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Tri-Weekly News (Newspaper) - June 20, 1863, Houston, Texas S vol. Xxi. Houston Texas saturday june 20, 186 evening edition. Latest by the Central train nov Stop Juno 20, 1s63-2 r. M. By Tulili arrival we have lec Elved our express Dis patches one Day later for m Shreveport than yester Day s namely to the Lih most. We Hare slam received the Monroe la rep Lster of the 16th, end give the new a Zitlow. Which it will be seen i not important though the Linen june 17th. 180.1. Dlr a news you will Al id in the enclosed extra and paper Atino All the new that came through to Day. Mcculough a report is interesting. And officer thru participated in the unlit at Mulliken a Bend Cam through to Day. Suite that mos of the troops enquired by unit us were negroes-4000 in num ii who were of mown and killed to the number of from 101 0 t 1.10j. In Are go or 70 rare in ind save la a up. Fir .1 declared their willingness m return to their Nia Ler. They will he trl a according to our Laws a few Yankee crr Mandera of these aside troops were at the Patio time who Are Sitf to la male Niile wretches and cannot look a White Man in the face. They ought to receive the no treatment Metod out to to negroes which of course will tied ath. There is nothing special from Vicki org. The report that the enemy is Cut off from Snyder s Bluffie Avettia repeated but i Dou lit the truth of it. Orant will not give up is advantageous a position and it does not appear that in has Heen attacked Ai yet by any c a Derame portion of Johnston s army. 1 would not be surprised if Johnston did rot make his main movement against some other Point but of this it is not prudent to speak at present. In the meantime let the people be of Good cheer Vilc Burk will not taken and of this you May be Weil assured. Not a word from any other Point. Llcy pct Uley m. K. Lic id Virt pm my i Mojo ii a ski Oadby 1 Richmond la., j Una his lrt3. J be cell orders no. I. On yesterday we a in Mot the enemy in Force at Mikea Bend on Tajc Bank of the Mississippi River under the Protection of his gunboats. His pickets and skirmishers and outposts were steadily driven from Dich to ditch and hedge to hedge a null he fell behind Bis breastworks a which he a stubborn and desperate Aland but which was carried by our troops with a charge not excelled since this War commenced. In i i charge the regiments of c a waterhouse Allen and i Hugh Ware the pall cd pants. Until Cul. Flournoy s regiment arrived and shahied in driving the Nemr from his barricade an Annle in his works on our i. Ool. Water Bons with Nis he meat gallantly chanting Over the levee an Onil Rev Lirou a the a Ems s Camp to Tbs water s dire. Too much credit cannot be awarded to r or Call tent of Uteri and men for the courage and Gil entry displayed of this Battle Field. Our loss of it 4 in killed Aid missing shows but too painfully How Bra was the resistance of the foe while the hundreds Blob they left dead behind thet brew a to Orke and s re-1, Over the Field attests with a Baal clearness How desperately and efficiently our whips of tight. We met tace enemy at fearful Odd Tod with Well directed fire bayonets and clubbed Guoi drove him from his stronghold through his Camp and under the Banka of the River and the pro Tuci of of is gunboats. During this Day s Battle All did their duty to such so extant and so m Intro men Dib e acts of gallantry were perform 1 trial u u to ape Al y them Here. The commanding general returns thanks to the officers and soldiers of his Cou mind to Mjor King q. M major Earl. O Sard Actina a. Cut. Benton a. A. General capt Michael forage master and acting a. o., and the Melca corps for tha valuable Rev teen tendered the or Votry. And the gallantry with which they Lunau dour glorious cause upon thl Desper Petely fought Field Tod be feels tha a Gratful noun try awards t them All they would ask. Reassure that while Hli heart bleeds Over the recollection of dead and of his command the Noble conduct of All increases his love Tor and Confidence to those that Are null left with blk to defend our country and our cause. By command of brio. Guni cd . Batoh a. l the co tire Federal loss