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Titusville Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 6 1937, Page 1

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Titusville Herald (Newspaper) - October 06, 1937, Titusville, PennsylvaniaWeather partly Cloudy warmer details on classified Page vol 73 no 98 printed after 3 a m established june daily paper in the of Region Titusville wednesday Mohning october 6 1937 published in Titusville a Birthplace of the Oiland natural Gas Industry Means associated press original Drake three gents two factors create 4ugly situation in Europe italian air Armada headed by to paces son to Aid insurgents Tii Spain Keporos say pirate submarine defies Britain might Greal Britain Cabinet to have meeting today to discuss situation by James c old Field London oct re ports of a crack new italian air Fleet carrying ii paces aviator son in Spain and a pirate submarines Defiance of Britain sea might tonight created what informed observers termed an ugly situation for world peace these two new factors brought France and Britain face to face with a grave turn of events made More Cru Cial by bitter warfare in two parts of the world foreign Secretary Anthony Eden taking at least moral support from president Roosevelt indictment of creators of Aff Lerchy broke off a country Holiday and hurried to Lon Don for tomorrows important Cabinet session Well informed sources said president Roosevelt Chicago speech in which he pleaded for world peace and at tacked War makers would be discussed at length in tomorrows meeting of the British speech Cabinet London received the with enthusiasm and sources close to the government said it tended to reinforce Britain and Frances de mands for removal of foreign Volun Teers in Spain Ivray discuss counter moves it was believed that measures to counter Italy military Maneu vers might be determined at the meeting As the feeling of Well informed persons toward Italy hardened because of the italian move Rome dispatches reported a Squadron of 23 Best planes was believed to have made an inaugural plunge into the Spanish conflict by bombing Valencia Premier Mussolini son was said to be with the Aerial expedition bolstering insurgent Generalissimo Francisco Francos War machine authoritative circles pointed out such an expedition not Only violated Italy no intervention pledge but also the spirit of assurances recently Given foreign minister Yvon Delbos of France and Britain charge in Rome e m b Ingram that there would be no further shipment of italian Volun Teers to Spain submarine perhaps sunk a pirate attack on the British de Stroyer basilisk off Eastern Spain yesterday was deemed Likely for Cabinet consideration As Well As the apparent italian intention to push for an in surgent Spanish Victory before Winder Spanish dispatches indicated avenging British warships already May have sunk the unknown submarine that launched a torpedo at the basilisk while it took part in the Franco Brit ish Mediterranean patrol against just such marauders the cooperating French and British maintained the veiled threat of a note to Italy last week that Noni Terven Tion would be extremely difficult to maintain if italian Aid to Franco continues there was reluctance informed quarters said however to reopen the French Border to the Spanish govern ment until Mussolini has had time to reply to the Tri Power invitation the great game of politics by Frank r Kent copy Riglis 1930 by the Baltimore Suu the efforts to condone now that the facts about his klan membership have been established one of the least pleasant phases of the Black business is the tendency of cer Tain of his former senatorial colleagues to dismiss As trivial the dishonourable silence by which the Senate vehemently assured by or Blacks friends that he never had been linked with the klan was cheated into confirming him because that is what it amounted to not Only was there rank abuse by or Black of the traditional senatorial Courtesy strained for his Benefit to the limit but there was deliberate deception such As had not been perpetrated before upon the Senate by one of its members instead of condoning this unmitigated fraud with mealy mouthed inanities and pious Hopes that the new justices professions of tolerance largely based on his declaration that some of my Best friends Are jews should be accepted As satisfactory both the dig nity and the self respect of the Senate would seem to demand at least some show of resentment with the facts fully revealed it is reasonable to think that a Senate which permits that sort of thing to be done to it without some Public stration of its indignation has to dig nity and slight self respect wholly aside from or Blacks klan connection a Senate with so Little regard for itself As to Swallow such treatment without registering condemnation can hardly expect much regard from Dis continued on re Circle victim Gen Johnson denounces labor paint problem defies science Pittsburgh oct took a Back seat today while old fashioned Elbow grease was applied in a renewed Effort remove from the White Limestone Walls of Mellon inst tue of Industrial research the Black painted score of new York University Gridiron Victory Over Carnegie tech solvents abrasives and chemicals were tried by the scientists in the new research building but work men finally resorted to Chisling and buffing to erase the Asphalt base of the Sinfo thigh letters in new york1 professor Philip o Badger assistant to the Chancellor of new York University and chairman of its Board of athletic control said the school deplored the painting episode but that to one associated with the University