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Tribune (Newspaper) - March 6, 1958, Galveston, Texas Chuck full of choral song the Croc Keiers chorus from Davy Crockett Elc Mellary school donned White vestments to present musical selections at the kiwanis club luncheon which entered round Observance of Public schools week under he direction of mrs Rose Livingston he group is composed of fourth fifth and sex la Grade students Willson cant get Midwest out of blood new York up Meredith Willson a Lon i tall Tou schaired drink of water from Mason City left Iowa nearly 40 years ago but he just cant get inc Midwest out of his blood he has a musical chunk of Iowa going great guns on Broadway now and he plans to Lake it to London and show the British How folks lived and talked in Mason City in 1912 his musical the music Man is a smash on Broadway and he Hao no qualms about whether the London audiences will understand it he believes go for a faithful affectionate reproduction of Fie Midwest in 1012 even though they Are not familiar Wilh such talk As if you dont slay away from my girl ill horse whip yol ill you Laid the rails or says i can hear he Back ils raining till Heli wont have screen door dosing i can Sec the it firniss in the Back Yard i can total keen of Homo i hear the sound of the cold air if youve Ever listened in any Register at the Entrance of the of the numerous radio shows in first congregational Church As which Willson has had a hand in past years Vou know How a feel ing for the Middle West colors All his work Hes Happy about being from Iowa because is smack dab in the Middle of the Middle we kids ran across it with Snow on our shoes liver body had darn i can see where the pie Plant used to grow Back near the Goldenrod i used to go out there with my brother on hot sunday although he left Mason ally afternoons Wilh the pie Plant when hews 17 Hes afflicted leaves so big like elephant ears with almost total recall about i he place he lived in new York from 1919 to 1929 and in California from 1929 to he present but he cant writing a musical about either of those states Ive thought and puzzled Over and wed sit under Thorn first you used to get a chunk of Rock sell from the barrel in the barn everybody in Lown had a youd Lake a piece of pie Plant and screw it Down into the Pam of your dirty hand where the Salt who Iowa Sticks with he i was and it was about the finest thursday March 6 1958 Galveston thing a fellow could Willson says All the characters in the music Man Are composites none a copy of any per son an accomplished musician nevertheless on opening night in new York Douglas swale the president of the first National Bank in Mason City was in the audience i was in the Hack of the House in the fist scene he jumped up and cart tearing Back and Shook me and said in a loud whisper dont you Tell me that that third woman from the right is not Julia Potts Willson was such an accomplished musician As a youth that at 17 he left Iowa Vid joined the John Philip Sousa band As a flautist thru seasons later to joined the new York philharmonic staying there until 1929 when he went into radio he has written All kinds of music from marches to symphonies but significantly his Best known song is straight from the Church in Mason City May the Good lord bless and keep my Mother was superintendent of the sunday school for 40 he says and that what she used to say out on the front slops As the kids left i can see her now standing deaths mrs Pearl Maher funeral sen ices for mrs Pearl Maher who died tuesday morn ing in St marys infirmary were held Al thursday it Malloy son funeral Home thence at sacred heart Church the Rev Edward Dicz officiating houses great1 Art treasures Hearst Castle will be open to Public san Simeon Calif fab Ulous san Simeon Castle cresting a Mountain top like a White Crown prepared today to reveal us Long hidden splendours to All burial was in Calvary Camj for decades it has been the Tilery pallbearers will pallbearers were the guarded setting of Many of be John a worlds great Art treasures John a i but its vaulted rooms will Echo and Reg Alderigi gcorq6 pick ring pallbearers were Jonn a hut its Vauncia rooms win Echo plan gent Wesley e Vic Wilh the tramp of Lou risks feet Lor Cappadona William Kaiser beginning May 17 by then it will be he properly of the people of California a Monument to its builder the late publisher Wil Iliam Randolph Hearst William Rennie Gale Caslon Surj the Hearst family will turn Veyo to Register of ship Over the twin lowered 146room Ping has received word of the a Aslly its untold wealth in