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Tribune (Newspaper) - March 6, 1958, Galveston, Texas 11 Sii Roc to we All prot i Sipi Galyk ten Tribune thursday March 6 it Al Une by Marcus Dickey if your Boss has taken to i located a photograph of them yet and shouting tote Liat if he makes about How it might idea to intersperse the j Joseph Wall administrative officer of the internal Revenue remarks Here is internally j Happy the Only lowing face Conee m the Jcj Njuty of that Breaks with an occasional worker Jie new addition to the family break Edward Wall if he shows up for work in a cantankerous state of mind and gets increasingly More is the Day grinds on chances Are Hes sick most executives arc a recent after the lights were churlish turned Back on fallowing the showing Ofa Hardt forget film disaster preparedness by or Stephen Lewis at the Davy Crockett 1ta meeting tuesday night one Mother was heard to murmur Dazely All those peo Survey of 5000 Bosses from 30 companies showed that per cent Between the Ages of 40 pop worrying about the future of 65 suffered from hyper ten world As if it bad Sion organic heart disease scaie5f with one Young weight diabetes blood deficien1 Ster in and Twat uned up Cis Active ulcers diseased gait j him offered to get Civ bladder or malignancies More for distribution to than half the men examined interested showed no outward symptoms my talk of the said they Felt pretty much a j assistant chairman of cd is effective when three wide eyed another study shows that Sman Fry offer mute testimony to per cent of executives More than Fajth n the future of the world 50 years old have ulcers As of t has trusted with per cent of Emir the same age group freeloaders there Are in Khor Tom Sudan Premier Abdalla Khali left and for eign minister it Mahmoud Sahf four blah our hurried to Cairo i ways a number of people and men in business for them1 stores eateries to Heaters Are aft selves have problems too Vince Delaquil is looking for pictures of four mayors former mayors of Galveston or All composed of people who deftly manage to coast along with the contributors the doers who make a Community Hes been commissioned to do j the slackers dont join civic or1 portraits of All Galveston May ors from 1900 to Date by the City commission the ii by 14 Black and White photographs will decor lie the Council Chambers former mayors giving him Trou ble Are William t Austin Charles a Keenan Bayliss har Riss and Brently Harris he a nations they dont pay they let George do and still they have a Way of picking the Best sandwiched in bet Wen the chamber of Commerce members arid advertisers and civic workers so that they reap the same benefits As the boys who pick up the Tab the Only Way to locate this minority is by process of Elimina Tion merchants who care and carry Are not kept secret at in in sen Tork Sudan Delegate la cub Osman Makei a Friendly Point with egyptian Delegate Omar Kontfi ready to Premier Abdalian Khali sent his foreign minister hurrying to Cairo to try to Settle the territorial dispute with Egypt but he stated in Khartoum we Are ready to defend our country should Egypt persist in the present Egypt claims some Square Miles of Sudan territory International Saun Deboto 5 years needed to hit Bottom of Kohler strike Fred Hartley former of representatives More Man and co author of the Taft Hartley Law said wednesday it i would take the Senate rackets i investigating committee five year to get to the Bottom of All the Union abuses in the four year old strike against the Kohler co in Gaveston tuesday and wed than 20 years said nothing Defin Ite will come out of senator my woman Dies after double shooting Dallas woman died ves Clellano committee hearing until vocal Public opinion becomes so Strong the senators will have to do something about Union its reached the Point where even rank and file Union members Are he pointed out soviets turn Rocky Albania into Fine military outpost the soviet links the ionian wih he Adriatic i Union has turned its most backseat Ward satellite Rocky Barren and i in 1958 he Sovie Navy Coin primitive Albania into one of the peed a arge base a Vaona worlds most formidable military strange As it seems outposts equipped with guided missile bases and giant submarine hangars Able to handle up to one Hundred subs greek army intelligence reports Tell of some soviet