around the entrenchments at Vic Kasburg la Esilma Rdby them at from 35,000 to 40,000. Geo. Grant Redt to Pemberton to know Why is fired nails spikes and poisoned balls at them. Tha Only answer Oen. Pemberton to this ones was that the whole Story was a do he. The fed exalt Are Al song upon All sort of pretexts to account fur their tremor doas Cones. Although Hooker crossed the River without bag Gage the spoils of the Battle Field have proved Gnu Aslly valuable. Already to 000 oakets and rises Nave Wren picked up and secured Ard Are being sent to Richmond by Mil the Quantity of Greatcoat Kab attack and rations re feb anything that has of starred during Tho War k Echmond examiner the powder Mill at Harkai Eiph la exploded on Fri Day to ull., kill a generals brigadier Vic Nersis majors. Captains and Down to the end of the Hoe it t. Uld Mem that sort Hong Myrhe known As to the real situation of offilus with the rest of Mankind on the. Other Side of he father of Waters. A fight occurred at Mill Keo s Bend on bund a the 7t.i ins Between our forces and that of the one my which resulted in their Entler it Orient. The Battle was a severe Oue Nur Losi Bneng 40 killed and bout 100 . Thelma. 1p0h killed and Ruble the t number . A Riim Ioctl mint. Organ led by Oen Thomas. The Dot suit general of the a noted 8 a is. Was engaged in the Buhl and it to wild fought better and longer than the Yankees. We took 78 of the negroes prisoners with their colonel and Lieut. Colonel Yankees who arrived Here on to Haraty Lait. The officers were so thoroughly ague died of their position that they never held up their brads while Here. The enemy were driven to their gunboat and we at in Possession of Mill sen s bad. The Naichi t courier of the 9lh inst says the Federal army before Yalcs Kurg had remained the same fur the present of in entrenching and that Bioko was cog aged in the at to employment of dig Glog till before l Ort Hudson Bath generals having Deu ruined to a letter from Gale Esou. , june 18,1863. Yesterday morning the Wagon of or. Butler Market Gardener was surrounded by a number of soldiers at the Market place and about thirty watermelons taken from it. This is a hard Case As or. Butler has Becu moderate in prices compared with others who Are too exacting. Water is beginning to get scarce. We have lately had but Little rain. There Are but few cisterns most of which Are out of repair and families Are already experiencing much inconvenience from so limited a Supply. A Largo amount of jewelry was taken from or. Shaw b store on Tremont Street during Friday night. The burglars at first were baffled in their attempts to effect an Entrance but finally succeeded by Means of a false key. To articles which have been recovered were found by some children at play concealed beneath a House in or. Lira Stone g lumber Yard. Some soldiers Havo committed depredations on the property of garment upon the Island by caring their watermelons a the latter threaten to destroy their crops rather than be robbed if this practice is allowed to continue. The blockades have been quiet since monday evening. The mail Steamer arrived last evening and n Briff this Morii ing. From the eastward. No other change. B letter Irons Parker county. A. . A. More Indian la Cwi maj. Back his err gone in Pursuit of Dlana the treat or dec. X it. Eni Tost Sleno i last wrote you rumours and numerous predictions Bave teen afloat Here and i Flud a vast portion of the Community Are ready to sae Cumb to the hordes of the la aural abolition Ista of the North Bat it makes me proud the know that the majority an Loyal Cli liens to the South and the soft shells Are watered and Era Long they will tie pounced upon and each stretching of Nevis of lordy general order no. 4, elves to to recruiting officer of Hood a brigade and the Arizona brigade All persons Between the age of 18 and 40 years and your Bumble servant being a recruiting officer Tor the latter brigade Deime it advisable to sop Cit the surplus of several in unties in Northwestern Texas. On the 9th of june is the Day appointed for them to report t to me time will show Bow Many will report. Tha enrolling officer of Ooman be county Wae shot full of holes