had been connected with it livestock prices slump Chicago downturn is result of consumer resistance to High meat costs by Tae associated press Chicago oct possibility of meat Price declines the nations slumping livestock markets reflected today the Force of consumer resistance to six year High Butcher shop quotations the Market values of hogs dropped 50 to 65 cents a hundredweight at Chicago stockyards and other major livestock centers cattle prices Here recovered steadiness after yesterdays sensational Tumble of 50 cents to one of the sharpest Breaks on record this general downturn of live animal costs which has been reflected also in sheep and lambs carried prices of most livestock to the lowest Levels in weeks the drop in livestock has been accompanied by Sharp Price concessions in some wholesale meat cuts particularly pork beef cuts have levelled off demand slow Market weak As the tone of reports from Many of the major distributing centers indicative of the sluggish condition of the wholesale meat Trade wholesale beef has declined one to two cents a Pound in Chicago the last few Days veal at various distributing Points is one and on half to three cents lower Lamb one to two cents Down and fresh pork one and on half to four cents Down the sharpest break has been in pork with fresh loins Here now quoted at 17 to 24 cents compared with 21 to 33 the Middle of september livestock men said lower meat Ani Mal and wholesale meat prices usually were reflected in the retail Trade Al though there was a lag largely because of the distributive factors involved warm weather also is a Factor in the sluggish retail demand it was pointed out and brisk Cool weather could Stim ulate a revival of demand for the Small amount of meat available storage Frances Hack new York oct Tec Tives canvassed the numerous taverns Between Mineola and Queens Village Long Island tonight in search of clues to the Scarlet Cir Cle slaying of Lewis Weiss 20 and his pretty blonde sweetheart Frances Hajek 19 this new Field of investigation was opened up by a toxicologists report that the Young couple had been drinking shortly before they were shot and stabbed to death in a secluded Lane near Queens Vil Lage saturday when child has cold give him lollypops Philadelphia oct Chil Dren have colds give them plenty of dont Tell them Why or be sick All the time or h Harris Perlman today advised doctors attending the Pennsylvania medical society convention the average child is fond of Lolly pops and will partake of Candy in this form without much persuasion he said it is useful both As a food being High in caloric value and As an encourager of thirst which is desirable u much emphasis has been placed upon the patients diet during colds in reality it makes very Little difference or Secretary of health outlined a plan for pneumonia control in Pennsylvania stocks of meat Are near Levels on record the lowest proof is asked of compliance with Oil code Oil Trust suit judge assumes defense will involve dead Nua fill the associate press Madison wis oct judge Patrick t Stone late today re Quested counsel for 23 major Oil companies on trial Here to offer tomorrow some written proof of their compliance with the since outlawed Era of code or give Assurance that they have such proof the judge implied he otherwise would restrain col William j Donovan of new York chief defense counsel from telling the jury in his opening state ment that the companies purchasing on which part of the charges of conspiracy to violate the Sherman anti Trust Law is based was a continuation of what the government asked or required under the Oil code i assume what a part of this de sense May Stone said Anc that is that prior to the expiration of the Era the defendants were lawfully operating under a code and were there fore exempt from the Sherman act and that from May 1935 when the supreme court struck Down the Blue Eagle to the time of the indictment what the companies did was simply a continuance of what the government wanted them to do judge Stone apparently seeking t Speed up the impending three Ontl trial said he would need information concerning the possible Era defense to help him determine what testimony 1 material to the Case Donovan answered one Angle of tin possible defense when he said of Contention is we Are not operating buy ing pools Hammond Chaffetz chief of the prosecution staff who demanded Dono Van remain silent regarding his Clain of government approval of Oil company activities unless they were proved in court spent most of the afternoon de scribing buying programs the govern ment charges were in violation of the antitrust act the prosecutor said companies participated in buying pools in East Texa and mid Continental Oil Fields for the purpose of rigging a so called so Market there sales on the spot Market were Al most exclusively by Small independen refiners to Independent jobbers prior to the time of the alleged conspiracy Chaffetz said then he told the jury continued on Pae 8 11 sees end of democracy if pending new Deal standards Bill passes measure is defended senator Wagner Tavo old campaigners speak on radio forum in new York City by associated press Roosevelt raises voice against War aggressors Calls for a quarantines for stirs speculation in capital new York oct two old time campaigners against Low wages and on hours who have travelled Many a Ong Road together stood on a National funding Board today and parted com Pany on the Way these things should be attacked at the new York Heral tribunes seventh annual forum in a session de voted to discussions of War As Well As those of economics senator Robert f Wagner any sat by with