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Tri-Weekly News (Newspaper) - November 3, 1862, Houston, Texas Canedo capt. Esq. Will pie from Richmond St. Vort Are duly spare a Friend generally will member of company a 1st that company went into the with 37 and came oat with but All killed wounded or missing of Trinity county. We regret a not been furnished. On. 3, 1862. O already published the Rathe 1st Texas in the Bat Lebut to give them again to official Skufco with More pars to the nature of the wounds Here i tic More correctness Gou bus list has often slow reaching ill of con so be interest intr to Tho of Texas. We Hare received a printed order porting to come from head quarters in Aumond to the effect that martial Law is abrogated and All orders in pursuance of the Bame Are abrogated. Throughout the country. Provost marshals and other officers appointed for the purpose of enforcing a Uch Law Are accordingly relieved Lorai farther duty. Ujj hons. 0. 0. Herbert and j. A. Wilcox our Delegate to Congress arrived by the Central train co thursday and left yesterday morning for their Somes. They Giro an encouraging account of Publio affair i generally. The people of Richmond Are la High spirits and conf Dent As Erer of our Triumph. While our men Are everywhere determined to Light a Long a an enemy presents himself on our soil the enemy Are manifestly becoming tired of the War and an beginning to question the right of Lincoln to make War upon Sovereign states for the purpose of overthrowing the institution of slavery a now proclaimed. The soldiers of the Federal and Confederate armies Are now said to be often in speaking distance of each other and enter freely into Friendly conversation together upon the subject of Tbs War and other topics the Federal soldiers in such donations do not hesitate to declare that they desire to see this War terminated while out soldiers express the aim desire saying that All they want is to be let alone. It is now Atad to be ascertained that we Only had about 50,003 men is the Sharpsburg Battle against near four times that number. Alt the hospitals and Many of the private buildings la Richmond Are now filled with the enemy a wounded id the Sharpsburg Bat be. All the Pennsylvania troops called out especially for the purpose of repelling the invasion of that state have returned Home and Mcclellan s army u said not to exceed 200,000 or 850.c0c with All his reinforcements gav�9tov.-we understand that capt. Wainwright of tha Steamer Harriet Lane is now in command at Galveston and that Gap Renshaw wont with two steamers to take Indianola and Matagorda. He succeeded in taking those places without opposition according to our accounts though we have heard nothing More on the subject than has already been published. The report that capt. Penshaw had notified the people in Galveston that the property of the citizens in occupied by them would be confiscated is said not to be True. No such notice has been Given.  the federals fired a Shell the other Day which struck the stable of or. Michael Kim Ley some two Miles Distant tearing one end of the stable away and killing an american horse. We have not Learned the a to for this. We stated the Ether Day that Captain Aaron Burns and or. James Sherwood were arrested on the charge of being spies the former of whom was Dis charged. Or. B. Is still held in custody. They were arrested by capt. Renshaw who u said to have been somewhat acted at the time As is frequently the ease and speaking of the invasion of Pennsylvania by Lee he remarked that he wished Lee had gone farther into that state As it would have served to Aronse the people More effectually so that Lee could sever hive got away capt. Reneia in reply to some inquiry about the negroes who had runaway from their owners and gone to him said that under is instructions he could not Force Thea to to turn against their consent but that if Fiey choose to remain with him they should have hard work and Sbert rations to their to understand they Are kept work Early and late on the for Matt ofom to v., 8epu 22. Met prs. Tau tits .w,-15cinfc a hitch private of Loop Star Kisio co., the Only company that Rcpt Csonka Tho Island oily at the eat of War and knowing that it would be Gratifying to our friends in Texas to hear from u3 occasionally i now write to lot you know something of the deeds and buffering of company a 1st Texas regiment requesting that my name be omitted As i am not ambitious of notoriety. Tou Bavo doubtless Long since been informed of the particulars of the Battles of West Point. Seven Pines Gaius s Mill Malvern Hill. A. After Liia last named Battle our brigade was brought up near Richmond Ybera it Lay recuperating from the fatigues of Tho