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Titusville Herald, The (Newspaper) - October 6, 1937, Titusville, Pennsylvania If v established in 1865 by t Stevenson president and editor v e Mcnall managing Ray Man oui Siut t m 00 in and second in Oriel payable strictly in do no lend currency or us Chelc or Money order add tem business and other communal Catlowi to Herald Tttus Lue a entered at the Posto Force at Tidsville As second class matter member associated Ress associated press is exclusively Emilie in to the use for republication of All news credited to it or not credited in this paper and also october 6 193t Good morning r hath no fury like a noncombat take another look at new England by e to a 1 cont ind from 2 Jere taken toward the admission of Vermont to the Union and if had a prominent Partin the Early history of we Colony and then the state it is a town of great Charm and Beauty and is inhabited7 largely by writers and i As Well As by persons desiring and hid their latter Yearsin the quiet or a new England Village i think relatives of our fellow townsman riffs Bryan Tiave a Home there among writer living in Dorset is Edwin Lefeyer who is an author on econom ics1 and finance and is a contributor to the saturday evening Post the Homes Are near Lyall of the new England Type within the past few years several houses that had Stockd in a Massa being flooded for a government dab have been moved to Dorset arid re erected before i the curtain definitely on this should like Osay a thing or two about new Hampshire where we time than in Vermont fact that that state voted in 1936 we a Whitefield and Short trips to Points of particular interest taking our lunch with use took notches for which White mountains Are famous we got a fairly Good break on the a i delightful time we our hotel that we should visit Lake Willoughby in the Northern part of the state and icon fess i made the Start rather reluctant by new York Vermont and new Hampshire you get Proty Well fed up on lakes but i was Jiw fint since Lake Willoughby is tit rip prettiest Small bodies of woj Jar Ever seen it has a Shore Lin that has not been extensively commercialized and near its Southern on oneside mount Side is wooded while that of hot be sheer Rock s the water pole sees remarkable Clear Ness and the pay theirl sited the Lake there was pitas we ate our lunch we observed som water fowl a few Hundred feet from Shore and it was fascinating to see them swim about and finally disappear from View for almost a minute at a time finally yielding to curiosity i decided to visit a Small refreshment stand nearby and inquire what kind of ducks they were As i approached the place i saw a a Penn with a Field Glass turned on the cos and before i had an Opportunity ask her what they were she asked me she had lived there Many years she said and seemed to know a Good Deal about waterfowl but she had never before seen any like these she turned glasses Over to me but that did help any to decide what they were ducks had a Reddish head and a breast and were quite Large after studying her Book on water fowl the woman at the stand could not decide what they were and i was just Plain ignorant about it the next Days trip took us to an interesting on Industry where wrapping bag arid other papers Are made it is not pronounced like the Berlin of Germany emphasis being placed on the first the an Dro Scogin River for Miles was full of Short pulp logs which later were run up on mountainous piles near the paper Plant the factory Aims to have enough Wood on hand to lost throughout the Winter but because the huge piles freeze into a solid mass Avith the cold weather Luis necessary to blast them loosens they Are wanted during the in Titusville from the Cirii daily paper in the Oil Region guests at the Bisish House arranged and put in execution an agreeable entertain Rnecht in the Lori i Tableaux charades and Panto monies of Ter Persed with vocal and performances thespa Cibulis dining Hall was set aside for the purpose miss barters the piano arid prof Browns violin accompaniments were exceedingly Good arrangements Are being made for a Titusville group to Spartansburg wednesday night to attend a meeting of spartan Lodge those who can go asked to notify James r Barber at the Post office an ii producers association has been formed at Tiloute Sanford opera troupe performs at corinthian Hall tonight and tomorrow night i an Organ and sacred concert will be Given tonight at St James Church those talking part will be Charles Fitz Simporis mrs r h Boughton mrs p Burzisi c u Wheeler l m Little p h Oronin j s Wheeler or i Bung mrs minor cured hams i8c a Pound at h l Hershberg gos adv please Send Down a few october 6 1887 the ladles of the presbyterian congregation Are invited to a quilting Bee at the parsonage wednesday afternoon to assist in other preparations for a Horine Mission Box to be sent to los vegas n m a 25c supper will be served at 6 Oclock to which All members of the Corier Gatton and their friends Are invited the i Hydraulic cider Mill of Joseph Kaiser Corner of Spring and Kerr streets has recently undergone Exten Sive Farmers can Brittig their apples at any time arid receive their cider 30 minutes later i nature unquestionably the most entertaining of Yankee isto be