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Titusville Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 12 2015, Page 2

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Titusville Herald (Newspaper) - September 12, 2015, Titusville, Pennsylvania Page 4 the Titusville Herald Titusville pa., saturday. September 12, 2015-opinion i Wka a Hubi Iti yesteryear in Titusville 25 years ago sept. 12,1990 a no one can deny that from a distance Brook Street looks a lot better than it did before it was widened during the summer of 1989 residents there however. I Lave noted some problems with the project. In a photo Ken Forrester 14, holds a ruler which measures 12 1/2 inches from pavement to the top of toe cub. Residents say that an insufficient amount of paving material was used. Which accounts for toe High cubs which make it hard or impossible for some to open car door Sand problems with driveway entrances the project was a joint Effort Between the Titusville redevelopment authority and Peon Dot Titusville City manager Dennis Peden said he wifi set a meeting next week with Penn Dot to see if the problem can be resolved. A Pleasantville Borough Council tuesday unanimously approved the engineering agreement amendment that wifi increase the Cost ceiling for resident inspection service during toe construction of toe waste water treatment Plant Lake engineering requested that toe ceiling be raised $15,000. From $57,100 to $72.100. The original agreement submitted to Peon Vest toe loan source for toe Priant outlined a 12-month contract with a three month Winter period where construction would be halted because of weather conditions an inspector must be on site at Afi times during construction As mandated by Der and Penn Vest 75 years ago sept. 12,1940 a the department of highways yesterday made Public toe roads to be built with a fund of $3.253.000 that gov James and Secretary Hughes decided would no be absorbed by spa works Progress administration two Crawford county roads Are included in the program state route 408. North of state route 77, a of stance of 3.67 Miles which is reconstruction this is known As the the Erieville Road and extends from a Point one mite East of new Richmond to a Point near Cambridge Springs it was built some 10 or 12 years ago under so called a opt Schof Quot specifications by later was permitted to go to pieces the other Highway is state route 285. About a Quarter of a mite on toe Conneaut Lake Sheakley Viii Road there was something Aion to consternation to Titusville yesterday when it was teamed that route 20100. From Centerville to Little Cooley was not on the program this Road was of Prochot construction. 10 feet wide and was Bult More than 10 years ago and. Like the to piece Road. Was permitted to deteriorate to a Point where it cout Dynit be repaired a group of Good roads advocates to Crawford county have been working for rebuilding of this Road for several months and looked tor it to be on toe new James program the Herald was i Contact last night with people i authority to speak and was assured that toe cent Ervite Tutte Cooley Road would be built regardless of its not bang on toe new program a the Titusville camera ski held its regular meeting at toe club rooms last night a compete Xii of prints on toe subject of a for was held with Eleanor Rhoda merger walking off with first prize second and third mention went to Joe Harvey an invitation from toe Titusville camera club to snap shooting and movie minded citizens to join toe organization was voiced last night a entries tor toe Annua Community fair in Townville began arriving Early this Forenoon and Many of them were placed and judging started Friday and saturday wifi be toe big Day with Large attendance expected both Days the feature of entertainment Friday evening in the i o o f hat will be toe original Hau Torau mate quartet Horn Waldamere Park these arteria hers to be supplemented by Home Talent a number of concessions have already arrived my Tong a merry go round there aril be Bateste games Friday and saturday afternoon Between toe town vie and Chapmanville teams 100 years ago sept 12-13,1915 a interesting news from toe Warren Rimes a one of toe largest rattle snakes Tofield in this Vicinity so far tots summer was cited yesterday afternoon on the Warren and Tidioute Road by Harry Graham White on his Way from a top to to route or Graham ran Over the reptile with his machine but this did not seem to do the business and it was necessary to cd Patch toe Snake with a Large club the Snake measured 4 feet 7 a com and earned Rune rattles and a Button or Graham intends to have toe Pelt made into a Belt a there was a Large attendance at toe Darner dance at toe Titusville country club saturday evening music was Given by dust anti a three piece orchestra with dancing from 8 to 11 o clock there were a number of guests from Tidioute both for toe inner and toe dance this was toe last party at which toe Young people about to leave tor Colage