Bard fought Battles for about four weeks. Our whole army was concentrated around Richmond watching Mcclellan s movements. In the meantime our glorious Jackson moved to i wards the apirian to Kupp an Eye on Pope Tho Man who was. Going to end the War in no time. Of the 10th of August our division consisting of whimsy s brigade find our own under the command of Gen Hood assisted by. Ii. Sellers who is one of the bravest men in the Aboav took up their line of March toward Hanover courthouse where we joined Longstreet army corps. Our whole army was then Pat in motion following no Pope who was continually changing Hie base. We successfully crossed the Rapidan and Bap Shanock the different com rounds Haling slight some slight skirmishes with the enemy. After successfully passing through Manas Sas Gap where the enemy had Strong fortifications we followed him beyond the vol luge called Haymarket near Bull inn where he took a stand. We took our position about 11 a. A on the 21st. Skirmishing and Cann Nading was kept up till nearly f. M when a Forward movement was ordered. Our brigade made a charge and bitterly run Over the 1-1th new 7. Zouave took a Battery of four guns but on account of the darkness had to Stop and Early next morning resumed to our original position. On the 30th the operation was repeated and we bad heavy Gnu Nading and skirmishing All Day. At midday we were informed by major Sellers that we would charge the whole line about 4 p. We were wailing patiently when suddenly we were startled by heavy musketry on our left. The enemy invade the attack. The sight was splendid a the enemy moved Forward with their extended line. Whitney s brigade received them and capt. Reiley a a. 0. Battery with its Well directed fire broke their lice when the order Forward was Given and the whole line was in motion our brigade gave one of the most unearthly yells and with fixed bayonets rusted Forward never firing the guns for nearly a mile and a half but driving the enemy before taking batteries at the Point of the Bayonet while exposed to the most furious Cross fires irom them. It was Asut line Abd exciting sight to s e their batteries flying Beffie us and getting into new positions their infantry forming set suffice it to aay that our. Victory was Complete. We drove the enemy for shout five Miles killing thousands and the old Field of Manassas was again strewed with he dead and wounded. The 3th trias was the principal sufferer in the fight. Oar Onward move from Here was not interrupted. We followed the enemy close on his heels till he took Protection behind Hie heavy guns at Alexandria who we changed our direction taking the Road toward Leesburg and successfully forded the Potomac and for the first time invaded country under Lia Eoin s control a a font mencs the offensive policy but How far we shall a successful it is not far me to surmise. Our whole army was in uary and the state of which so much was exp tested in my opinion very Little need be expected for a far As i have seen it is Union to the Backbone. Baltimore is doubtless the stronghold of accession. We marched through the towns of Frederick Middle tort Boonsboro and Funkstown and halted at Hagerstown which is five Miles from the Virginia line. In the meantime Jack von Sand p. H. Hill s corps after passing through Boonsboro kept to the left and went to Harper s ferry which place surrendered the them in the 14th with some 19,000 men an its immense supplies of Artay stores arms contraband horses wagons quartermaster s stores sea. On the 14th, heavy can Nading was Beard in our rear from the direction of Boonsboro. We took up our March for the scene of Youon at ones. The country is mountainous around Here and Well adopted to keep the enemy in Check and this duty we performed effectually while the male army kept on the read towards Sharpsburg. The morning of the 15th found end whole army concentrated near that place waiting the Advance of Thean my. The country around berets similar to that of Manassas rolling and Well adopted for Artel Lery. Our infantry was posted in the hollows Between the Hills and protected from the shells. The Battle of Sharpsburg commenced at noon on the 15th by the sudden booming of hundreds of Cannon their1 shells and shot blowing no the ground in All directions Only a Small Creek separating the two hostile armies. On the Leith at about s p. M., the enemy crossed the Creek on our left and our brigade was the first brought into not Iota we held our position Here till Midnight when we were relieved by  Lou a Briglda. Next moaning the Battle commenced Early. The Louisiana brigade engaged the enemy and we were ordered to its support. When we reached the Field we round the enemy strongly posted in a