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Tri-Weekly News (Newspaper) - February 12, 1863, Houston, Texas Jo4 we have received a Pencil drawing by capt. Kook 811, representing the late nerd fight off Wahine. To we would Call attention to the patriotic Enterprise which has bees act on foot to the effect that Wilthel Diesto Ratten of Washington s birthday by making it the occasion for aiding the Hospital fund of the Texas brigade of fee Potomac. By adopting such method t May be most agreeable either by holding Pic Nile parties concerts Tableaux or entertainments of other kinds. When Saab entertainment Are resorted to they will of coarse Bare to take plate on the 23d a the 2?d Allsen sunday. To the Brownsville Flag learns on Good author Ity that the Harriet Lane being on a cruise la the our has captured two a a term  camera sad 1300 Primo news to became paper leads. We Opaon text str at Thor Ity that two regiments and two battalions in All 25 companies have been ordered to that Frontier and Usu Roopa to All up the id Texas infantry Are on their Way there so a to make that regiment 1100 Strong i Hijo the London times pub Hes a Strong sees Aion letter from commander Maury. Lie repudiates tin idea of a reunion and says the sooth la Well supplied with arms and is As determined As Erer. Lie Saya that the Catoma receipts at Charleston were greater in j uly than for the corresponding month for the past Tea years. Id 0�p� a h. Harrington of Waco of colonel Bufords regiment now at Dee arc ark., has just visited on City on business a portion of this regiment had been ordered to reinforce the Post before the Lata on fortunate capture had not arrived there. Col. Speight s battalion has been ordered to Sherman on bed River. Numbers of those who made their escape from the Post Hato arrived Home in the neighbourhood of Waco. They report thai Gen. Mcculloch was on his Way to the Post and was within eight Miles of it when he heard of the arrival of the be Tony he then commenced throwing no breastworks expecting an attack. Bat when he heard the feat bad fallen he immediately in arched directly to the Post a soon As the enemy heard of his approach they hastily retreated to their boats and left taking nothing with them except their prisoners. Mcculloh took Possession of the Tost and was in Possession at last accounts. His command consists of eleven regiments. The reported number of oar loss and that of the enemy Alia of oar prisoners is conf armed. The report that the Missouri state troops had risen in a body and taken Possession of All the arms arsenals jco., is generally believed by All our resumed soldiers. S a gentleman who is direct from Vicksburg confirms the report that the Yankee gunboat Queen of the West passed Down below that City on the 1st inst in a fog. Received about a 100 shot and Shell from the batteries some of of which struck her As she was steel Obed and her decks protected by two tier of Ootton Bales she made Good her passage. She subset a ascus took three Confederate steamers the Baker the Berwick Bey and the Moro Parolino the men on How do a in Tonuu the steamers after taking from them Alt they Ronld make Ose of. The Queen of the was is said to be one of the fastest boats afloat and there is reason to fear aha May do As much damage. She is now stationed at the month of bed River making an Esee Tual blockade at that Point As Long is she remains there. An officer who arrived Here on tuesday last ten Days from Jackson htm., inform us that on the Day be left Jackson the contained telegraphic dispatches announcing that a Battle bad taken place at Savannah and that oar arms were completely vie to Lotts. Be saw the dispatches and no doubt was entertained of their truth. We May the Refore look for full Eoo ounts by the next mall. The same officer arrived on the Field of l Atlle of Murfreesboro two Days after the consist he say oar tray officers and men claim that they had gained a Victory. Our left Wing composed of three Divi Alona and forming a line of Battle two Miles in length made a charge All together and in almost Complete Parade order. The line never faltered or halted and the Federal right gave Way continuously until driven Baek at right angles to its former position. Had we had a fresh division the route would have been thorough and Rosrnkranz a Force entirely destroyed. A portion of Gen. Bragg s army bad however been ordered to a another position and while our army was thus weakened the enemy received fresh reinforcements. following order has been issued by the Federal general Mitchell under the authority of Gen. Rosencranz. We doubt whether the history of Oil lazed War in any country shows such an instance of Savage barbarity san