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Titusville Herald (Newspaper) - September 12, 2015, Titusville, Pennsylvania The Titusville Herald Titusville pa., saturday. September 12, 2015 Page 7 a ukr help Book Lover seeks Book Loving friends Harriette Cole sense amp sensitivity dear Harriette i like to read and i rarely watch to. This May be no Surprise to you but i have Learned that i am not like most people. As i talk to my friends at work or in the neighbourhood mostly they talk about popular to shows. Rarely if Ever do they talk about a Book they be read. That a Fine. To not judging them. However i am feeling isolated. I would love to meet some people who enjoy Reading like i do. I done to even have a to anymore because i realized i Wasny to watching it. I have to believe that there Are a few people left out there who Are like me. I want to connect with some of these folks. How do i do that a off screens Washington . Dear off screens do not be dismayed. There Are plenty of people who make the Choice to read a Book rather than watch to what you May want to do is look for Book clubs that gather to discuss the types of books that you like. You can look them up online or ask your local Library. Go to literary events where authors come to talk about their work and sign books. Generally readers show up at these events and you will Likely meet like minded people from your Community there. Frequent the few bookstores that remain As Brick and mortar buildings. Throughout the year bookstores work hard to attract customers often with incentives that draw in avid readers. As far As your friends Are concerned do your Best not to pass judgment on them because they make different choices than you do. Accept them for who they Are As you want them to accept you. By expanding your Friend group you will be Able to enjoy your preferences More and naturally feel less pressure for your other friends to conform. Dear Harriette i am trying very hard to teach my children to pick up after themselves and be responsible. This is not a new lesson but As my son approaches puberty i find that every thing that he Learned seems to have gone out the window. I ask him to pick up his clothes off the floor but he grumbles and does no to do it. It usually takes four or five times to get him to attention. I done to want to fuss with him All the time but i Haven to figured out How to get him to do the basics that have always been his responsibilities. Do i punish him daily How can i get him to step up a consequences St. Louis dear consequences Why not have a refresher meeting with your son pick a time of Day on the weekend when you can get his Filiti attention. Tell him you want to talk to him about the future. Ask him what he a thinking about these Days. Done to push too much but do your Best to get him to talk. Then Tell him that As he is growing up it is really important that he learn How to be responsible at Home at school in his friendships a pretty much everywhere. Ask him to agree to be More mindful of his belongings and his Home duties. Assure him that his actions reflect his values and Point to his integrity or Lack thereof. Encourage him to step up for himself and his family. When he forgets remind him of his integrity. Its never too Early to read to your baby dear doctor a my paediatrician has urged me to read with my toddler every Day. Why and where do i begin dear Reader Reading with children at a Young age helps them develop their Reading skills and language. A child who reads with his or her parents will learn to enjoy books learn to read faster and want to read More. But Reading to a baby is More than that. Its also a bonding experience. Even though the baby can to really understand he or she will begin to connect spoken words to the words printed on a Page. The baby will enjoy the sound of your voice and Start to develop listening skills. And the Book will have pictures that awaken the baby s curiosity. That a Why even though a very Young baby is not yet ready to learn to read it is never too Early to Start. Young toddlers like to hold books and Point at pictures. They May bring a Book to a caregiver and request to read it. Though they done to always sit still for the entire Reading Board books and washable cloth books Are Good choices because the pages Are sturdy and easy to turn. Young toddlers enjoy looking at books with pictures of children doing familiar things pictures of animals and simple rhymes. Older toddlers like to carry books around the House. They turn pages one at a time and name familiar pictures they often demand that a Story be read again because each time they see something new. Older toddlers enjoy simple stories books they can memorize books about making friends and books about kids like them. Preschoolers can usually hold a Book without help and turn regular Book pages one at a time. They sometimes pretend to read by moving their Finger across the Page. They like to describe simple actions such As sleeping or eating and to retell familiar stories in their own words. Preschoolers enjoy and can sit still for slightly longer stories. They like silly stories and books about familiar activities like going to school or playing in the Snow. Try to read with your child for Short periods several times each Day. Choose stories that you like and share your enthusiasm about the Book with your child. Most children have favorite books be prepared to read them Over and Over. Done to forget to introduce new books too ask your local librarian for suggestions. If your child has a favorite Book look for others by the same author. A Ita. To while Reading with Young children