porn Field and our brigade was ordered to drive them out of it. We gave the usual yell and sprang Forward with a will. We drove the first line before As when we Caine upon the second behind a Stone Fence and two others behind them. They poured a murderous fire into our ranks. Here our loss was very severe. Out of 226 in eur regiment when we went in Only 4c came out and of the 35 in our company the Lone Star rifles of Galveston 24 were killed and wounded among the former our whole comp any feels the loss of our Brave and Noble first lieutenant j. O. S. Thompson capt a Bedell Ord Sergt 8 a Carpenter corp u eco ref private Austin Jones. Of Mande did Lett in Sharpsburg corp John Hanion privates cabs Ringsley 8 t Blessing Hoskins. Wounded and left at ii Cohen. J up Illus u Megar a a monks t or herding tos Anglo h sub ult a Young Jas Nelson o it Ual Leek. Wounded and since returned to their Commin Fly j May rant Stull Jos Alsbrook. W Geo Boss supposed to be Kilies. I that the interference with his Nio to a Bemoni in , a i. Fiat been a the Clicc Lotf a Avert wbk a con err Lve Kapum Taii paper on tax military set Union. From the n.7. World. We have traversed the entire circuit of the Miu Tara Experiment into which the administration was leg cd by the radicals and Are brought Back to the Point Tuere we were when their of Lamar a the death of capt. Bedell is Uncertain some think he came ont and some that he did not. The general impression is that he was mortally wounded. My Orellan first set in. Event hav so nral that the interference with his punt has i tic and most costly Blunder. Since he via Jan Experiment was ventured on the War has a Ladin one " Tio cations. V?6 Bear of one or twowhobave4er,.clo�in?,l? in flirt attempt As an army cores made their escape and returned to their owners having seen enough of Yankee masters. The Mobile Tribune says we understand that it has been decided by some of the courts of the South of competent jurisdiction that the government cannot recover debts due to alien enemies by citizens of the Confederate states when it appears by the answer of the debtor that the same Are evidenced by negotiable notes unless the same Are produced. Should this decision prevail the % 4� fixation Law would almost Enthy the ends intended by Congress a a ail the indebted the Nie chants All casual the in let Texas regiment 1st Keri Muht to xxx a Yomon Kirs Noah Mart sad ova sept. 22,1802. J . Jvn a a Vou will please publish the annexed list of casualties in the late Battle near Sharps Horg md., fought on the 17th inst., against a vastly Superior fore. You May Well judge of our fighting when we entered Trio engagement Only numbering 226 men. Our killed wounded and missing 182. Number coming out uninjured Only 44 you May judge from above and comment Accord Lurly. I would write you a More detailed account but ha7� an immediate Opportunity of sending this thus time will not permit yours . A a. Work Lieut. Col com a. C. Forsyte a. Adj t. Casual tips in 1st Texas Rio mint Likout. Col. P. A. Work Cohan who Bupt. I7th, 1862. Field and staff major Matt Dale killed acting adjutant Shropshire wounded severely. Co. A capt q t Todd commanding capt o t Todd foot slightly orderly Serg t 3 b Hill severely private o d Jones severely by Lane do o Armstrong neck and hand severely t e Brewer leg severely g Baker wrist severely e Derrick severely ii by person hip severely i Mcclen Don slightly j k Malone High severely Walt Aker. Slightly-12. Of. A Lieut j j shot Roll commanding Lieut j j so toll in breast severely m b Anderson killed Qew Barefield killed 3 o Mcrae killed orderly Berg Qew Butler jaw slightly Serg t j Victory thigh do b l Boling Arm do it it Choate. Breast q h Johnston face slightly to Pankey Arm do s j Woodward head do a Frank Mao missing supposed to be killed total 8. Co. Of capt d k a killed it Roffman wounded privates Granville Gage severely c Watson leg severely f Stamper Arm slightly go my of Nus hip severely total 4. Co. I capt to 8 Connoly commanding killed privates e b Brown c Jackson a p Therrill. Wounded-1 Bartlett Arm severely j t Dickson leg do j p Dunklin shoulder slightly j t Miles Groin do k Powell Arm end foot do l Thomas Arm. Do j p Wood thigh severe a wat Oliver thigh do k Jackson missing supposed killed of. Job Lieut b Webb commanding Lieut b Webb wounded slightly Arm of Oral ii k Perry killed Lieut o Woodson slightly Arm old Serg t j Smith slightly shoulder w8 , shoulder privates j d Campbell slightly head b s Clark severely foot o ii Fields slightly m Gil Lett slightly Arm and Side g Elleard slightly thigh j ii Hendricks severely Groin r j mar Hsii severely.,Arm a o Perry slightly thigh s t thigh t willing am slightly pkg and Arm s t Watson