a thin and Stony smile As general Hugh Johnson denounced the administrations pending labor standards Bill it the Bill May get by Johnson ried out with a Grimace As he glared Down his nose at his audience Over his Horn rimmed glasses if it does we Are a lot further Down the Lane that leads to Oneman govern ment and the end of our traditional system of constitutional democracy Han was e y e r imagined by he most sensational doubting Thomas stay at Home calamity Lowler economic royalist modern lord Macauley or tory Prince of privilege in he whole Roosevelt category of vituperative epithet emasculated for the radio and mails he went on to say that under the Bill a Federal Board would be Given wide discretion in fixing Homs and wage minimal and he added to accompaniment of sporadic cheering from the Black appointment from what the labor relations Board has done and from the whole Tenor of recent administrative acts and utter ances you can imagine what manner of Simon degrees will be appointed to that Board to Wield the lash Over in dustry1 Wagner upholds measure senator Wagner had followed rep Mary Norton House Leader for the pending Bill to brine Rostrum and while he did not mention the measure by specific designation he told the forum the principle we seek to translate into wage and hour legislation is that the great majority of american employers who have the welfare of Amer Ica at heart shall have a floor of min Smuin wages and a ceiling of maximum hours we do not propose he said to Vest the National government with authority to regulate general hours of work or supervise general rates of wages All we undertake to establish Are standards of minimum wages and maximum hours for the most under privileged group of wage earners there was cheering for the senator too As he said that he was As strongly for private initiative and personal Endeavor As the next Man but that the philosophy of a democratic government properly was that the people shall be free to do All they possibly can and that the government shall assume Only those responsibilities which the people in their individual capacities Are powerless to meet qty tha associated press Washington oct Roosevelt hint of an International aggressive nations stirred the imagination and wonder of diplomatic circles today with its tremendous potentialities so important did the state depart ment regard the Chicago speech that copies were cabled to United states representatives abroad to be made available to any foreign Power desiring to study the presidents utterances speculation entered on whether or Roosevelt had any specific course in mind when he called repeatedly for concerted Effort against violators of treaties and rights when he warned the world that there is no escape from International anarchy in Mere Isola Tion or neutrality and when he noted that communities have a Way of meet ing disease with quarantines no responsible official in the capital would envision in these remarks the extreme of a proposal for an International police5 Force there was excited conjecture however that they might mean any of these things support and encouragement for current efforts of the league of nations to dissuade Japan from its warlike course in China specific proposal by the United states some time inthe future for action by peace Loving nations against aggressors either through Trade Meas ures or other Means of Public sentiment in this on Page 8 japs invaders league group holds Geneva oct 5 up the league of nations moved today to convoke a conference of signatories of the nine Power pact including the United states to Deal with japanese invasion of China in Short order the leagues advisory committee adopted recommendations of the sin japanese subcommittee which condemned Japan and proposed league action in the conflict the subcommittee after formally branding Japan guilty of violating the nine Power treaty the Boxer protocol and the Brian Kellogg pacts recommended the nine pow ers meet As soon As possible Over 40 miners stage sit Down at Lansford a threaten to slay 1350 feet underground unless demands Are Mel by the associated frets Lansford a oct Little court martial withholds Fate of american aviator Dahl by Edward j Neil Salamanca Spain oct Spanish insurgent court martial tonight withheld judgement of an american air Man Harold e Dahl of Champaign 111 on grave charges of rebellion a against insurgent Spain packed into the tapestries grand Hall of an ancient moorish Palace a color Ful throng of trial spectators heard the insurgent prosecutor dramatically de Mand death for the tall american aviator whose plane was shot Down be Hind the insurgent lines last july despite the impassioned plea 4t was believed Dahl would be spared even though the court martial decrees death sentence almost mandatory under the charges insurgent Generalissimo Francisco who must pass judgement finally has said previously that insurgent Spain does not need Dahl life indicating clemency and probably Freedom for Dahl through an Exchange of prisoners with the Spanish government the court martial verdict will be handed Down thursday the solemn military tribunal of five insurgent officers today listened to Dahl plea that he joined the Spanish government forces Only As an aircraft instructor and was forced to Fly on the Madrid War front his Blond hair carefully slicked Down after Long months in jail the american appeared Calm in the crowded Cham Ber once the Palace of a Spanish car Dinal a dramatic highlight came when a Telegram was read to the quiet court room from the fliers beauteous wife now waiting for him in Cannes heart and Good wishes of the whole world Are with