Given at the new opera House on1 saturday evening the name of the Buffy feb new work Philadelphia Railroad Lias been changed to Western new York Penn r Brown has gone to Buffalo to get new machinery for his Mill which was reentry destroyed Here by fire private meeting of pro dijkers in the grand Field was held yesterday at that place in the private of Ijo Ofell blood second another will be held today under discussion shutting Wells pending higher prices for Oil Trie Fol i6wing were s pals Tori i h Cri Perii p Boyar my Yore p Thomas g w Keplar j w Miller f a did is Hon o a Merritt v Bovee a p w e Miller Nelson Farel arid Frank Bovee 1 october 6 4903 death of mrs Etta May Johnsoh 28 at Home of parents or and Miles s Green at Enterprise eight Flye couples attend party Gly Enby eagles club in music Hall a Var and mrs Thomas shouits of Hydetown entertain Large number of relatives at reunion t i Init Auldris receive ii in riiar7 rage of miss Page of Petersburg a and George Bryan Esq brother of s s Bryan i j c Mckin Iveys brought Back to Terrace far Iii after son in grand circuit racing Manley Parker of Pittsburgh Tor Merly with the Herald visits Here in Rozite to grand Valley october 6 1922 new officers1 of diamond1 o o f Lodge Are installed by District Deputy m s Mckinley Charles h Potter reports increase of for nine months Over corresponding period year ago l mrs m a Logan arid mrs f r Whitcomb leave on motor trip through birth Lay party Given for mrs Heiry r Butler j Harold Mclntyre of this City registered in Otterbein College o word received of critical illness of Lisher former local Fesi Derit at Perryn y the great game Kent i entered the town i stopped for and inquired incidentally about pits newspapers i was informed there Jas a weekly but no Dally and i decided to learn Why a town of 20000 jihad no daily paper i parked the car at the curb and left mrs Stevenson in it while i made one of my customary parties through the business District i visited the weekly newspaper Plant and get the Story from the owner return ing to the car i was about to Tell mrs Stevenson All about my discovery when she interrupted to say it want Neces sary i have heard hardly a word of English spoken in the half hour i have been sitting Here she said the answer to the Puzzle was that 65 percent of the towns inhabitants Are French speaking and naturally had Little use for a newspaper printed in English the owner of the weekly told Mere had tried publishing a Dally a few years ago and paid rather dearly for it although he gave them at metropolitan product the name daily mall is still on the sides of this building my own thought i expressed it to was that if he could make a fair return from a weekly he was foolish to go through of producing a daily v well1 that will be All i thank you Tor and congratulate from Yett is that a number of senators feel no resentment Ioir intend to smother it some this is not1 hard stand completely Post Clai re actions and tied up with thei admin it Ratoni they fear Dis Cussion Niny damage the president upon whom the real responsibility rests and Embarrass themselves hence anxious to have the whole business forgotten and see in the advertised purpose of or Roosevelt to lunch with a distinguished prelate of the Catholic Church and in or far Leys designation of another negro Law yer to a High Federal a Slick and effective Way of minimizing the results of this vengeful and there coming up for reelection Neift year or with factional trouble in their states do not Waht further antagonize the White House by placing the blame where it belongs in their hearts they know that this is the sort bit incident that should never be forgotten that the More indignation registered the bet Ter that to gloss it Over such is the Case or Black Isnow beyond reach is a disservice to the nation that the Best Way to drive this lesson Home and make it impossible for a vindictive president Ora deceit Ful senator Ever again to Deal this sort of hand tothe country is to make its character indelibly Clear and resent it to the possible limit clearly to minimize it to agree with or Black that the incident is now closed to cooperate with or Roosevelt dignified silence on the subject to think it is made All right if the president lunches with a car Dinal and or Parley appoints another do any of these things is to condone to repeat this is understandable in the partisan senators who always think first in terms of politics and last in terms of patriotism but with others the explanation is not so easy for example there is senator Borah if there is any Way by which his various attitudes and in this matter can be reconciled with Rea daily lessons in English by w l Gordon words often misused do not say i was kind of cold when i arrived Sny i was somewhat cold often mispronounced legislative pronounce Eji Slatev first Syl Lable As ledge and principal accent on first syllable often misspelled meager or meagre observe Thelea synonyms Thrift Mesa a Thrifty shiftless wasteful prodigal lavish extravagant word a word three times and it is us increase Pur vocabulary by one word each Day today word irreconcilable not capable of being Friendly or in Harmony their divergent views and opinions were irreconcilable on minute test 1 who is head of Theu 3 National