Olburtus Tost Nish vibes. Tlnn., i january 9, 1803. J special order no. B. I in consequence of the tractor destruction of a locomotive and construction train upon the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad this Day by one Richard Mocann Sod Thomas kill re leading a gang of outlaws the property of then men will be destroyed. Col. Moore eighty auth Illinois volunteers will proceed immediately with his regiment along the line of the Railroad to the houses of the persons above named and destroy their Bouses barns and All property susceptible of destruction upon their respective grounds by fire or any other Means at Hia command. Ii. In is hereby announced that the property of All parties engaged in interrupting the Workings of the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad or other rail  roads in this Vicinity or of the passage of the Cumberland River will be treated in like manner with the property mentioned in the above order so far As it is in the Power of the general commanding at this Post so to treat it. Iii. All pre Perty of any kind belonging to any rebel sympathizer found within one mile of the locality or any similar outrage perpetrated upon the line of Railroad or on the Banks of the River in this Vicinity will be destroyed in the manner described. By order of Brig. Gen. Robert b. Mitchill commanding Post. John Pratt a. A. General. The Natchez courier of the Mth referring to the above order says the Federal generals in and about Nashville becoming satisfied they cannot defend themselves Aga lust the attacks tour cavalry have taken up the desperate system of retaliation As they term their infamy by ordering private property to be Burnt on their lines of communication. Let these generals stay sufficient time in Tennessee and we will warrant them full punishment for their wickedness. Their luf Amous orders will be found elsewhere and we publish the edicts that their authors May be marked. The Federal army contains a number of villains Liko Mitchell which the Gallows claims a its Job at our mat accounts from Richmond lbs Banoul Nues Tiore waa engaging the attention of the lower to Assof Congress. Or. Baldwin of a Bill embracing mainly the recommendations of or. Mcm Manger proposing a funding system and advocating a tax As the Means of checking the downward tendency of Confederate note. The recommendation of a tax seems to be very general with All our exchanges and in nearly All our cities in the country the people Are differently situated. Our Farmers who have not been engaged in speculations and who have Little or no surplus prod co to spare Are not in a situation to Bear a heavy tax. The Large majority of the Cotton planters of the country though they Bare bad no Market for their Cotton have the Opportunity to Aell their Cotton to the government at a High Price and can in that Way easily pay the tax. But we presume a majority of our farming population have neither Cotton or other produce to sell in sufficient Quantity to enable them to meet a heavy tax. The War has already greatly exhausted the country and thousands of Nur people in moderate circumstances have contributed in one Way or another till their Means Are Well nigh exhausted. This War has divided the people into two distinct classes and we believe much the larger class have been giving All their energies and All their Means to the support of the War Ever Sines it commenced while the other have with equal Seal devoted All their time in the Pursuit of gain at the expense of the Gove Ament and people. The heavy and unceasing expenditures of the government have opened to them a wide Field for speculation and they have not failed to improve the Opportunity and have made fortunes with a rapidity never before dreamed of. Our accounts from All parts of the country show that the same state of things exist All Over the confederacy. While a Large majority of the people have been Cal led non to make heavy sacrifices in eid of our struggle against those who Are striving to make As Hewers of Wood end drawers of water a minority of our people Are engaged in speculating in almost every aurole of necessity to be found in the country and even our Confederate Money la indirectly made a subject of traffic and speculation. Instead of investing it in Bonds it is being hawked All Over the country and offered for every species of property at almost fabulous prices. The same property whether in negroes lands goods Cotton Corn or other produce la being bought and sold Olton two or three times a Day bringing an enhanced Price at every Sale and leaving an enormous profit in the hands of every specs motor. The operations we Bear of in this City fully justify this statement we hear the