for Dolus l la duty and other enrolling officers have been threatened. If i had my company Here i would bring them to or die la the attempt. These Young men who refuse Are principally renegades from Eastern Texas Arkansas acid Missouri. They Bave rushed on the Frontier o keep from going to the War. Bev won t fight they air constitutionally canards thus care Long the indians to be so bold for air As soon As they get a. Slight a lapse of a red Akin the first impulse of to base cowardly rascals is to d is Tance Gilpin in Speed and away they dash in search of some hiding place with or. Indian in Eloso Pursuit the result of which leaves a White Man minus a top knot. If they would stand their ground like tha Hardy Plo Neera of Yore the indians would not dare to penetrate so far into the country. A few Days ago four Indiana Rode up to one of these old pioneers better half As the was going for a bucket of water with a gun on her shoulder. To Indiana cursed her and told her to leave the Brave old lady cursed them in return and told them if they did not leave instantly she would put a Ball through them. At the ass time fumbling about her gun preparatory to a abot. The red devils took tha old lady at Ber word and scampered off at double eiulclf.1 forty bad of Horam were Ruslen out of i Saker county on the 30th nit., making one Hundred and for y from that county in leu than three weak. No person killed Tea last drive. Maj. Buck Barry of he Frontier re Tessi started in Pursuit of to it Cobb Indiana. On Bis arrival at it Obb he found the caddies. Waco an adar Kles and die Avarei la Marlal array in Complete Drill they approached maj. Buck with a thl e Sag. Old Butts one of the chiefs was to Keiman and informed the major that they Wero drilling to help Texas in her struggle and that they a re determined to a Friend y to i people who Uvea of the land that gave them birth and that tha Osma Nohea and Lowas bad Stolon their horses and fled with them into the cry Polo race sees of the Canadian news dispatches. Condensed from to Monroe Register the Wilson zouave have left new or a ass a a their Way Home their term of service having expired. Burnside prohibits the circulation of Tut n. York world. The Chicago times says that Lincoln in speaking of miliary operations i. Mississippi said he expected the beat results but waa prepared for the worst. An arrival Rem Havana brings reports of the capture of Puebla and the whole mexican army by the French. The president has revoked Tler Nolde i order prohibiting the publication of the times. Prank Ulaler. Recently arrested in Lluch Nond bad been discharged. An immense meeting of peace democrate waa held on the 3d in new the ii raid Maya it numbered thirty thousand and the new Vork democracy under Terrando Wood Bare declared in Maise in favor of a vigorous prosecution of a peace armistice. Eleven thousand copies of the Herald were Burnt at Aqua Creek by order of Hooker on account of the criticism of Hla generalship. The Herald Saya the peace candidate for president Sill be elected certain. Fernando Wood had a Long interview with Lincoln on the 5th. The Nashville Union of the 0th states that a rebel Force of Twenty thousand were attacking Franklin yeat Day and fighting All Day. Result Unk Cairn. A a Barleston dispatch says a Steamer loaded with government Cotton in attempting to run the blockade on the night of the 5in inst was fired upon Sod in attempting to return got on the rocks and was believed to be a total loss. The Chicago times of the oth contains the pro Cedel Gaor a peace meeting in new York. It was numerous by attended telling speeches were by Fernando Wood fun. Of incl train and others. The Timea contains barns de i order suppressing Ltd publication under which Oen. Ammon Adelaed the office and destroyed a morn log edition in spite of j Edge Drummond s injunction to defer executing the order Ull to Day. The Case waa being argued by or. Jay. Although a Republican , strongly Denun Chatory when the dispatch so received from old Ahe re Vokins the order a Bowling that be waa afraid to try the is sue. Tha Chicago Tribune condemns Lincoln s want of Pluck in backing Down. The Northern dispatches admit that