european and Meriter peace rank in Heaters. Told a news conference Inow or. Truman made h Ciener thn.1 mediately preceding the broads of this nation s fight against aggression was not Over that the Effort 6l text of Truman s address Washington May 8. A following is the text of pros. Truman s radio address and proclamation on the surrender of Germany this is a solemn but a glorious hour. Gen. Eisenhower in j forms me that the forces of Germany have surrendered to the United nations. The flags of Freedom Fly Over All Europe. For this Victory we Tain in offering our thanks to the went to the which has and sustained us through the tuesday in the Rity Park Days of adversity lion to Nimr n . Olla of hired four commissioners and a is sigh Duill Liy a supreme _ _ and collector. At the o Chi ten Lilli Price of in r t i i m m Clori 1.1 a undo i i u j 11151 a evil band. In not forget Ali Iii pro Jurij no Tho Wirma my fellow Amaru Neil the which today if Many of i a nor red is a sacrifice to red Cir Cabinet shift gets approval Hay s. C or 13 was about to break. From Stockholm a British Agency carried a Flat statement that the event had open announced by the swedish radio. Paris dailies under ones. Asserted with i one possible step understood plans for spa conme Sunmi morning tic crowd moved i ing Nanny of about men in Iii Pio Virdi Vici bricked up by in Al Tive Reserve of in Rel Tololi Voird a tar u of spec clips. Business at i outlined a find can ant Longs to Ijiri Ihnut tiie Day. The House Miliru a committee the Uund Iod pros rom the i f p a r c toc members snid that v Liu ill Enart a i amp Ulory Petrr time f a communique by the Oci draft to provide the Mciver f Vuk Duj Man High command today and Sti Enoth. R v i1 with the King and Queen were Over the radio win iffy a Llanil Loffi 18 members of their staff and their la calf is in Nuncci in of Man four children a that Hrncic Foith the Girt my Heil an estimated 000 Hitler would or in Nncel within the Etc votes were deciding upon j6. in Bond for proposed a the Homi . Nice Henrs tie poll m 8 a. M. Ind v ill it 7 p. M. Hold Poi receipts and Pusemp or inn were vote air in the we ran Tho City re cation. Only property own we owe to god to our dead j Kir vol Hosp a mics and to Nur children Only by on Pii Iii a Thi ice Levid or of of Nate approval today and demo r d tix Man were to vote which he of us. In the Bond Isseks. C up to Dingle at a numb or of the for the. On Allty Durler the work in Narran s nomination was to Moi inc horns. I we work of Lelih nerd by tank of. Late be up. Nain i of ten for the i our Victory 1% hut half won the six Ucic on the ballot in in a. Hut the past in til o hear info on Rity per tinn. Only Mur of the in to lir trawl irrow to hold the Cobl in Ninny of the when no May 8. Up pics. I Truman s first Cabinet i heft Atic National chairman Robert Omea pos Muter by associated press Hitler would or in Nncel within the London Date some be resent bitterly 4mnim to a pay Pacific final a Piil on pain lir balt or Inu Nils i 1 nil 1 Alli a Fiu Lishu i in blk pc tally a a Wilh Ullner. Who c i t in Ted to nah a Woups in or Palm nor if k Fri in John in vial Union into hip win i c to lev War whip . Flan. Inn Civ fim a Thoj Minnini. Head of a unit in , told the nip ponese that if Panl Idof Clit of zip Ininns left Limi Noth Allied office committee Foi we drop need by a vote of 35 to 28. I the vote wis along strict party l in Donnan tip Public it Onnrie not d to length from St Japan a s unit in a St. mull cd 1 pal i tend in 193ft and so in lord Rov Tinor steal All a Ponnell who the cos on land sea and Victor in the fio Vernor Rase. Arlen of Hitler Mann med in the air. The sni Irmler of furtive nto lifter Noirin Brlit Wail Irshay. is Immor time lr-01 Rihm Ltd fair 1 pm Trot and cd newly a High of firer 5nid almost nil a Telly nine or Nikii lit. I my Pird on Tiff Iris Treather Bohnii a a thai Dreau Antn on a exc Snail no i a Liing Iddins took five arc torn Rop Iri of 1 a Kusk Rood Liy Imil Anil in r i mint Carlil Isar in ii in Kirin i. Why film. Sir a by .1.1 no lord naval ,.tiirf. Mil Ulert Najj or by our in i Iii l n Afri elfin in Chr me col. .ln.ll. A hire Vilh a hold i on by Lek of Christ ii f of Ailini. And ions Lime lose Iii and of 13 a though god were entreating by i. I ii Cor. .1
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