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Titusville Herald (Newspaper) - October 6, 1937, Titusville, Pennsylvania Wednesday morning the Titusville pay Herald october 6 193 the tees in pictures How dentist halted Bank Holdup away from banking pappus shows How o h Macomber wounded Nelson t Johnson us ambassador Nelsen to John son to China moved his staff out j1 of banking As japanese prepared for terrific Aerial bombardment of the chinese capital Johnson moved 11 Miles up the Yangtze River aboard the gunboat Luzon freed by president where Holdup took place two gunmen dashed out of a Midland Mich Bank after robbing it a dentist or f l Hardy saw them flee from his upstairs office window grabbing his Deer Nile or Hardy a crack shot punched it through a screen fired and killed one of the bandits he fired again Elling the second Bandit thus Michigan 13th attempted Bank Holdup of the year was frustrated in the top photos left Charles kappas shows How or Hardy fired from his office window through the Hole in he screen right c h Macomber Bank Dent wounded two others Vur tue Holdup below the it chemical Bank me0al for hero John w Tilton a presidential Pardon has been granted John w Tilton 25year Plaj publisher of Rochelle i Fol 16wing a term in the county jail a Sycamore i for violation of parole Tilton placed on Proba Foj ution five years ago after of perjury and violation if the when it was discovered he had twice left the state cleaner up Billy Epperson with parents a Carnegie hero fund commission medal is sought for Billy Epper in paralysis victim r has returned this Tuisa Oklahoma from a Hospital where he spent much time in the Iron Billy vice relinquished his place in the Iron lung at the risk of his life to save the lives of other patients in the Hospital 5 both patients with whom he shared is Seeri in his Home with his parents Brand mrs s Eppe Sofii guard pupils again paralysis Frank r Mcninch appointed by pres Jet Roosevelt to clean up the Federal com Mun cations commission Frank r Mcninch is in As chair the acc known for his work As chairman of the Federal Power commission the president borrowed him from that efficient commission to reorganize the cominus Icalona commission f d r naval aide Nuree Honora Green examines James Ledbetter school officials Are taking no chances As a cools resume following1 infantile paralysis wave students Are examined by nurses nurse Honora Green examines James Ledbetter and he Cornea through with flying colors capt Walter b Wood son a former chief of staff of the Asiatic Fleet capt Walter b seen at his i desk in Washington is the new naval aide to president Roosezell Captain Woodson succeeds capt Paul bag Cdo who is returning to sea duty Sivit t to collect Hill actions again Psi two Large companies v Tuii Ivy h i other Verango co cases among the eighteen cases listed for Pic october term iof Venango county civil court at Franklin by judge a Mccracken on monday october is Are Tyvi suits against insurance companies by mrs e Pearl Korb of pleasant Yilli one suit is against the Mutual life insurance com Pany of new York and the other against the Prudential insurance company of America the husband of the plaintiff e m Korb died Van april g1938 from pneumonia and the widow claims this Dis ease because of injuries sustained by or Korb in a fail the poli cies of which the widow seeks to collect called for double indemnity in Case of death from Accident other cases there Are a number of other cases scheduled in which people residing in the Vicinity of Titusville Are litigants including the following Floyd f Rice is Hunter Grove and Roy c Bradley Merrill Green Asad mini Strator of the estate of Ruth Green deceased among the jurors summoned to serve at this term of the following Cherrytree township mrs Ruth Pat Vii mrs Lela Graham Oakland William Reed vacation Days i of the g6od ship Idylene rational Dairy i v i and horse at Cpl Zimkus o dairymen from Crawford county As Well As horse breeders or horse mind de people have an Opportunity to see a real big show very close to Home from october 9 to 16 the National Dairy show which is being Heldi at Columbus o the first time this show is being held in the East for quite some time dairymen interested in the major Dairy cattle Breeds will have an Opportunity to see a world Champion other outstanding International and famous events will be the International Percher ii show exhibiting 400 prize draft horses competing for a purse of and horse bleeders May be interested in knowing that Thead Vance Sale of tickets is rat half Price those wishing to Purchase tickets in Advance should see Che following Corri Mitte Emen in Crawford county Ivl Erle Ongley Centerville r d Frank Firth Spartansburg George Titus Ville Earl Keller Meadville j Scott Patton Hartstown ii