unemployment census 2 name the two chief divisions of biology r with politics it would be that Justice Van decanters retire Rhent had created no Yao icy arid the 1 had to make an then As a member of the judiciary committee he the for the vacancy he declared did not exist on the floor of the Senate he championed or Black against Trie charge that he was a Kun Kluwer asserted that or Black in private Conr had of ten denied if refused Tib vote to Send his name Back to the coming tree Soh could be asked then he against his confirmation and it All i now that this thing he the Senate Siisi not True turns out to be entirely True sent or Borah says that is what he the time but it makes no difference and he Hopes nothing my refill be heard about it t what is the explanation of such a Man How can the Workings of such a mind be explained it is easy to it Oft and say that the 1937prize for the most Pili Blecman heretofore held by senator Ashurst by general consent should now go to sen Ator Borah but it int a thing to laugh about it int funny and it int whole some particularly it do snot seem so when one considers the extent to which or Borah could clarify the Public thought on this business sweep aside the false pretence and expose fully the disgusting hypocrisy of in this Case Lias been done in the name of Ilbe racism because of his unqualified denial of or Blacks klan relationship on the Senate floor More than any other senator he has the re ghetto feel deceived and betrayed with his great ability if Only head the capacity for he could make it impossible for or Roosevelt to continue for or Black to Brazen it but or for any considerable portion of the people to be fooled instead he Hopes Well hear no More of it its pity about or Borah the kindest thin that can be Sald about him in this Case is that he is confused a which has Long Sceri t Wili become in the near fun lure a v widely t e ii i 6i h or arid is fire suitable a bad substitute for Al a reducing diet thobe Jiff to food bemused t sap a Oft Ftp cars t t Viii Cut says of icon that it makes i of a i Al i s substitute for Raj Elk with who cows t Kov it Raj dices a Al Kaline Ash so that it is sul Tibie Fovtino Getho heed Teget it is i bloc is Mic let for by god pressure and similar Vitke chinese Nake Matt with spy Cbeari Flo if in nowt a chinese is nov k in chinese i Reata Well a attn Paiada Etc a aude on account the with the nutritional quasi comparing with other foods l i j i we Proton bean Albun 42 20 f v24 spy can flour 12 18 r24 7 73 to of carbohydrate or j Ein Content interesting Indya is vsorhe1 proteins thah others an Imal pro is fn6recomplite and r the Yarp Feln Epif of be apart same a Shiloh Hia flt a Puli Sci Zapar t by f20 Are Liebe and Atli easy i Beth la a nit of fal founding Yolk of 1 dec thin a puce but in v that world series Isiaah betweeh1 two Tork teams in tha Mana the next desk Hes because fax t Wearl Hejl Bok Joist those Lipiew Falli were told1 adapt loftier of headgear it seems Weva riot Lahd of the taking their clothes Well i nations proud Luckiest Coli Itria Are these that have had very Little of the Blind the pne eyed Man is king1 change Las word Sto dictate re after opened today on the anniversary of their Mirhij the Herald ext rids greetings to mrs Mclntyre pleas Artville Grant Hunt Centerville Sarah Torey Elliott Titusville Anthony Tutu Ovule mrs Alice Hunter pm Neville Caroline names must be riven to the Herald two Days before they Are to be published today Horoscope tolerance is an attribute of persons whose birthday occurs today respecting the opinions of others the Seldom engage in argument hints on etiquette it is not advisable to give expensive prizes at Home As this would oblige the recipient to award expensive prizes at his or her parties Bible thought a prayer for guidance teach National treaties think pen sword Ian a itch be a Aee Haimov Rifle Compito Tiomi to Meit 6iirrenthew8reel8 v Junior for alld inf i Fawn Bim Fater v May be Jikit studying to become a Honal Aki Champion Hunting oldest in the he Febry of Mankind according r to an article in a by Lelih Magazine thought they were vacations of c c just had Wiir f Eeling 0f in wearing a Linen Ault it Boc Omea Tobios to Wiear one hitter and Umusa Ojill us now working diligently for the of world after Scott i of a i i bycentraltrc5s association for Iii the Rich opt Stirn who had Ortuna Toner ivc before had in theft High too Seir Happy and at mraule age than los Ito his thriving practice and the kehntcjys1 social Post run now go on with Tzib Story 5 chapte3r 6 the Early Pirl h 1934 there outbreak of measles in the and Esther who had the in her child Hood t eur happens in she got it badly and waa depressed Ami outs of sorts for some Tine she a Jaenis to Westbourne for an month and at Weet ends Tim motored Down to a cipher at hotel on front the thin happened one sunday in february of one of these Occa a Fine afternoon had by a dark Guity night with Fuh pus apus of rain blown front the sea by a tremendous in Payi Isoif at had a few minutes to allow the Prowd s to disperse when they came1 out of the Park the streets were almost the Way Back to the hotel Jay through la a Crescent of better the Crescent was died Ana they Only received be full Forve of the Gale just be fore they emerged