technic ians Busy in the construction of missile bases along the craggy albanian coast line whose rocks and boulders offer much natural Protection once completed the russians would be in a position to Knock out u s bases in mor Occo and Spain heavy soviet bombers based on the strongly fortified Island of Paseno can Al Nava ins Anions were inked airfields on Paseno and furher extensive submarine hangers out of the islands sheer Cliffs that Rise 300 feet but of the sea and also constructed underground air plane hangers there Paseno j s the soviet base closest to Africa and Only Miles from moroccan coast further to the South lies Santi Quaranta a smaller Harbor which the soviets have turned into base for cruisers including ves Sels of the modern Sverdlov class reputedly a rocket tiring ship Harbor facilities at Durazzo ready Deal a crippling blow to j a major albanian port North of these installations j Valona have been enlarged to a country 13 rugged j co Modale big freighters and tank Masenu lies in the Strait of ers Otranto astride he enhance o Valona Bay Valona self is a lie Corfu and Oher greek islands in the ionian sea the country has a rugged Beauty reminiscent o f of romantic paintings with Stone and Blue sea the principal components the Strait of Otranto an extraordinary pipeline has been built at Valona it out into the Ocean to a extends floating 5 More injunctions filed Here against operators of clubs five additional permanent in junctions for gaming and liquor violations have been obtained in three District courts asst atty Gen Riley e Fletcher said thursday the five injunctions permanently enjoin the following defendants from operating the establish ments for any illegal o r unlawful purpose or As open saloons where liquor is sold by the Ling Ling the following defendants voila Walker 2501 45th Street and Gulf properties of the Beach club seawall Boule Vard Charlie Benard 4427 Sherman Frank Pinachio 2313 37th Street de Carlo 1424 Bay of Shore drive of the Reno club tank station where soviet vessels can refuel without entering port the russians use albanian Oil to feed the pipeline soviet capital j investments to enlarge the rudimentary Oil Fields in the Region of i Devoli have been heavy Paseno itself is not under Alban i a n sovereignty n o t even on paper t is off limits to All albanians As Are the soviet installations in Valona russian patrols Are constantly on guard to Ward off possible intruders according to turkish reports the number of soviet ships pass ing through the Dardanelles has has increased sharply since Early 1957 and they were not All Des tined for Middle Eastern ports with supplies for the Arab nations the soviet ships brought every thing to Paseno machines weapons even construction materials and improvements on the vast base Are going on constantly thu in the last few months the plane and sub hangars have been substantially enlarged presumably to House bigger bombers and n u Clear submarines Safe from attack russian technicians boast they Cut use w we off the at flan moving toward farm woes solutions Benson contends Washington up we Are be Aie asking for a further in moving steadily toward sound Soj crease lotions to the farm problem this is evident in the gains that have been made income per person on farms last income from All the largest in history the level of living of families on farms today is higher than Ever before farm exports for the past two Calendar years have been Al time Peak t surplus production of Amer ican farms is being made available to hungry people at Home and abroad the former Republican Congress Avenue d i Man from new Jersey said he i Louise Bird 2320 Avenue 0 and t i i i estranged like to see the Senate rack rate club also known As the tar Jne Day to speak at a southwest1 remained in a critical condition cts investigating committee Pon club 2214 Avenue q Ern Bell Telephone Seminary at after a double shooting at a Dallas permanent and thinks there hotel Galvez Hartley was named Man of the year in Ladorman gement relations by the uni j varsity of Houston i night in Houston Hartley who Motel dead is mrs Helen Yandell move her husband Donald Yandell 38 i Good Chance for such a wednesday j is in critical condition with a gun Elwood e Talbott ave nue f and Alfred j Del a j 3228 Avenue s of the Circle Cli 2327 Avenue f program will allow farm ers More Freedom