you love Edith said the message three russian aviators on trial with Dahl on similar charges told the court martial they were regular russian army men and merely obeyed orders not knowing where the boat from Russia was taking them Market takes fresh Tumble Broad Selling wave results in new lows for year on Exchange Julic associated1rcts new York oct prices on the average were beaten Down to new lows for the year today under one of the broadest Selling Waves in recent months London and Amsterdam markets and most commodities declined under the fresh surge of offerings directed mainly at prices which prior to last Spring had spiralled upward to the accompaniment of inflation talk last weeks rally interrupting the rapid fading of share prices since labor Day was wiped out on the average As Many prominent issues crumbled easily the associated press average of 60 stocks dropped s290 to Down about 30 percent from the 1937 Peak to the lowest Point since october 31 1935 this years High was made March 10 shortly before a worldwide collapse in speculation for the Rise in primary commodities the dark picture of foreign affairs president Roosevelt Drew in his Chi Cago speech attracted wide attention in financial circles rumours he was go ing to say something important pervaded brokerage quarters soon after the Exchange opened it was after mid Day when his remarks became Public How much his talk had to do with the Selling however was a matter of conjecture some brokers put More stress on the fall in London and Amsterdam markets before dealings Here began and Concrete indications of bus iness recession notably a Sharp decline in steel production announced at the outset of the week band of 40 to 45 miners 1350 feet below the earths surface munched food sent them by their families tonight and re iterated their vow they would continue their underground sit Down strike until their demands Are met e g Evans labor adjuster for the Lehigh navigation Coal company in whose Coaldale Colliery the miners be Gan their strike Early today said food had been sent into the mines earlier today he announced the company would prevent food from being sent Down the Shaft rain kept All but a few spectators and sympathizers with the strikers away from the Entrance to the Shaft the strikers were on the seventh level work went on As usual in the network of Levels above and below them approximately 1200 other miners were unaffected by the strike rejecting a Compromise offer made by officials of the Lehigh company in a controversy that has continued for several weeks Over the method of pay ment for work on the new level about 44 men threw aside their picks and shovels and quit work Hugh Brown District president of the United mine workers of America said a miners committee had been negotiating with Lehigh officials for a writ ten agreement Brown added the company would not agree to the unions method of computing payment raiding party fails to break chinese lines japanese overwhelmed and All captured or killed at Shanghai by the associated press Shanghai oct a daring japanese raiding party was overwhelmed by chinese defender Early today when it tried to break a nine Day deadlock by penetrating the shattered North station area behind a screen of artillery Anc Aeria fire the japanese raiders Hurter themselves against the chinese entrenchments just North of the inter National settlement on the Edge of embattled Chapel a blistering Spray of machine gun and Rifle bullets met the japanese soldiers but did halt them the survivors of that Hail of death came to grips with the chinese in their Sand bagged positions foreign troops from their barricades in the International settlement saw the Bayone wielding chinese overpower the warriors of Japan by sheer num Bers More than 50 japanese were Cap tured As the remnants of the attacking party were driven Back the fighting was accompanied by a thunderous Crescendo of shells Jap anese warships anchored in the Whang poo River and bombing squadrons savagely blasted the entire Chapel sector beyond the Range of the raiders japanese warplanes imperilled the u s gunboat Guam anchored in the Yangtze River at Wuhu City 55 Miles Southeast of banking the planes roared Over the ship and bombed a nearby chinese airbase reports from Canton great port of South China told of a japanese air attack which the cites defenders drove off with heavy antiaircraft fire along the shores of Kwangung prov Ince the most southerly in China the chinese claimed japanese warships shelled numerous fishing towns and Sank Many fishing Junks fireman catches fire during convention Philadelphia oct up fireman caught fire today at the annual convention of the Pennsylvania fire mens association George Kramer Philadelphia listen ing to a speaker Tell of fire prevention let outa yell and clapped his hand to a pocket from which smoke was pouring Charles Gill Philadelphia acting chief Engineer yanked off kramers coat and extinguished the fire caused by a Box of matches Pittsburgh to invite windsors for visit Pittsburgh oct Duke of Windsor and his Duchess will be invited to celebrate armistice Day in Pittsburgh the federation of War veterans of Allegheny is preparing a cablegram invitation president George e Grimm of the federation said that mayor Cor Nelius d Scully will also Send an official invitation to the famous couple Pittsburgh was included in a Tenta Tive tour of the United states recently announced by the Duke local pastor to Aid in Oil City service Oil City oct Ben Jamin Bunn Royer of Franklin will install Rev Russell Lowell Murphy As pastor of Oil cites first presbyterian Church tomorrow night or Royer succeeds the