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Titusville Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 5 2015, Page 4

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Titusville Herald (Newspaper) - September 5, 2015, Titusville, Pennsylvania Page 4 the Titusville Herald Titusville pa., saturday september 5, 2015-opinion_i_ a a a a yesteryear in titusville25 years ago sept. 5,1990 a the Good news is that the pirates and the sleepers won Quot a sen. John Peterson r-25 told the Titusville rotary club on tuesday. The bad news is that Pennsylvania is probably looking at a tax Peterson the guest speaker at the weekly luncheon gave a changing directions in Harrisburg Quot As the title of his remarks. A i want to share my views As to where we re going and where we be Peterson explained. The next budget year Peterson said there would probably have to be a tax increase and. As he said a business will get these business taxes have been decreased in past years and Peterson said he a does not support Quot the projected increases. A two High ranking representatives of state government paid a visit to the Herald office on tuesday afternoon part of what the Commonwealth Calls an Quot outreach from Harrisburg. Visiting the Herald were or. N. Mark Richards Secretary of the state department of health and Edward Dempsey Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Dempsey is part of gov Robert p. Casey s staff at the outset of their meeting with Herald Genera manager James c. Hayes. City editor hotly Matthews. Jane s. Hayes and Jon Sherman Richards and Dempsey said they were prepared to answer any questions posed to them regarding the health department but they declined to discuss politics 75 years ago sept. 5, 1940 a when an 8-Inch Spike along with 100-Odd other assorted spikes and nails Are pounded into an inflated automobile tire and pulled out again without the tire going Flat that s news. At least your Herald reporter thought it was news when he saw it done at the Sterling Bros service station on West Central Avenue yesterday the unique demonstration was staged by m c. Bacon safety Engineer of the Sieberling rubber co., of Akron assisted by h g. Kempke. District representative to illustrate the set repair eng feature of the new Setber ing puncture Seal tube. Not Only did or. Bacon Riddle his tire with spikes and nails while it was on his car but he took the tire off. Removed the tube and did things to it that would make a sensitive car owner shudder with the tube inflated he shoved the spikes al one Side and out the other then did the same thing with a Penknife a screwdriver and to top it off a pair of pliers and to the amazement of All. The tube was air tight and As Good As new when he pulled them out the puncture Seal tube represents one of the greatest safety developments of the year in the automotive Field. A although the work on preparation for paving the approaches to the Franklin Street Bridge has been slow. Steady Progress has been made and Titusville City Engineer Fay Tow the Herald yesterday he expects to Complete this protect within two weeks with Good weather there was an unusual situation at berth ends of the said or Fay the new Bodge being about twice As wide As the old one. Necessitated widening the approaches records showed the Street to be wide enough for the necessary approaches but it Means replacing curbs narrowing sidewalks that had already been Buat and making foundation on either Side Ort the Street at each. End of the Bodge or Fay said work on the North approach is of larger magnitude than at first expected but with the Progress already made. It is expected to have that part completed within a week then. The work will be started on the South approach which or Fay says will not take As Long although new curbs will be necessary a John Ashaway who was chairman of the Day at the Titusville rotary Chub luncheon yesterday provided a unique entertainment he invited members and guests to accompany him to the cities service refinery where they were taken through the Plant by guides who explained each step each person was equipped with a blueprint showing the process of refining of which greatly simplified one s understanding of it. Some of the Rota nans although they had lived m the of Region Many years had not been in a Modem refinery and the visit yesterday was a revelation too years ago sept. 5-6, 1915 a a bicycle belonging to Frank c Popeney or of West Elm Street was stolen at Carter Field saturday afternoon while he was attending a baseball game or Popeney had locked the wheel with a sprocket lock the matter was reported to toe police and it to believed that the machine Whf be located from ales found last night an arrest to Likely to follow today. The matter of stealing bicycles is becoming too common in Titusville and once a thief a apprehended toe penalty is Likely to be a severe one a or and mrs Joseph seep. Children and grandchildren celebrated toe 70th birthday of mrs seep on saturday evening the party of 27 Wert to fwd Mcxie Springs Park in a special car Tate in the afternoon and. Art 5 o clock