a h s Charles Sherlock Charles resident of Bloom Field for the past 27 years of incl at sch Horne of his daughter mrs James r Ozark in carry monday at a m services in his memory will be conducted from the Clark Home thursday at 2 p m d Iju Muneji Louis d Hummel aged 84 died at the Home of his daughter mrs c e Gibbons lp5 Elm at 5 p in yesterday after an illness of one year he was born at Mercer and spent All his Ife in Pennsylvania he Wols a Miller by trader and at one time operated the Valley Mills near Cooperstown he leaves the following children or Stacie Gibbons at whose Home he died mrs b e Summers mrs j c Haggerty tylors William Washburn mrs Kalph Arndt ail of Detroit Mich Rev Dolly e Jav Mcfarren of los Angeles Cal b c Hummel of Flint Mich and l l Hummel of Coch Ranton there also survive eleven grandchildren and seven great grand children his wife died 24 years ago the body was prepared for burial at the Clyde Hack Riley funeral Home at Chapmanville and will be returned to the Home of his daughter this after noon where funeral services will be conducted at p m thursday with Rev s s Clark pastor of the Frank Lin Baptist Church officiating inter ment will be in the Franklin Ceme Tery Home from Hospital mrs Mary Proctor was removed from the City Hospital to her Home near East Titusville yesterday afternoon in the Arnold ambulance v read the Brevity ads today statement of the Mannge Chron Letlon Etc of the titusvj3clb Hekate published daily except sunday at Titusville a required by the act of Congress aub21 1912 publisher k t Stevenson Titus Ike a editor e t Stevenson Titusville a manikins editor e w ire Fiall a business manager e t Stphenson to Turville a owner tha till Nellle Herald inc in Kwh Norte aprons and other Security Holder holding m per cent ormore1 of total amount of nor Skages or other secure Tatofi f r Stevenson a j b Stevenson Stltt Hville a k t file trustee for w d Stevenson a War afro of copies of each Issue of this publication sold or distributed Hirough Tho mails or otherwise to paid Kiil scribers during Tho six months preceding the Date or this hittite intent 4021 t in pull usher so turn to and Suhs Albod before me thl hath Day of 1917 geougi3 p Tulloch notary Public my commission expires Vav poll i 1941 by Herbert editorial about the Middle of August the Herald asked Herbert e Varnum to about a boat trip he arid or m by Smith arid Hugh Miles of this City were about to make frown Erie to Points in Canada to be joined at Toronto by mrs Smith and mrs Miles he agreed to do so and within a week or two after his rely Rev submitted his copy it was handed to where the primary election Campaign was at its height and was put away so carefully that when search was made for it later it could hot be found just a Day or two ago it was in the exact place where it had been so carefully placed we feel this explanation necessary to account for the lapse of time Between the writing and the publication in to Way however does the delay in publication de tract from or Varnum interest ing narrative the question i have had to answer most often about my recent cruise in the Idylene is whether i got sea sick fortunately we Only had about two hours of rough weather and none of us had a touch seasickness for the Benefit of those who Are not acquainted with the boat i shall give a description of it the Idylene is a 36mi foot Cabin Cruiser powered by a 140 h p Peerless motor or m l Smith built it in his garage in 1929 most of the1 boat is mahogany even the Hull which is painted White Trie ribs braces and keel Are Oak Start ing with the Bow there is a 150gallon tank for storing water then a Hatch in which the life preserver and Anchor Are stored the first room is a toilet room in which there is running hot and cold water and a space for hang ing clothes then there is the Cabin with seats running Lengthwise the backs of which pull up making two double deck Beds then comes the Kitchenette consist ing of a Prothe Gas cooking stove a sink a table for cooking and an ice Box the dining table is in the Center Between the seats with sides that fold Down Between meals tills r room has about eight lockers in which Are stored clothes food and other things this Cabin is ventilated by portholes and a Back of this room is the enclosed dec House the windows of which have screens in this i room is the steering wheel Compass and con Trolson the boat and also a wide Flat space for charts Backof the deck House is a Small open deck the lifer boat or Dinghy was strapped on top of the dec House we used that to go fishing the boat has a Fine radio electric lights and running hot and cold water a charcoal strove provided heat in the Cabin during the cold nights i Hope i have described the Cabin Cruiser sufficiently to show you that the boat was Well equipped