Banka assault Apon port Hudson met with a s vere and bloody repulse that the negroes were placed in Advance and lost goo out of 7uu in the Resl ment total Federal loss by Federal and million 3000. A Jackson Del Patubo of the 6th says a Confederate who had been taken it loner near Vicksburg and Bia Eso ipe reports the loss of the enemy terrible and that they Are disposed to abandon the Effort to take the ally that they Sra abort of supplies Baug burned and destroyed everything they could in the country and now they Thema Elvea a Uffer from their vandalism. It is believed our troops in the City Are provided with 00 Dysya rations. In the first assault Grant used Cotton Bales for moveable breastworks but i Ember ton mounted two 100-Ponnd guns which swept away these breastworks mowing Down whole platoons of the enemy. The too outta of the Hoasea on both Wildee Ara various the enemy e being put from.36.000 to 1 0,000. And Oura from 5,000 to to 15.000. There Are no fear on our aide in regard to Cylc Kobarg or port Hudson. A meeting in Newark n. J., la reported a taking Strong ground against Lincoln for his arrest of Val Landigham and a threatening resistance. Letter from Gen. Porter and to. H. Seymour were verely de opposing the measures of Lincoln. Senator Wall of new Jersey a speech before the democratic Aai oblation of Philadelphia advocating Page and declaring that of the three alternatives of subjugating or annihilating the South or allowing their separation he preferred the utter a thousand Timet. Great Effort were being to reinforce Grant the new York times Maya the Yankee Oia at Vicka bar was tremendous that the Indiana regiment went in with 00u out with Only is and a Lieut. Ooi Onel. A new York Dlapa Teh Saya Sam Houston Wulp be run for governor of Texas with the Dealyn of favouring a separate Republic. The co Fedei ales Are said to have rooted 100 or m0 Yankee cavalry on Little Roc lit a Fiandt Odt three week e 5c- near my farm l vanity of Hempstead by my negro boy Valry sword. The owner can have tha ram tie Torling it a Ying for Thea advertisement and Small remuneration to the boy for Hla honesty. T a word waa Adver Laed at a soon As found joelfitw3t. . Wanted a Good the alright and House car Penter exempt from military duty Wilbea to get employment in the cuu Otry. Jaaes Logan s atom. Can Bri pm at or. Jnlgtw2t Jye. H. Is of the Eye. _ m Olin took. Desires to inform Hla friends and patrons of the Interior of Hla removal from Independence to Houston where he will continue to devote Bia attention to the treatment of Ophthalmia diseases hoping to Merit a continuation of the Liberal patronage heretofore extended him. Ovici on Fannin Freer opposite court House Square. Raj Trenti a. W Travee ., inde Mauderee Texas w 11 Smith,do w. H. Want m. A. Union Hill Texas j. L. Watkins m 1 Brenham Texas w. Rogers m. D., Chappel Hill. Texas. Scott m. D., Milf Ian Texas or. .1.0 Smith Huntsville Texas by. Bob Naon i. V., Houston Texas t. A i Sard m. D., do. Jnl3tw9i Headquarters District of Texas new Mexico and Arizona. Housto to thai june Losili 1%3. General orders no. 176. I. Acting brigadier general x. B. Dellray a Herr by placed is command of Tea Eastern sub District of Texas daring the absence of Brig. Oen. W. R. Scurry. By command of maj leu. B. Mar Fjaer. Edmund p. Tenuis capt & a. A. O. Headquarters Eastern mob District of Texas. Houston taxis june Loh irks. General orders no. I in pursuance of the above special orders no. Lid from District Headquarters i hereby assume command of the Eastern sub do strict of Texas Duran a the absence of Brig. Oen. W. B. Sorry a boat staff officers will continue on Doty. X. I. Cebray joel8tw3t acting Brig. Zeul. Corns of Lotuce. Or. Richardson having announced the a ale of Hia interest in Tho news office to or. L. K. Preston it follows that the partnership is thereby terminated and it becomes therefore proper to give notice that the Buai nees of Thea office will be conducted in tha name of the under Alguard until farther notice. w. Richardson. 