vary same accounts from All the larger cities throughout the confederacy. In this Way vast fortunes Are rapidly being accumulated in comparatively few hands while All the balance of the country has to suffer. The operators have no Confidence in our Money and in their eager efforts to turn it into articles of necessity they destroy the Confidence of others and Are doing Mora to injure our cause than All the traitors to be found in the country. And yet Many of this class have perhaps honest intentions and make Many Liberal and patriotic contributions towards the support of our soldiers and their families. They Are carried away with the Universal mania for making Money by speculations for which this War has opened a Field never before known in this or perhaps any other country. Snob is the eagerness to engage in the Money nuking traffic under the expectation of realizing 33, 50 or even 100 per cent profit in a few Days that thousands who Are not in the army Are now engaged in it though they never before had anything to do with buying and Selling As a business. Indeed u is now next to impossible for the Consumers of the country who boy Only to support their families to Procaro anything on Khlob  half dates or More profits have not been previously made. This is perhaps the principal cause of the present ruinous Price Sand their daily further Advance at this time would indicate that we Are far from now seeing the worst of this great evil. The pries of to Day Are no indication of what they will be to Morrow. If a merchant happens to find that be is the Only one who has Corn Corn meal Batter Barley the present common sub it own other article of necessity it is a common thing for blk to take advantage of Bis monopoly by advancing the Price near 100 per cent at once. We Bare seen frequent instances of this. Something should be done n possible to put a Check to an evil that has already inflicted so much suffering upon the country and Wiloh threatens us with calamities far greater than have yet been experienced. We Sill not suggest any remedy Trust our legislature now in session will take the matter into serious consideration. We believe other Legislatures Nave prescribed limits to the prices of certain articles of prime necessity in order to save the poor and the families of our soldiers from this wide spread ruin that is now sweeping Over oar country. We have digressed from the subject of taxation with which we commenced this article it was for the purpose of showing that such a Tav Mast Bear very unequally upon the two classes referred to for while those making princely fortunes out of the War and a depreciated currency will scarcely feel such a tax those who Are devoting their lives and fortunes and All their energies to the support of the War Are far less Able than in Ordinary times to Bear a heavy tax. That a tax la now necessary to save the credit of ear government and sustain the Only Money we have for the support of our armies we have no doubt a Hope any tax Law that May be passed will be so framed As to favor our soldiers and others already subjected to heavy sacrifices in the Publio cause and who would be sul jetted to still heavier sacrifices by such a tax. Moxson a sao4t.cs, ba.s7.oacc, feb. 4th, 18j3. Dear sir i see a communication in your last from " old.1 on raising tobacco plants i beg leave to somewhat differ from the writer on one Point. Being a Virginia tobacco Raiser for Twenty years i think i must know something about raising plants. From now until the first of March will be a very Good time to saw. Select a medium subtly soil Rich and Damp in a Creek Bottom or Hammock Burn sufficient to kill All wild seed Hoe the ground not More than two Onchea deep chop Fine and Rake then sow the seed Broad cast at the rate of a spoon full to 50 Square Yards tread Down with the feet cover your Beds lightly with leafless Brush All other Shade a plants raised in the Shade will not stand transplanting. When  the Plant is Large enough to transplant the leaves get nearly As Large a the Palm of the hand prepare the land where you intend to Plant by blowing deep checker off 3x by 3 feet pull up the the checker with a Hoe to make a Hill chop it Fine and deep when you have a season Plant your plants in the Hill if you have no season make one by planting late in the evening and pour on h plot of water and pull on some Loose dirt recover the Plant in the Day with a handful of Moss or something else to protect it from the Sun uncover at Knight to take the Dewa for 3 or 4 Days and you will have a stand. 