an excellent dinner was served in toe Pavilion by caterer Fred w Motzel of Tutu Svette the incorrectly political Donald Trump Quot the message of television As metaphor is not Only that All the world is a stage but that the stage is located in Las vegas a Neil postman. A amusing ourselves to death Public discourse in the age of show business so i see where candidate Trump and former gov. Palm Are complaining about a political correctness Quot the supposedly Liberal sin of being too polite to Tell the unvarnished truth. Me too. In be always laughed at the follies of self styled a Radical Quot left Wing professors. My All time favorite was the time a mass Amherst English professor commiserated that an a aristocratic southerner Quot like me must find the campuses multicultural environment challenging. I was maybe 28, an Irish Guy from Elizabeth n.j., a City that makes Amherst look like a country club Mitt Romney might join. Of so i did have a degree from the University of Virginia and a cute Arkansas wife some of my colleagues patronized to her face. Extreme ethnic sensitivity and comical misjudgments a the Irish Arentt exactly rare in Massachusetts and saying Vail hardly indicates Kkt sympathies a were regular features of Campus life. We plotted an Early escape. So when i Tell Diane that students at Columbia University have petitioned for a trigger warnings Quot on Ovid so metamorphoses Quot because the god Jupiter a a sort of first Century Donald Trump a goes around disguised As a Bull or a Swan raping virgins she laughs. Quot they re All Amherst now. Arentt they Quot she says. Needless to say theres also plenty of ethnic stupidity on the right. Esp commentator Curt Schilling recently got suspended for a foolish tweet equating muslims with nazis. This aroused former gov. Palin who decried what she called a a journalistic embarrassment a and urged esp to get Back to a your beloved a Titch was exactly what the network was trying to do. Why Schilling a terrific Pitcher and a Fine baseball analyst chose to inject Isis and the third Reich into the Little league world series for heavens Sake remains unclear. But lets go to the numbers. Schillings ostensible Point was that a Only 7 percent of germans were nazis. While its said Only 5 to to percent of muslims Are evidently he a unaware that Adolf Hitler was elected which makes the 7 percent figure awfully suspect. No doubt with the votes of a lot of people named Schilling. Ifs a relatively common German name. Chances Are that quite a few Kurt schillings served in hitlers armies. You Start Messing around with collective guilt and cheap historical analogies see. And there a no telling where things might end up. Even so i Hope esp brings the big dope Back. They Only him to be smart about baseball. Sarah Palin also griped during her recent to interview with candidate Trump that politically Correct a flame Stream reporters keep asking him a gotcha Quot questions a for instance they sic asking what a your favorite Bible verse and i listened to that going a what a do they ask Hillary that what does it have to do with running for the office of the presidency a Well maybe nothing. Except of course. Trump was going around giving thumbs up gestures and saying stuff like a the Bible number one. Right Quot he really does appear to think the average gop voter has a single digit in. But for the record the late tim Russert famously asked All the democratic candidates to cite their favorite Bible verses during a nationally televised 2007 debate. Hillary said the Golden Rule then sen. Obama cited the Sermon on the mount. Nobody mentioned a the Art of the you definitely get the idea though that on the Day the . Trump sails into an iceberg the Donald will be the first one in the lifeboats. Comforting the poor and afflicted does no to appear to be High on his to do list. I mean Here a a Guy who made his Fortune building casinos and luxury hotels where Ordinary stiffs can Gamble their Money away while Guys like him party with hookers in the Penthouse suite Only top hookers though a no slumming for Trump. At least he resisted informing Palin that she a no longer a to. He did say that to German a a supermodels Heidi Klum recently who mocked him with a to shirt Reading 9.9. I done to know How she resisted challenging him to a bathing suit contest. A 69-year-old Guy with a Good tailor and a physique like a Bowling pin definitely needs to keep his clothes on. In a sure a Silicon Barbie a the Lovely third mrs. Trump who a taken her own clothing off for half the Magazine photographers in new York could Tell you All about that. But she a pretty much got a mute Button. Have i Given offence of i do Hope so. My Points quite simple Trumps whole new York Loudmouth act the presidential candidate As braggart professional wrestler Only lasts As Long As everybody else acts Well politically Correct. Change the rules and there a no telling what could happen. Arkansas times columnist Gene Lyons is a National Magazine award Winner and coauthor of a the Hunting of the you can email Lyons at eugenelyons2@yahoo.com. 5whuer. The Acle seas