can Bond them to you Reading itself can have a different value with older children. It can become an activity in which they learn to be alone to do something just by themselves. It gives them privacy they Are alone with whatever thoughts and emotions have been stirred by the Book. Keep in mind that books that Appeal to one child May not Appeal to another. The Only recommendation that truly matters is the one from your child. Or. Kam raffia a physician and professor at Harvard medical school. To Send questions go to , or write ask doctor Kio Shattuck St., second floor Boston mass., 02115. Three vaccines you May need now con re epo s done to put off getting these three shots that could Ward off serious illness warns consumer reports. Flu you can fend it off really though last years flu vaccine was the least effective it has been in the last eight years a reducing risk of illness by Only about 23 percent a experts say that even a not so Good flu shot is far better than none. If you do get sick in spite of getting the vaccine symptoms Are often Milder. A the vaccine May prevent you from having to go to the emergency room or intensive care unit and protect you from dying a says Vanderbilt University medical Center infectious disease specialist or. William Schaffer. The centers for disease control and prevention recommends that just about everyone age 6 months and older get an annual flu shot a ideally by october before Peak flu season. Schaffer anticipates that this years vaccine will by about 65 percent effective for most people. Measles the comeback is a big Deal this past Spring a Washington state woman became the first person in the . In 12 years to die from measles a highly contagious disease marked by rash fever Eye infections and a Long-1 eating hacking cough. And according to the Cix there were 667 measles cases in the . In 2014, a More than 300 percent jump from the previous year. Though we May see Fawer total cases in 2016 As of the end of july. Ii people in the . Had come Down with measles outbreaks it two Disney theme Parks accounting for 126 illnesses Are proof of How easily the disease can spread consumer reports chief medical adviser or. Marvin m. Lipman says a this is worrying news about a disease that officials declared eradicated in 2000, and one that is almost entirely it does no to take much to protect yourself for life. A virtually the Only people who get measles in the . Today Are not immunized a Shaffner says. The cd cd a recommendations a two doses separated by at least 28 Days a Are about 97 percent effective making the measles shot one of the most reliable most people in the . Get measles Protection from the mar measles mumps and rubella shot in childhood but around 5 percent of kindergarteners were a vaccinated against measles during the 2013 to 2014 school year. Not sure whether you were Ever vaccinated a go get a dose Quot Shaffner says. A in to Days to two weeks you la have shingles of you re 60-plus, you need the shot if votive had the chickenpox at any Point you re at risk for shingles which often causes an extremely painful blistering rash and nerve pain called Post Herpetic neuralgia or fun that can linger Long after the rash disappears. According to the one in three people will develop shingles in his or her lifetime when the Long dormant chickenpox virus in the body reactivates. To Cut your Chance of shingles by about 64 percent and the likelihood of persistent nerve pain by 67 percent simply get the herpes zoster vaccine at age 60. A a that a when we re most susceptible to the disease Quot Lipman says. Yet in 2013, Only 24 percent of adults age 60 and older did so in part because of the misconception that once you be had shingles you can to get it again. So unless you have a medical roast to skip the shingles shot if you re taking medication that weakens immunity or if you have a disease or an allergy to vaccine consumer reports says do it you la avoid symptoms a so severe that Many people cant sleep and often miss work a Lipman says. For More information Check out the report online at Prev vaccines entertainment annual a tribute to Hee Hawk brings Back corny comedy production set for Barrow civic theatre in Franklin the fourth annual a tribute to Hee Haw a sponsored by the Barrow civic theatre and the Franklin rotary club will bring Back the country music and corny comedy of yesteryear. A thee Hawk was one of the longest running syndicated television shows in history. Created by Frank Peppiatt and John Aylesworth the first episode aired on lbs in 1969. Intended As a single season replacement for another comedy program the response from the Public was overwhelming. In the Middle of that first season lbs slated the show for its official debut and As they say the rest is history. For More than 30 years a thee Hawk was a weekly event in Many american households. A total of 585 one hour episodes were filmed before the series ended in 1997. The show has been referenced by David Letterman and Jay Leno and has been recognized in the country music Hall of Fame the museum of broadcast communications and the museum of television and radio. In Honor of the Many talented actors whose antics kept us entertained for decades the Barrow civic theatre and the Franklin rotary club created a a tribute to Hee Haw a in 2012. Nearly All 497 seats of the theater were filled at both afternoon and evening performances. In lieu of its Success and great support from the Community the two organizations produced a the return of a tribute to Hee Haw a in 2013. And the third annual a tribute to Hee Haw a in 2014. Citizens May recall memo Rabie skits such As a