660 on to below mane Tail High 7 Yea shoulder White White speck also on Tea big bellied about leg larger than left about 10 Yeara old. For their delivery at that will enable me to mys3tr 826 h tray by or stolen o the night of the 25th but. 15 or 10 hands High Rump Small Saddle m shoulder something 1 paces will under Laddle above Reward will information by Wal just Whf or Yel prophylactic a gent in the i moves All offensive destroy faceted breath Venta them from dec Alt alarming symptom a of a for Sale at Joel Stalm continued a at Smith 4c Shaw a 1 q sacks Pecan. 4 cases j-t7 3 cases Ginger wine 61 is Dot fancy soaps 2 or 30 Gron shoe strings i do Hook and eyea.1 also Lead Pencil sleet bal Combs Candle snuffers foot islet shot Delta wardrobe lockate., Headquarters District of Texas Mew Mexico and Arizona. Hoot Tok Texas june 6th, 1863. General orders no. S3. All communications of an off Olal character or in any Way connected with the Public service intended for these Headquarters Moat be addressed to capt. Id p Turner a. A. General and not to slalom general Magruder. Unless communist it Iona Are so addressed they Wilt be retained unopened of remain Unaa ssh cd by command of . Magruder. Sign Nix d. Yacc a a. A. A. G. Jn�16 _t�3t a Navajr. My boy Charles ran away from me two weeks ago be is about 5 feel 10 or 11 inches High Black walks very erect very coarse voice when a speak thick lip eyes prominent White of lotto rather dark and Rolls them no a Little when spoken to and has a Little Beard on Hia upper lip and Ihlen about 22 years old. I will give �s0 if taken in the county and $75 if oat of it and lodged in jail. Jnelowfctw3t jambs d. Obaob for Sale or rent. U1e Large storehouse of the Auba Culber in liar Risbury one of tha beat stands in the Cen try for a general retail business. Collins june 20.1sg3. Kcal re of John j. I. Mcclun. T�3t of part t trans . Suni Virost la., june a shh lt-63. Special orders no. 60. I. The Talna of Megara. Mcmorr took Atkinson now engaged in hauling firer neut stores will not tie interfered with by inv Tuff scary a a nor i ties of the District through whle a they Pasa. By command of it. Oen. E. K1rbv Smith 1. Aurum of a. A Gen. Jnes0t3t to maj. Dan. B. Mart Deb diet of Texas. Sour Lake. Piil Waters from the Lake and Springs Ere new new slav Long Saloon. We Anno nos to our friends that we have opened Thea Day on shaving Saloon on Congress Street where we Are ready to do on brat to Aati sry our Patron. Lozog Miasma and children s hair a retard and shingled according to the latest style. Tom Cooks. Jnel3tw3t pcs Andrew. $25 Reward. To Dell who la about 90 Yeara eld runaway from the understated an the 1st inst. The above Reward will be Given for Hla delivery to me or Twenty dollars if confined in jail so that i can get blk. 8. M. Frost Richmond. Texas. A card. Ifs have Home drugs left yet and we Are willing v v u sell them Sod take county scrip a we have heretofore but we Are compelled to decline at tint visual Money Jnell tilt George pc Davidson. Strayed or stolen about two weeks ago. Grey Mare about 4 years old branded m. S. On her left hip. Also is Ray Pony branded a. 8 with Spanish Brand under death. About la Yean old a Liberal Reward win be paid for their delivery to a Buttermilk John. Home a x received regular. Jne-20tw&�lt for Sale at h. Tribe b. Pantie a. C from and after this Date 1 will not be respond for any debt contracted by James Doyle 1? the name of in Leta & do be formerly of old Capitol stables Ibe Copartnership heretofore existing under that name having b in dissolved by i croat Sooae no l. Heller. In Upton. June 30. 1803. T�3l suction Sale by j. S. Pc j. B. Sydnor. Tuesday 1-4tit july at 10 a. Iii. Gang of the likeliest and most desirable be Hooks Ever exhibited for Sale in Houston All of Black compilation namely Susan age 24 Yeara an accomplished Boule servant and seamstress Fanny aged 81 Susan aged so Elvira aged 15 Tamer aged 10 Elisa aged 10 Lucy Ann aged is Winnie 18, and child 6 Mouth Isaiah aged us years Rueben. Aged 31 Geo Rye. Aged so Bennett aged 31 Mason ago 118 William aged i Henry aged v0 Charles aged 16 Sam aged it Jack aged 15 Harrison aged it Nathan aged it Robert aged 13 Rachael aged 14 Charles aged 31 Jacob aged 30, in accomplished Blacksmith. Toney and family. Toney aged 48 years Mary Hla wife 88 Alfred child is Euta do 10 Anne do 7 Rarus do 3 Melinda do. 5 months aft Black. Also,-7 or 8 Largs american mules two 3 horse wagons. " Joel Sirwid. ---------------1, O. on and after ibis Date o the r. W. O. Secretary of the i. O o v. Will be directed to Galveston City. Oscar Parish g. Secretary communications to the clerk of a Alverton Cooj court will be directed Ai above indicated. June 18,1s�w. Headquarters Eastern Sab die. Strict  Texas. Holstom june 8th, 1803 general orders so. 31. . A    in consequence of tha great delays of officers in this 8ah-im.