state death of George Pickering for Mary paintings tapestries and other Art objects and 120 sur rounding acres to the state within the next few Days Between then and May 17 the stale will com or Lloyds Surveyor Here or Pickering was stationed Here As senior sur Cryor until Early 1956 at the time of h 1 s death he was the society Prin Cipal Surveyor in Liverpool Ling land miss 0 Rodriguez funeral services for Mies Oral la Rodriquez 38 a resident of Gal Mcston for 15 years who died i tuesday in John scaly Hospital j were o be held Al 4 thursday from the j Levy Bro funeral j Home i Harry g Moss was to of fical burial was to in in cemetery Menshikov due o press for Summit plete arrangements for opening it to the Public the state opened the property for a preview by newsmen the glistening jewel in the Mountain lop setting overlooks Pacific Waves breaking against a rough coast 250 Miles North of los Angeles and 245 Miles South of san Francisco zebras gnus Elk and goals from what once was hearts great collection of animals Gallop Over the Hillside the Beauty of ancient Greece As depicted in Neptune Pool Bor dered by the columned facade of a greek Temple and Marble statues of gods and nymphs introduces san Simeon rising above the Clear Green Pool Are terraced hardens sprinkled with Gli Slining statues rising Over All Are the twin Lowers holding their 4sbeli caril Lon the great Assembly room of the j Castle is 100 by 40 feet there quests gathered in lavish settings a fore being served in the austere refectory Over which gently Sway he banners of i6lh Century Ian Noble families great figures of government entertainment and society were hosted there in regal i manner by i Earsl the tour will take visitors to Munshi the Art packed morning room it Harry o i wuss was 10 Washington up the tour will take visitor t urial was to in Oleander ambassador Mikhail a Mons the Art packed morning room meter today was exacted to keep where guests awaited breakfast born nov 10 13lfl in Del pm pc Surl for a to the billiard room when lexus miss resided confers Rich in 1m first inc richest tapestry of All Long m6 20lh Street speech h is n French gothic Hunt seen survivors include lie parents at the 1bi5 survivors include lie parents or and mrs Joe pc ans of Gal Veslin n brother Raul Rodriguez of Mon local Mexico iwo Imp los Amos and Alfredo pert1 of Gal and v aunt mrs Mary Pei i of Llou Slon deeply i in and Gold John James Silva officials said inc talk to a valued at he n further unfolding of mos1 Ilen St was one of the happiest 1 Slick propaganda diplomatic rooms of All the theater where to Ilie Wesl into an he showed movies Nic Lilly to his ill prepared Summit meeting family and corals ii is Rich Ancl j Soviel officials said me Nihim 1 would Lalk about Liast Wisl Nain millions for n Summit conference and would try to answer news Texas City March to fun mens questions on Ilic Issue services will lie Lickl it 10 Menshikov n whirlwind Noti n m saturday in sold in in interview Wilh tax in for John James Silva 1c i the United pies last weekend of Irol a Rifle Avenue North Texas that he believes n Summit run Civ Olio died wednesday nip Ference would be easy to work in a Janfore Hospital out Ili Rupli contacts or Silva was a native of Hast Iris Donl Eisenhower and score a Ednanl h resided ill Lary of slate John Foster Dulles Texas cite the past 15 month Knob knockers i get from i Safe at Dickinson i Lirra survivors Indus Hubert Silva of la Huston Anil Ralph Janis and John Alii n Silva of Lernard is in slut Grill Silva of Texas my a Sisler mrs Fin real Home is in charge to funeral i Texas City dinner at Church Friday will Honor revs Behler Hill from Gal Veslin Piave been m Vii cd in a Ai dinner the Safe at lie Santa pc rail urn Road depot in Dickinson was Brok have incr less Opidi Mislick despite in in plot and a 0 suns Meir while House conference on la of Al Coo Al f Rii Ristin liar Ali Rev Jain and incr and lie Tom Hill the dinner he n pc monday Iii Mil affable r1 j the United Stein per Pic so girls that Hie time has is to Hel to Dale officials the snivel seem to More in pressure rotary club picks Willhelm president new president of Llic Cululi for is Virgil will1 Helm it was announced it Ilie groups weekly a Ectner Riv at Illel Galvez Hyed Una Recti Riiff Naniel to Assisi will lion Pali Llu first vice Diu and Leon Dreyfus second i vice the of hirers were the eld by the Funni lie i 1 13 Kline reported thursday thursday i Kline said Lac Knob was knocked off Itu Safe Ami Tami Deputy sheriff Cru can Stone is invest the Safe was de by Woldrop a Santa pc employee