0.0.8. P. 8. I see Yon make complaint about the Farmers not furnishing the people of Houston with Corn meat meal to plentiful and cheap. Is it possible for the Farmer to Send his produce to Houston and sell earn at one Dollar Bacon at 15 Eta. Meal at $1,50 cts. When if be wants a pair of boots he has to pay $t5 via and 85 Fri a pair of shoes t3 per Yard for Calico and every thing in proportion. Do give the Farmer some Shahee to live As he is flesh and blood a Well a the merchant. Anim so Haw of tie i. A. Or. Of a Texas. Y Lbw the Anil i Edgo met in convention at Galveston on Tho first monday in february. The attendance being Small owing to Tho condition of the country. I herewith furnish Yoti with a list of Tho of decors with such of Tho proceedings As May to of most interest the the order and the Public. Frati Raa Lyl Oscar tar&1j, install to Roa 1863. .1 a Rood i w grand master residence Houston. T m Lostroh r it j Man fir residence . H m Truchart of o Warden  " Oscar , r to Secretary. B i ton a . W Richardson r w i treasurer " " .1 w Moore re g chaplain.  m f a Hilow g messenger. A l itt we conductor. .1 c Dircks w g guardian. Ovcin Surat ror i . Cd in Ward m w grand master .1 h a Clort ii master tons m Joseph grand Warden Oscar Parish grand Secretary w re Chardson grand treasurer j w Moore. Grand conductor m Cut ill grand messenger he Perkins and it , scr resent Tilves Oscar Parish and Thos m Joseph alternates. The following resolutions Woro adopted whereas at the lost session an act of suction was passed by this grand logo severing All con Section from the grand logo of the a Ltd states and Whereon representative wore elected to meet at Montgomory ala., provided any other grand Lodge of Tho Southern states acted like leu and whereas some of the states responded Dill Roll Linns were designated and whereas the interests of Tho order require a National organization and Unity of action to perfect the sumo and Tuu grand logo of the state of Georgia having been among Tho orbit to secede and being Central in position therefore to it ratio Lei 1st. That Tho grand i Ido of the Stato of Georgia in and is hereby requested to Denig Nalo time and place Tonche assembling of said convention Tor said purpose. Fit solved 2d. That our Issei grand la i Gas no invited and requested to Call meetings and elect delegates to assemble in convention at such time Aud place As May to designated by Tho grand 1/jdgo of to Stato of Georgia. Resolved 3d. That two delegates and alternates be elected by this grand Niga to attend said convention when so called. Resolved 4th. That Tho same compensation and mileage be paid by this grand ipod go to said delegates As was allowed to representatives by Tho grand Edge of Tho United states. To the s. Grand Lodge of the i. 0. 0.1. Tho co Mihoe appointed relative to the death of p. Q. M. Clark l. Oncu beg leave to submit Tho following Rex it since our last grand Wigo mooting p. 0. Master Clark l. Owen chaplain of Tho grand logo or Tho Ottato has plod from wounds received at Tho hallo of Sui Lou. The deceased deserves Moro at our. Hands than a Mere passing notice. He was identified with Tho Republic of Texas and a participant in her struggle for Independence. In period of her history to was faithful to Bor fortunes and with unfaltering Banner until Liberty was achieved and it proudly waved As Tho Symbol of Freedom and nation welcomed it As Tho Flag of on Independent Power. At Tho restoration of peace to boo Asne As conspicuous for the exercise of civic Virtues As he Hud been for military prowess and courage. _ when Northern wrongs Aad injustice ripened into development and heralded greater wrongs still to come and when there remained no Appeal to the sword trusting to the clod of Battles for deliverance to secure Southern rights or pre Sorvo Southern Honor our brother y discerned Tho approaching conflict and Truo to Tho High and holy promptings of his heart though in declining years when he might Well have claimed exemption from a Soldier s Ufa and Tho strife of embattled armies he again buckled on his Armor and leaving a Homo hallowed by Tho most sacred ties went North to Battlo in Freedom s holy cause Aud on Shiloh s bloody Anil Bard fought Field cheering his Gallant comrades on fought and fight lag fell. Far a Long period of Elmo a member of our order to was indeed n True Odd fellow and merited Asho received its highest honors. His daily walk was regulated by its preempts Aud his Dally life governed by its teachings. Recognizing in each Symbol Tho truth inculcated and in every principle la Wisdom contained Friendship Lovs truth Beneve Leneo and Charity Woro parts Ornis doing and features of fete character. To was a Bright example of Tayolr guidance and control. A Good citizen kind neighbor warm Friend and Gallant Soldier to adorned every sphere of society and honoured every relation of Lila. He