into the main Road sudden Squall lifted Esthers hat an4 carried it across the cres cent flattening it against the rail on the other aide of the Road once jumped t j Esther slipped on the roadways Greasy surf Esther Tat to retrieve it she was three Yards Fror Rathe railings when she became aware a truck Wheeling round from the main Road howling wind had drowned the sound of her Hus nand vhf Arnvig Aholt she hesi7 rated nearly Loat her nerve then de plied to try to get Back there waa but in a Tummy she slipped on the Greasy surface the terrier As lighted the Driver on his proper Side 4idj not seer her until she was be attached to tit and Esthers it was a hideous contraption Sug Gesting a device of the torture indeed it was for the weights excruciatingly pain Ful were piled on to the limits of the victims endurance in the Case of the Tibia some Progress was made by this method though owing to the time that had elapsed Muscles had atrophied and it was impossible to make a really satisfactory Job still it was judged Best to leave it at that trusting to Massage to bring about a gradual improvement but the fracture respond to the numerals did not the broken Bones showed nos wheels the truck ther a dozen before throwing her a hideous sound of collapse louder than could be conceived possible Back on to Roadway up to her just Ai tie lorry had screeched to a standstill Stie Lay dreadfully inert t rethought she was dead1 Sevelj in oaths in a prof vat Evward general Hospital car Ltd to Ltd where assistance could beg even await was fount 1m no sign of coming together and if the Arm at All a plate would have to be in inserted but this project set up a vicious Circle the longer plating was postponed the better Charice Esther would have of standing the operation but the greater was the risk sepsis for the abrasion set up Bytho Extension had brought the flesh to Art ugly condition t problem was put Hup to who with the Rej Neof or Arkwright decided on Bolc Ness was successfully performed but the fear of sepsis top Well possible to move Hera the of the right Albia Jeb Usefof severe contusions and lacerations in face and body were the worst that she survived at Al was against All common sense and for Over a week she was not expected to do so both the intendant and the House surgeon of the Hospital were uncompromising opponents of Tihe purely narcotic Useo the stronger fac that they allowed her to do give heavy doses of Morphia every night for the first 12 to the hopeless took of to the of skill actually thelast immediately Seri to Start on the comp limited task of jts etting the tiie fractures until valuable time had were of Legand Arm Pat Leht for Manyi ami1 was riddled Aischa sinuses and the bunion of the Bone was slow in forming it was not found possible to remove the plate until August a month later this po6r wreck of a woman left the Hospital being taken for such re covery As she could Hope to achieve to an expensive West Bourne nursing Home she re Maine there for two months slowly regaining a fair amount of physical strength late november Esther was Broughtt wilderness object of pity and horror to ail who had known her in her a Dight Pritne so Long As she was had Sneyer been told the Fiill truth Afi Oitt her con do tin but she knew the wars be husband Hla Waln no condition to stand an they tried to the fractures by extent t her right leg was Perma Ner itly shortened by three inches i might not be necessary for Hei surgical Boot but a Mieyer walk without Alamp her was wit Berekvam the of the Elbow con plate in lost1 her nose1 arid up pc an i held Oli Ai a into Ial her hair had Gray Ier face taken on Mes i i but suffering had left legacies inner than phys Leaf disability she Oul not shake off the horror of he original catastrophe that dreadful moment just before the Impact when her mind had approx ended with pellucid clearness the certainty of extinction was with her a Little before the of daytime it returning to rave if her nights after she had a few weeks her nigh Masea it first r the form of sudden sweating awakenings with pouncing heart later As her strength increased taking More Active Ami violent nurse who had engaged to stay at the wilderness so Long As her services were required often had difficulty n restraining her Harold arc Wright confessed himself at a loss for an effective treatment apart from drugging f her lightly privately he suggested she should be Aken to psychoanalyst though Nis professional position do barred from taking any Steps in the in All other respects he was satisfied Progress made j True Esther was silent had never sensitive in the sex Toth fact that she a her physical strength returning that he Felt confident that these symptoms of least in an aggravated form what of Tim Kennedy during this painful time in West Shil Ston people gave him almost As Muth pity As his bore the blow with such1 uncomplaining Esther Ith such and solicit Uncle while Jishe was in the Hospital arid the nursing Home he had motored v to Bourne and every Beverii Gafter his work hours1 on end tending such of her needs As he if she1 hot hours of the he courted from dislike of dig Man Tower on his sleeve what through his the Al Lwy night hours it at Ltd conc cured i s

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