for live incl the Fco double berths provided sleeping quarters for four and the fifth person slept on a folding cot in the dec House two other questions i have been asked is How much gasoline the boat used and How fast it would go the boat weighed about seven tons loaded and would make approximately two Miles on a gallon of gasoline at the rate of ten Miles per hour which was the Speed we went most of the time the boat is capable of fifteen Miles per hour but that is not economical defying superstition we started our trip on Friday the thirteenth of August leaving the Erie yacht club at g p m and tying up outside the Harbor behind a Hook at the end of the Peninsula As we went through the Harbor Entrance we informed the coast guard that we would not be Back the next morning we arose at 4 and after breakfast pulled up Anchor and set out across Lake Erie for port Colbourne taking a Northeast by North course the water was pretty Choppy and the water dashed up Over the Forward deck male ing it necessary to use a Windshield wiper this let up after about two hours so that the balance of our cruising was in a Light sea this was relatively easy travelling for All but the helmsman who had to watch the Compass As the Waves had a tendency to throw the boat off the course he also had to watch the water for fishermen nets which were marked by red bombers or steel buoys we saw a half dozen fishing tugs and probably a dozen Lake freighters about 10 Oclock we caught sight of the on Tario Shore of Lake Erie and gradually caught up to a Coal freighter which we followed into port Colbourne arriving there about noon a distance of 62 Miles we entered the first lock of the Wei land canal at Humberstone and there paid our fees of for going through the locks this lock dropped us about four feet we then had Clear sailing across the isthmus to thou old where seven locks dropped us to the level of Lake Ontario each one of these seven locks dropped us approximately forty six and on half feet this was a novel experience but became rather tiresome before we had gone through the last lock the freighter which we had for Lowed into the canal went through the locks with us the length of the locks were 820 feet so there was plenty of room for both boats upon entering the locks we threw Bow and Stern lines to men who attached them to piers we held on to these lines which were 1qo feet Long and when the water was Down to the next level the men threw the lines Down to us we then had to Coil up the ropes for the next descent the latest Welland canal was opened in 1931 and seems to have every mod Ern conceivable thing to protect the boats going through each lock had double Gates in addition to guard Gates preventing the boats going in and out until they were lifted each lock had red and Green lights like traffic signal lights and you could go in and out of the locks Only on a Green Light the Panal was built to accommodate boats of 25foot draft the Jast Welland canal is the fourth the first one being started in 1824 As a private Enterprise we arrived at port Weller at Trie Ontario end of the Cana 8 Oclock in the evening eight hours is consid ered the average time forgoing through the canal while we were in the locks we got quite Friendly with the master of the freighter he said that if we wanted to follow him to Toronto we could we had intended to stay at port Weller Over night and proceed to to Ronto on sunday but the Lake was Calm so we thought it would probably be better to follow the freighter across tit when buying or to taking try Titus vice americas Sweet tooth a Hundred years ago sugar was so rare an expensive that the average american consumed Only ten Poi ids of i it a year according to the United states department of i Commerce today the consumption of sugar in the United states by every Man woman and child is around 100 pounds a year out of the mists of legendary lore we derive the idea that the Art of sugar making came from India and that the word from the persian language so much was sugar coveted that we Are told sugar was one of Columbus objectives when he set sail for the new world in 1492 the first american Cane sugar was made in Louisiana before the revolutionary War the making of beet sugar was begun in France in 1811 by Benjamin de Lessert and some time after 1847 its manufacture was introduced into America by the mormons of Utah today sugar is among our greater american industries according to the lates Bureau of census figures there Are Well Over 150 establishments engaged in processing and refining beet and Cane sugar the raw materials and supplies purchased by these sugar establishments Cost More than last year Titusville shares with All America i its use of sugar and the Titusville Trust company extends its Broad facilities to i Hose individuals