and the future of school Choice another school year is under Way. And More parents than Ever Are using school Choice to ensure the Best education for their children. Or should i say trying to use them some groups after All Are trying to thwart them. Who you ask just ask parents in Nevada the Silver state is one of five nationwide along with Arizona. Mississippi Florida and Tennessee to have education savings accounts seas that enable families to Deposit their child a state per Pupil funding in an account that can be used for a variety of education options no longer will students there have to put up with one size fits All education of the neighbourhood Public school provides the Best fit for their child Fine. But if they want to use the Money that would be been spent at their child s a assigned Quot school for a different education option they can do that instead. Unless the american civil liberties Union gets its Way. They recently filed a lawsuit to Stop Nevada s seas from taking effect. This despite the fact that gov. Brian Sandoval signed the program into Law this Spring and that it began accepting applications a few weeks ago. More than 2,200 parents have applied and who can blame them they know they la be Able to use seas to for a Host of education related services including private school tuition online learn ing special education services and therapies textbooks and curricula a was the name implies a writes education expert Lindsey Burke Quot parents can also save unused funds rolling dollars Over from year to year to for future education in Short they have High Hopes for their children. They want the Best possible future for them. And they know a Good education is key to that. Seas can help them get there so Why does the Alco object its lawsuit alleges that Nevada s Esa program a violates the Nevada constitutions prohibition against the use of Public Money for sectarian religious yet the Esa funds go from the state to parents not from the state to religious schools. The parents Are the ones who can then use it to choose the right education option for their child which May or May not include a religious school. As the foundation for excellence in education told the Arizona court of appeals in a similar Case in 2013 a the Esa does not result in an appropriation of Public Money to encourage the preference of one religion Over another or religion per be Over no religion. Any Aid to religious schools would be a result of the genuine and Independent private choices of the parents. The parents Are Given numerous ways in which they can educate their children suited to the needs of each child with no preference Given to religious or non religious schools or that s been a godsend to students such As Max Ashton. Max is legally Blind and used an Esa prior to finishing High school. According to Max a father Marc a Blind student in Arizona gets about $21,000 a year. Which represents what the state spends to educate a student such As Max in the pub-1 in school system. A we took our 90 percent of that paid for Max to get the Best education in Arizona plus All of his braille All of his technology and then there was still Money left Over to put toward his College education Marc explains. A so he is going to be Able to go on to Loyola Mary mount University because we were Able to save Money even while sending him to the Best school in Arizona out of what the state would normally for him so on top of everything else seas save taxpayer Money even As they expand Opportunity for children and opponents of school Choice want to Stop this that completely defies logic. Somebody is truly Blind Here All right and its not Max Ashton. We need More school Choice not less. You done to need a diploma to see that. De Feulner is founder of the heritage foundation . The heralds letter to tie editor policy there to a in of one Lefter submission per Reader each Morel this action erf tie paper is available to a Deni Aho wish to voice opinions a controversial subject Mao a Welcome a but not for personal attacks Tbs Herald reserves tie right to reject or edit any Lefter with the understanding that such eating we not mate Navy change be context of the writer s message letters must be no More than Soo words egret Ray Handwritten typed or submitted via a maa they must include the writer s name. Address and Telephone number phone numbers Are required Only tor Questore and verification Sand Lefter to latter to the motor the Titusville Herald 209 West Spring a Tofu Safte a 18354. Or a Marf news a Uswa Aher att Corn Wmma in awl of pc pc it w How to reach us209 w. Spring St. A Titusville a 16354 phone 814 827-3634 a fax 814 827-2512 Abr Mew he Raiff we of 74 la jul Nap few Aji urn tear Hay. He Mill do. M amp Vida oar a Art Choom or $14400 to s3 weal in a awl flojo i g aet is arms la Ai of Fer g mme a 4 a Arf m Imp Tut comte. $191x00 Fer g Eeck a Fer a a few pm Man or Fife a a a mum of or. Feat a a a f tim my a 14154. Hmm Kolf tartar erf of of emf a Phil air serf �4m tee pm ii the Man hmm a Funti n imm vol 150, no 212

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