has Geno from oat midst not trem our memory. There is a tear Tor All that Din a murmur o or the humblest grave nation a swell Tho funeral cry and Triumph weeps above the Brave. Be will enter no Mora oar Lodge room nor War ship around our altar. Bat let As remember that the Fame Wiloh surrounds a Good Man s life and attends the Patriot Soldier nobly dying on Tho Field of Battle he Stath the Flag of his country for a nation s Liberty win mias lasting As time and 1st us find Solace in the reflection that the wilderness of life Beans passed the weary Pilgrim has Fouad rest in the Sanctuary of the patriots and repose in that of bestial Lodge presided Over by the great master of the universe. But the obligation of on order and the feelings of our hearts will net permit us to Stop Here for we would remember the injun Ilon weep with them that we Are Well aware that is language or form of expression cast Lassen the severity of the blow to those who stood to one brother in the highest holiest and Dearest re la liens of life. That nothing to Wiloh we could give utterance would carry Comfort to the Home saddened by each a bereavement and the Hearthstone made desolate any such a loss. The grief of dear and loved ones is too great for utterance and too Strong for human Solace. We Carnot break one Pang that wrings the widows heart or dry one tear that Waters the orphans Eye. Yet while bowing with humility to the Sovereign will of the great ruler of the universe we would sincerely console with the bereaved and deplore his loss to his family Aud Oon Oty. And cannot feel that a pillar has been taken from our Beautiful Temple and a Tower of strength removed from our tailored order. Bat we would be silent while we mourn touched by the grief of others that can find no earthly Comfort extend on sympathies to them in their great affliction give expression to on interest la their welfare and trusting to higher and holier agencies for Aid. Hope that strength and Wisdom to support them la their bereavement derived from the supreme Baler of ail human affairs. T1ios. M. Joseph Henry b pkbk1ns, committee. M l1dbt0hjb, j and on motion the said report was unanimously adopted and entered to be published in the news and a Tipy thereof furnished to the family of the deceased. V a pm the Jackson appear. Great Isoju Corsiuc meeting in. Illinois. In the st. Louis Republican of the 7th iust., we finds Brief report of an immense meeting of the conservatives of Illinois held at Springfield on the evening of the 5th inst. The correspondent of he Republican says it was the largest and moot imposing la one state since the great democratic meeting of the 8th of Jan., two years ago. The Hall or representatives was suffocation and the most enthusiastic applause greeted every expression of the speaker Wyton denounced the president s proclamation nud a War carried on for the purpose of freeing the is Svob or the South. William a. Richardson was the first speaker. He declared his determination to oppose the executive usurpation of the National administration and to give Naiad to a War carried on to subvert the Constitution by treeing the negroes by a presidential proclamation. R. T. , of Chicago said that he would suffer death before be would give one Dollar or one Man to the abolition War carried on under Lincoln s proclamation. The sentiment was received with ire me Poua applause. Judges. 8. Marshall dec Srel that no More citizens of Illinois should be illegally arrested Aad curried beyond the limits of this state and lodged in a government Bastile. He said the democratic party he made up it mind to resist the a la Elul usurpation of this imbecile administration to protect their rights Here on the soil of Illinois. Tom 0. Goudy of Chicago spoke with great earnestness and eloquence taking the ground that the proclamation was a violation of the Federal Constitution and the Laws of civilized War that while the army and Navy of the United states is used to re establish the authority of the government maintain the Constitution and enforce the Laws. It is the duty of All Good citizens to sustain the War when used to emancipate the negro the War must cease. As to the remedy of existing grievances the voice of the people has already list Beard through the ballot Box and the administration should also be warned by the authorities of the states and their Legislatures a Well As Publio meetings that further usurpation would not be tolerated and after every other expedient had been resorted to the Only remaining right of the people to preserve their Lauerty and the Constitution a our fathers made it was the right of revolution lie said there was no anarchy because the state love menu would be untouched and