late or Thomas Grier Koontz Rev a o Caldwell of Titusville will assist in the service f d assails epidemic of world lawlessness threatens every nation including u s he says important speech made before Chicago thousands shafts believed aimed at sin Jap conflict and Spanish intervention by Joseph ii Short Chicago oct Roosevelt raised his voice against an epidemic of world lawlessness today and said epidemics of physical disease called for quarantines the president did not explain that but said to Mark this hesitated and let dead silence fall White he applied to world strife by implication the formula used by communities to prevent the spread of ailments of the body he said that strife among a tenth of the population of the world threat ened the Security of the rest of the world including the unite states the chief executive chose this great Inland cites Lake front where he dedicated a Bridge to deliver the most important his last of 30odd Public appearances Between the coasts Many observers believed it the most important speech he had Ever delivered on world affairs asks concerted Effort hundreds of thousands heard him through loud speakers which carried his message from a Bunting raped platform to the crave packed along the the radio spread the message to millions Niobe it obviously was addressed to the world and although the president named no names i seemed Clear that acts of aggression which he denounced were aimed at participants in the undeclared sin japanese War attacks in the Mediterranean 6n Neutral ship Ping Spanish civil pation of Ethiopia he appealed for the concerted Effort of peace Loving nations to up hold Laws and principles on which alone peace can rest secure aides said his unexplained reference to epidemics of International Lawless Ness and his statement that America was searching for peace could be interpreted As meaning the president was exploring every Field might mean isolation they admitted that it might mean at some future time an Effort toward isolating those who engaged in acts of War or aggression from world com anything that might Stop warring and insure against a general world upheaval the whole tone of the message was bold and Strong although the president made Clear re was determined to Fol Low a policy of peace without a declaration of War and without warning or justification of kind he said civilians including women and children being Ruth Lessly murdered with bombs from Trie air in times of so called peace ships Are being attacked and sunk by sub marines without cause or notice nations Are fomenting and Tak Irig sides in civil warfare in nations have never done them any harm nations claiming Freedom for them selves deny it to others innocent Pepples innocent nations Are being cruelly sacrificed to a greed for Power and supremacy which is de void of All sense of Justice consideration he said if such acts were extended to the world generally let no one imagine that America will escape that it May expect mercy the things of which he spoke he said involved definite of agreements he named three Espe the league of nations coven ant the Brian Kellogg pact outlaw ing War and the nine Power treaty guaranteeing the territorial integrity of China an antidote he gave As the peace Loving nations must make a concerted Effort in opposition to those violations and those ignoring of humane instincts which today Are creating a station of International anarchy and instability from which there is no escape through Mere Iso lation or neutrality retailers want state to set opening and closing hours signed for picture Hollywood oct Joy Gilbert 13yearold daughter of actress Leatrice Joy and the late John Gilbert has been signed by Mem for the picture benefits forgot the picture will Mark her film debut she is to Start work later this week ily the associated or Rutx state College oct Vania merchants indicated tonight they want the legislature to set opening and closing hours for retail stores after hearing Secretary of labor and Industry Ralph m Bashore explain the states labor Laws at the seventh annual Pennsylvania retail Confer ence Charie Yon Tagen of Lancaster suggested legislation specifying the working hours As an amendment to the 44hourweck Law which takes effect december l do you advocate that Bashore asked yes roared Back the 150 retailers assembled at a banquet and we should Amend the act of 1794 to provide a sufficient penalty against stores remaining open on Sun Day added von Tagen who is Secre tary of the Pennsylvania grocers association think theres a lot of sense in the fixed hours proposal Bashore commented discussing Bash res previous explanation of the 44hour week Law von Tagen declared when a Mer chant is compelled to add to his Over head by adding one or two additional employees then he can not compete with papa mama stores run by husband and wife who can not be compelled to observe the Law Cio candidate leads Al rival Detroit oct of clo endorsed mayoralty Candi Date in Detroit primary election pulled steadily ahead of his of supported opponent As nearly half of the returns were tabulated officially Early today the two candidates leading the five seeking to enter the november 2 elec Tion will be the winners pres ent City clerk Richard w Reading classed As a conservative in the non partisan primary had a Lead that virtually assured him of on place Patrick h Obrien former Michigan democratic attorney general endorsed by the Cio overtook John w City Council president who had held second place during the earlier returns Smith a former president of a plumb ers Union had the support of the Al

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