and preparatory schools wit have Opportunity to attend As most of them writ leave tor thee studies to week David s Law is saving lives across Pennsylvania question what in David s Law answer last september the Pennsylvania general Assembly passed legislation that was signed into Law by gov. Tom Corbett allowing police to carry a drug that saves the lives of overdose victims. Act 139 is also called a a David a Law a after a Delaware county Man who died of a drug overdose in 2013. The family of David mass ii. 27, fought for passage of the we. In the year since it enactment state officials say the new Law has saved 289 lives. That a the number of drug overdoses that have been reversed since police officers and firefighters began carrying Nalo Xone. Also known by the Brand name narc an the life saving prescription Medicine reverses heroin and other opioid overdoses. Heroin and opioid overdoses Are the leading Kathy Rapp cause of accidental death in Pennsylvania killing More individuals than those involved in fatal motor vehicle accidents. In 2013. Approximately 2.400 pennsylvanians died from a drug overdose. To Date. 27 Pennsylvania counties have reported to the department of drug and alcohol programs that local police officers Are carrying or will soon be carrying Nalo Xone earlier this year the Pennsylvania state police began carrying Nalo Xone As we providing coverage across the Commonwealth. Grants administered by the Pennsylvania District attorneys association and the Pennsylvania association of county drug and alcohol administrators provided funding to Supply two Nalo Xone kits in every state police Cruiser across the state. Local police departments can also apply for the funding which was generously donated by several insurance providers. Under this new Law friends or family members with a loved one at risk of experiencing an opioid related overdose now can obtain a prescription from their doctor for Nalo Xone and administer it. If statutory requirements Are met the Law also provides Good Samaritan and other immunity protections from criminal prosecution for drug Possession As Well As from civil liability for those responding to and reporting an opioid overdose. Commonly used opioid include heroin oxycontin Fenta nyl morphine Vico in and Pero Ocet. Visit or rep Rapp for the latest legislative updates. Rapp is the Republican representative for the 65th legislative District. Gun deaths Are reaching epidemic Levels in the United states. No need to attack there doing a pretty 6000 Job All by themselves. Humans have More in common with other mammals than we admit Suzanne delivered Ber first calf in a sleet storm with 40 Mph winds. Fearful that the baby survive overnight. I took a big risk lifting tip Heifer into my arms backing out a Gate and kicking it shut. Many cows would have run me Down. But i trusted Suzanne s Sweet obliging personality and she trusted me. As if she d read my mind. She ran around the Bam and was waiting in a dry stall when i arrived with the calf we named Violet. Although calves Are As playful As puppies it s a rare cow with a sense of humor. Suzanne however would approach and lower her head for petting then Abed toes her head fling your hand up and shuffle her feet in a Little Happy dance. The Winter she kept Bernie tip Bull company in their private two acre pasture she imitated his habit of eating Apple blues out of our hands by the time Violet was 16 months you had to look twice to Tell them apart. I never wanted to sell iter but somebody had to go a Violet or her 2,300-Pound, charismatic father the fellow who bought Violet also wanted Suzanne s 8-month-old Bull calf they left on the same trailer if i were entirely sentimental about my animals i would t have done that because it left Suzanne alone in the Herd site soon became pregnant by then Bernie s passion for tearing up fences shoving the neighbor s Bull around and Breeding his cows became intolerable he also had three More daughters coming of age the fellow w to d bought Violet afford Bernie but offered to return her As part of the foal. Sold if you a witnessed the Mother daughter reunion a they recognized each other at too Yards and galloped joyously to be together a you might think about giving up beef Gene Lyons they have Strong emotions cattle. And while they re less interested in humans hence less demonstrative toward us than dogs or even horses. Their Bonds Are powerful anybody who routes this should read Carl Safinaz a extraordinary new Book. Quot beyond words what animals think and feel a Marine ecologist Safina has written an impassioned and deeply reported meditation pm Darwin s observation that a a animals whom we have made our slaves we do Nek like to consider our it is to me also deeply political a plea tor humans to acknowledge the shared inheritance informing All Complex animals from hummingbirds to tortoises and to relent in our collective desecration of the natural world. .anthropomorphic0 you bet. Safina argues