and Busi Nesses thai Are interested in sugar production and Sale As Well Aslo the whole Zei Iship capital surplus profits and reserves Titusville Trust company Titusville a when we got inside the Toronto Harbor which is protected by several Large islands and a breakwater redid a Kef if Dock for As the Shoie was a mass of lights and we could not distinguish any docks we noticed a Small sail boat cruising along so we pulled up behind and asked the skipper where we could tie up for the night he came on Board and we towed his boat into the Royal Canadian yacht club on Center Island facing the Mam part of Toronto Harbor this around Midnight and we were plenty tired after getting up at four that morning most of the boat owning members of the Royal Canadian yacht club Are interested in sail boats there were a great Many of them tied up in front of the yacht club and also in the Back Lagoon where we Weie tied up there Weie several other Jane can Cabin cruisers tied up there sunday morning our Friend took us for a Nde on his class c sail boat this is a medium size boat having a water line of 28 feet we went but into Lake Ontario a Little bit but twas too rough for Comfort so we came Back in Side the Harbor we were then glad that we had not waited to Cross Lake Ontario in the afternoon the wives of the other two members of the Crew joined us perhaps i should Tell was composed or m l Smith who was chief Engineer and chief navigator and Hugh Miles who was assistant Engineer and myself who acted As assistant navigator mrs Smith and mrs Miles took turns doing the cooking and we had marvelous food i gained Sev eral pounds during the trip to be continued a september report of cow testing work John e Baker tester for the Venango county cow testing association reports 361 cows in sixteen herds under test in september there were 94 cows with bitter of at averages above 40 pounds and 27 with fat averages above 50 pounds fifty three cows averaged above 1200 of milk and 88 had production averages above 1000 pounds the ten highest cows were registered Jersey 5 years River Ridge farm 1047 ibs 40 milk 513 ibs butterfat registered Jersey 7 years River farm 999 ibs 51 milk 509 ibs butterfat registered Guernsey 10 years Gra Ham Marstellar 987 ibs 4970 milk 484 ibs butterfat purebred Guernsey 7 years e Stewart 888 ibs 54 milk 48 ibs Faut Ter fat Holstein and Jersey 11 years w e Stewart 1087 ibs 44 milk 479 ibs butterfat Grade Guernsey 7 years Graham Marstellar 1095 ibs 43 milk471 ibs butterfat Guernsey and Jersey 5 years w e Stewart 1083 ibs 43 milk 466 ibs butterfat registered Guernsey 8 years Verne Ashbaugh 1032 ibs 45 milk 464 ibs butterfat Jersey 6 years Ralph Mccoy 009 ibs 51 milk 464 ibs butterfat registered Jersey 5 years River Rise farm 840 ibs 54 milk 454 ibs but i the ten High cows in the registered Holster Herd at Polk state school farm milked oftener than twice daily James Calvin Peebles services Tor James Calvin Peebles were conducted from the Arnold funeral Home at 2 p m with a Large at Tendance of relatives and Friendl and Beautiful Floral tributes Rev e w Mattison pastor of Pleasantville u Church and he read in As in the presbyter inn cemetery at Cherrytree with the following As pall bearers David valid Charles Warner chaises Wright Arthur Brady Roy Loo Teand mrs Caroline services m mrs Carolini Balzer Watson conducted from St Titus Church with a Large attendance of relatives and friends requiem mass was celebrated by the Lector Rev James p Hopkins the interment was1 made in St Aimes a3t Lehy Many will fied Popeney and Hemy liver Good among those in attendance from of the City Almond Harmon mrs a b Haimon missive Fenton of Corby or mrs Bert of crab or and Fivi Hagmann Joseph Hauler of miking mrs Thomas much Niy mis Susie mrs Anna Phaffe and miss Kate Jebel of Erie mrs George Barber of Goddard a v entertain at cards the Hydetown Odd Fellows enter tamed players for 14 lilies at then card party last prizes were awarded As follows a Slot mrs h a Weber and Han Jfe second Lois Burrows and frs c to Labrown third Ora Ehrhart arid m door Earl Curry served another party will be held next Day night Herald want ads Willet it for you in a hurry use the now in feeling Finel if free from that throbbing headache and ready for a Good Days work j 1 All people who from heada0hes ought to know this Quick Relief at the first sign of such pain take two Bayer aspirin tablets with a half Glass of water some times if the Pun is Jnore severe a second cose is necessary later according to directions if headaches keep coming Back we advise you to see your own physician he look for the cause in order to Correct it the Price now is Only for twelve tablets or two fall dozen for 25 cents virtually Only a cent apiece

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