slightly leg total 15 Bleul Clinton Perry and private m Campbell missing supposed killed. Co. A capt s a Wilson commanding wounded capt Wilson severely firm Lieut j p Runnels killed private o Phelps killed Ord Serg t j e per Ryman slightly private 8 eng eking severely Lep Serg t a g Hanks severely total 4-private a Scott missing supposed killed. Co. A Lieut s s Jamison commanding wounded Lif Cut Jamison slightly thigh corp b a fall Lum killed pilates c it s Bottoms do m a flies do k Butler it a j Posey do a m Matthews do. Wounded Lieut Hose slightly knee j m cords a severely Arm f j Watts severely aim m 3 Aspley severely z a cantly do j Ward do Back 3 1 Blackshear do Arm and Side Knox slightly Back j Matthews slightly thigh and Side. P Mynett and j Cone missing and supposed killed. Co. 11, Lieut j Stevenson commanding killed s Anderson vol Longsworth j g Toppens sett wounded Marshall severely jog counts alight and breast g Culpeper slightly hip c s Liol ton severely both thighs k t Ezell severely leg l l Evans slightly head j r Jones severely both thighs n u Hickman do both thighs j ii Harrington do breast a 8trother, do head and Nam it Williams slightly neck j o vol Longsworth do hand j c King slightly hip Lieut it h Gaston privates c Curme q Burnough missing supposed killed. Of. I capt b Cotton commanding wounded capt Cotton severely head killed to t j Cook l j Fitts m m Payne a a Congleton d h m Box. Wounded Ord Serg t b Mitchell severely head a a a id Rich slightly Arm d Pritchard severely free and breast a House do breast j by dict do Arm to Patrick Arm amputated m Youngblood severely hand j 8 Harwell do hand and Arm Jyh Sheridan do shoulder and foot m Reeves slightly Finger f a Boone do foot n m Berry Man do thigh. Co. A capt j h Massey commanding wounded capt Massey slightly knee Lieut j m waterhous killed it Fatton do private Jesse Miale do h e mosey. Slightly shoulder o Hanks severely Chest of Orey do shoulder an Chest 8 m Day. Do wrist j o Noble slightly Arm e g Milter do foot o Quinn do soot j Budell do Back a j Wilson missing. Co. A capt a Bedell commanding wounded capt Bedell missing Lieut j c8 Thompson killed private j Frank do Ord Serg t b a Carpenter severely breast 1st corp j Hanson do both thighs 2d corp Zimmer. Do 3d k Jac Oliff do private St Blessing severely ankle and hand 11 Cohen do Arm p a lulls. Do aim Haskins severely leg a Jones do neck o ii Kingsley do head and thigh the bloodiest la history but this heroic of Lite by our Gallant soldiers Baa been productive or no corresponding advantages. The premature so Vince of the army of the West now universalist Art matted to have been an error " was. By the Misiun snip of the president overruling the the general in chief. The consequence is that their Melato fruits of that mls directed Energy have bad squandered. The great and wealthy cities ont. Banks of the Ohio never before in danger Are now i a state of Active alarm and armies in the Southwest Are completely Cut off from supplies and Reuy for. Ments. In the East the strategy which overruns the Hoof the general in chief has been equally i. Trout. The president was hounded on to order premature Advance against Richmond and after the plan of my leading general had been assented to and was already in Progress of execution it was abruptly interfered with and a portion of the troops with held which were deemed essential to its Success the reason for this interference was the apprehension of danger to the National Capitol but in Point of fee Washington has never been so Little exposed of rebel attacks As while general Mcclellan s aun Yassu the Peninsula. Alter the terrible seven Days ought lug before Richmond had compelled general Colet. Lan to make a change of base an Active and vigorous but Gasc Nading and superlatively imprudent Gen ral was summoned from the West to take commas of the army or Virginia and make a separate Advance on Richmond. His very remarkable address to his army on assuming command disclosed both his  omani us Lack of circumspection and the ideas of Gen eral Mcclellan s strategy with which he had been in at the War department. A Nice tense of propriety would have been satisfied with acting of Euch Wollons trusting to results to vindicate their Justice without putting them in such a form that Al most every sentence was an obvious.,and intended fling at the More cautious and strategy of the Lato general in chief of the army. As this address contains the Pithie at statement to be Fauna in any Publio document of the Radical strategy a opposed to that of general Mcclelian we insert some of its most significant declarations. Our res de scan judge of their soundness by seeing Bow they look when brought face to face with Theip Ripe. De