persuasively that behaviour its who use the word As an insult have trained themselves to ignore the most obvious evidence in the world a so. Do other animals Haw human emotions Quot he writes a yes they do. Do humans have animal emotions Quot he writes. A yes they re largely the same fear. Aggression Well being anxiety and pleasure Are the emotions of shared brain structures and shared Chemis tries originated in shared ancestry Quot Safina Points out that the exact areas of the Brum that produce rage in humans also do in cat. How Blind do you Haw to make yourself not to recognize primal emotion m fellow mammals 7 entering his reporting Tai Large social animals a elephants wolves Orcas and dolphins he visits specialists above Learned volumes about their Complex and mysterious Behaviours. How do elephant and Orcas communicate at vast distances Why do Loller whales nature s most fearsome predator observe a worldwide truce with human beings never mind Why dolphins will break off feeding to Rescue a drowning human Miles out to sea. Safina s impassioned conclusion is that we re All together on this Earth the Only one we be got. Suzanne died giving birth to her next calf and liked to break my heart As people in Arkansas say. The baby presented upside Down and backwards on a 99-degree Day. By the time i got veterinary help the calf had died and Suzanne was too weak to survive a a Section i talked about getting out of the cow business altogether. Two weeks later Ruby a peevish suspicious animal on her Good Days delivered a Heifer calf All alone. I Hadnot been certain she was pregnant. Yet there it was tottering behind her. Next morning. Ruby was in a Pine Thicket alone bawling. Two coyotes lurked nearby. Had they killed her calf in tile night i searched in v Ain shadowed by Ruby a highly agitated and threatening. I risk getting Doser than 25 Yards without being trampled. Ruby stayed in the Woods All Day. That afternoon. She visited the Herd briefly. I figured that was that. Accursed coyotes. And then just before Sunset Mother and Lovely sparkling daughter emerged from the Woods together. Of Happy Day we re calling her her Mother s testy disposition had saved her life. Bereft of her own Mother Violet has made Star her special Friend. They re together constantly. I believe i know exactly How she feels. Arkansas limes columnist Gene Lyons is a National Magazine award Wincer and co author Oft a Hunting of the president you con email Lyons at eugenelyons2i�yahoo.com. Letter to the editor Reader responds to columnist s remarks i am writing concerning Nancy Mulvin a sept 9, eyes of Enterprise column and Ber remarks concerning the Kentucky county clerk. Kim Davis is Mulvy Stales that it is is. Davis s right to refuse to Issue marriage licenses to Gay couples and that she should t have to do some thing she does t believe in however is Mulvy failed to state that is Davis has been married several times herself. The gospel is dear that when two people Are married they Are spiritually one and that Bond is fur life therefore is Davis is my consistently living her Christian beliefs and therefore lacks credibility when citing divine authority she is also being selective. The is Dansy of the world would like us to believe that they Are heroic and Noble in their refusal to Issue Gay marriage licenses and other anti Gay Issue but they Are ignoring their sacred scripture when they consistently Issue marriage licenses to people who Are on a second or third manage obviously they Are picking and housing which teachings they want to follow this is the very definition of hypocrisy. Rim Davis is a hypocrite and a bigot trying to disguise her bigotry by hiding behind her religion judge not lest thee be judged is. Mulvy Regina Emery the Herald s letter to the editor policy than is a knit of one Teller my summon per feeder each month this sector of toe paper is Ava a to readers a too wish to vote of mores a controversial subject matter in Welcome a to not tor person attacks rive Herald reserved toe night to reject of edit any letter War toe understanding that such editing a not Matenas change toe corned of toe writer s message letters must be no mom than 400 words legibly Hano Witten typed or submitted a a men they must include toe a voters name address and Telephone number phone numbers Are required Only tor questions and Send letters to letters to toe editor the tit swae Herald 209 West sprang St Titusville a 18364. Or a Matt news a us Ehe Rato com i u pm Sci v tor a a up Quot to r to or a i a a smsss0 or i How to reach us 209 w. Spring St a Titusville a 16354 phone 814 827-3634 a fax 814 827-2512 fit i Tom Mira Cusps 631-71 a Putti d Toto crap so Shyi tim tear but of Crodan do Kushi Caber of a cumm to imm a a it m a a a a Quot a ii or a Uhm to u a a to tit 0? �?1 a a Quot my in m cuss. Bittor pm a a Etoff. A Toner Sitf a a a Iba in in to Moi Mer pm i Tom. N in a a leu to a a ism. Vol 150, no. 217

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