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Traverse City Record Eagle Newspaper Archives Apr 6 2015, Page 5

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Traverse City Record Eagle (Newspaper) - April 6, 2015, Traverse City, Michigan5a traverse City record Eagle monday april 6, 2015 opinion 223 e. State St. Suite 200 traverse City i 49684 231 929 9300 Mark Herman . Com Clearing custody or other services May be provided by Fidelity brokerage services member nose sip. Working hard so you can relax. Mark d. Herman cup mba certified financial planner to investment manager wow. . Com 030200266401 a voracious and Eclectic Reader president Nixon instructed me to Send him every few weeks 10 articles he would not normally see that were on interesting or important issues. In 1971, i sent him an essay from the Atlantic with reviews by time and Newsweek by or. Richard Herrnstein. My summary read basically Herrnstein demonstrates that heredity rather than environment determines intelligence and that the More we proceed to provide everyone with a Good environment the More heredity will become the dominant Factor. In their Success and social standing. In a 1994 obituary the new York times wrote that Herrnstein though he was often harassed. And his classes at Harvard were disrupted never recanted his heresy. He wrote i. Q. And meritocracy in 1973, and in 1994 co authored with Charles Murray the hugely controversial the Bell curve intelligence and class Structure in american life. What brought this Back was a piece buried in the by a Section of the Washington Post about the incoming class at Thomas Jefferson High school for science and technology in Fairfax county. To High is an elite Magnet school that admits students based on their academic aptitude and achievement and offers courses in differential equations artificial intelligence and neuroscience. According to the Post 70 percent of the incoming freshmen Are asians the highest percentage Ever for a school already 60 percent asian. Ten years ago the student body was 32 percent asian. White students make up 29 percent of the school today but Are Only 22 percent of the entering class. The class of 2019 will have 346 asians and 102 Whites but Only 12 hispanics and 8 Blacks. Of the 2,841 applicants for 2015, one in four asians was admitted and one in eight Whites but Only one in 16 hispanics and one in 25 Black students. Of Low income students Only one in 33 applicants got in. What do these numbers Tell us Thomas Jefferson High is a meritocracy where the ideological dictates of diversity do not apply. Second asian students based either on nature or nurture heredity or environment or both Are As of today Superior in the hard sciences to other ethnic groups. These numbers suggest that As asian americans Rise from 5 percent of the u. S. Population to 15, they Are going to dominate the elite High schools and colleges devoted to Stem studies science technology engineering mathematics. And in the professions built around expertise in science and technology to which private and Public capital will be directed the social standing of asian americans is going to Rise leaving Black hispanic Low income and poor americans further behind. In the Post article there is no breakdown of which asian minorities excelled. In International competitions among High school students chinese koreans and japanese Are the top scorers above filipinos vietnamese and indonesians. Two years ago an activist group filed a complaint against Fairfax county with the u. S. Department of educations office for civil rights alleging that the admissions process at to High discriminates against Blacks hispanics and the poor. But As the White share of the student body at to High is falling fastest if there is discrimination the admissions process must be giving an unfair break to asians. For it is asians who Are the biggest beneficiaries of what is going on at the school. Why Are asian kids succeeding spectacularly is it because they Are naturally talented at Stem studies is it because they have a better work ethic is it because their parents demand they get their Homework done and Monitor their grades is it because far fewer asians come from broken Homes it cannot be that asians have been More privileged. Chinese labourers in the old West were terribly treated. Japanese were excluded and put into Camps during world War ii. Chinese japanese koreans filipinos and vietnamese Here Are largely from families that endured the hell of the asian wars of the 20th Century. And while Fairfax county generously supports its school it does not spend what d. C. Does. And How Are d. C. Schools doing the Post reported yesterday Only 58 percent of d. C. Students graduate High school within four years and Only about half of students Are proficient in Reading and math. So How is to High responding to its asian problem Jeremy Shughart admissions director at to has a committee reviewing the application process to improve diversity at the school. Says Shughart the committee is looking at a variety of admissions components and making recommendations for possible adjustments to future admissions cycles. We will continue to work on increasing diversity at to Host and will continue to pursue outreach efforts to ensure talented underrepresented populations of students with a passion for math and science consider apply to and attend. Fairfax county Public schools believes in the value of diversity. That is bureaucratic gobbledygook for saying they Are going to Start looking closer at the race and ethnicity of student applicants and begin using this criteria to bring in some and to reject others. Race discrimination against asians is coming to Fairfax county. Patrick j. Buchanan writes for creators Syndicate on the web at wow. Creators. Com. Diversity or meritocracy p a t b u c h a n a n syndicated columnist Michigan Senate sen. Darwin Booher r Evart 35th District 517 373 1725 520 Farnum building p. O. Box 30036 Lansing i 48909 7536 sen. Jim Stamas r Midland 36th District 517 373 7946 920 Farnum building p. O. Box 30036 Lansing i 48909 7536 sen. Wayne Schmidt r traverse City 37th dist. 517 373 2413 820 Farnum building p. O. Box 30036 Lansing i 48909 7536 Michigan House rep. Ray Franz r Onekama 101st District s 1385 House office building p. O. Box 30014 Lansing i 48909 517 373 0825 Ray Franz House. I. Gov rep. Phil Potvin r Cadillac 102nd District s 1386 House office building p. O. Box 30014 Lansing i 48909 517 373 1747 Phi Potvin House. I. Gov rep. Bruce Rendon r Lake City 103rd District s 1387 House office building p. O. Box 30014 Lansing i 48909 517 373 3817 Bruce Rendon House. I. Gov rep. Larry Inman r traverse City 104th dist. S 1388 House office building p. O. Box 30014 Lansing i 48909 517 373 1766 Lar Yinman House. I. Gov rep. Triston Cole r Bellaire 105th District s 1389 House office building p. O. Box 30014 Lansing i 48909 517 373 0829 Triston Cole House. I. Gov rep. Peter Pettalia r Presque Isle 106th dist. S 1485 House office building p. O. Box 30014 Lansing i 48909 517 373 0833 Pete Pettalia House. I. Gov rep. Lee Chatfield r Levering 107th dist. S 1486 House office building p. O. Box 30014 Lansing i 48909 517 373 2629 Lee Chatfield House. I. Gov in Lansing

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