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Traverse City Record Eagle Newspaper Archives Jul 27 2015, Page 5

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Traverse City Record Eagle (Newspaper) - July 27, 2015, Traverse City, Michigan5a traverse City record Eagle monday july 27, 2015 opinion w Ashington do not worry about Donald Trump becoming president. Worry instead about what his current emphasis on current stratospheric standing in the polls says about two things the Republican party and the other gop candidates. Granted the latest Washington Post Abc news poll has Trump at 24 percent among Republican and Republican leaning voters. He was at 4 percent on May 31. The Chart for the rest of the crowded Field looks like a Flat line Electrocardiogram. Who Are these Trump supporters the Post poll indicates they Are not the most ideologically extreme. Among those who identify themselves As very conservative just 17 percent put Trump at the top of the Heap for them Wisconsin gov. Scott Walker Trumps Trump with 25 percent support. Trump backers tend to be less Well educated among those with no College degree 32 percent support Trump compared to a Mere 8 percent of those with a College education. They tend to be less affluent among those who make less than $ 50,000 a year 31 percent Back Trump. They Are younger 28 percent of those Between 18 and 49 chose Trump compared with 20 percent of those older than 50. Surprisingly disappointingly there is Little Trump gender Gap he won the support of 25 percent of men and 23 percent of women. Ladies i expected better. But heres Why you dont have to worry about Trump becoming president. First i predict the Post poll will turn out to be his highwater Mark it was mostly conducted before respondents knew of Trumps hers no War hero slur against Arizona sen. John Mccain and Trump support dropped sharply on the final night of polling Post Mccain remarks. Second the poll contains the seeds of Trumps demise. A whopping 62 percent of All those surveyed and tellingly 31 percent of republicans said they would definitely not vote for him. The comparable numbers for former Florida gov. Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton Are in the Low 40s. Moreover 56 percent of All those surveyed and 54 percent of republicans said Trump does not reflect the Core values of the Republican party. Even on his now signature Issue illegal immigration Trump is out of step asked whether undocumented mexican immigrants Are mostly undesirable elements like criminals or honest people trying to get ahead 74 percent of respondents and 66 percent of republicans chose the latter. Trumps Appeal will hopefully be fleeting but it feels different from the flavor of the month Parade of gop front runners Michele Bachmann Herman Cain Rick Santorum four years ago. His prominence cannot be attributed to simple celebrity and name recognition. More than any of those predecessors it taps into a fundamental anger among a portion of the electorate. Trump is the in Reagan unsmiling and a moored to any ideology other than Trump is but his surly message matches the times. Keith Koffler editor of White House dossier a conservative website captured this Well for Politico Magazine. Trump who seems perpetually angry is an expression of the angst of conservatives who believe the United states has gotten so deep into a mess that a Little extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice he wrote. What they adore about Trump is that he is a pugilist who has emerged at a time when someone needs to Start throwing punches. Which helps explain Why too Many of Trumps competitors were so disappointingly tentative in taking him on until his Mccain comments made it safer to do so. Consider Trump questions president of amass Birthplace. He Calls undocumented mexican immigrants rapists. At the very appearance where he went after Mccain Trump declined to say whether he believes that Obama loves America. But it took his Mccain comments to unleash the firestorm. It is a test of the other gop candidates character How quickly and How sharply they respond to All of his provocations. But the Post poll also helps explain the gop reticence. In a two Way race Between Clinton and Bush she wins by 50 44 among registered voters. A Trump bid draws 20 percent of voters increasing cd intones Lead to 46 30 Over Bush. For now anyway. In the end my Confidence that Trump will fizzle comes from Trump himself. Trumps anger Appeal. If we come to see ourselves As meat then meat we shall become. Leon Kass m. D., toward a More natural science w hat is most shocking about an undercover video of a conversation Between Deborah Nucatola a planned parenthood executive and two antiabortion activists from the Center for medical Progress cup posing As employees from a biotech firm is Why anyone is shocked. For those who a vent been paying attention Abc lbs Abc and can All ignored the Story during their sunday morning political talk shows but not Fox the discussion entered on the Sale of donated tissue from aborted fetuses. Nucatola says in the video weave been very Good at getting heart lung liver. So ism not Gonna crush that part ism Gonna basically crush below ism Gonna crush above and ism Gonna see if i can get it All intact. Cecile Richards president of planned parenthood attempted to gain some moral High ground by explaining that in the Sale of fetal tissue there is no financial Benefit. For either the patient or for planned parenthood. Instead she says. Actual costs such As the Cost to transport tissue to leading research centers Are reimbursed. On tuesday cup released a second undercover video showing or. Mary Gatter president of planned Parent hoods medical directors Council negotiating a Price for fetal body parts an illegal act. The response to the Nucatola video was immediate. Republican presidential candidates denounced the practice of fetal Organ harvesting and gop leaders in Congress have again threatened to refund planned parenthood. They wont because they a vent before. Since Roe is. Wade there have been More than 55 million and counting Legal abortions performed in the u. S. There Are a number of sociological moral and political reasons Why abortions continue but the occasional outcry when something like the planned parenthood videos surface will not save the lives of unborn children. Because abortions Are performed behind closed doors is it simply a Case of out of sight out of mind occasionally though something so horrible escapes the secret chamber that people Are repulsed for a moment at least by what we have allowed to happen and the collective effect it has had on the growing disregard for human life some of us possess. Kermit Gosnell comes to mind. The Philadelphia abortionist was convicted of murder for snipping the spines of three babies during abortions. We were aghast for a while. If our revulsion had been sustained it might have shocked our conscience into action but we were too focused on pleasure and Comfort and the Pursuit of affluence and the moment passed. Pennsylvania subsequently passed a Law that regulates abortion clinics As ambulatory surgical centers subject to the same health and safety mandates but the abortions continue. The reason no one should be shocked by any of this is because it is the inevitable outcome when moral boundaries Are removed. If we Are living in an impersonal universe if we Are evolutionary accidents not endowed with certain rights by our creator if we Are of no greater moral value than a hamburger and if human value is to be assigned by the courts then we Are All potentially at risk of extermination should we become inconvenient or too expensive to sustain. But once whatever remaining boundaries Are erased and the Cost of medical care rises government and insurance companies could very Well increase the rationing of medical care As happens now with unequal medicare payments to medical groups is. Patients with private insurance and limits on what private insurance will cover. It will Likely begin at the extremes As most i humanities do but once the killing Standard is expanded to the elderly and the sick it will quickly threaten others. How do you like what we have become America maybe our loss of morality not to mention our humanity is one reason for the Rise of Isis. As we Are reminded where there is no revelation the people cast off restraint. Proverbs 29 18. Why Selling baby parts Shock anyone r u t h m a r c u s syndicated columnist c a l t h o m a s syndicated columnist

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