a Union could be trails upon True Republican principles by the states again in order to do this we must preserve the sovereignty it the states intact. It the courts Are permitted to set and the Hareas Corpus will regarded this affords a remedy when deprived of these Tho Only remedy is resistance to the usurpation of the administration. This War must not be prosecuted to maintain Abraham Lincoln in Power or emancipate the a laves Only to re i a Lutish the go . The committee on resolutions submitted the following which was unanimously adopted amid great applause Beni cod that the emancipation proclamation of the president of the Unius states is As unwarranted in military a in usurpation at once converting the War professedly commenced by the administration for the vindication of the const tuition into a crusade for the sudden unconstitutional Aad violent emancipation of three millions of negro slaves a result which would not Only be a total subversion or the Federal Paloj. But a revolution in the social organisation of Tho bout in slates the immediate and Remote the present and far reaching consequences of which to both races cannot be contemplated without the most dismal forebodings of horror and dismay. The proclamation a Vetcs Servile insurrection As an element in this emancipation crusade the Means of warfare the inhumanity and diabolic Lity of we tech Are without example la Lori lated warfare and which we denounce As an Sineff Ceable disgrace to the. American name. Such determined and enthusiastic feeling says the correspondent As waa exhibited at this meeting has not been exceeded sine the War begun. The country should know the fact and it cannot Well be concealed that the democrats of Illinois will not sup sort the War any longer unless the president Eltta raws his proclamation and resumes his position taken at the commencement of the War As the defender of the Constitution. The meeting adjourned to meet again on thursday night the 8lh of january. I Gisob Srsen a a a i�ni8�i�t.-tbe Cincinnati in Butner expresses itself in the very Plain words which follow Beall we continue travelling on in the policy which the abolition leaders have marked out 1 shall we any longer continue to be deluded by their Hopes and predictions ? is it not High time then for the peo Plo to arouse and reflect upon the programme that is now before is t we have been going it Blind Long enough. We have shut our eyes too Long upon the errors and abuses of the men in authority. Is there any reason to believe hat we shall reach a successful consummation until their it a change in our National policy t to have been Wise and thoughtful and pro-1 Dent and patriotic to have dissented from the popular him bags of the Day has been to incur the appellation of traitor from the partisans who before god we religiously believe to have Tseu the authors the Mala authors of our Monel troubles. The sooner we repudiate the philosophy and the ideas of these abolition leaders the sooner we reject them totally the sooner we retrieve our Steps the better for the country and the sooner will on eyes be gladdened by peace and Unity in the land. A ens. News Letso acknowledge the following articles received from c. 8. Longoope Seq 3 pair pants % Coats s vests. 8 comforts 6 pillows and cases 5 undershirts 8 pair drawers. 1 pair gloves. 8 carpet blankets and \ Robe 7 pair socks am Wool far 8 pair 8. Shirts ii pair drawers. A so �300 to be divided Between three hospitals Leo at Virginia Polli she Dickinson s Bayou j1u0 bos Albu at judge Jones residence these articles have been distributed to disabled soldiers and the hospitals. .m�a.ooivoung. Mrs. T110b. Oat Luton. Tetter from Galveston. Icv Stox feb. 10,1803. Two shells were fired yesterday afternoon from a ten Inch mortar which does not exceed Twenty or Twenty two inches in length yet the propelling Force was so great As to Send the missile nearly two Miles. Many members of capt. Mog real s company a form that they heard a report from Many guns in a 8. Direction about eight in the morning probably in the neighbourhood of Vela co. Our enterprising fellow citizen or. S. Heiden Heimer has just purchased and shipped to Houston the remainder of or. Crawford s immense Stock of crockery Ware. The important notice has been issued from the office of the Provost marshal and to prevent accidents every one should Sot in strict conformity to us injunctions Orrick Provost a Neui Galveston february orb lb03. J bus crib Oioi no. 3. It having come to the knowledge of Tho Provost marshal of the City it Galveston that persons have escaped by running and secreting themselves when challenged by the police guard notice is hereby Given to All whom it May concern that from