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Tri-Weekly News (Newspaper) - August 25, 1862, Houston, Texas The tri weekly news vol Houston monday aug. 25, 1862. No 17 Richardson & co proprietors. Iston saturday aug. 23, 1802. Iliou casual is among texan sold term. We copy from the Teu graph the following list of in tie Texas brigade during the engagement at Malvern Hill j uly 1st. Irl St tk.ia3 Rio mint. Co. 13-privates thus my , j Ivec Nahtan j s Dortsch killed corp z Williams wounded in both arms and Bush leg privates a 1 link Mun. Wounded in fool w g Lewis in in leg w Garner do in leg r love do in loot. " i co. C-9er2t j w trailer wounded severely Pri a bitty. "1 " torn Wen were unable to i Vates. T j Calhoun do severely h f frinr.11u w company of. The who i slightly. Is a a Ite Insi. The Mississippi objects to the facilities afforded the dissatisfied to escape from imposed upon the Law of the state Ami says Phy skit Sare making fortunes certificates of due to upon on occasion it was found that was rewarded with a discharge. Made tuis startling Dino. For oath certificate. We hive been told tint similar Means have been a opted for Dodgin the conscription in Many pans of the country. And. Thit phys Cuil i have suddenly discovered that an unusually Large proportion Tif our population Between the Ages of is and 33 is afflicted Willi Varum maladies. A disease resembling the Phuc has appeared at i .v.-"ihrd,do be Brooklyn new York ibid is creating Alum. The i killed 4 a rat symptom is the appearance of a Small pimple1 on the body which sure i a rapidly until it air the whole body. Death invariably ensues in Twenty four hours. The fail e of or. Linidsey o motion in the British parliament for the recognition of the Confederate states. In no evidence that it May r of yet be cat red. It was to come up again on the Lith ult. The London Heral 1 says the new Yankee Tariff is attacked in England on every Side and France is equally As violent against it As a measure intended to co. V privates j , wounded in a Kle k 3te3.dn.ian, do in thigh. Co. 1 i privates g w w Weatherhead wounded in thigh in Mclean do slightly t ii Hanks do slightly v m Williams do us Gully. Co. A privates j Lane killed of Mcmahan wounded in leg corp c a Fenny do in Heel. Co. A Cape Bridell wounded in hand private Vav severely ccrp.1 Roi Insun do in Arm. Funded .0. Aggregate. ,i4. Poor i ii . Co 1-pe-Gt 1 , wounded privates j w Crabtree Wuu de. Total. 2 would Tel. Jib in a Boiman l. Co. B a t Keopke killed co. A private a Sharp . K c Maxoy missing. Co. I1-t b Scott wounded severe. Co. A private j Vav Sherman wounded Morla y and since dead .1 Farmer a unused severe i i Jill. Wound d Blicht co. L capt. Dily Ptter l Auska died at Okalona. Mas 5 Jno j Duncan died at Oaka Ona May blk Anson Alewelt died at Grenada Geo be u a Broihier died at Guntown mis. May 2ti Daniel Belaney Aid Thomas Keogh missing since the evacuation of Corinth. C. Lieut j l Arnett commanding John l Killough died a. Merivil an Jane in vim k Cay died Atoa Koltis May 11 j no Copeland died in Camp near Corinth Mavu-1 f k hut Ibell died in Colv to a or inti. June 1", j v Warren died in Camp near , june la Jolgui Turnly died at Oaklona. June 5 w c Hardin died at Oak Onn june a d c Nevill Dud at Oaklonn june 18 j w Lamb diet at Columbus 17 Vav v were died at Oaklonn april 2o Jas n Ware died at Columbus june 10 c m a fee at Columbus Jim 1-j Oliver died at Canton june is w l Vaughn died in Camp near l Riceville july in Martin Kifer died at Columbus july 8 Paniell slow uni Jno a Mcmurry k c Kee land Luha Rice died at unto in John and Thomas l Farmer died it j i Anderson died at Holly Springs r braille. We Gerton and the Jias j Lynd died at Oaklona Las Cobb. John p Coleman Geo. W Nash and James m be d did at j Ore naria co. A Lieut Mcmahan commanding Louis hits Field killed by Accident on the Retreat from Corinth i in Wessells died at Oaklona june a tilth. Co. A capt Hood Geo f Johnston died nearer Idin May 9th Jas w Kaj Idolph died at Holly he Ridge Jure a ii c i Arrow died at Oaklona. June 17 d w Cates tin i at Grenada. June ii w n Covi pm i died tit Oaklona May Iti Jess i Daniels died at Corinth pro i.4th u a Hope red at Oali Loua May ugh j w for Hale or Lent. Anal to Al l and desirable farm on san a Fin to Bay containing Al out eight he mixed acres of land one Hundred in cultivation and about five Hundred acres of Meadow land i closed for Astin age. Of the Ere mites there is a Good Tram dwelling Bouse with seven Ruoin and All necessary out a fuses two cisterns a Well of Good water. Alan a Mill and Gin. A a i a storehouse and wharf where boats Siou in Guzarl  in a sing from Houston to . To the Purlina r or renter if , will be a Stock of improved Cit Leand sheep and nurses my n and hops and farming Knipl intent a. No More Mieura ble place can a found in Lions county than thin. For terms and Fui ther particulars apply to o. W. Frazer , or