��t id sending Forward their monthly returns to these Headquarters it Bat become simply impose Steele to make oat and Forward brigade Retana St the proper time. Alt officers in this command Art hereby directed to tend in their monthly returns by the 15th Day of the succeeding month in order that they May Leech Flat rat Headquarters by the last of the month. Farther inattention to duty in this respect cannot Sua will not be tolerated soy longer and any officer who fails to comply with this order will be placed in arrest and charges preferred against my for trial by court martial for disobedience of orders. By comm and of Brig. Leu. W. K Scurry Auer n. Mibu. Opt. 4k a a. G. . I voice f be South Western express co. Ͽ�111 dispatch a j. To eclat monday of a lust., with letter and Small parcello Jackson and Points Eatol the Mississippi River. Article to go by this messenger must be delivered at the express office the evening . A Hobbs june 9,1883. To by superintendent. The undersigned have Thea Day formed a Conert be Rahtz under a title of Conn lok 4c Mcklin airy for the pro oat of doing a commission Besl Nosa. They ran be found an Preston Street one door West of Morrili drug store. \ n. A. Of Onnink. Knee Twer Leo. A Mckei Ostby. Houston june so 1s83. Ei1 Headquarters. District new Mexico Ana to general orders no. U. In consequence of the i tending the transportation of i Chase of army supplies Oen from these head Quarter Altai modified to read a follow i i. General orders no. S8, in ters dated Houston Texas Tel sued in in nuance of orders frees i f the trans Mississippi a Xor Laton ajl Cotton la i been derided by the War 0. Own in unrestricted exportation at utile n Frontier. Ii. All authority to take Ott heretofore granted to parties not no out cont ots with Hlebof d meat of the District and 8ab-Ihsim me major general .1 Scarry Brig. Gen. . Bus or esd la hereby revoked a turned Over with their leans to Mai. Of the government for the Espoo and introduction of sap pues or to j a View of supporting the troops,-1 Tion being slow so rack tsar aters. Iii. In special esses where Astl been received from the Warde Pai command log officer of the trans i ment to use conscripts they will i main but in All cases in which which the conscripts Are used with l Tlona l not Superior to thet of us commanding they will As turned teams to major d. Hart and Tot retained a list of the names and a i Sill be furnished to these Bead f it. Brig. Oen. Scurry lie lion of these orders in ids i will Causa them to be carried o sub District and col.�. the instructions or urls. Own. Bust executed in ban Antonio and Vlodi Ltd. T. All person. In any part of she f in their employ conscript to Aszater in hauling Cotton soot t u Vaasa order by pan Taal �vac4asthar one of s military roses win be Flint and to Leiss u kit order and Tarn tbsp Nasr to a. Agents. Xieo a agent Beans in sided soil flies la a i authority granted Ander thess Ort Lin i to retain Conan rpt Means to Aace to la actually in Trantin the ban a toilet bin be. a a a a a a a . Til. To Obs Luhcs to Tbs a is dollars in Coin Rem snarled it Xei Tammam Cinton Confederate Treasury Esch Bale of Cotton which Croas i toe it Bediance tabbed. A a a a Viii. Such conscript Era Butenas ars in the serve of the Bute will be is Lowed i in their present scr Ioe As Leas at they Are i by the stats. In. Neh veneer leu As sri reap Ley de u a w. Mokes or Bis agents set Revauda to their present Sakai Yaksi Fra tue new atm. X. Cocos Troscl we Bavais by say. In duty Fauio do trick after to mss my orders for to ppm Tatta a coif i of Attim to he major Al. Hart
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