and after tale Date said guard Are ordered to fire upon any person whomsoever who shall attempt to escape by running or otherwise after being ordered to halt by the guard. This a applicable to Cut Lens after eight o clock p. H., ant to Squiers at All times Day and night. M. approved capt at Provost marshal. X. B Debra a. Col. Come g Galveston Sab do strict of Texas. Measles Are becoming prevalent among both soldiers Aad citizens with care and attention they May is easily sub Doad. There is also much sickness among the negroes who Are suffering a great Deal irom Pae Monla. Within a few Days the mortality Baa cons durably in creased three died on saturday five on sunday and Ali yesterday borne complaint la made that a better Supply of Medl Olnes has not been provided and the services of properly qualified medical practitioners secured to attend on these men when they Are sick and unfit for duty. Or. Lubadel is now furnishing a number of them As Well a he Oan with what they require and charging the some to their owners. Owing to the great emergency which existed after the recapture of the cite. Sen. Al grader mad a requisition for negroes Wiloh was nobly responded to. These Meo have since worked night and Day on the fortifications and. The Railroad Extension Aad to Render them simple Justice they ought to to provided for As Well to possible the blockading Foroe continues the same yesterday we by a Strong Breeze from the s. W., which caused the enemy s a Eiselt to Jerk Burck and pitch in the wildest manner. Ii. Tub Yankees is Elizabeth City. We have just Learned from a gentleman direct from Elizabeth City that in Friday inst notice waa Given to the citizens that they must take the oath of Nlle Gianco to Tho United states go verment or withdraw beyond the lines of the enemy. Tuesday last the 13th, was the last Day allowed this i Roplo to determine what course they would adopt. Some of the citizens remonstrated with Tho commander of the enemy for singling out their town for such a harsh order. Jiff to plied that there must be a starting Point and that in less than ten Days the name order would be extended from Curi Tuoc to Chowan River. We understand that som seven of eight buffaloes have Boon killed recently around Elizabeth City. To Tajh Jav. F journal. Thei Chiuan Noga Kebel says be aural Pillow assume command of the brigade formerly led by colonel Palmer on valday of the a Murfreesboro , Anlo participated with Buie umut in tha conflict of that afternoon. Out. Leo. Pillow his son we learn Lias been appointed Aid Decamp. Latest of the Central train Hou styx Fob. 12, 1863. The gel no later papers by passengers to Day and we Leam that the last mail had failed to come through such failures Are now common. Ask we Iii report that they have seen published accounts of an attack having been made by oar gunboats and rams in Charleston Harbor opon the enemy s Fleet in which two of the enemy s gunboats were sunk and two others captured and the balance compel led to leave. They also state that Den. Beauregard had published a proclamation declaring the port of Charleston open to All Friendly nations. I Ussen Gors to Day Alio Cou form the report published in our last that two Yankee regiments bad came into Arkansas Post after the enemy had left and surrendered to our forces asking to be paroled. They state that the reported escape of our prisoners by rising against the Yankees in charge of them Nail taking the boats of which they wore is generally believed to be Troe. We have however no confirmation fit. The legislature. I february 6th__the sense s jul Cesry recon mended a Bill authorizing the supreme court of git a Cestou District to hold its Spring session in Austin. This Bill was afterwards engrossed by the president s casting vote there having been i ayes and it nays. Or. Potter of Galveston voted in the negative. The Bill finally passed on the till. A joint Resolution by or. Laxey requesting Tom president to place Gen. Price in command of tin Trent miss. District and to Send All the Texas troops West of the Mississippi. Also a Bill appropriating land to the Texas troops in this War referred. Resolution by or. Casey to inquire Luto the practicability of importing .10.9110 pairs of Cotton cards and 10,01 0 Woolen air tvs adopted. Hill by 11 r. La iia Uit to repeal the state militia l1tn drc.1rr, i Errol. .1 a a a a or. Wutte. To Leavy n special tax for the Relief of Vul Llen fall ski referred. Hill by sir. A mile to punish extortion referred. Bill by 31 r. White to Deli be and in Nash treason. February 7th.