to the undermined. On the Peru la i o an a wlm it Shau r m a n i Irr Iorg fridays Al ,to Tours operate Tonj Tivious y against foreign govern meets the undoubted cd Twat the i Vrell be Alosi immediately on its going into effect aug. 1st to double and in win cies treble the prices of and French goods or exclude them from the a. B. Market. I the co it of collecting the to Ixos under the new j United tiles tax Bill says the Philadelphia i Ger. Is estimated at nearly four millions of dollars on s i io.ui.0 oho. The Bill provides for a whole army of Atli i Hom is Anil thir salaries and will Range from she to a i Noil. Tin of walks l oct a a Moi Tor. A scotch letter published in tout papers gives the toll wlm Shoul 1 mediation he called for alter he has assumed the Ifju Viril h Bis Royal highness will be appointed to act thus is Public career As a Friend of peace Aud Rej Luciler of men in which he will be Assis de voided a id Inorg Heads than his own " a. I privates j c Tutt j Mold Ion j Johnson. I iry died at Oaklona april 21 w i Lajam died at Tyliah int resting aecou1 Hoing the part be. Formed ill that most in garment by the Texas rangers -.-,d Lukoms kl-ewhnr3 we Al High la t k ,. W. J c n Obj r t gritting wounded s ight. Killed wounded i Jing 4. Total. 11 grand Tola -1st Texas regiment 4 killed Anil 20 wounded 4lh regiment 0 killed and wounded 5th detriment. Killed of wounded and 1 a losing. I killed 0. Wounded,31. Mass to a Corr twist. J. W. Landing Siam. The Teien graph is also Unis id with a report of t deaths that have subsequently taken place among those texts troops who were w inn led in the Battle of Gaines Mill. Those who have died of their to wis at last accounts were sergeant John n Crawf re Andrew Dennis Hen by Liiv a. H ii Hull ran j l Lieut j col War Vick Lambert p s Woods e p Henderson Lieut Rich j i Lucky 1 Heo i a re Cajita i Ryan Jamae l Smith up is j p cunning Bam j w Scott capt Porter 11 l Tyler t i i or Aid r 11 Hays. The Follo int have suffered amp Bitton to i. I m Jacobin be j c to rt.--, Arm w 11 Kos a r. A d Kau Saval Arm w l Killams leg g w t of toe Bittle at Jour frees Tuider command of i this regiment is compos Wealtny and chivalric Boro other Del is her 1 rave troops ply a s the heroic col Wharton de of the to t re became. Class of Texi Atis. And their Gallant feat at in Freis is in keeping with the heroism i played upon Tex id is and should be proud Lall and Naif will i a cup a higher be in tiie Ai Lection Aid in a etude of the  Lone than t a gilbm1 Hai Gers. Read the account re up Sinh Mii Imp Jaitin. A no Stinst in under county Ohio passed a re of Luti i Lee otly d Novinc Iii violently the present sys limn x at Ion As " u j ust. Oin qui i and Oppre Siv and partial to new Holland. I boldly Dij Iurii g that " the fed enl i Over Tient w l , at Macon m  in co. K. Cit Tiff a 0 Herr lied at Columbus Juicy m ii . May i 0 French at Semph a n Nril c it w Harper at 11azlel. It St i Artl ii m Mene or. In Hospital 1 in a 1 Mills at Oaklona june Iti k f Murhy a nil no a 3 w f Moore in Hospital May u pro a Roar ers mid 1 Mac ii a at g11 is Jure 15 Jonathan Vess at Ilith Hurst May 0 c m w i tin ton at Memphis a Oil i i j h g . In Canp april 0. Iian i of i ii tie it Ninilo j Jiayou Brazos and col of nolo j in i proud. On and alter this Day trains v Lnu to of mondays wednesdays and o clock a. M. It turning will leave Alleyton on Tum Days and saturdays at 8 o clock a. M. Close Corniece Loiis will a can Tike Ihu i Xis and n. O. Train next Nior Uini Lor the pm. Jolin ii. Hern Don i Irwi no. C. , sup. I in a Kef o. Ͽ�l3__ Lorsa let Ruvvo n Groks Toan and if. To. Puk subscriber will pay Cas 1,-c. Per Pound Lorl clean. N dered tallow Etc. Per Pound Tor rancid Corn fed lard and 40c. Per barrel for hard Wood ashes Del cred at the factory i arties in the coun try can ship to the care of their Mer Chesnis Here and receive Pav if or Ferreii in Adamse candles hard liar soap or g lamp Oil. All Ful y Tia rus tech. Frank , Lone Star soap and Candle factory. Iloo to -",.tuiie 17, Isi a. To Isom Miou tory of is iinds i oort ate. A Vino removed from Galveston to Houston my Large Stock of whte Pine and Juniper and doors they Are now off red for Stile at Market rates in the store on main Street next Alva the old i Anitas Folio to Tain pair , panned and glued i pairs window a Ailery blinds 500 doors Pimp 1, Sash and Blind. O Sli sizes and the by q\vv1 to inters solicited for Hen Tirl All other kid Tua a at our factories. A order filled for All kinds of lumber shingles. A. To a is Cash or shot Lihue u a donated. Sec v to t in. I y or re near the news Chsce. Houston or at the in Anu Cit House Galveston. July Tilro. To Leto Ilar Dware Onuk. Spokes. Shut Axt. Springs Rea y made Tiesa a. I n o 11 a i w. Sol Tilwick c of n. Ink in Siles Ereial a loss and lots m various 1 parts of he City. Enlil tolf Geo. Goldth alte agent
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