fruits. "1 am sure you Long for an Opportunity to win the distinction you Are capable of achieving. This Opportunity 1 shall Endeavor to give Yoa. Meantime i desire you to dismiss from your minds certain phrases which i am sorry to find much fat Vogue among you. I hear constantly of taking Strong petitions Tot holding then of lines of Retreat and of basis of supplies. Let us discard such ideas. The strongest position a Soldier should desire the occupy is one from which he can most easily eds Aast against the enemy let us Stady the probable line of Retreat of of opponents and leave our own to Esko care of them selves. Let us look before us and not behind. Success and glory Are la the Advance. Disaster and shame Lurk in the r a. Let it act on this understanding and it it Taft is part duct that your banners shall be inscribed Wita Many a glorious deed and that your names will be. Dear to your countrymen forever. Signed John p0?1. Major general commanding. This was meant to be a satire on general a Coli in the Light of recent events it is ambit scathing satire a on the lbs a the Rab d and Pur Blind Radical a whom he supp sed Hime Olf to Berbo shame have indeed lurked in bit a a a they Are the natural consequences of Dis Lan read terrible and writer and on the who fell pierced through the head while charging and j11r?� d?,1 s 0bcuz. A Raffl u , encouraging the boys. Toe last words he uttered be 5ltb,Btij to id i i m a i0 Brea a a a do fore he fell were Forward my Brave boys and i oot Lee ii of hand j Nagle Doe id Young think of those at Home when the messenger of death Ido �?onid8t� Welch slightly both arms g Rosa called him to life eternal. The loss of Hll parents is i a Tofu ,"pp0 sd�112cdv a great and Mast be deeply afflicting but they will have _., leu a est re commanding the proud Consolation to know that he died in defence of his country As a Christian and Brave Soldier. Our brigade had to fall Back Baring no support whatever and the enemy got Possession of the Corn Field and of those of our wounded who were unable to come out. Below you will find a list of the casualties. The Battle lasted All Day with varied ulcess. The 18th found both armies in the or original positions both too much Cut up to renew the fight. At 8 p. Of the 18th, our army successfully Reo Rosted the Potomac near Sheppard town on the morning of the 19tb, the enemy it Vang found out our Evange of base very promptly followed us up and crossed some5,000 men but old Stonewall Drew them Back killing drowning and capturing nearly All of them. We Are now near Martinsburg opposite Williamsport awaiting the enemy and As 1 am neither commanding general nor Prophet i cannot foresee the future and Wilt have to Stop respondent of which there Are Many bad and few Good. Yours truly o. V. Casualties in company a 1st Texas. La Battle of West. Point killed Jas f Brown Ohar Leti Bohardt wounded Frank. Nichols a leg Smith 81ms in neck John Coffee in shoulder. In Battle of seven Pines killed Kone. Wounded John Brown in Finger a Sulten in Bead. In Battle of Gale s Mill killed jobs Pon part j l Townsend. Wounded Jos Wall in hip. Bye Smith in hip g Hawkins in wrist h ? Boselly in ajar b. Jao Ulof in head slightly. In Battle of Malvern Hill Kellad Mooe wounded capt a Bedell slightly. Corporal r Eon in Arm. Be my Battle of Manassas led it 3 h atm win in breast slightly ditto p Randall in head seriously e Loullar Bone seriously. My killed Lisa j 08 f Rucks. It la Snoop s hand ,. Wounded Lieut Sauford severely thigh Serg t s d coach killed privates t j Bowman do Joshua booze do l Story do. Wounded a c Stewart severely thigh j t evens do thigh a Walter do shoulder j Bass do Arm and l a k Pope do shoulder 0 Mcbride do aide to Bennett do Finger Jamea Day do Arm we towns slightly Side b b eaves do breast we Bane do Back 0 Murray breast j Carlton do log m a Dunham do leg , leg h Levett shoulder. Rear carding such ideas As lines of Retreat and bases a 1500 it logwood. Soi ounces quinine genuine French , 50 ounces morphine French for Sale by a Hrnry Elliot oc3�- 3t� Houston. Recapitulation killed. Wounded. Missing.  a a caped Roku jut Elcel negro boy by the name of Thomas longing to or. Staph aus Houston charge of having Eomme Tod a Rospo on Tbs wlm aah i two Cit sensor Harris county. A Rewar Dot. Ts0f. Fifty dollars will be paid for the apprehension of said negro boy. And his delivery into the count or Jujj at Houston. Said boy is about 84 years of 6 feel High heavy built Block Broad Oval intent Cheek Bones no Beard except a few stir Sunosk the Chin tes0t3t .134. 12 Headquarters 1st Texas regiment fipps 22d, 1882 p. A. Work Lieut col. Com d. A Fonseth a. Adj t. Be a
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