-joint Resolution by sir lain requesting the repeal of the exemption Law read first time. Bill by or. Harcourt to organize state troops. Clouss Heb. . Jda Ngum elected door keeper in place of or. Carta Iell resigned. Vacancies on the several committees filled. Resolution by tit. Holland that no member should legislate on any private or local Miller adopted and afterwards modified and Laid on the table. Sundry memorials and petitions read and referred. Beao Luton by or. Cone that no private Relief Lull shall be received unless by a vote or three fourths adopted. Resolution by or. Maverick to disband the Texas state troops called out by the governor referred. Resolution by or. Broa Ciui tendering thanks to Gen. Ugur Derand officers. Jill by or. In Wing to Nurs the rules of the House printed. Bill by or. Holland of Panola to relieve certain persons in the army irom taxes Rev. Or. Reeves of Austin elected chaplain. Committee appointed to enquire into the action of the military Hoard. Or. Ferguson second assist aug clerk. A Bill by or. Durant requiring the attorney on Elul to keep a Roll of All who serve in the state or Confederate army during this War referred. Another Bill by or. Durant limiting the production of Cotton for 1803-referred. Kill tending thanks to the officers and soldiers of Texas in the War read and passed. Joint Resolution requesting the appointment of Gen. Price to the command of the trons mud. A part sent under , when the slut is my journey. February 7th.-hons met. Reto Laura by or. Flint to suspend the Estry Law six months after the War. The Texas almanac extra of the 10u inst. Is celled from which it appears that a joint Resolution he been passed establishing an express Between Tho Mississippi River and the Rio Grande. The Senate committee do not approve of the joint Resolution recommending the appointment often. Price to the trans department a they think the president is bolter capable of judging of such matters As oar legislature. Or. Ford of the Senate offered a Resolution directing the jul carry committee to inquire and report in relation to the expedience of this to tar pledging its Faith for its pro rata share of the Confederate debt. A like Resolution was offered in the House by or. Potter. Or. Cooper offered a Bill for the suspension of the Sperlo tax Bill till Jan. 1st. Rittu. Or. Hartley offered a Bill for the Purchase of Wen to millions of the Confederate notes. Or. Cooper offered a Bill to Stop interest on All debts Fot the payment of which co federals notes have been tendered and refused referral. A Bill by or. Bash to suspend the land office til tax months after the War referred. Several Bills have been offered to provide for fee Relief of soldiers Fame less. Or. Broadas offered a Resolution requesting the governor to Issue a proclamation denouncing a Xor ital prices for the necessaries or life. The governor has approved Tho act removing the supreme court from Galveston to Austin data Trutton of Hru Luli property by use Alabama. In rom the London Herald Organ of the Oristo rats dec. in the first place it May be True that some municipal Law has been infringed in the building Sale or equipment of the Alabama. In that Case the government has its remedies sgt Lott air. Laird or any of the Confederate agents in this country who can be shown to have Cummel Tod any Legal offence. But there is no Case on this ground against the Captain of the Alabama or his government. Neither of them have done at any wrong in that Way and if they had neither of them Aro within our jurisdiction. Dut ii is alleged that since she hoisted the Confederate hag the Alabama has unwillingly comm led certain wrongs attain st British merchants whose goods were shipped on Board Federal vessels. In that Case on coarse it Clear. Interra Rioual Law requires that we should Appl to the Confederate government for an indemnity which it cannot Ami will not refuse. Some Lime ago a showed that there waa grave reason to doubt whether British goods shipped Utor a belligerent Flag Are lawfully exempt from capture supposing that they Are our remedy has not any interference with the Alabama in an Appeal to her government. Only Tome High handed act of deliberate violence such As the outrage on the Trent or lbs burning of the Blanche in Neutral Waters would justify us in taking the Law into oar own hands and nothing could justify a in dealing with capt. Semmes other so than As we should Deal with capt. Wilkes. If therefore. It be True that our government Nave Given Ordera that the Alabama shall not be allowed to con in British harbours they have a Branch of neutrality unless they extend the same prohibition to Federal Bucu of War. If it to True that they have Chr Mem a liar with intr Netlon if she should again by mischance or Neca Niy. property on Hoard a Iacolo to v
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