Railroad special accent r g Hedv also is in another Mainland Hur Plary wednesday in fit or twin Silay morning Lac Gulf killing station at Dickinson was broken into and i Cipares machine forced open Nolb inf else and no furl her or Nils Are available at Liis Lime Kline in the churches lion of Ilie for n ill colors from the j Thiam Jac bum will read Llic Duil Dink Pio Hiram inels Ihk Iris member slip j Hehr Evv divin Weiss lie inc Lisle of Clui Rhes up improve tin fun Linn and will chant the and extend null Stinni Lac lilies por Mcc of the Clia hit of Al Rulli the Midlil Nerce to Gnu Veslin jails 8 Kri Davoque slab or a Zelller is Dir Eilor of i iced cussed by Kalward Schroc Iliff Bat services chamber preside no in the pro missions of Hie uni Lul presented it the Sci Priber said the chamber is Louis Tiyon will of missionary sourly Imp Cralise Nii Sion in a Lickli Christian mian1 of ii an rift ivc in Hie rail rims Wink of Nam lies Annn yous and ass land in Ihn in run tinn o the new to fun Annj Olno miss or Hill a Cliris inn Foj lurch missionary to India for years rabbi Feciale Benaird Miller Tyc Ansnick and Sarab Point Glicr will Scrivn As Hosl Csecs it n re1 rrptio1 in tie syn Porc tin chamber of Commerce or ves is 1 spokesman business a vol but Llic services Ricau services vill be held Al voice for every in the i Al and Junior congregation no j Schr Cilich said the chains Ber is the watchdog Ruji Eom Sunlly Sabith services no Temple welfare and Honni Israel which at 8 Sere it said Lac chamber his y will be conducted by the was formerly director of Chris Man for nil Indian mis Sinns he no Norril the inns for the future of the can plur National Ciai Pibil Islic i provides the push to i ri1 women Plant and in in Linn weekly Papit Job done me snid to Jcj Tefil a cily people his concluding term of i must do positive thinking and not service n Indin lie was resp Olbe pessimistic sible for transferring Mission Dulies to Ilie iinds of Indian j Christian leaders Clinin axing mis Sion work thai had its j Many years cup Mcguire air Force has a to theft of n cup from tin base cafeteria has Linen House group studios to seawall project tic to cons cily sea Wall and levee project Lias been submitted to Lac House Public works committee for study rep ratified n Dehl in Schly wins i bad been paid t Robinson paid i officer Vine no i Candiea received n Dollar Bill i Thompson sold Chr chief of Nln Chad to a Nolc which army line incurs before this Dollar is for nne cup thin mid committee to support 111 from n inf Fierla in years Texas cily porn decl the Cong res blessed by mrs a Stanley Drey fus and lilo ritual will be rend by mrs Bernard Knutman miss Alice Block mrs hymn Block Ilc Nan and mrs j t Rome mrs Harry Corn bar mis rank delivering talks will be mrs i ii Kempner and mra Sam Fern Semi mrs Sophie Sproul will give Tho acne diction a social hour will follow the services Al ii saturday services or Dreyfus rabbi will speak on the and Jyh of Hie temples religions school will present a Licor Ami ill Prim carnival and costume Purly by Nln Ulni Al 2 sunday the sunday morning the Nunny Moriis Post mini hopeful the project will session of inc school will marked Antonio Lex to no proved he Jirld f Plater introduced the collection of correlated pieces yes we Are Happy to add that to correlated living room pieces including tables All in the Superb craftsman ship you will note in the Vanguard groups shown Here ses it tonight a the remarkable selection from the Vanguard collection shown Only per p1eci Vanguard a collection of Fine contemporary furniture in luxuriant Golden mahogany Subtle parquetry inlay add a quiet elegance to the smart simplicity of the contemporary lines there Are Many Many other pieces in bedroom dining room and i Vinyl room furniture from which to choose All Well within your budget dramatic Vanguard fun mature at dramatic prices come in and make your selection to Day add to it see our Complete three room Corre lated display convenient terms arranged i f de sired Roomy Buff Al Fuh sized table your Choice of o 9 Bookcase c twin or full sized panel bed plus night double Dresser Mirror might table alone extra twin open tonight til 9 for your shop pm convenience bring Tho family shop Iii Necly make a Date wild your family for each thursday night his Spring As we will re main open til mine on these ovo Ninga to Servo your family Moro office Only Texas Public schools democracy in action11 Friendly furniture store f 1ve floors of nationally advertised furniture 2318 Market St phone 56688

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