the Cornfield a a a picking and grinning a and a gloom despair and agony on and names like Buck Owens Roy Clark Archie Campbell grandpa Jones and Minnie Pearl. The cast of the fourth annual a tribute to Hee Hawk will highlight these and other the Barrow cd Vic theatre and the Franklin rotary club Are co sponsor Long the fourth annual a tribute to Hee Haw a on oct. 24, at the theatre on Liberty Street in Franklin. Performances will be at 2 and 7 30 . Memorable moments and characters from the original show. Actors in this years production Are Jerry Gressley Penny Gustavson Michael Dedionisio Ethan Dedionisio Franklin mayor Douglas Baker rotary District governor Lee Webber or. Brad fell or. Dan Palermo Chuck Gibbons Dennis Hoover Shannon Martin Doran Gilhousen Bob Wynkoop Cliff Minnick John Smith Mary Ann Richardson Gary Barton Karen Allgeier speedy Ewing Chip Abramovic Diane Mccall Stephanie Deeter Shannon Martin Bill Hennessy Matt Beith Michelle Schall Matt Brazzell Merra Lee Obenrader Kayleen Bunkie and Carolyn Longo the a Bale Sitters Are Brianne Dahl Mike Dill Beth Mays Tambra Sabatini Maxine Fuller Roberta Mullen Mary Shoemaker Greg Knox Amber Martino Wendy Peterson Deb Shoup Gretchen Eicholtz. Michelle Melly Rachel in Miller Cambree Backer Sabrina Backer red Martin and Regina Martin. Musical performances will feature Jerry Gressley Boh Wynkoop or. Brad fell in. Dan Palermo. Julia Cherie Michelle Schuur Wayne and Linda Sebrier and Zachary Covington Franklin so taste of Talent contestants Tyler Carson Beth Ann Proudfoot and Cassy Powley and bands a Black porch Gold a a the barn i Ooran and a keep off the production team members Are Chris Shaw Penny Minnich Eddie Stclair Jeanette rouser Den Bolton Ben Augenbaugh Gary Barton Don Owen Stacy Blakley. Julie Gigue Meike Hefferan ind g us Babbington. Join others for the fourth annual tribute to i Lee Haw a on oct. 24, at 2 and 7 30 ., at the Barrow civic theatre. For tickets Call the Box office at 814 437-3440, or visit the theatre at 1223 Liberty St., in Franklin. Tickets can also be ordered online at . Belle four Che Man to be inducted into Rodeo Hall of Fame Spearfish s d. Apr the National Cowboy and Western heritage museum is inducting a longtime Belle four Che competitor and performer into its Rodeo Hall of Fame. Jerry Larue Olson 80, will be inducted during ceremonies sept. 25-26 in Oklahoma City the Black Hills Pioneer reported. A this is the most honorable Hall of Fame in be been part of a Olson said. Olson who was bom in Sturgis in 1935, entered his first Rodeo in bareback Riding and tie Down roping around 1947. He soon gave up bareback Riding saying he was too big to be competitive. He began performing in front of Rodeo crowds at a Young age As his family put together a horse act including roman Riding he and his father Larue Olson were also Well known for their Rodeo acts using Buffalo. Olson says it takes three or four times longer to train a Buffalo than a horse. A you did no to Tell my dad he do something a Olson said. Olson began his bullfighting career in the late Jerry Olson of Belle four Che will be inducted into the National Cowboy and Western heritage museums Rodeo Hall of Fame later this month. 1950s when the bullfighter contracted for Larue a Rodeo failed to show he also became an accomplished steer wrestler qualifying for the National finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City in 1969. He had to use a borrowed horse because his was too sore to perform but he placed in a couple of rounds. Olson is one of Only three people to have been to the National finals Rodeo As both a contestant and later a contract act other honors include receiving the professional Rodeo cowboys association contract act of the year in 1983, an induction into the Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center in 1994 and an induction into the pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Iii 2001. In 2004, he was inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame. Olson offered Praise to those who helped support his career a the people i performed to Are just As responsible a he said. A without them and my family there have been Madonna kicks off tour in Montreal Montreal a pole dancers dressed like nuns Mike Tyson and nonstop theatrics. Welcome to the Church of Madonna. The pop car kicked off her a rebel heart tour in Montreal to wednesday night belting out a mix of her iconic hit and new Musk from her rec a a try released album also titled a rebel she even performed a material girl Quot for the first time since 1990 s a Blond ambition tour. Do and producer i info warmed up the crowd with an hour Long set. The show a denied in Ith a video featuring Mike Tyson Chance the rapper and Madonna where she addressed topics ranging from censorship to dictatorship she then descended to the stage in a Cage. Madonna wasted in time getting to fan favourites Indus my a burning up and a Mash up of a holy water with a Vogue Ahe then pulled a classic Jiuu e and ripped off her skirt to reveal a barely there nuns outfit and started to pole dance. She then mad one other dancers also dressed As a nun to ride Uke a surfboard. Dancers then lined the stage to Madonna recreate the last supper with Madonna As the main course Madonna 57, then nun �1 to the nostalgic singing a body shop Quot True Blue a Quot deeper and deeper Quot my her first no i hit take a after performing Fri nearly two hours and hanging into countless outfits. Madonna ended the concert with a crowd favorite i Sapodin a Canadian Flag she had nearly everyone a Ai a exp a a a a Lait at

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