to use their productive resources we Art seeking authority to increase acreage allotments that now Are so Small As to cripple farm efficiency we urge a revision and wider of Price supports to expand markets program will push for Ward the necessary Long rain it Tan conservation Effort we propose to strengthen the conservation re serve program of the soil Bank in the interest1 of Overall production adjustment program will help pro vide Opportunity for economic the Sid sri of who cd j in Tea judo it r m h i Carlo 111 i3j1 has Dotlo insinuations in the area bomb bt8an shot wound in the head served in the i a verdict is pending i Idana Patten Charles Mcgraw Barbara Ubence it nun taxi Jur racier Caius features at Sficos w a i Iupe plus 2nd feature such a my my Holt met features at plus Barney Bear Carton Hutaf adults 40c children id opening 30 double feature adults Loc decision at Sundown technicolor Randolph Scott John Carroll the Brothers Rico Richard Conte quianae Foster san Antonio if Jose Mica Cio 38 died yesterday of injuries and Hudson and Union cab com Pany of the 419 club 419 24th j received monday when hit by a bus As he crossed a Street Booker t How showing cia10 plus Man in the vault attack i began in fiscal year 1952 has been to produce sound 1yv much soviet activity in Albania reversed government investment and production and a has been disguised at least to the j m surplus farm products owned 3nd s p e c i a i help to us outside world technical a d j and under loan has dropped about us income of form Russia has granted her satellite on sixth in the past year and i Neye Are vital 5leps will Joe Maracini 419 2lth Street j generous credits and Jonder taken i Naif Lead to a solution of the i How vat Phil despite these gains agriculture is still facing difficult problems banners Are Hurt by the Cost Price squeeze by smaller and smaller acreage allotments by Uptou Nozinic diversion of acres Street three of these defendants have already been found guilty of con tempt of court for Selling whisky by the drink in violation of the terms of temporary injunctions granted on motion of Wilson last summer they Are voila Walker of the Beach club who in sept 9 was sentenced to j 3 Days in jail and a Fine of i and costs the construction of Cement works in the Balona area last summer Moscow cancelled an albanian i debt of two months i ago radio Tirana announced and other russian credit of j for development of the albanian problem and the develop ment a truly prosperous expanding and free agriculture Marvin Ponder of the Tarpon n or the soviet Union by Urca Suc Price men a Large Industrial Complex in Valona aptly titled the Ernst Thielmann works after j t Little Hopkins Electrio Supply co 2218 Mechanic supplies the leading German Cornu got his arms around her a around the world inn in Annex Jin Tokyo Jim and fight Anil forgive1 every romantic land in the Richard dbih1ngwidra Mard Jerry Paris showing at and wild and wicked jiving with no tomorrow a motorcycle gang showing at the Shock Shock confessions of a sorority girl adults 50c discount cards 33c children free color cartoon after j Price pm rams i Una Qto lc1 win difficulties i club formerly the pirate club the is proof of t h e j we Ted to continue to for who on feb 25 was sentenced to brotherly assistance which the c Ward Alonise lint of Iii rect three Days in jail and a Fine of brotherly assistance which thu expansion Pricr word Freedom for and costs and i German democratic Republic has Joe Macarini of the 419 club j Given to the of social who on feb 19 was sentenced to j Iam in the albanian Peoples re a Fine of j100 and costs the cus1 radio Tirana reported 1 debt cancelled on Christmas eve the Tirana ternary 3 Days in jail being waived in his Case because of his and Otto list German Vance years and because he told the court he Hai closed the club and docs not intend to reopen it state atty Gen will Wilson j million debt was represented courts wednesday the District by special asst atty Gen James p Simp son when the five injunctions were granted Farmers to make their own Sions my Aid to people in underdeveloped runic areas j Hsc Are the Aims of he furry food and fiber program presented i in Congress by president disc no in lanuarj1 Here is what the program will Rod Leader had cancelled it ji5 do in Hiiop mar the strategic significance of thai hets thus putting our abundance Valona base cannot be Everest Imp to he tar use the agricultural ated in the opinion of military Trade development and assist experts with the rapid develop1 Inre act has been a major fac ment of Long Range operational j Tor in our widening Export missiles the russians will be Ikuls we live asked that it he jumbo prints with folders henrys Book store 2217 Market St Blum Sells All kinds of insurance Able to smash Lampe holes into i base system the United s t ates i has built around the soviet in addition Albania could b Vej come an important Supply base i with Only open sea now inn 11 in jul my Leta Talbott Haggerty dates cinemascope color to Lux bus students Back from see meeting five Nail school students i have returned trom Austin where i they attended the state Dis Tribu 0 Curfiss of or Bardun live convention of Jacky Aegean representatives of the 1 Oca 1 High school distributive education club were Randolph Parker Kathy to Milam Mary Daley Everett me i Cann and Martha Nebout miss Nebout was elected historian and attended the Tive sessions and the Ether Dele Gates participated in several con tests Parker placed second in the Job interview conf Sci and miss for a year wild an additional of research m new hols of farm products and More effective marketing is vital to agricultural Progress since approx Ria for a scarch Haver Sci cat Ami to View film of Hiroshima bombing at Lik 1 tic delegation Rich Blind three r merchandise maniial1 made h y Patsy Lester Wanda Axelson j and Mary Daley judged Best from the 37 compiled by Ball High de students new York before first time re Nilly Deblasi Ifird the Laric Horten in the television i films of the projector so Mir it deemed that m of of 1111 at Nolif Bonelli i Sims Ilie Tilk Visini Iii Mirarc will filmed us Pedestal out he sunday on pc Ivury dome you could see Pai Mil wow Arci a diary of k Mission by co Pilot Lewis j Phil Reisman or Lus Wittlen a j Fine Docusin tintary of the historic Man Sef free in Iron theft Case judge 0 b Wigley of 122nd District court has sustained exceptions to an indictment charge ing theft pounds of scrap Iron belonging to the City of s we started our climb to i feet at at feet i set Ilu cd Auto Mikatic Piot up Lor the 1 Sast time until after bombs Cal chocked with the Crew at j j land All stations reported Satis Fao tory we reached our Altitude Nelson received a report that our primary target is the target so will make a bomb run on Hiroshima Lii theft Point la of scrap the husky Man in the projection i studio shifted suddenly fit the1 i memory of of writing those word1 Wiley Wama the Diin the pm Ftp Wullich he now fend not in thu Case e f Ilir and a new Era of history lie saw the bomb falling then is and his Crew the Job acc Aist hi1 sex with h29s and Liis record a Pilot col Paul Tibbels Pilot of the j piano was the Squadron com1 hens 41 Disch Ifrid stephen1 3 former waterworks department employee Sheby Gilbert funeral services for Shelby Gil Bert who died feb 28 will held at thursday from he strode Funell Hume thu Kev j f Sargent officiating will by in memorial 01 or Gilbert is survived by a sinter mrs Walt Resther e Slater mob Walter Esther everything grew dim in a hashing White brilliance there was a Clouden enormous and strangely shaped Cloud he remembered whispering to himself my god what have we done Mandr Dommi Iii Rel civilian new if my his wife live in old wit i thai r four Sens and inc Durh tar he in m m n t is to Randy firm in new York where in is Monne director i dont think thai my Mission to Hiroshima was he after viewing it on film f was in filter the the Scown of the porn Vernion j War Vias Over i heard people studio darkened suddenly and the it cods wind Tomt wiped a Camo on the Man who incl Ixon flying that d2r to hero stigma in memory Robert a Lewis to the beside him that exactly the Way it he Laid a Wii had bump viewing for the Empire ill so was gods i any thu wind if ii of the entire thai ill Sibyll Pruvis to a deterrent to future wars if h in and 1 believe Hinl it is thru Chr bombing o was Woith Perry formula for Success in Joseph n Bell Good Luck it for take it Saiy enjoy to Uncle Ard moult got your thatt philosophy of Iho Mun in thaw been ii Rood it Story of of lit Cut anti Liv ing Moit and Tucco Ful in mar 9 a family in sundays Inua of 1

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